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daian115 commented on a post in r/CrackWatch
Voksi_RVT 34 points

This is the latest build from Steam.

As always, this release is better than the original version. It includes all DLCs, private server browser for cracked servers and better anti-cheat than the bullshit BattlEye.

daian115 5 points

Holy moly I was just thinking about buying the game and wanted to try it out. Thanks voksi <3 you are the best

[deleted] -2 points


daian115 2 points

Thank you for the answer, but the main part of my post was to find a server with high item drop rates. I know many server with high xp rates.

ssjgdx 2 points

When it comes to drop rate - Sunwell is blizzlike. I don't know what's drop rate on Icecrown, cuz I played only on Lordearon.

Are you aware that servers that have high drop rate have also fucked up economy? And if the economy is fucked up, you have two choices, pay for the mats or not having the mats :P

Anyway, good luck with searching a proper server for you :)

daian115 1 point

Thank you for the help!

daian115 commented on a post in r/StateOfDecay
daian115 1 point

Thank you for saying this.

People have too understand that we are the customers, the developers are selling us their work. I know they put a lot of work in it, but if its unfinished why do we have to sit in silence ?

You wouldn't buy a half baked bread from the bakery and eat it happily right?

daian115 commented on a post in r/StateOfDecay
Nawara_Ven 8 points

I'd be okay if there was a /r/StateOfDecayComplaints that half the sub could be directed toward and leave everyone else alone. Half of those folks are just repeating the same bug reports we all already know about, and the other half seem to want to play a different game, yet aren't.

Actual content related to the game gets buried, which is pretty lame.

daian115 2 points

In the post I made "I feel like the game isn't rewarding" I don't mention any bugs. Just some basic mechanics that the game should have in my opinion, and the lack of content.

IputTheStudInStudy 4 points

I mean it’s also only a $30 game. I’m having a blast with it, and whenever I think about the missing story or content- I remember I’m playing a $30 sandbox which still has 3 huge maps and tons of replayability (in my opinion). So a lot of that is forgivable in my eyes, and well worth the money I payed.

daian115 3 points

There are many games in the same range price, with more content. They were sold as early access games Rust,ark,subnautica. They are all survival and have tons of content.

It's not about forgiving, but they rushed a game that could be so much more.

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T1Science 4 points

This game needed another year or more to flesh it out. Currently it is a reskin of SoD1, but they actually took content away and didn't improve much or add much. It got rushed bad. I realize this isn't a daily driver game for a lot of people but like I don't think I'll be playing this game in 6 months unless some major changes occur. It's extremely frustrating because it feels like there was ZERO play testing. So many bugs. So many things are just annoying to be annoying and serve little purpose. Oh your enclave is leaving because I didn't give you ammo? I'll have the same request from a new enclave in 7 minutes. It's a joke and lazy design for this shit to occur. This is a good game, but like some very basic design choices were terrible. There's less freaks in this game, and the ones they kept both lost features and got weaker. It feels like they spent soooo much time on world building and creating places than they did the actual part of the game. Yes it is 6x as big as the first game but somehow there's less stuff to do. How can they fuck that up?

I'm just mad because this game deserves another year of design. It got rushed out and it shows. It just lacks any mid to late game stuff, and it's way less intricate than we got lead to believe. Like my survivors just seem to sit in my base and when I leave they just fuck shit up and break things. Maybe the cook shouldn't be building things and making me lose materials, he should be fucking cooking and trying new recipes giving me morale boosts occasionally or maybe the runs every now and then which would cap hit my stamina for everyone. But nope it's (insert character here) tried (insert activity here) costing 1-3 (insert resource here) Character "oops sorry about that"

That's the extent of what goes on at the base. It picks random characters to fail one in a set of activities and costs me a few of one resource. It's just so basic and boring. Nothing in the game feels unique or organic, it's all just badly scripted. It could be soooo much more and that's the worst part of it. How much better it should be. Ugh

daian115 2 points

I agree with you. I don't know if microsoft rushed the devs, but as you said it had so much potential. If they get some good game testers and let them play for hours they will see what the problems are. After a 20-50 hours the game is linear and boring. Im sure not everyone thinks the same, there are people who like to gather more stuff and explore everything, but we have to admit it the game lacks content and basic mechanics.

Krollalfa 1 point

Yea i dont get how they managed to fuck up a solid concept this game has like this... its wwaaaaaaaay to easy, its more of a chore then a game and its buggy as hell.

daian115 3 points

Yeah, chore. Thats the right word honestly I don't even care about bugs. I just want content.

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FlannaGann 1 point

hey OP did you get a prompt to download the game with game pass? I'm waiting to activate my subscription until release day but if I can preload I'll bite the bullet right now

daian115 2 points

Hey FlannaGann. I can't predownload it, and as far as I know the the "normal" game releases on 22. Ultimate edition buyers get it on 18.

muxttapha 1 point

Can I play the game on PC if I buy this pass or is it only for the XBox?

daian115 1 point

Its for windows 10 and xbox

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daian115 commented on a post in r/playark
wildcardpanda 2 points

The servers 897-899 are actually NA servers. There was a typo in the naming. Those will be fixed shortly to reflect this change. Apologies for the confusion.

daian115 2 points

Oh wow you guys still read this subreddit after seeing all this shit accusations. It would be great if someone from WC could give a statement about this whole situation.

daian115 commented on a post in r/leagueoflegends
riotaredherring 5 points

This is correct. We don't have special powers and can only report someone. The logic behind this is that if we feel that we have to go around the system we give to players to ban someone then the system needs a fixin

daian115 1 point

The system isn't perfect(it would be hard to make one). How does the report/ban system work when someone is inting? I know it's really easy to ban when someone is flaming since if he writes X blacklisted words he can get banned, but what happens with inters? How does the system know if someone is just having a bad day or he is straight up inting??

Marooki 100 points

Ban half the population?

Perfectly balanced, as all things should be.

daian115 21 points

Give every Riot employee an infinity gauntlet.

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daian115 commented on a post in r/playark
daian115 0 points

I have nothing to do with megatribes, but assuming that WC as company or the whole dev team accepts payment for ingame items is ridiculous. They won't risk losing their job or ruining their whole reputation in the game developer industry for a few thousand dollars.

You could say that there is one or two "devs"(probably testers) who can spawn items and do help them.

11LeRichard11 1 point

With regard to your question on employers' accepting EU degrees, I've heard it's harder to get a job with a European degree than it would be if you had an American degree but not nearly as difficult as it would be if you had no degree at all. Most often employers will still see you as someone who legitimately went to college. They just won't immediately recognize the name of your school unless you went to somewhere like Oxford or Cambridge.

It also depends on the employer. The federal government has very, very particular requirements you must meet for any given job opening it has. I imagine it would be difficult for a professional educated abroad to get a professional government job.

On the other side of that spectrum, you might find some random small business somewhere being run by a European immigrant. It would likely be way easier to get a job at his or her business.

And there is everything in between.

daian115 1 point

Im confident to tell them what my degree is about if needed. If I get there I will look around lots of places.

jhib456 1 point

People will not care that you’re foreign but unless you have an engineering degree or graduated from a top tier European school you may find it difficult to get a job. This isn’t always true and it depends on where you move to, but it’s true that some American employers simply won’t know what it means to have a degree from a mid-ranked school in Poland.

I have a friend who has a degree in economics from a pretty decent school in Greece, although she is Albanian. We met because we were working together making coffee at near minimum wage.

daian115 1 point

I have an IT engineering degree, its not a top tier european university(like oxford and such)

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VaultBoyz 1 point

I’m not sure I’m following why everything needs to have a reward for doing it.

daian115 1 point

To make events more fun, personally I got bored of the events pretty fast.

Zero_the_Unicorn 4 points

You're implying bluehole would add anything that doesn't help them get money

daian115 1 point

Well it's their choice.

daian115 commented on a post in r/Whatcouldgowrong
GhostOfAlien 3 points

He calmly wraps around him, and jerks him down. Grappling with him was not an issue. Then he throws him down with real force, more than gravity. After, he keeps his shoulders rolled forward, fists clenched, slowly looks down at the kid while he walks past him, slowly walks up. I believe he knows very well that he didn't have to end that altercation the way he did.

daian115 -16 points

You know you could've just tell this whole thing as "he knew he is way stronger than him, and could've use less power."

Using uncommon wording to appear smart. Like "throws him down with real force, more than gravity." if you throw something down, obviously more force will be used than gravity thats why its called "throwing". Seriously if you try to be smartypants then tell something that isnt obvious and not like this. /r/iamverysmart

GhostOfAlien 4 points

I was asked for more detail.

daian115 -20 points

In the first comment, you wrote in the same manner. Also, if you are asked for detail you can write it normally, like a normal person. Not trying to be sophisticated.It's reddit you won't get plus points from the teacher here.

Dunnkran 1 point

i swapped to black desert much to do there and i have yet to occure somebody to remotely be toxic :D

daian115 2 points

I watched a few videos about black deset online, It looked a little boring to me. I played mmorpg's for a while but I don't know If I have enough time to start a new one.

Dunnkran 0 points

hmm nah you need to grind a lot to get better gear or set up a worker empire that does the work for you...but you can play the game a lot afk...helps me to motivate myself to study since i know that in the background i am still making money xD the quests are awesome and if you play casually you will never get bored ;) also the PVP is pretty lit and requires a lot of skill to be successful!

daian115 1 point

This sounds amazing, I will check it out thanks :D

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saguilar9621 1 point

During the chase was there any blood drawn??

daian115 1 point

Noo no. Definetly no. Even the fur that the older one bites out can't be seen on the other. It seems like they are scared of eachother and one of them is more agressive.

They basically run away from eachother. Usually the newer one is getting chased, then the other one leaps on her(this is when the fur bite is happening)

saguilar9621 1 point

Hmmm, I would continue the side by side cages and moving one chin to the others and the other chin to others cage (I hope that makes sense). So that they both can pick up each others scents and realize hey I'm not being chased or having my fur pulled! Is the area you let out in a neutral one?

daian115 1 point

Yes, its a new room for them. I will keep doing this thank you.

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