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Fauxvoice 1 point

As I said, a smart charger will only cost you about $20 on Amazon. Leaving the battery charging overnight is bad for the electronics and is a potential fire hazard. Theoretically if you have any previous electronic experience you could buy a premium BMS and wire the battery to it, but you could accidentally damage the battery in the process so it's probably not worth your time.

If you don't plan on purchasing a smart charger you can just charge the board in the morning and set a timer on your phone. It's better anyway to not charge the board immediately after use or you will hurt the lifespan of the battery.

danielcar 1 point

Can you point me towards a smart charger? Thanks.

danielcar 2 points

Wow, glad I asked. Thanks, bought it! :D

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danielcar commented on a post in r/SelfDrivingCars
REOreddit 1 point

It's one thing to hide information and a completely different one to lie. If they have a safety driver in all their cars right now, that means Krafcik is lying. I doubt a CEO of an Alphabet company would be allowed to tell such a lie publicly.

danielcar 2 points

There are different kinds of lies. I would say there was a lie of exaggeration. In other words they led others to believe one thing were the truth was much smaller. I always thought it was a publicity stunt.

danielcar 2 points

The reason for the publicity stunt was to save face for Sergey, who said years earlier that self driving would be available by 2017 or something like that. So they demonstrated self driving at end of 2017 so that he wouldn't be a liar.

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persolb 5 points

I understand why auto companies want ‘certainty’... but this is actually a good outcome for society.

The Feds would fuck up something about this law, and so would (are) the states... but we now have 50 shots at getting a good law instead of 1 shot.

danielcar 7 points

The law is more about taking away outdated laws and rules. Removing rules that don't make sense when there is a better driver (computer) available.

I'm disappointed the proposed bill caved in to teamster union and doesn't apply to trucks.

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Cash091 0 points

I said this in another comment. Asking for the serial number does nothing but make the scammer look more legitimate. Probably doesn't even need the serial number for the "patch" but once it's installed it would open the system up for malicious software.

danielcar -1 points

How is this magical malicious patch going to be installed? What is actually going to happen is that he would receive an OTA update with a helpful fix.

Cash091 0 points

No. He would not receive an OTA update. He got a message asking for the serial number. If he responds as you recommend he does, he would most likely get another message with an apk. It would come with instructions on how to install the apk. The apk is the malicious software.

Or, like someone else said, someone could be farming for serial numbers to use a warranty.

danielcar 0 points

He should find out. He is plenty paranoid not install an apk from an email. Serial numbers aren't very complicated. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. Just add one to the next. Very silly if someone is relying on that for security.

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