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danielcar commented on a post in r/SelfDrivingCars
walky22talky 1 point

ok, are you saying the map I outlined doesn't include google offices?

danielcar 2 points

There are no Google offices in Los Altos for example. What he is saying that it may cover more of the 101 which will incorporate more Google offices and less of the 280.

danielcar commented on a post in r/AndroidTV
Andrroid 10 points

Holy crap, three responses and not a single one that just answers the question:

  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Vudu Update, Vudu is on the menu for 4K/HDR/Atmos, however it's not the built in app that comes with the tv. Go to the play store and search Vudu, install that app and you can have 4k/HDR Vudu on the tv.
  • YouTube (no HDR for the 900e)
  • Google play movies
  • Sony Ultra (Sony's Vudu basically)
  • Smithsonian Earth

That's all I can think of. Netflix and Amazon will be your best bang for buck, with Vudu being a great spot to redeem uhd ultraviolet codes or just rent/buy directly. You can also Use Google play movies for rental/purchase, or at least link your Vudu and Google play accounts to movies anywhere for cross platform support and playback.

danielcar 1 point

Google play movies?

danielcar commented on a post in r/AndroidTV
danielcar 2 points

There are issues:

  1. After initial startup or reboot, slow and clunkly. Wait a few minutes

  2. If you install certain apps, like plex, people report slowing.

  3. Does get slow and clunky after months without a reboot. Then I just reboot.

Generally not an issue during video playback. Mine crashed a couple of years ago, but haven't noticed an issue since. I disabled samba app. I'm not a power user, just watch netflix, youtube, and prime.

danielcar commented on a post in r/electricvehicles
traveling_mutt 6 points

Don't forget the 60 kwh Leaf with active battery cooling :D

danielcar 2 points

My guess is we will get more details around September and available around end of year for early markets like California. Usually they are available in Japan 3 months earlier.

shaim2 3 points

This is not a matter of polls, it is a factual question.

Check the accident rate (fatal, serious, minor) with and without AP and you have your answer.

This is like having a poll of whether the sub revolves around the earth. Opinions don't matter.

danielcar 1 point

I think what you will find is that people who are not afraid and don't perceive a danger are the one's mostly to get killed. On the other hand, those that are afraid, who do think it is dangerous, will pay attention and it actually improves safety.

If companies learn from this and advertise that this tech will kill you if you don't pay attention, then people like Joshua Brown and Walter Huang, would still be alive.

TeslaDaily 6 points

This is a really poorly structured poll. I’d be interested in an actual poll on this topic though.

danielcar 1 point

I'll vote in your poll.

danielcar commented on a post in r/teslamotors
ilikethefinerthings 35 points

Will it actually stop at stop lights?

Right now it will not but in a few months it will

In a few months? ROFL no

danielcar 5 points

Yes , if a few months = 20.

danielcar commented on a post in r/artificial
danielcar 3 points

I've worked in factory automation for many years. My experience says:

  1. People worry about losing jobs when new automation comes

  2. What actually happens is people are more productive.

Example when I worked at semiconductor plant: a. New automation comes in and same people are able to produce 100K instead of 10K parts per month.

b. New automation comes in and same people are able to produce 1M parts instead of 100K.

c. New automation comes in and same people are able to produce 10M parts instead of 1M.

WriterOfMinds 2 points

I appreciate this observation, but there could be bounding effects that prevent such a trend from continuing forever. For instance, supposing newer automation would enable the same people to produce 100M parts instead of 10M ...

*Maybe 100M parts proves to be more than the entire human race can use in a month. *Maybe the limited availability of raw materials, or the environmental damage caused by obtaining them, prevents production from actually reaching 100M. *Perhaps not only production, but also supervision and maintenance of the production machines are automated, so that jobs for human factory workers must shift ever-higher up the pyramid. Eventually the only positions available are very specialized or require high levels of innate talent, meaning that not everyone can fill them.

Any of these outcomes could result in high unemployment.

danielcar 1 point

Other trends that would decrease unemployement with AGI are:

1) free education leading to lower birth rate.

2) Synthetic mates leading to lower birth rate.

3) Humans having a lower sense of importance leading to lower birth rate.

danielcar commented on a post in r/nexusplayer
rogeriobiondi 2 points

After the 8.0 update it's not worth anymore.

danielcar 1 point

Details? Why not worth anymore?

Kitty-Litterer 3 points

The new interface has juddery animations and generally doesn’t work aswell as Nougat, and they removed the app switcher.

danielcar 1 point

Don't really care much about interface or app switching. Just care about youtube and netflix, which work fine for me.

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danielcar commented on a post in r/leaf
jitsudiver 1 point

i tried until the first "wake-up" brake. the sensors in steering wheel are not too good and sometimes you need to grip harder or on a different spot to make it understand you are holding the wheel. after stopping in traffic one needs to manually get the car going again which is annoying

danielcar 1 point

after stopping in traffic one needs to manually get the car going again which is annoying

Weird. Nissan seems to imply differently:

Quote: Navigate stop-and-go traffic.

What do you think they mean by that?

Tommy84 3 points

This sounds fucking horrible. How am I supposed to cruise around eating a burrito and driving with my knee?

danielcar 1 point

Your knee will disable the warnings. Enjoy the burrito. :)

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