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A lot of ppl are making this pact at 30 but shit, that’s young!

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They literally have Google’s Content ID (the broken system that YouTube uses to automatically flag content) as a source of inspiration for this.

Source (Swedish)

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Great! Now we can troll the EU government for removals??

I think most people here don't really care. Someone who wants to get high can do so with probably no consequences... despite the legality

Water fucking Temple!!!!!!!!

Fucking water temple.

Awesome animation, ShareRing is a good project. Happy to see it getting noticed.

I'd like to see this industry do well. We all know Uber is a shitty company, a company worthy to disrupt

They are paid shills, the going rate is 2-3 BTC per shill if you are a youtuber with around 100k subscribers. The best coins are never mentioned by these idiots, because they do not pay for shills. VeChain and Nano are the worst in recent memory.

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That price is way off dude, try 2-3k per video...

There's definite agencies backing these companies, and also backing competitors. Where possible they will attack another company. An easy target to try and ruin reputation = Binance AMA

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lol what are you talking about?

Damn it, I regret selling my WTC the other day.

Yes but if Binance did the same thing then it would make things a lot easier for everyone.

The best strategy is to buy high and sell low then you wont get slapped.

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I mean if Nasdaq becomes cryptocurrency exchange then we will be on another level

Privacy coins are going to be super important in the future, especially if regulations start to tighten. Will be interesting to see how XMR and DASH fear with the smaller coins like NAV and ZEN creeping up.

Perfectly done haha.

Believe it or not, Waltonchain will be one of the biggest coins by the end of 2018.

Swiss Post's revenue from their last annual report was ~$8.5 billion. This is huge for Modum!

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They can grow pretty faster because of this partnership.

Seems like a lot of new companies are jumping into crypto again now.

Someday will be reaching that kind of portfolio as well, congratulations btw.

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