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So a kid family member of mine made something and their mom wanted me to make a 3D print of it to make copies for others. The model the kid made keeps trying to fall over. I could shave off the bottom to whatever angle I need on the 3D model of it. But I have no way of knowing if it will keep trying to fall over without printing it. Does anyone have a solution for this? Is there a way to figure out the center of gravity?

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Meshmixer has a way to check center of gravity, too (click on 'analysis' on the left side of the screen).

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Thanks, I will check it out when I make the model

Hmmm. Just use a raft or brim?

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Well I want it to stand up right afterwards. It's the kid's hand

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I understand the earth travels at 67,000 MPH around the sun with a gravitational force of 0.0006 of the strength of the earth's gravity.

What I'm wondering is, what if you had something moving 67,000 MPH around Earth. What would be the gravitational force on the object from earth itself?

Basically, I'm wondering if say you got a stable orbit going x MPH around a heavily dense object like the sun. Giving you're going the exact MPH around a much lower dense object and you're again in a stable orbit. Will the gravitational force change or be the same?

One of the reasons why I'm wondering this is, I'm wondering if there is a way to see if gravity itself plays a role on time. Basically, the experiment will require 2 satellites that are a 100% mirror of each other (so we can eliminate the possibility the mass difference can influence anything). If you can get them around 2 different celestial object with a massive difference in gravitational wells. Get the 2 satellites in a stable orbit at the exact same speed. We can see how much gravity plays on time with a 3rd atomic clock here (Basically, just like earth's gravity is 1. Time will be 1. If we know of a truly stationary object in the universe or we can make it. Then we could use that, but I don't think that will ever happen.)

If you can eliminate things like speed from the equation. In theory, you can figure out the exact amount of force gravity has on time even if there is no change (it would mean there isn't). Since you now know the exact amount of force gravity has on time. You can move one of the satellites to speed it up or slow it down. By figuring out the amount of gravity that is forced on it, you can subtract that difference out. Wait a year or whatever, and now we know exactly how much speed plays a role on time.

It should be noted there is some flaws with such an experiment. Other planets, moons, etc can mess with the numbers on how much gravity plays a role. But I think we can get close enough to it to figure out the answer for now. At least until we start traveling between systems.

Also, is there any flaws with this experiment? Right now this is a thought experiment since I have no way to test it and I don't know anyone who can help out. But I've been wanting to do this experiment since HS.

A couple things:

  • 67,000 MPH is about 30km/sec which is well above Earth's escape velocity. At that speed you can't orbit the Earth, you'll just leave the Earth along a hyperbolic trajectory.
  • Gravity does affect time. This has been known since Einstein formulated GR and has been tested and confirmed in a number of different ways. The most well known practical application is GPS. Corrections for the time generated onboard the individual satellites need to take into account gravitational time dilation. This page has some equations for how to calculate the magnitude of the affect.
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67,000 MPH is about 30km/sec which is well above Earth's escape velocity. At that speed you can't orbit the Earth, you'll just leave the Earth along a hyperbolic trajectory.

Based on wiki it says

The escape velocity from Earth is about 11.186 km/s (6.951 mi/s; 40,270 km/h; 25,020 mph)

A quick lookup and where I got the numbers for how fast the earth travels around the sun is

has been tested and confirmed in a number of different ways.

Can you link some? I couldn't find any. Like I know about the airplane experiment, but the problem with that is I've heard MANY use that to say speed was the cause. Similar to GPS satellites.

Basically, I talked with a number of PHD people at NASA that were teaching my classes when I was getting my first degree. They were using the speed of the satellites as the reason for the time dilation and not gravity itself.

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I dealt with this lately. For example, I have an activity I made where I say start vacuuming and it starts my roomba. I got a I don't know how 1 time, and then it opened a Pandora station called vacuuming the following time (wtf with that).

I think it's getting worse when it comes to it understanding what I'm saying.


I've been playing around with VRV for about a week. I bought a sub to it because it's cheaper than going with both CR and Funimation. But I notice something that bugs me in the watch list and suggested the following to them. Tell me your thoughts

  1. It seems like you can't reorder the list. So I suggest that they fix that.
  2. There is no way to tell if something has a new video added from the watchlist itself. So I suggested that there to be a way to short by that.
  3. I also suggested that dates to be added to show when something was added to the given show.

Some side thing I wouldn't mind for them to add is for the uncut label to be added when an uncut show is added.

Anyways, tell me your thoughts on this. Would you add anything to this?


I literally JUST filed a support ticket (before I even saw this thread) suggesting they add these features to the web interface, as well as showing the number of seasons and episodes of each show, and preferably a way to browse through the episodes of any given show (the way you can on Crunchyroll's web interface).

It's annoying as hell having to choose between a nice, feature-rich interface but problematic video playback with constant reloading required (Crunchyroll) or faster, more consistent video playback but a watchlist that's literally nothing but a list of shows.

Btw, for me, when I'm using the web interface, it seems like whichever show I watched most recently gets moved to the very top of the watch list... though a few days ago a bunch of stuff disappeared from the top of my watch list and showed up mixed into shows from like 2-3 seasons ago. That's the only time that's happened and I have no idea why it did.

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The more people who suggested the more likely it will happen. I've suggested a few things and they got a copy and paste response saying that will be forward to some team or something.

But I know with software development, the more who asked for a future. The easier it is to have the boss sign off on spending resources on making something or fixing something. And also the more priority it will be to implement it.

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I agree, it's backwards.

There is actually a blog post like page that they have new content listed. The link is on the top ^^ bar under upcoming releases:

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Thanks for the heads up. They should link that to the main site itself. And I notice something that could be improved. There is no times and on the show page itself, they could put a line saying when the next show will be out.

Even still, thanks for the heads up. I will bookmark the link

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I got word earlier today that the R3 extruder body is now in production. I'm waiting on my replacement, and I'm finding out that it's going to take me almost half a month to get it. I asked if the R3 is in production so I can least have that has a silver lining. And they said they that they started producing the new extruder parts yesterday. If you want to learn more about the part then go to the following link.

If you print it remember to print in Black petg. For my understanding the black is necessary for the filament sensor, and the petg is need it for the thermal

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I think you could use the 2.3 remix to take advantage of the better cooling shroud and angled fan adapter. But unless there's another 2.3 remix out there, it still has the grid and not the "dyson" cooling of the hotend.

R3 included more than just a new cooling shroud, though I suspect that's where most of the benefit lies.

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I could be wrong but I think it actually does add something for the new multi-material. But that's not plan to come to the MK2. I don't know 100% off the top of my head, but I think I heard the new multi-material should work on the MK 2.5.

So I suspect the only benefit to a normal MK2 is cooling.

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I want to do this, but Im waiting for them to finalize everything and get the design done. Is this pretty much the last design or are they still modifying it?

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You have to ask them but I think so. I mean obviously they can update it down the road but I think so

They could be pushing it to production because so many people are having a problem and it's cost them more money and time in support to just keep the old one on. So while it might not be the final product, they obviously test it enough to say the problem won't be there. Again it's all assumptions. The best people to ask is the support.

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I'm not too far from here. Would it be possible to visit?

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You can make your own. But if you want to visit one, then look around in your area for one. There is plenty of places that have a sound chamber. Just send them an e-mail, and maybe they will let you.

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When I was at NASA, the one at USA (a company) the contractors played cards in it on their break once in a while.

I got the same feeling at him that I could stay in there for a very very long time. Like you would go insane from being lonely before you go insane of how quite it is. But it should be noted that it can be hard to stand up right in one until you get use to it.

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Before I saw the title saying filament, I was thinking to myself that the items in the picture look tasty. I thought they were cupcakes or something

( I came across a post on my homepage. So I also didn't see it was coming from the 3D print community)


I commented on a video about a month ago, and the thread just doesn't want to die. I lost interest in the subject a while back and I'm getting tired of the notifications. Is there a way to stop getting notifications on that given comment thread but still get them on others? I mean is there a method without deleting the original comment?

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I don't know how to root it but I would like to ask a question. Why do you want to root it in the first place

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That's pretty good. What would be kind of cool is if you were able to have some games that the user can interact with like Space Invaders


Because I like reading stuff like this once in a while and it might help new people. I would like to ask everyone to fill out the following if you want, and please be as detailed as you want.

  • Your job:
  • Where is your job located & is it possible to work fully remote in your job type (I'm adding this because most don't realized they might have to move to find work. So be realistic if someone can really find a remote job at all.):
  • What did it take to get in the door (how did you get your job):
  • What do you like the most about your job:
  • What do you like the least:
  • Would you recommend someone going into/coming out of college to get a job like yours:
  • What would you recommend to a newer person (please include some common things that could hurt them or pitfalls):
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Yeah it would be pretty crazy to have it any other way because imagine somebody live like 900 videos joining bitchute I don't think the servers would be able to handle a whole Channel being copied over like that

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They can limit it. Say 10 videos a day/hour/etc

In my opinion they can easily make it a simple 1 click method and it slowly uploads your old videos to their service.

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The Google Pixel 2 does have a dark mode. No idea why other phones dont have it.

Edit: I mistook the incognito mode as dark mode. Whoops.

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You're talking about the settings right? That has nothing to do with YouTube.

My phone has been set to dark mode before and after the latest update. YouTube never changed.

On the YouTube app itself I don't see a dark mode at all

You are right, sorry. I mistook the incognito mode as dark mode.

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Incognito just basically means it does not keep track of what you do.

I'm not sure why people would use it on YouTube. However people use it on their browser so their spouse or loved ones doesn't know that they watch porn. There is other reasons why someone might use it. But that's pretty much it for most people

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You replaced the hotend because there was a scratch on the block??? That's nuts. The block is cheap too though...

As for assembling the hotend, E3D has some great instructions. Prusa's instructions aren't too bad either.

I guess they didn't want to sell you individual parts because you were having so many problems putting it back together.

Here is Prusa's video on changing a nozzle:

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I changed it because they told me to.

Again, I used their video. It was that exact one. But note how it says make sure there is a gap. It however says nothing about the nozzle being flush with the heatbreak. I only figured it out when someone pointed out the following picture when I started asking questions about a month ago

I've mention to their support they need to update the video to include that. But they blown me off on that.

The thing to note is look at their video as if you're 100% a new person to printing. Where you do exactly what they say word by word. Critical bits like that needs to be in there.

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I'm with you on that, but also the way an extruder operates, and specifically the hot-end, isn't magic. You should be able to visualize the parts and what they do. Once you do, it's obvious that the heatbreak has to be flush with the nozzle, and it's equally obvious that the depth of thread engagement of the nozzle itself plays a role in it, but positioning the heatbreak correctly is equally important.

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I agree, but I didn't even know what a heat break was before that picture. There was no indication at all. I figure that if the video said how to change the nozzle, then it will tell me everything I need to know. Even more since it's a 3D printing company putting out the video. And now that I know better, I'm still confused why they didn't add that in there when they were detailed enough to mention the gap. If someone is experiencing enough, they should know about the gap. But if someone doesn't know to make sure there is a gap. Then they probably don't know anything about the break. The video should tell the person 100% percent what they need to know. Unless if mentioned in the video, the user should not need any outside resources or knowledge.

Basically, when I make how to videos on my own channel and we aren't talking about advance cyber security or anything I normal person on it be looking for. I assume that the person has 0 knowledge in whatever. Even more when it's a beginner tutorial. I've mentioned this before to them and they could have easily fix this. So I feel like they blow me off. But when you make beginner tutorials every word counts. You can give too much information, but it's horrible to not give enough. This is a case of that

When I was going through my first degree and Aerospace one of the things I was trained on is writing manuals. What was mentioned is that you should mentally or physically go through the manual as if you are the user a day or week after you written it. This will quickly let you know if you missed something. I hope they do end up fixing it.

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This box was on the Thunder Mountain Railroad ride at the Magic Kingdom, but sometime after the first time this popped up and gained some momentum, they removed it.

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I wonder why they removed it

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But this is true for any tech. Buy it early and start using it right away, or buy it later and get revised hardware (and also maybe save money).

A good example is with video game hardware. While there are the obvious mid-life upgrades like the slimmer hardware, they also do internal changes where you can't tell from the outside except by model number.

Not all the changes are good though, and sometimes they'll make a change to save on parts costs. So sometimes waiting isn't beneficial.

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Yeah but you're talking about extremely small changes. The thing is the type of changes that are talked about in this video and other places are night and day. Some of the changes makes it where a function completely works. It's kind of like saying the same thing about a car. But in reality if car manufacturer did the same then the car will sometimes work. Maybe it'll work sometimes when they're making a left turn. Maybe it will work sometimes at all. That's the difference

Now there's always minor changes and I think most people can easily overlooked that. But being used as a tester for hardware is just stupid.

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I would like to call the Xbox 360 to the witness stand. While they eventually addressed the Red Light of Death issue, someone could still buy a ticking RMA bomb if they didn't know what product number to look for even after the revised model was released.

Or the PS3... the first models had fully backwards compatibility with PS2 games, then they cut costs by making them only software emulate PS2 games (resulting in compatibility issues), and then eventually they removed the feature entirely. Meanwhile you wouldn't be able to tell from the difference from the outside.

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Original Poster2 points · 3 days ago

I would like to call the Xbox 360 to the witness stand

Red ring of death wasn't caused by using consumers as testers. It was caused by execs not hearing out the engineers.

And yes you will find single times stupid things have happened in normal business. But each and every time it back fired. Luckily many of the times the company was big enough to handle it. The smallest company that did something stupid that somehow stayed alive was the No Man's Sky team. But even then, that's far and few between when you can pull those examples out. Where in the 3D printing world it's very common.

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"I kinda have a feeling the company will try to make things right and eventually they will get there."

I had that feeling till I received an email today. My printer had the same problems as countless others on the forums. I was asked to send it back after days of constant chat, testing, and attempted fixes with online tech support. Nothing had worked. Tech had seen photos of all the failed prints (my success rate was far below 50%) and agreed something was very wrong. I boxed the printer up and returned it on Prusa's dime (thankfully).

I contacted them yesterday after weeks of radio silence. They're ready to send it back. Apparently they found nothing wrong at all. So no repair, no replaced parts, nothing. They want to return the same blatantly faulty printer. This suggests to me that either they are dreadful at detecting problems, are claiming I'm lying about the problems, are claiming I'm thoroughly incompetent, or are suggesting some kind of divine intervention between my sending the printer and their receiving it. None of these options are great.

Either way, my trust in this company has plummeted to pretty much zero right now. I've requested that they hold off on the return till I can check whether I can simply have a refund under EU Consumer Protection laws. Well see how they handle this, but I'm honestly not holding out much hope right now, given how many others are experiencing serious problems.

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BTW I suggest to make a thread here and on this. Maybe someone can help you out

I started a new thread on this sub already, /r/3dprinting was already my next intended stop :)

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Something to also do is maybe contact a few major YouTubers in 3D printing. Some like 3Dprintingnerd. I will leave a link to a few I know

There is a few others out there, but I honestly don't expect much to come from this. In fact, I doubt many of them will reply back at all. But it's worth a shot. Many of them has a direct contact in the company and might be able to give you a better insight.

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to answer your question if it's normal. It's normal for people to watch porn. It's after all the bulk of the net.

Is it normal to watch it while working. Not so much. It happens, and it's important to note if it's a higher up or not. If it's a higher up I wouldn't really say anything of it but I might find a way to use it against them to get a pay increase or something. I would only do that if I think I can get away with it. If it's not a higher up, I would bring it up to their manager since you can get in trouble if it's ever found out. Something you can also do if you like the lower end person (like you're friends or you're in a relationship with them), you can just talk to them. Normally they will stop even if they deny it. Just let them know you are going to forget what you seen unless it keeps going, and let them know exactly why you're helping them out. Otherwise they will take you as a threat.

Finding porn on remote machines like phones is normal. People use company laptops and phones for personal use all the time. In fact, they will just not have a personal computer and use it as their only one the bulk of the time.

My best advice if possible is to simply ignore it if possible. If not then find a new job or talk with whomever. Most of the time they will stop, but if it's an exec then you will quickly be on the shit list.

Something I seen more of is execs playing games while at work. I remember hearing a CEO wanted in his contract that WOW wouldn't been blocked. Normally I overlook games and people watching videos like Netflix or anime. Even more the videos. I only get into it if their manager ask me to.

The reason why I completely look the other way when it comes to videos like YouTube, anime, etc is if their boss isn't complaining about their quality of work or it being late. Then who am I to say no. Even more since I use side things like that to help during giving task (there is a reason why I have 2 monitors :P)

Now when it comes to gov work. No it's not normal at all. In fact, it could be illegal depending on the person and what it was done on. So I wouldn't ever expect to see it on gov things but only a very few times in a gov career. The private industry is 100% different on these things.
You will find people playing small games once in a long long while, but watching videos is somewhat normal depending on where you're at. Again, they aren't sitting there with popcorn watching a movie. Normally they are working while a video is playing on the side.

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Back when I was a sysadmin/general IT support guy, I was called into an executives office by a junior sysadmin who had been tasked with updating the exec's PC. Junior SA points at the monitor -- which is showing "" or something similar -- and says "What do we do??"

I told him to put everything back exactly the way he found it, walk out of the room, close the door, and update the ticket with an apologetic request to reschedule because we were running a bit behind.

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You most likely helped him out more than anyone else will in his career.

Personally, if a boss wants to wack it while at work. Then I generally won't care giving I don't have to see it and they clean up after themselves. My biggest thing I care about is

  • do I have a job tomorrow
  • is the company asking me to do something illegal
  • will I be abused (forced quit)

Beyond that I generally can't care unless if I can fire the person for time theft. Keep in mind when I got done with my first degree the job market tanked and no one could find a job. So I know the value of having a stable paycheck and a stable job. Even more one that doesn't abuse you and doesn't have you working overtime all that often or at all.

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Did you print it out of flex

Original Poster8 points · 4 days ago

Nope! Just hatchbox PLA

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Why is it bending it so much? Is that due to the heat?

1 point · 4 days ago

How much filament did it take


I haven't had time to watch it yet. How close is it to us?


Is it on a streaming service? Or do you have to have a tv service to watch for now?

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Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago


7 points · 4 days ago

It's "National Treasure" meets "The Big Lebowski"

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Original Poster3 points · 4 days ago

that sounds Oscar worthy lmao

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Nevermind I got in touch with them

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3 points · 4 days ago

With Prusa? Ya, they will help you.

It might be still a good idea for you to find a place in your area that carries parts like nozzles and filament.

Original Poster2 points · 4 days ago

Ya that's a good idea thanks!

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1 point · 4 days ago

One of the things I found pretty quickly is it's better to go in and see what filament looks like giving you can. I don't have that ability and I have to play a guessing game. I bought some marble filament, and it looks like toothpaste in reality. I also bought some wood filament and it looks pretty bad. Sadly, pictures are a pain to tell if something is worth it.

On top of that, you have shipping and stuff. Here in the USA it cost $20 at min for me to import anything into the country. If matter hackers or Amazon doesn't carry it, then I'm SOL. A $5 part can turn into a $35 part

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...not if the connection to ad servers is blocked at the network level before reaching the client PC. No adblock installed, but ads get blocked for every device connected to my network. Come at me bro --err, ads. :p Can youtube detect that? lol

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2 points · 4 days ago

There can be a check for that. Basically when the browser goes to the webpage and downloads the webpage. Part of it can actually check to see if they can ping the ad server. There's other ways around it so I wouldn't count on that.

It's also possible that by trying to bypass the system like that Google could legally go after the person. In fact I I would not doubt that if Google really cared. They could easily get the law change where ad blocks are illegal. Keep in mind the money they have and what not

Now you're just making stuff up, lol.



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Let me ask you something because I'm now taking you as a troll. Do you know what the difference between a 1099 and a W2 is? Please explain it to me. What makes someone a 1099 or a W2? What type of people are 1099? What type of people are a W2?

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Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

Prusa said they were switching production to these parts soon (probably already happened by now). You might want to ask.

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1 point · 4 days ago

I just got word back and they said not yet.

Original Poster2 points · 4 days ago
1 point · 4 days ago

Is there any tricks I should keep in mind when I print it. I'm thinking of maybe getting this to print a medicine holder for one of my parents

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It sounds like you want to make an entire office building itself wireless. This can be done, but it's not easy. I suspect the pre-sales person has enough tech language know how to "sale" the idea to someone who doesn't know better or who hasn't done it. Basically, in the tech world we have a name for these people. And it's a POS. If they worked for me I would be looking at firing them giving they weren't sales.

Assuming the walls are up and the building is built. It will be much much harder to do this. Giving they aren't you can wire some of the AP which will make things a bit easier. But I've done this with about a full city block with a pre-built building and I can tell you this is very hard. Lets get the following out of the way.

  • You will be using a mesh network in a case like this.
  • This means your mesh network AP can't be more than 4 from the base.
  • This also means you need a decent MIMO. A 2x2 isn't going to cut it

The hard part is more than less finding the exact right places to put the mesh network. Not only you have to keep security in mind so people don't steal the devices. But you need to keep in mind things like weather, can people themselves block signal, what a given room could be used for and what could block it in the future, and so on.

Now once you got it setup right, the system more than less takes care of itself with slight help (updates and what not) every now and then. But it's very very hard to set it up. If you don't, then even if it works today. A simple change in where things are in a room, weather, etc can block signal.

It's up to you on what you do. But personally, I wouldn't do it unless if it made me extra money or if the walls aren't in and I could wire it in some places. Even then I might not do it. (Ask yourself if you will make a dime more if you installed a wireless system in the office)

PS doing this will cost you a good bit. And it might be worth it to hard most devices like printers if possible.

oh and the costs will eclipse running network lines anyway. Which still need to be run for the APs. Even if you do mesh. How do they get powered?

it's fucking stupid.

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1 point · 5 days ago

You can power a piece by simple power line. So that's not really a problem. Many access points you can hook it up from a outlet to a power over ethernet converter then ethernet today access point.

The only time wireless isn't expensive is when we're talking about home or small office use. But other than that wireless is always going to be more expensive. Like look at the cost of a switch.

If I have the option, I tend to only network wireless for computers and phones. Unless if it's something like a trailer park.

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