RIP to a wavy dude by __illmatic in Kanye

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I think it's likely related. I think he had mental health issues likely exacerbated by his physical health issues.

MRW I see a first year arguing with a prof by kgt94 in reactiongifs

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So did you do it at the right time of day or wrong?

What is this thing about a plane and engine thing? Someone nearly got sucked out or something? by Zeight_ in OutOfTheLoop

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I feel like this should be bigger news.

Why isn't this a bigger deal?

Does anyone have the main reddit news link about this?

What/who the heck is Cardi B? by moibanana in OutOfTheLoop

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This comment doesn't feel unbiased, which would be against the sub rules.

Words of Advice by KalaKadu in blackpeoplegifs

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Can someone upload this to youtube so I can comment on there

Are you not supposed to laugh out loud if you randomly think of something funny, in public? by csrabbit in NoStupidQuestions

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to worry about lunatics laughing at nothing

So this is basically the crux of my inquiry.

I would be considered a lunatic if I laugh at something in my head? Why is that?

Why isn't Reddit really considered a platform for social media marketing? by RocketRaccoon96 in answers

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It is.

Google "marketing on reddit". There is a massive amount of work that has been made on how to do it.

Curious of what makes you think it is not?

Bartholomeow is 22 this year! by TheMintyFr3sh in aww

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He looks really good for being in his 20s, wowza.

Requesting /r/DriveThru, no moderator by csrabbit in redditrequest

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I have a sub called /r/firstpersondrive, that I'd like to merge this sub with.

What happened with all the weird Elsa and Spiderman videos on Youtube? by TyForAllTheFish in OutOfTheLoop

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This sub has a deep and continued problem with overmoderation. That comment is an expression of that.

This sub doesn't really like itself very much. Or too much. Or something I dunno.

How to embed a Spotify playlist into WordPress? by 15CEH02 in Wordpress

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You could privately publish it to test without going live.

How do you do that?

What to know from JS as a front-end designer guy? by tomasvn in learnjavascript

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Then look at for/while loops, if/else arguments and things like that

Do you or anyone else have some example websites that use JavaScript's basic simple logic with loops and conditionals?

I am having trouble visualizing how the programming stuff is used within the context of websites.