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cpclemens commented on a post in r/Rochester
Stumblin_McBumblin 37 points

Is this... good?

cpclemens 0 points

And, my question would be, who is it good for? The people who already have GL service wouldn't benefit, right? The idea is that because he has money to invest, he expand services quicker?

And, as a current GL customer, I hope he invests in to their customer service infrastructure.

alexyoshi 4 points

The people who already have GL service wouldn't benefit, right?

Hard to say. I definitely don't see a down side for current customers. Maybe could get even less expensive with economy of scale?

cpclemens 1 point

I wondered the same, but the reality is, Golisano isn’t going to lower the rates we’re already paying. If there is a benefit on this level, I think it would mean just not raising prices at the same frequency of the competition.

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cpclemens 7 points

I spent nearly a year getting quotes from people and did a ton of research.

What I found was, there are companies who have employees, like, Graves and Allstate, which have both been mentioned here. These companies have a salesman show up, give you a quote, collect the money, and then a subcontractor that they hire comes over to do the job. That's awesome if the sub contractor they hire does great work, and the crew the sub contractor hired is having a good day. For my money, I had a really hard time trusting that it would all work out. That also means Contractor A that you looked up on BBB and decided not to call because they have a terrible reputation, might actually be the one coming over to do the work because the people you hired went with them to contract it out.

Ultimately, I hired a young guy named Ryan Goodwin (585-698-5665). He does commercial metal roofing during the week and on weekends he has a residential roofing business. That means the guy giving you the quote is the guy who will be up on the roof. Not only was he honest, he took the time to explain to me why certain things should be done some ways, and then not other ways. Other sales guys would say "You can have box vents or ridge vents" and Ryan would explain the difference of each, and actually took the time to help me understand what I was paying for. I can't possibly say enough good things about him and the crew he brought.

Good luck. As a homeowner, I totally understand the stress of wanting to make a good decision in hiring someone to trust, and knowing how many untrustworthy people there are that want our business.

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jjokeefe2980 4 points

If you’re only ever going to have one plate, I’d likely go to Tahous. IMO it isn’t the best tasting but it’s authentic and you can always tell people about it later.

Dogtown is also great, but truthfully the basic plate is all pretty much the same wherever you go.

I’m a fan of Fairport Hots but I also live right there and it’s convenient.

It’s like the original Anchor Bar in Buffalo. I’ve gone there a few times not because they have the best wings, but bc it’s something people can tell their friends about.

cpclemens 5 points

You had an upvote from me until you said "...the same wherever you go."

jjokeefe2980 3 points

That’s fair, just my experience. I’ve had a bunch and they’re all pretty similar. Again, just my opinion.

cpclemens 2 points

Yeah, but dude, the hot sauce at Tom Wahl's is entirely different than Tahou's, and the potatoes at Dogtown is totally different than Penfield Hots. Empire Hots is dripping in grease, while Mark's Texas Hots is only a little bit of grease.

Maybe I'm being unfair, but it just doesn't seem "the same" to me.

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Atty_for_hire 4 points

Looking to buy.

Q: Settle down or get out and enjoy? A: A bit of both. We are both working professionals; but in our mid-30s so neither of us is going to party like I use to on Monroe and Meigs. But we still enjoy a walk to the nights activities, whether it’s a restaurant, bar, or cultural event.

We lived in a more residential area of the Elmwood Village when living in Buffalo. We both loved it, but price is certainly an issue there.

cpclemens 3 points

Based on this description, you'd probably enjoy the North Winton Village.

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cpclemens 7 points

I realize it's a little bit of a drive to qualify for "around Rochester", but I strongly recommend Spotted Duck Creamery just east of Penn Yan. They make frozen custard using duck eggs and locally sourced stuff (they even make their own vanilla extract). It's probably the greatest frozen dessert I've ever tasted. I wrote about them on my blog when they were first getting started and they've been continuing to expand ever since.

And, if you're there and on an ice cream kick, Seneca Farms is pretty amazing. And, while I'm rambling, get their fried chicken, too.

cpclemens commented on a post in r/Rochester
CarnieGamer 3 points

My favorite place to enjoy the sunset is B. Forman Park in Pultneyvlle. It's a bit of a drive, but it's a beautiful place and very peaceful.

cpclemens 2 points

One of my favorite spots is just the cemetery just west of this park. The cemetery goes back a bit from the road, and then it's a small orchard and then a gorgeous cliff drop overlooking the lake. Some of my favorite photos of the sunset are from that spot.

cpclemens commented on a post in r/Rochester
samplecovariance -4 points

Support local business!

cpclemens 9 points

Your sentiment is noble, but in this story, it was a local business that burned other local, and national businesses.

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foodabouttown 7 points

You can get hog maw at any number of Puerto Rican/Dominican places including El Latino and Mi Viejo San Juan. If you're into tripe Roncone's has a good version and Viet restaurants like Nam Vang would have it to go in their pho. Depending on your definition of "bizarre", Itacate has beef tongue tacos which for me is the best taco meat. Tsingtao has a dry fried chicken heart dish and a cold tripe and sliced beef salad that are both delightful.

cpclemens 2 points

What was that cold salad you and I ate at Coco Garden? That was a bit...bizarre...

cpclemens 10 points

I've had pig's blood at Yummy Garden Hot Pot. I'm not sure what you'd count as "bizarre" but there's a few other things on their menu you might find to be adventurous.

cpclemens commented on a post in r/cigars
cpclemens 8 points

Can I ask a potentially stupid question? How do you think the de-regulation would improve the current situation for us cigar smokers?

stos313 6 points

Yeah, I'm curious as well. What is the FDA currently doing and what might change?

cpclemens 3 points

Well, more directly my question is, what benefits would cigar smokers receive? Regulation in many cases means hefty fees, which are passed on to customers. I just don't see a company saying, "We've been charging $X for a year, now we no longer have regulatory fees, let's lower our prices for our customers!"

cpclemens commented on a post in r/Rochester
cpclemens 7 points

You can usually buy it at the store Runnings, which has one of the largest collections of soda I’ve ever seen....ever! They sell single bottles and you can make your own six packs. Their stock rotates and they seem to just get whatever is available, but they seem to usually have Moxie.

There is a location in Brockport and Canandaigua.

cpclemens commented on a post in r/Albany
JordyGarlic 5 points

Damn, thank you fellow stranger! That actually means a lot to me

cpclemens 4 points

And, it means a lot to me that someone is attempting to celebrate the great things about an Upstate town. It's hard, noble work. Keep it up, man!

I tried hyperlinking here but somehow screwed it up. If you want to see the post and see if there are any comments or anything, it's at

Crust-In-The-Wind 3 points

Hey man, I too think it's great to have someone who puts current into out there about upstate NY the way you do! Thank you for the link. I just followed it :)

cpclemens 3 points

Cool! When I visit Gloversville someday; I’m gonna need a guide!

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cpclemens 13 points

Hey folks!

I built this website mostly as a resource for myself so each morning I could easily go someplace and see everything that happened on that day.

I am not a website developer, so I recognize that it is not a glamorous design. I did the best I was able. Now, I'm on to filling the database with dates and events. If you're interested in submitting, I figure most things are fair game as long as they took place in Monroe County, or directly effect Monroe County.

I hope others find this useful and fun as the database fills with events. I currently have about 120 items from the release date of Lou Gramm's first solo album, to epic weather events, to birthdays of famous people, and the first town meeting of Penfield!

Wiederholen 3 points

In about 1984 I was in San Juan, PR for work and ended up at a Scotch 'N Sirloin restaurant. I was amazed when the bartender told me that it was a spin-off from the one in Syracuse. Come to find out, they also had 5 or 6 other locations. However, I don't think this answers your quest as I have since learned that the original Scotch 'N Sirloin was in Binghamton. Who knew?

cpclemens 1 point

Yeah, that doesn't help me with this current project, but it's definitely interesting to know!

RowdyNino 3 points

Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse.

That’s all I got.

cpclemens 1 point

Cool! I didn't know about this one.

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