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I did. Politicizing Father's day in favor of feminism is insane. If you want to support men, do that. If you want to make the world better by helping men feel less like they need to be masculine and shoot guns, do that. But don't call it feminism as if everything done as a positive step for either gender is driven by feminism.


I just didn’t know why they had to use the Ocean title instead of doing their own thing

Especially since it was largely an all-star cast. Ann Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Sandra Bullock... fucking Rihanna? Give them a totally original idea. They don't need the Ocean name they can sell it just fine on their own.

But it's not about that. It's about proving that women can do a movie as good as the men, which of course they can, but not as a sequel to a dead franchise. It wouldn't work the other way either. Can you imagine "Mean Boys" or "Brotherhood of the Travelling Pants"? Fuck no because those are terrible ideas, just like Ocean's 8 was destined to be.


For me NDT is up there with Merryll Streep and Scott Adams on a list of celebs that are good in their field but really need to stop talking about politics. He's dead wrong on this one.

Membership of the 115th Congress:

A closer look at the range of prior occupations and previously held public offices of Members of the House and Senate at the beginning of the 115th Congress, as listed in their CQ Member Profiles, 10 also shows the following:

50 Senators with previous House service;

101 Members have worked in education, including teachers, professors, instructors, school fundraisers, counselors, administrators, or coaches (85 in the House, 16 in the Senate);

3 physicians in the Senate, 11 physicians in the House, plus 4 dentists and 3 veterinarians;

three psychologists (all in the House), an optometrist (in the Senate), a pharmacist (in the House), and two nurses (in the House);

eight ordained ministers, all in the House;

Furthermore, teachers have the Department of Education. Engineers are everywhere but there are a ton in the Department of Defense, not to mention NASA. Want to represent society in government correctly? Get the power back in state and local control. Let the farmers govern the farmers and cities govern the cities.


Hey Noah! Thanks for taking the time to respond. I've read your work before and listen to KUNR regularly, all good stuff. I think with this article what got to me what the way the problem was framed.

From one perspective, the problem is immigration policy, which is certainly a problem for lots of reasons. From another perspective, the problem is a shortage of labor, and immigration policy is just an element of it. At the bottom of the article you touch on the recent lack of interest in trades, but the article as a whole feels like it was written from the first perspective.

In any case, I really appreciate your hard work covering these hot topics. I'll keep reading!



That's fair, but relating immigration policy to housing prices is a pretty big stretch, making it seem like it's a larger contributing factor than it really is. I'm frustrated in general by journalism drawing connections between largely unrelated political issues, it feels like it's just stirring the pot.


This is also the problem people like Mike Rowe have been trying to alleviate through his work on encouraging people to go into the trades.

YES. I love that guy. There are skilled trade jobs available now that pay more than you'll get out of most four year degrees, it takes less time to learn, and doesn't require massive student loans. I can't understand why this generation still lines up to get fucked by for-profit colleges just to be forever tied to a field that may not even be hiring.


I know reddit it wildly anti-Trump and that's understandable, but this article makes a few pretty big leaps to draw its conclusion.

Yes, removing illegal immigrants reduces the available workforce. Yes, reducing workforce does lead to an increase in salary, and yes, that salary may have an effect on housing prices. It conveniently ignores, however, that the number of people deported went down in 2017. Total number of illegal immigrants in the country has held steady at ~11M for the last ten years. It also focuses only on a minor piece of housing prices, which is the cost to build.

By and large the main reason our houses are more expensive is simple supply and demand, basic economics. Immigration policy may be a factor but there's really no reason to believe it's a significant one yet.

If you're looking for more reasons to hate Trump go ahead, but there's so much more important stuff to dislike than thinking your rent went up because of his policies.


Any time I escort someone to Oolacile Township Dungeon and they look like they want to use the bonfire I throw a Thank You carving and black crystal myself out. I know that feel.


1920: Alcohol is bad mmk, banned

1933: Oops nobody stopped drinking, it just created an unregulated black market, unbanned

1971: Marijuana is bad mmk, banned

2012: Oops nobody stopped smoking pot, it just created an unregulated black market, unbanned

2018: Guns are bad, mmk...

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