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Hello LA, we recently purchased a beautiful home that damn near qualifies as our dream home, but with one minor flaw: during the inspection our guy found a spot on the roof that had been repaired with expanding foam, and he suggested we get it evaluated and repaired if necessary. Our realtor added this to the BINSR (evaluate AND repair if necessary) and the sellers signed. Awesome right? Well no, because they never did it and we got impatient and closed anyway knowing that the repair should be less than $1000 and we got a pretty damn good deal on the house and property.

But, through the course of the purchase our realtor was in contact with the roofing company who had done the previous roof work (full replacement in 2016) about doing the aforementioned evaluation AND repair if necessary. The roofer said that the shingles would have to be replaced but that it would not be covered by the warranty. He didn't say why, but I assume it's either because of the expanding foam or because of some other loophole that he's going for. I've made appointments with 2 other local roofing companies to get quotes, the first one was yesterday and he actually flat out told me that the other company should do the repair and it should be covered by the warranty because A) the foam isn't helping or hurting anything, B) there was obviously a leak after the previous work was done, C) they would have to remove the shingles that the foam is on anyway to repair the original leak that the foam was supposed to fix. He might be totally right, but I don't know so I'm putting it to you fine folks:

Should I just pay another company to do the repair? We got a quote for $750 from one company so far.

Should I force these guys to uphold the warranty? I get some legal assistance as a benefit of my employment, I could probably get them involved if necessary.

If I pay the $750 to have this other company fix it, and I get some sort of statements from them to the effect of "the first company should have upheld the warranty", would I be able to recover that $750 in small claims court? I've already emailed the original company and asked them again to please uphold the warranty.

If I'm being ignorant and/or selfish please don't hesitate to tell me so, I can take it.

Edit: here's the text of the warranty in it's entirety (minus names and stuff):

hereby warrants the roofing JOB at the above referenced project. It has been done in accordance with state and local guidelines and normal roofing practices. Our warranty covers labor for period of FOUR (4) years. From the date of substantial completion, MARCH 01, 2016. It does not cover post roofing penetrations, damage by other trades, excess roof traffic, severe weather damage or failure to perform regular roof maintenance. however, if such damages should occur within the 4-year time period, Alpha Roofing, LLC should be contacted to repair such damages to maintain this warranty. We further agree to repair or replace any or all our work, which may prove to be defective in its workmanship or materials within the period stated above.

I'm confused - for what actual reason are you expecting the roofer to do a warranty repair? Are you saying there's a completely separate problem?

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Original Poster1 point · 3 days ago

Man I did kind of butcher that post, sorry. In 2016 this company replaced the entire roof, a few months later a leak sprang up but for some reason the previous occupant applied expanding foam to the area instead of calling the company back for a warranty repair. If it's not covered, I don't understand why and so far they haven't explained why.

The expanding foam is in a single line, it's not pressed in or anything and would likely just peel right off.

I was expecting a warranty repair because their original roof replacement had a leak, and we did verify that the warranty does carry over to us upon purchase.

Ah. In that case, it would depend on the exact wording of the warranty, but I can see why they'd reject it being their responsibility. You may be right about how easily they could work around it, but it gives them enough of a loophole to say it's not something they can touch.

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Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

It's not even a matter of working around it, the foam is on top of shingles that they already would have needed to remove.

6 points · 18 days ago

Once I saw this bundle offered, I was very curious if this series was worth it. A quick search on Amazon shows a few reviews stating that these are mostly good basic introduction references with some practicals and examples you can complete.

There are a couple of reviews stating inaccurate or outdated information on a couple of the Primers, but the Primers that I was most interested in didn't have reviews.

Basically for the cost of $15 for 18 different Primers, I'm looking at a cost of about 83 cents per Primer. I think that's worth it in the end. On Amazon, the costs for these Primers individually range from $9.95 to $21.95 each. If even one of these Primers is something I can use, I'll get my money's worth (even as a quick, brain freeze/can't remember something reference guide)

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Thanks for doing the legwork, all i'm really interested in right now is the python stuff and maybe a few of general programming things so i'll probably just grab it.

3 points · 18 days ago

I came here to ask the same, but I think you should wait before reposting as there's no rush regarding a bundle that was released moments ago ... except you think you need those resources right now, of course.

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Yeah I was planning to wait and see if somebody answered this first, I've tried posting questions on here but I'm definitely not smart enough to get actual answers from this sub

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Obligatory "why not build one?" comment.

Original Poster1 point · 21 days ago

I am a lurker of r/buildapcforme and r/buildapc. I built my home PC a couple years ago. I figured it would be less painfull for accountant reasons to get a prebuilt. Plus in France W10 pro license taken separately is quite expensive (259€) which I think increase a lot the price for a built-one.

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Oh OK I can understand that, I always assume "gaming build". Have you looked into /r/microsoftsoftwareswap? I know it seems sketchy but I've been using them for years and have gotten upwards of 20 keys and have never had an issue, probably saved something like $1500

All depends on what kind of cord yours is. This guy probably has VGA

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Yeah I assumed it was vga because I've had the same issue, I wonder if dvi could do it too?

Original Poster34 points · 28 days ago

Cord to monitor wasn’t fully plugged in, lol. Thanks for the help.

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Any time!

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2 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago


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That's only a 25% reduction, what VPN were you using that worked better?

2 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago


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I was getting ~5mb/s torrents through Czech servers from Arizona, I was fine with that.

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2 points · 1 month ago

Killed by guns of course! Obviously implying that the only action that we can take is to disarm our citizens.

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I support a very effective gubmint UAV program and can safely say that considering the stuff I work on (even/especially the cheap, simple stuff that I work on) the people are already basically disarmed. Nobody is defending themselves against this shit.

If you can get guns away from the gangs and criminals and the such, then I might consider gun control. But they always ignore that and go straight for the legal gun owners. Maybe address this glaring issue.

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Or maybe it's not true

No more gigabyte parts for me thanks, even if it does remind me of BB-8.

I'm relatively new, currently learning python and planning on picking up something involving SQL and JS next. From what I understand there's nothing but advantages to learning as many languages as possible, and I've specifically seen mentions of JS and python coming in handy for web applications and stuff like that. Learn all you can, when you can!


next i'm going to learn about try/except clauses to handle different date formats and work on putting it in a tkinter window.

from datetime import *

inDateStart = input("DOM/DOS/DOP(start date of shelf life as dd/mm/yyyy):  ")
inDateEnd = input("End of shelf life:  ")
inDateRec = input("Date item was received:  ")

dateStart = datetime.strptime(inDateStart, "%m/%d/%Y")
dateEnd = datetime.strptime(inDateEnd, "%m/%d/%Y")
dateRec = datetime.strptime(inDateRec, "%m/%d/%Y")
lifeSpan = dateEnd - dateStart
shelfLifePer = (dateEnd - dateRec) / lifeSpan * 100

print(str(shelfLifePer) + "%")

did i do anything terribly stupid?

from datetime import * <- This goes on the less-than-smart heap for me. Better to do from datetime import datetime as dt or import datetime.

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

right after posting this i went back into pycharm to mess with it and noticed it was telling me the same thing so it's now just "import datetime". thanks!

2 points · 1 month ago
inDateStart = input("DOM/DOS/DOP(start date of shelf life as dd/mm/yyyy):  ")    
# ...
dateStart = datetime.strptime(inDateStart, "%m/%d/%Y")

The date format in the prompt doesn't match the format string. The months and days are reversed.

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

whoops, thanks!


Things I found by googling didn't seem to address parsing a str object acquired with input. I want to use the format %m/%d%Y and literally all i've gotten so far is:

from datetime import *

inDateStart = input("first date:  ")
inDateEnd = input("second date:  ")

but i'm not really sure where to go from there as far as parsing the input into something I can perform the operation on.

The end goal of this is to make a little app to calculate remaining shelf life as a percentage like a little tool I made in a spreadsheet.

I'm currently on lecture 66 (date and time stuff) of the python mega course on udemy which has been awesome, but I got impatient when I got a taste of something I could use at work.

2 points · 1 month ago

Check out the datetime module in that chapter

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Damn, I totally forgot I have that book, I'll check it out. Thanks!

I buy more of the book bundles than the game bundles recently.

Go to the library good books there too.

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I basically grew up in a library, unfortunately the one we have in my current town is staffed by some mean old fucks. Can't just hang out and read, they literally told me to check out my book or I'd have to leave, then they gave my 11 year old a hard time for checking out fantasy books. Life's too short for that bullshit, I pirate ebooks or buy them in bundles now.

tell her to talk to the cops, talk to an employment attorney, and update that resume, all asap.

Comment deleted1 month ago

it might just be because i didn't already have the games, but the bundles have been pretty good for me since ign took over, i did skip april because i already had almost all the stuff.

those are fans, red ones, and the top one's performance has been retarded.

check the seating of the plug, if that doesn't work then try another header, if that doesn't work then your fan is screwed and can be replaced for ~$10.

oh and make sure a cable isn't stuck in there or something.


Our computers are pretty high security (no administrator access) and the main things we use are COLTS (only accessible via IE 11), SAP Netweaver which I know how to use but don't know much about, and Excel with which I'm of above average proficiency.

Work flow goes like this:

I inspect an item and it's paperwork, then enter the relevant data into SAP by accessing several transactions (QA32 and QM02 if that helps) and filling the various fields.

I then transfer the item in the COLTS database (using IE 11. I tried automating this very early in my python education and IE 11 seemed to be an obstacle).

I then log the inspection in an excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet is stored on a network location that all 3 of us have access to, but it's not shared (sharing it caused a lot of problems) so we have to be sure to close it when finished.
This is the first annoyance I'd like to eliminate just because it's so stupid, I've also had bad luck with shared workbooks in the past so I'd like to explore other options such as using a tkinter gui and something like openpyxl to add the data to the appropriate sheet.

I have no idea where to start with the SAP and COLTS issues, and I'm not sure if I'm coming at the Excel issue properly, so if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Also if it matters I'm limited to python 3.5.

I then transfer the item in the COLTS database (using IE 11. I tried automating this very early in my python education and IE 11 seemed to be an obstacle).

How does that work exactly? Your details aren't enough or the right kind or something.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Yeah that was pretty vague, sorry. Colts is a database that the military uses to manage assets, we access it through internet explorer and it's all text fields for criteria like part number, serial number, miscellaneous notes, etc.

Let me know what you need for more clarification, I'm happy to provide any info that would help you help me!

Well, that sounds like you could automate it like you'd automate any web app with Python. You shouldn't need to use any browser if you automate it with Python.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

OK I'll check it out again, I had thought beautifulsoup had browser compatibility issues or something but it might have been a different package altogether.

Twitter has achieved sentience, but it's rudimentary intellect is only capable of wanting steam sales. It's just like me!

I second that emotion

Udemy has a huge sale going on right now and they have some really good excel classes


It's getting close to the 90s during the day, if I just do it myself can I bill the property management company? If so, at what rate and what else do I need to do/consider? Thanks!

Edit: I just went up there to set it up myself and the unit was neither covered nor operational (pump appears to be kaput). We've been surviving since it hasn't been ridiculously hot (around 80F), but sleep has been more difficult and we're definitely not comfortable. However it's going to be in the 90s soon so we're getting concerned. When I call my property manager (what I thought was his cell) it goes to the real estate office he works at, and when I hit 0 to leave a message (as instructed by voice prompt) it just restarts the recording.

Isn't AZ a state that requires ac to be habitable?

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Original Poster2 points · 2 months ago

I believe so but my cursory research hasn't turned up much yet (managing 4 kids and messing with the unit)

I just canceled mine because I found out I can get all the games I want from the bundle off of G2a for faaaar less than $12


Maybe some companies have already done this, or maybe my google-fu is weak today, but why do so many people still have to wait a week or 2 or more to get their wages for the hours they've worked? It seems like the things that payroll departments/companies do could easily be automated and we could have funds routed to our bank accounts daily or even hourly or whatever increment we wanted.

Is this something that's already being done at some companies? If not, why not?

3 points · 3 months ago

If not, why not?

Every day that the company can sit on your pay, it's earning interest. Even if the interest rates are tiny, the amount earned is substantial when you're talking about large companies who pay out tens of millions every pay period.

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Original Poster1 point · 3 months ago

Ah very interesting, I didn't think of that. Would it be possible for the financial savings achieved by automating payroll be at all comparable to the interest accrued?

I'll never store anything I want to keep on a Seagate drive again

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