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cybaritic commented on a post in r/videos
tea_and_biology 3,413 points

Ooh, zoologist reporting in! Camel mouths are full of cone-shaped papillae that look like this. These protrusions are partly keratinised - keratin being the hard stuff your nails are made out of - which makes them tough n' semi-rigid, feeling a bit like the middle of tupperware lids when you squish 'em. The plastic-ey cones not only help protect the mouth from internal damage - scratches, abrasions etc. - when they feed on thorns and other nasties, but they also manipulate the food to go down in one direction.

Worth mentioning that modern camels wouldn't be eating cactus like this in the wild either; instead it'd be scrubby, thorny acacia bushes and the like. They also likely do feel some pain and discomfort eating this stuff, as much of their mouths - particularly their lips - are very sensitive, despite the papillae. Being metal as fuck though, camels just get on with it. They have an oddly voracious appetite for prickly pear and similar cacti native to North America, so clearly there's something about those plants that camels love, despite the irritating prickles. Makes them sort of sadomasochistic diners, really.

Anywho, the same sorts of papillae structures have independently evolved multiple times across the animal kingdom; notably inside the mouths and throats of leatherback turtles. The shelled beasties likewise use 'em to prevent themselves getting stung by their jellyfish prey, whilst also helping to keep the jellies moving down towards their demise, to be slowly digested in the darkness.

cybaritic 1 point

So it's basically the inspiration for the Gaping Dragon.

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sethboy66 162 points

You can just take a breath afterwards. Humans breathe in oxygen through the atmosphere around them.

The real problem is the granular substance coating your vocal cords. It won't kill you but you'll only be able to squeak for an hour after.

cybaritic 1 point

Humans breathe in oxygen through the atmosphere around them.

Thanks Captain

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ConsistentlyRight 30 points

God help them if they try. It will not be a pleasant affair.

cybaritic 8 points

It would be nearly impossible. To modify the constitution, you have to have approval by two-thirds of both houses of congress and 38 of 50 state legislatures. Even then, the President can veto.

Highenergyperson 11 points

The President cannot veto an amendment.

cybaritic 3 points

You're absolutely right. Thank you for the correction.

cybaritic commented on a post in r/Conservative
Jizzlobber42 21 points

Clearly there isn't enough racism to support the demand these days

cybaritic 12 points

I feel like a lot of people have been raised to believe they are victims of the system, oppressed and marginalized. Then when it doesn't manifest, they create it to avoid having to admit they were wrong. It's tough to change someone's world view, even if it's not real.

cybaritic commented on a post in r/ProgrammerHumor
fukalufaluckagus 6 points

Ebonics++ ?

cybaritic 49 points

There was an "Ebonicode" that went around a while back. It got social justice'd out of existence but here's a sample that apparently finds primes.

  a be 1 bitch 
  slongas(a fearin 100) 
    b be 2 bitch 
    c be 0 bitch 
    slongas(b fearin a) 
      if (a videdby b time b sameas a) 
        propsta c bitch 
        propsta b bitch 
    if (c sameas 0) 
      putou a bitch 
    propsta a bitch 
cybaritic commented on a post in r/pics
0O0oO0o0o0oOoo0Oo0o 87 points

This is a picture of two people on bikes... If images don't hold up without their backstory they shouldn't be on /r/pics.

cybaritic 15 points
  1. Make a bunch of shitty life decisions
  2. Stop being shitty
  3. Post to social media
cybaritic commented on a post in r/pics
ITookYourGP 233 points

Reddit: Facebook 2.0

Privatdozent 19 points

What do you think "should" be on reddit?

And this has a score of 700 after 6 hours. Hardly representative of what goes on "reddit".

Some amount of the content here is going to be casual. Anyone can post anything (within broad rules). Anyone can upvote anything. Your comment is kind of funny though, so to the top.

cybaritic 3 points

What do you think "should" be on reddit?

When does le epic narwhal bacon? XDDDD

cybaritic 2 points

Literally anything on r/pics could be on facebook.

Try going to non-default subs. I recommend r/youtubehaiku and r/ATBGE. Sort by top / all time. Good stuff.

cybaritic commented on a post in r/pics
_Serene_ -3 points

And how do we deal with those who tries throwing the constitution away, or worse, burn it?

cybaritic 21 points

I'd say, "Man that guy disagrees with The Constitution, good thing for them we live in a free society where they're free to do such things." Then get on with my day. The Constitution is what gives them the right to destroy* it.

\Don't destroy hotel property, they can still go after you for that, same as if you destroyed the phone or a lamp.)

cybaritic commented on a post in r/Conservative
cheese_is_available 2 points

I need some context here, anyone ?

cybaritic 3 points

She didn't just drink the Kool-aid she swam in the concentrate.

It's kinda funny to watch but if you step back it's really kinda sad. The joke is that liberalism is a mental disorder hurr but this woman seems like she has some genuine issues.

cybaritic commented on a post in r/benshapiro
Xg200 -7 points

-Polarizing figure

-Wanting to go against social programs

-More interested in winning than persuading

-Outdated conservative viewpoint

cybaritic 12 points
  • can be said about almost all candidates
  • that's not necessarily a bad thing
  • your opinion
  • more opinion

Thanks for stopping by

cybaritic commented on a post in r/Overwatch
totallycis 2 points

yes they do

cybaritic 1 point

And traps and mines. And widow poison grenade. And sym teleporter / shield generator if in line of sight.

SocialNjustisWarEOR 2 points

Will Overwatch run on a high end 2017 MacBook Pro? I have the most powerful model (without customizing with super expensive options).

I play on console, but am planning on building a really nice gaming PC over the next few months. I wanted to try it out on PC during the free weekend. I have a good mouse and K65 Keyboard, but I can’t figure out how to install the Corsair Keyboard software on Mac.

I have read about “Boot Camp”, but I would still have to buy Windows right? If that’s the case I am just going to wait until I build my PC.

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Edit: Ah, being downvoted for asking a legitimate question in a thread that is dedicated to asking questions. Gotta love Reddit.

cybaritic 1 point

No, not even with Boot Camp. The problem is not the processor, it's the lack of dedicated GPU. I looked into it last year, a macbook of any kind isn't going to cut it.

cybaritic commented on a post in r/the_meltdown
MG87 1 point

As opposed to giving Comcast or whomever free reign and allowimg them to over charge their customers?

cybaritic 1 point

That's the opposite point, yeah. The problem is they're both good points and not mutually exclusive. Most people who are against Net Neutrality don't want Comcast to have that kind of control, but they also don't want government interference in small business. It could be written differently to satisfy both sides. But no one wants to talk about that. They want to point fingers and yell and scream and feel like their side is correct, no matter the outcome.

MG87 1 point

Honest question: how many ISPs are just small businesses?

cybaritic 1 point

According to this, there's 2,653 total. So a lot. I honestly don't know and I'm not arguing the point, I was just saying what the usual argument against NN is.

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