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My landscaper friend says to take an inch off at a time....

However that’s to push business and keep grass looking pristine.

I personally like my grass 4ish inches.

I miss mowing a was my zen place.

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You are welcome to relax by doing mine whenever you'd like!

I have looked in to this a lot, as there are a few salt mines around. For liability reasons, they’ve all stopped letting the public in.

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Not even in the city, i'm actually out near Farmington.

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Wait. I understand you’re upset and probably speaking in jest, but what does “not even in the city” mean?

Well, TIL what a “Herpetologist” is, and it’s not at all what I would’ve guessed.

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I resolve this by doing both. For instance, my blog is about Upstate New York. So, when I'm attaching photos in the post, I'll tag one with "Rochester New York" and then the next one with "Rochester, NY" hoping I'll cover all my bases.

So, I'm in a similar position in an attempt to homogenize my grasses.

Two summers ago I used RoundUp. Still, to this day, I'm having a hard time getting anything else to grow there.

Last summer I used a Bayer product that did an awesome job killing it, but I had to use A LOT, so it was wicked expensive.

This year, I've just just physically digging it up. I'd love a chemical solution because it'd be way easier to stand over it and spray, but I'm starting to think that not only is it really expensive, it's not going to help me get good grass back in that spot.

Looks more like St. Mary’s?

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I'm guessing this is Legacy Tower.

Original Poster-9 points · 11 days ago

I think it's zerox tower

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lol "you think"? Didn't you take the picture?

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Honestly, I would possibly walk away just because of the seller's attitude about it. It would make me wonder how much worse it is.

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I was thinking the same. If the seller is that 1. irresponsible, and 2. shady, what else does the house have going on?

This is incredibly cool of you, and I'm very appreciative! I do have a quick follow up question.

I see in my list of backlinks that your checker turned up, I have a lot of garbage links. Are those hurting me?

By the way, I don't know if you'd want this feedback or not, but you did such a great job on the site, I figured you'd want it fixed.

This page:

Middle headline says "performant"

Bottom headline says "conent"

Damnit! I cant find that book to save my life in a store. Color me envious.

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Muse bookstore in the village of Webster has two copies. ;)

Are they $50 like on Amazon?

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If they are, they’d better be signed by the author and in rreeaallly good shape. You can find good copies of Smugtown for like $20.

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This reminds me of the American Diner in Liverpool where the menu had all kinds of hatefully named items smearing the Left. There was an egg special for just $4, but then the tax on it was $28. It made national news and the Right loved it.

Then a year later the owner was convicted of welfare fraud.

I have a 1950's Cape Cod (no cringing!) and my upstairs typically is about 7 or 8 degrees colder in the winter, or hotter in the summer. Every house I've ever heard of anyone living in that has one sensor and HVAC unit always has a different temp from upstairs to downstairs. From what I've seen, 5 degrees is actually not so bad. In my own personal discovery, I've found that resolving the humidity from the heat on the second floor makes it incrementally more bearable. Instead of running my central A/C, I bought a standalone unit for my bedroom and I just run that while I'm sleeping. I've recently added a small dehumidifier, and though it's pulling some moisture, I don't think it's making more of a difference than the A/C unit.

A root beer with espresso is a drink I saw somebody recommend in a coffee subreddit that I tried and is now surprisingly quite popular at my shop.

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On a similar note, I recently started making coffee ice cubes, and dropping them in to a cream soda. It’s outstanding!


Last month I got an email from Nest inviting me to enroll in an energy saving incentive program through my utility provider. I was just accepted today, and now I find out that the utility provider actually has access to control my Nest thermostat when they want to. I'm not cool with that.

I've unenrolled from the program but is there a way to actually go in and make sure they don't have access? I probably sound like I'm wearing a tin foil hat, but quite honestly, if they were given access, I don't trust them to not use it even when I've conceded the financial incentive by unenrolling from their program.

3 points · 23 days ago

I am signed up. I'm not sure how to cancel it (haven't felt the need or desire), but I'd reach out to Nest Support with that question. Also, I have it set so I get notified before the utility company touches my thermostat, and you can always override whatever they set it opt-out of individual occurrences in advance once they notify least in theory. I have never received a notification yet, but that's probably because I almost never use my HVAC system anyway.

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Original Poster1 point · 23 days ago

I also rarely use the central AC in the summer time. I figured that would automatically mean I was always saving energy, but if it's off, that means they can't control the temperature, and I don't get the financial incentive. So, I'm not giving them access if I'm not getting an incentive.

I have an email out to Nest support. Thanks!

Robinson and Gordon in Brighton has served me very well over the years.

I've made a few of them in to magnets, but I have a couple hundred sitting in a drawer and have been wondering what to do with them!

Drywall is cheap. Rip it out and replace

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That’s what I was thinking! I’d hate having to take those all off one by one and then basically fix the entire wall.


I've decided to build a "this day in history" website just as a fun project. I don't anticipate much traffic, and I expect that I'll make pennies on Ad traffic--if anything.

That being said, I enjoy tinkering and learning so I'd like to learn some new things and play around.

The site displays historical events from a database based on the day the site is visited. So, there isn't much text, and the text that does exist changes literally every day.

I've had great success with my blog, but there's TONS of content there in a niche search area. This one is different. Any suggestions?

If you care to see it..... This Day in Rochester


This is good advice.

Also make sure you have an optimised and organised sitemap, because the amount of pages you’re gonna have is pretty huge and google is going to need easy access to those pages.

Also it’s worth putting together some kind of internal linking plan now, rather than stitching it all together later once the pages are live.

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Original Poster1 point · 28 days ago

I appreciate the input--but, I wouldn't have the first idea on how to go about building that out.

Also, doesn't that mean that every date would be live, so someone could manually change up the URLs and access data that I wouldn't have showing?

Personally I think you’re going about it all wrong.

If you think about it, nobody is going to search for what happened on specific day in history. On a daily basis , so for the most part any SEO effort will be pointless

This type of thing works well as a widget, as an accompaniment to other more relevant text.

I would rather experience explore creating a Rest Api that could be integrated into other sites.

If you had a historical site on Rochester which has the relevant articles , then the widget could display what happened in Rochester on current date in various points in history

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Original Poster1 point · 28 days ago

This makes total sense. I already have a site that I dedicate a ton of time toward, and actually, this information would probably be suited to existing on there instead.

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You might not expect it from this place, but I think the Coffee Connections quiche is really good.

Just got the exact same set up last month!

3 points · 1 month ago

Ive seen the city flower symbol as jewelry...on people but don’t know where to get one. Park Leigh? South Wedge?

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I think Fayseh has some. (I bought one there a few years ago but haven't been in since...)

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