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Also that's the bassiest bass voice

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"I made sodium metal but Raymond makes table salt and gets all the attention."

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This is the problem with centrism centrism for the sake of centrism (middle ground fallacy). "Lets all just be lovely to each other and accept the Nazis" fuck off...

Edit: apparently i need to learn what centrism is. Thanks reddit now i have to learn stuff.

Also I see a few replies saying that intolerance of intolerance is somehow as bad as the original intolerance... bullshit. being intolerant of racism, sexism, homophobia etc, is not equal to being any of these things.

Also also.. i see several people defending the right saying that not all conservatives are nazis, yes I know most conservatives are not even close to Nazi/white supremacist/etc on the political spectrum. That said the current administration has gone out of its way to NOT condemn the actions of extremist groups along with detention camps with immigrant children and blatant disregard for race relations, maybe vote out some of the racists and the common misconception will go away?

Edit 2:

Brokenshatner said the point I was trying to make much better:

It's a parody of Centrism

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That's... not centrism. That's not centrism at all.

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I'm INFJ and Lead Software Developer at my company. I manage projects, not people, and I love it.

Almost every vocation will have people that are great and understand your need for alone time and people that are shitty looking for a way to take advantage or feel superior. That's not STEM, that's life.

I spent part of my career building product for faceless customers. That sucked. Most of my career I've spent building things that directly help the other developers around me. That's what I love. Not the work, but the purpose of the work. Try not to focus on what you'll be making but who you will be helping when you do. The balance is there.

Good luck!

34 you here, old enough to have seen this video when it was a new email in Flash format

I don't think I would have ever expected Trogdor to still be relevant 15 years

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39 here. There are kids on this site that didn't exist when we first saw this.

Fifteen years ago this was high production value, kids.


My wife watched me play almost my whole playthrough and every time I made it back to Dirthmouth I checked in with Iselda just to hear this. Now we say it to each other any time we're bored or tired, it's our favorite meaningless phrase. :)

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I'll let the person who voiced that line know its being used as a cute couple bonding experience.

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Nice! Thank you!

My boyfriend and I do the SAME THING. except we heard Baffa Nada.

He literally just sighed and said this.

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You made me curious so I looked it up. It's one word, according to Team Cherry.

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ITT: People who never made mistakes as children

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I would of missed the sticky lol

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would have*

It would, and you seem smarter than the average bear. As a professional plumber I am inclined to hate it still anyway. Most idiots would call me back and somehow insist I installed it wrong when they picked it out in the first place and I had zero say in the matter.

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If your product is designed for average intelligence, you cut out half your market.

That's awful, but funny.

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Sigh.. I just want to be left alone. Can they just leave us alone? Get off my digital lawn with your warm beer and flannel shirts.

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Neat. I thought about doing one of these too. What wood did you use and how do you plan to finish it?

Whenever people talk about "definitions," it is important to remember that dictionary definitions are descriptive, not prescriptive. That is, they describe how speakers use the language; they're not prescribing or dictating how certain words are to be used. Within a particular group, words might be used in a particular way, but that may not be how most speakers use the word.

The word "racism" is a good example. The definition used by sociologists (a subset of English speakers) is "power + prejudice." But the definition used by almost everyone else is "prejudice based on race."

To conflate the two would be a mistake; and is unfortunately a mistake I see many well-intentioned liberals make.

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Even with the definition that racism is prejudice plus power, I still have yet to figure out why being prejudiced is okay, or even encouraged.

For our GUI product we used cefpython. I was able to write a glue layer between javascript variables and python class variables. The result was AngularJS views controlled by Python controllers, pretty slick.

Then when it comes time to move the product to the cloud, most of the work is already done.

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I’m not saying that people won’t say dumb things to you on here, I’m saying you’re just as bad for playing along with them.

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It's not playing along, just noticing a pattern.

as a conservative, I'm not supporting nazi's!!

You're absolutely playing along with the generalizations that people on here make about conservatives. Come on man.

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I didn't say that. Look at the usernames on the chain.

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Most blue collar jobs are more dangerous than law enforcement statistically. it's just when things go wrong on the street it's a lot more dramatic than having a forklift crush someone against a wall or falling from heights while building a roof or going overboard from a fishing boat.

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Just because it's not the MOST dangerous doesn't mean it's not dangerous.

I mean, a man's urethra is used for both semen and urine, so tiny design upgrade?

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Comment deleted9 days ago

dat majestic beard on Hayes tho

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is a textbook example of a functionally illiterate GOP™ and President* Trump shill using copypasta like an air freshener to mask its foul unattractiveness from "alternative" hygiene...

Let's see how it responds!

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bad bot

Lib here: Can the NFL decide to not allow players to kneel? Yes. Whether or not they should is an entirely different discussion.

Can content hosters decide what content they want to host? Yes. Whether or not they should is an entirely different discussion.

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Agreed, they are two different private companies that have the right to run their business however they choose. The problem is the "they have a right to kneel", implying the government should force business to allow or deny certain political behavior, which so far they have not done.

But businesses should force people to praise the flag and anthem?

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I'm not saying they should or shouldn't. I'm saying if they want to force something like that, it's their choice - not the government's choice.

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My god. The NYT and Verge made it look like it was just one outburst as some kind of failed experiment a long time ago. This just goes on and on.

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Watch the first few episodes of The Next Generation to get the premise, then skip to season two.

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Three. Skip to season three. If you like the rest, you can always go back.

SANDERS: First of all, I think it's important to note that these tweets were dug up by a right-wing – it's not even conservative – right-wingers, people who identify with the white supremacist ideology, and they were taken out of context

LEMON: Does it matter who dug them up?

SANDERS: No, but I think it matters that it's selective. That's what I'm saying, and so some of the tweets are taken out of context.

Ugh. So yes it does matter who dug them up. It matters because, if we follow Sander's stupidass explanation about what racism is, white supremacist ideology is a group with power, therefore the racists who dug up that little snatch's twitter history are the true problem here. There's a lot of poor white people in bad situations that lack everything "power" worthy outside the apparent color of their skin. This is gross. And the people always harping about race are ignoring that an institutional legacy (the power) is condoning and protecting that vile creature (the prejudice holder).

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Even if you accept the new definition I don't see why being prejudiced is acceptable or defendable.

I think that's a common thing because of HIPPA rules. Most of the time the info isn't sensitive but when leaving a message most offices have a blanket rule not to discuss any info at all, since it could be perceived as a rule violation. Annoying though.


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