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AlwaysNano 60 points

As someone who grew up in westchester, went to school in buffalo, lived and worked in albany for 5 years, moved to NYC, while reverse commuting to long island I feel as qualified as anyone to answer this question.

Westchester is the line when defining upstate. Long island likes to pretend it's part of the city, but long island and westchester are filled with the same type of people and they're both the suburbs of the city. A person from the city has never heard of western NY, and considers anything north of the city upstate, but once you get up there there's 3 diverse areas. You've got central NY, around the albany area, you've got western NY with the area between cuse and buffalo, and then you've got the north country.

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cpclemens 2 points

FWIW they just closed a couple here in Rochester, too.

BZI 12 points

Elmwood Village prides itself on not having chains, and the head of JJ's hunts Rhino's in africa I believe were the main points of contention.

cpclemens 1 point

Thanks. I came here to ask the same thing.

rmello3425 6 points

The Egg in downtown is the only Egg left in the country. Each capital in the United States had an Egg. Each capital tore theirs down except Albany.

cpclemens 2 points

You got a source for this one? Everything I've ever found on The Egg shows it is unique to Albany.

rmello3425 1 point

It's unique to albany because it's the only one that exists.

cpclemens 2 points

Oh, yes. That point does seem true. I meant the part about every other capital having one. I've never heard that. Any source?

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boner79 29 points

The shed is but a factor in determining your overall assessed value. If you feel your assessed value is currently higher than it should be due to this shed then you could challenge it, just be mindful that if you trigger a reassessment your assessed value may go up due recent market value appreciation.

cpclemens 6 points

I looked up my taxes when I bought in the city. There was a sidewalk included where I do not have a sidewalk. I challenged it and they took the sidewalk off my bill and "discovered" that originally the street length had been calculated wrong. The new "corrected" calculation for the street length was identical to the difference of paying for a sidewalk that doesn't (and never) existed.

Believe me. For a shed, it's not worth the hassle of all the phone calls and trying to get in touch with someone. The last phone call I had, I was told, "We gotta get you somehow" and, they will.

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wreckfools -1 points

I went to an activist meeting about this with John Hutchings and engineers and activists that are active in town gov in various facets. I was able to ask questions to better understand what is going on. Basically, Webster has a master plan concerning the 36 sq miles and the plan spans decades, long before anyone we know came into the picture. People on the planning board are acting as if they may be willing to ease the rules we have regarding our development plan. We welcome developers, but they can't flatter the committee into easing regulations, in my opinion.

cpclemens 2 points

I think you're mixing up two different, albeit loosely connected, stories. This story is about the former Shadow Pines golf course on Five Mile Line Road in Penfield. The one you're referring to is the Webster West course on Salt Road in Webster.

Same housing developer. Different towns.

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cpclemens 9 points

Rochester Works is a local NFP that assists people with job placement. They do a lot more than job postings, so you might not need all their services like resume formatting and cover letter writing, but it still may prove as a great resource for you.

Welcome (in advance) to Rochester!

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cpclemens 4 points

As a very short man, I've tried a bunch of tailors over the years on the east side and even drove out to one on the west side.

In my experience,Thimble is outstanding and the only place I'll go. And, thanks for the reminder that I have a pair of Carharts there was supposed to pick up last week.

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cpclemens 22 points

There is no possible way that any contractor could go in to an existing house, take out the existing slab, keep the house from crumbling and pour a new one for $7,000.

I know of a few instances where some foundation work has cost $30k, and those were only partial replacements.

If $80k is high, I'm guessing it's only on the higher side of average for that kind of job.

TizzleDirt 1 point

I know right? What does OP expect of us? To do work? Silly OP.

cpclemens 2 points

Sorry. I didn't think my title was inaccurate. I'll try harder in the future!

ballbag1988 15 points

Nah, pretty sure that isn’t true. In fact, it’s a very old saying so OP is a big fat phoney!

cpclemens 3 points

She didn't create the saying, she is the one who suggested it to her boyfriend as a name for their band. It's laid out in the article, but you have to click on it and read.

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