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So just Hyper-V Server is free, but it can't do anything but be a hypervisor.

If you use Windows Server as your hypervisor, it can have other roles installed alongside it besides Hyper-V. The only exception is if you have Windows Server Datacenter edition and you use AVMA, then you can only have the Hyper-V role installed.

On the R630s, what form factor are the PERCs? PCIe or Mini Mono?

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All Mini Mono

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Okay cool, I may end up snagging one of the $600 ones from you soon. I'l shoot you a PM when I get my situation figured out.


Came across one of these, but I don't really have a use for this kind of horsepower in an E3-1200 series.

There's only one eBay listing at $490. I found a retailer I've never heard of selling them for $400. Intel lists the MSRP at $383.

Anyone have any realistic price points or advice? Is there a market for v6 Intels here, or is eBay my best bet?

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Just a quick browse of eBay listings:

800gb S3500 for $130~

800gb S3510 for $200~

800gb S3610 for $220~

800gb S3700 for $240~

800gb S3520 for $250~

800gb S3710 for $275~ (brand new)

800gb P3700 for $350~

Those are listings and not sold prices. No idea what people are actually paying. I'd probably start at $200 and see if there's any interest.

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I’m assuming those are used? At least the listings I see for a brand new s3510 are going around 400?

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This is only my opinion, but brand new only matters to me if I'm buying direct from the manufacturer or an authorized retailer. Otherwise I consider it 'used, like new'. That's just me, though.

You can price them however you want, but I would expect them to sell in a reasonable amount of time at $200 if you're putting on eBay. You can price higher if you're not in a hurry and see what happens. If you don't need the cash right now, then maybe start at $300 and take best offers?

WS-C4948E-E and WS-C4948E-F

They're X2 ports, but you can convert them to SFP+ with adapters.

Edit: nvm I see you need PoE

Need more details.

How many disks? Hardware RAID? Software RAID? No RAID?

Is Windows installed on the same disks as the data? If so, how is it partitioned? How are the drives formatted?

Without knowing stuff like this, most straight forward way I'd recommend is just transfer all the data you want to keep onto your externals. Of course you run the risk of the drives failing, but if it's just movies and TV shows that's probably an acceptable risk.

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No RAID, the data is on several HDD's currently being used in my windows Plex install. The OS is installed on an SSD, I'll probably pop in a spare SSD for the Linux install so I don't lose my windows info just in case. 4 spinning drives with Data I want to save, adds up to ~12TB.

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If that's the case, then your spinners are basically being used like an external HDD would. Also Linux should read from an NTFS drive just fine if that's how the spinners are formatted.

To test, when you boot from the Ubuntu install media, you can boot to a live image to test Ubuntu. Boot to the live image on your machine and see if you can find your disks/data.

In server.conf you can set a static IP for individual clients. Do that, then in your firewall rules only allow those IPs access to where you want them to be allowed. That's probably the most straight forward way with only ~20 clients.

For an added layer of security, you can set the host firewall rules to the same configuration.

Windows reason to buy av IMO

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Definitely, especially when so many other devices are doing AV as well like firewalls, mail clients, browsers, etc.

u/danpage617 had one of those CPUs

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Sold it already, but thank you for the referral!

Splunk isn't really a SIEM unless you pay for their Enterprise Security add-on (no free licenses). It's pretty powerful, though, and is capable of a lot of stuff. It's also pretty easy to get started on. I use it for storing and querying logs.

As /u/Kv603 mentioned, QRadar has a free community edition and is more like a traditional SIEM. I use QRadar for event correlation and alerts.

Alienvault OSSIM is free. I tried it out and didn't like it, but that was awhile ago.

Those are the two big SIEMs that have free versions that I personally consider to be actual SIEMs.

I am familiar and work with Alienvault's USM and I love it. I planned on deploying OSSIM in my lab. I am curious to know why you didn't like OSSIM before I deploy.

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I admit that I used it when I was still pretty new to security, but I remember the interface being somewhat clunky and not intuitive (which at this point I would consider normal for a SIEM). There was also a lack of context for a lot of menus & options. This in addition to a lack of official documentation led to me getting frustrated, so I moved on. Besides the documentation, lack of experience is mostly to blame for my opinions. If you use it and like it there's no real reason to not use it.

I've used a Chelsio T520, but it gave me issues sometimes. Possibly due to how new they are. Switched to an X520 and it's given me no trouble since.

I get a

"Page introuvable"

following your link. I assume it's French for "Page Not Trouvable", but my French's kinda rusty.

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That's the quality of Googling one should expect when you ask other people to Google for you.

I already put in too much effort posting a broken link to a French website.

I use SFP+ tranceivers in my x520-DA2's. You don't have to use DACs if that's the only reason you're switching. Intel cards are picky, and if you're not using Intel branded transceivers that may be why they're not working. The ones from also work, and they're the ones I use.

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If you run Linux on the server they're being used in, you can set the driver to allow unsupported SFPs.

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This is true, but I seem to remember reading that doing this requires more power and can take away from power available to other PCIe devices? Not sure.

edit: lol it was a comment in this thread I got that from

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You need a webserver i.e. Apache or NGINX

4 points · 20 days ago

So my understanding of Splunk is that it's end to end solution providing both the ingestion and storage as well as the graphing.

Graphana is straight graphing and can pull from multiple backends. Mine today is configured to pull metric data from InfluxDB and log data from Elasticsearch as well as some other data I feed into Elasticsearch.

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Yeah Splunk is an all in one solution as opposed to connecting multiple services ala something like TIG.

I was more just wondering if there's some specific niche that Grafana fills, or if it's just a popular/free dashboard solution around here. I don't really see many metrics collecting or performance monitoring posts that don't involve Grafana.

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I think it's just popular and free, and because it connects to multiple backends, more people will use it to aggregate multiple backends or create dashboards for a single backend. I'm having a hard time articulating what I'm trying to say, but I use it for purpose (multiple backends). I struggle with Kibanas dashboards, so I use Graphana instead, even though I have Kibana still installed for data exploration, so I guess I also use it for ease of use. And finally, I do it cause it's the "in" thing right now.

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I get what you're saying, no worries. I enjoy a good dashboard, and I appreciate that Grafana doesn't impose any restrictions. I only wish it were able to support log collection in addition to metrics.

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sold 2x 240gb Intel DC SSD S3500s to /u/AngriestAngryKid

sold 2x 240gb Intel DC SSD S3500s to /u/m4ha7m4

sold 2x 240gb Intel DC SSD S3500s to /u/Slasher1738

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Damn, half of them were barely or not used.

I would resell it and buy a tank of gas for my car

edit: forgot to answer the why: because I need gasoline for my car

Put WinPE on USB drive

Insert .exe for the firmware you want to install on USB drive

Boot to WinPE

Install firmware


all sold

5x Low hour, low tbw 240gb s3500 $55

2x High hour, high tbw 240gb s3500 $40


Moderator of r/homelabsales, speaking officiallyScore hidden · 26 days ago · Stickied comment

Why did you edit your post to remove all of the information? Please restore all of the original content.

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Original Poster1 point · 26 days ago

Because none were left and I'm a very to the point person

Moderator of r/homelabsales, speaking officially1 point · 26 days ago · edited 26 days ago

In the future, flair it complete. Optionally, you can edit it to note that it is sold, but you cannot remove the original listing.

That is for both your protection and the rest of the sub. If someone tried to scam you by claiming wrong thing shipped, we mods would have no recourse but to side with a scammer since you removed all of the information from the post.

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Original Poster1 point · 26 days ago

Got it, thanks for the heads up. I'll refrain from deleting everything in the future.

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Does anyone have both and can draw some comparisons?

I already have the CCNA Cyber Ops, but my employer wants me to get the CySA+. Looking at the exam content, it seems there's a lot of overlap.

I'm trying to gauge how much effort I should put into studying, or if I can just do some review and knock it out if it's mostly the same stuff.


Were you a part of the the scholarship program for the CyberOps from Cisco?

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Original Poster1 point · 27 days ago

I was

Is the provided learning materials by Cisco enough to pass the two exams? I'm currently enrolled to the scholarship.

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Original Poster1 point · 27 days ago

It gets you about 90% of the way there. Get on Facebook and search for the CCNA Cyber Ops group, they have the gap materials for the other 10%.

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Networking I would just stick with Cisco stuff for applicability. Unless you're selling a specific vendor's gear and need to know their stuff.

Just search on eBay 'ccna lab' or 'ccnp lab', should come in well under $500. You can also just see what's in those listings and piece it together yourself. Will probably come out cheaper.

Memory from the 510 is registered. 210s take unbuffered.

Is wgu a for profit college like itt tech?

As a person that does hiring. The mil experience is a lot of useless Garbage that doesn't apply to the civilian world, but it does apply to the gov contacts, especially if you still have an active clearance.

I would definitely give you an interview if I knew you had your own lab. The hardest thing I find is finding someone with internal drive to learn on their own, and learn the correct thing.

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The mil experience is a lot of useless Garbage that doesn't apply to the civilian world

Not necessarily. At a technical level maybe. There aren't many shops out there that are looking for someone to set up Hawkeye VSAT terminals in austere environments.

If you're the type of person who learns the ideas behind the gear and the concept of how they all work together, then that knowledge applies pretty broadly to IT. But if you're the type of person who just breaks out the manual, copies & pastes commands, and only cares that it works so your NCO's don't yell at you then yeah it's very niche. That type of person doesn't succeed in IT anyway.

On my resume I don't list the specific pieces of gear that I worked with. I sum it up in a couple bullet points: trained in the operation and maintenance of over 30 different communication suites; Cisco routers and switches, VPN solutions, AD and Exchange administration, VoIP, video telecommunications, and so forth.

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