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danskeman commented on a post in r/Windows10
cmonBruh8766 1 point

What system files would that be? Name one that it can delete - thats not protected by the actual SYSTEM account - that I wouldnt also be able to delete using an ordinary admin account! Name ONE, or admit you have NO CLUE what youre talking about.

danskeman 1 point

LOL - you have no idea what you are crapping on about.

Bye Bye.

cmonBruh8766 1 point

So you can't answer. Big surprise.

danskeman 1 point

Of course I could answer. I cannot be bothered to waste my time replying to an idiot who has no ficking idea what he/she is talking about.

Bye Bye.

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danskeman commented on a post in r/windows
Methaxetamine 1 point

Don' t you think this is an issue with windows then?

OSX has yearly updates, and there are fewer problems associated with it.

danskeman 1 point

Because OSX runs on a very limited subset of devices and does not have the zillions of software combinations.

Methaxetamine 1 point

There are many software combinations for OSX. I am sure nobody has my exact configuration for instance.

danskeman 0 points

Dream on

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danskeman commented on a post in r/windows
danskeman 3 points

You could try this.

Delete or rename last sub-folder "backup" in C drive path, and create a new folder on D drive e.g. D:\Mybackup that will actually be used to hold files.

Then create a symlink from an admin command prompt

mklink /j c:\users\username\appdata\roaming\apple computer\mobilesync\backup d:\mybackup

Then it will think it is writing to C drive folder but is really writing to D drive folder

danskeman commented on a post in r/Windows10
e-mc-2 -1 points

Yeah well... good luck to those who want to be beta testers. I'll wait this one out a couple weeks and see how everyone else fares.

danskeman 0 points

What are you talking about?

Those who have the issues need this fix.

Those that do not , do not need this fix. These version specific fixes are usually not offered to users who do not need it.

danskeman commented on a post in r/Windows10
OrangCrush123 1 point

Will this be good for both Windows 10 and games? It looks promising. Not sure what hybrid means although. I'm guessing it's a little of both? Lol.

danskeman 4 points

Hybrid drives are a waste of time and money.

They rarely give claimed performance.

You are far better off with an SSD and a normal HDD.

revmouse 2 points

True but he was looking to do it on the cheap. 250gb ssd will be better than a 120gb as Win10
tend to store everything on the 'C' drive. A 2Tb hdd will be more then enough to hold As many games as you want. Look into M.2 and NVMe ssd drives.

danskeman 3 points

120 GB drive is "adequate" but does require a bit of management but I agree a 250 GB is usually a good choice.

I would avoid m.2 and NVMe drives to keep costs down.

I have used SSHds and their performance claims are way exaggerated. They essentially use an SSD cache which are "okay" if you do not vary your activities much, but if you multi-task etc. the cache is always being updated and the performance gain is minimal.

In the end , they do not add much over a normal HDD, and coupleed with Windows 10's compressed memory, fast startup etc, frankly they are not worth it.

danskeman commented on a post in r/Windows10
Froggypwns 5 points

Since you are not experiencing any problems, keep it enabled. It speeds up the boot process, so it is free performance.

Obviously, if it is causing an issue for you, disable it. We have to disable it at my workplace due to it not working with Wake On LAN (NIC turns off during hibernate/sleep)

danskeman 1 point

This is the best advice. Majority of people rarely have issues, and it helps speed startup even with an ssd. However, if you get issues eg having to boot twice to start, turn it off.

Basically it is a "nice to have" but not essential.

danskeman commented on a post in r/Windows10
Froggypwns 3 points

Using Spybot and such tools works against what the insider program is for, MS uses the various data collections built into the insider builds to develop the OS and help fix bugs and other issues.

That said, Microsoft posts the latest slow ring ISO on their website,

danskeman 2 points

Here is the most awesome way of downloading uup files for latest Insider builds and creating your own iso.

It is much faster than downloading via Insider builds

I never use any other method now.

danskeman commented on a post in r/windows
danskeman 1 point
ErliPan 1 point

It seems for windows 10 but it probably work also for win 8/8.1, tomorrow I will test it. If you are asking why I didn’t use google result it’s because there were too many ways and most of them are probably tool that when you boot you need buy a license.

danskeman 1 point

It works for 7, 8 or 10.

danskeman commented on a post in r/windows
xcomapoc 1 point

it's not about the time of uninstalling, it's about the principle. it's about the OS being a clean temple instead of a garbage dump.

The greed is also not about us, it's actually smart and profitable to have the OS be a clean temple. it would keep people from switching to mac or linux. it is in their best interest to create the best product.

The problem here is they want short term profit for their job security. executives and managers need to reach some "goal" so they don't care for destroying their product for a little short term gain. Just like linkedin gets worse every year. it's NOT beneficial in the long term. It's the wrong type of greed, one that benefits individuals within in the company and not the company as a whole.

danskeman 1 point

Well you replied to a 3 month old thread and my points above still stand. Of course, you could always exercise your rights and buy enough shares to modify their behaviour.

danskeman commented on a post in r/windows
Taylor7500 4 points

After what little control home gives you even when going so far as to edit the registry (above and beyond the casual user they were trying to "protect") I'm skeptical that pro won't do the same and override your decisions.

danskeman 2 points

It does not - you can defer feature updates for up to 365 days.

Taylor7500 5 points

For one, that's not the same thing as stopping them.

And for two, as I said in the OP, every measure to try disable them I've tried windows has reverted of its own accord.

danskeman 1 point

Well stopping permanently just stagnates you in long run

MS policy is clear - too many people got infected in 7/8 due to not doing updates. So they decided it had to change as they were getting flak for an insecure OS even though they tried to make it more secure.

Home is not under user control, and more users find loopholes, the more they will tighten it.

Very few companies use Home due to its lack of configurable policies.

In the end, "you pays yer money and you makes yer choice" as the old saying goes.

I do work at Home and the PRO upgrade is only 3 or 4 hours or so of work. Contrast that against loss of multiple tens or even hundreds, and I decided if was no contest.

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danskeman commented on a post in r/Windows10
InuSC2 1 point

let my tell you a secret if they shut down this the every one that upgraded from 7 and 8.1 to 10 will not by able to use the key for activation to 10

was a post on reddit about keeping the activation on

danskeman 3 points

If you have already upgraded, you do not need a key. You can transfer digital licences to new mobo usong activation troubleshooter a limited number of times. Problem is if original key was retail, as uograde inherits same rights, but how can one install and activate unlimited times if you can mo longer use key?

Basicall if MS stop upgrades using old key, they cannot comply with their own EULA as they have omposed a limit which is against EULA for full retail standalone licences.

So I think MS will continue to allow activation using old keys but have yet to see proof.

iRainbowsaur 1 point

Well, I guess I'm a test bunny. We're going to find out.

danskeman 2 points

Let us know.

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danskeman commented on a post in r/windows
danielfgom 2 points

Get a PS4; wipe your windows pc and install Linux. Sorted

danskeman 0 points


danskeman 2 points

You must be running an old version. FCU 1709 allows you to create multiple partitions on a usb Flash drive.

You could do it on CU 1703 using diskpart commands.

Making a flash drive bootable with 2 linux partitions and a 10 PRO winpse installer is a big challenge.

Even making a usb flash drive boot from just two windows partitions is quite complicated.

I think it would be easier to use YUMI to achieve what you are trying to do.

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