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danskeman commented on a post in r/windows
danskeman [score hidden]

Actually you do not need a second licence (if same version) as second install will activate automatically. It is technically against EULA to do this but absurdly, it activates automatically and you do not get option to enter key.

Re. installing it, you just install it on new drive in same way as installing it on a blank pc. The installer sorts out the dual boot menu automatically.

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cpjr72 1 point

How about upgraded standalone versions? I had a Windows 8.0 license (KEY) upgraded to Windows 10 and I've been assuming when I log into my live account that's what activates?

I've been wanting to just change my email for other reasons but so much is attached to them these days (ecosystems).

Sorry for hijack.

danskeman [score hidden]

Your key is only used to give you a digital licence tied to your hardware. The digital licence is stored online. If you ever install Windows 10 again, MS know you have a licence if it finds a match online and it activates automatically (you do not even need to enter key). It does not matter if you use a local or MS sccount.

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danskeman 5 points

Windows 8.2 is still supported for a few years to come, and is as secure as it always has been.

However, it is not does not have some of the more advanced Windows 10 security.

The most crucial point is to keep it updated. Not doing updates is a significant contribution to a less secure OS, along with PEBCAK (person between chair and keyboard).

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St_Vitus_Dance 1 point

I do not give a damn personally what you do.

Well you're still angry about something so I guess you do.

People say about doing it in a vm. A vm does not guarantee the install cannot be infected, keyloggers installed etc UNLESS you never go online.

If it's not connected to the internet, it won't be.

Plus you keep a base .vmdk or .vdi image and if the running version somehow becomes infected, you can swiftly erase it back to the base image.

I'm not worried about it. I've done it before using an old Ubuntu desktop with an XP image controlled in a VirtualBox environment. It's not hard to learn if you take the time to do so.

danskeman 1 point

I am amused with you saying I am angry - LOL

Of course it is easy to back up vms.

If you do not connect the vm to the internet obviously no issues.

The point is, IF YOU DO CONNECT, the damage can be done by the time you realise there is a problem eg your bank details have been harvested.

Of course, if you connect the VM to the internet, and you think you can afford to take the risk, that is up to you.

St_Vitus_Dance 1 point

I am amused with you saying I am angry

Well your tone sure shows it. You're probably are like that a lot and don't even notice it.

The point is, IF YOU DO CONNECT, the damage can be done by the time you realise there is a problem eg your bank details have been harvested.

No need for CAPITAL LETTERS, I can read you just fine. Jeez...

First of all, I don't do online banking. And even if I did, I'd do it through a Linux machine before I'd use Windows 10.

Second of all, the VM isn't there to surf the internet, it's only there to run Windows-only programs where there is no Linux equivalent. That's it's purpose.

... and you think you can afford to take the risk, that is up to you.

Absolutely. I said that 3 posts back. If you'd stop being so hostile about it, you might've picked up on that.

danskeman 1 point

You are the one getting angry - lol

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danskeman commented on a post in r/Windows10
danskeman 1 point

I would not say they broadsided us or forced us to use the default. It was simply to make it easier to set up vms.

If I understand you, setting up an external switch in old way has issues. I have certainly had massive reduction in download speeds, and I changed to the default switch. Problem is you cannot rdp to vms which I like to do.

So I would like to try your solution. Could you clarify how to do steps 2 and 3?

iceflow19 1 point

If you can't turn it off, remove it, or modify it, that certainly seems forced to me...

When an internal switch is created a new "Hyper-V Virtual Ethernet Adapter" will be created, you can see it along with other adapters under "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections".

See the following on how to set a static IP: click here...

Here is a tutorial on how to bridge adapters: click here...

Btw yes you can actually RDP into a VM on the Default Switch, but you will need someway to get its IP address on the NAT in advance. Another option is to use an internal switch (unbridged) and just give all your VMs static IPs (personally I'm not a fan of this approach - takes too much effort).

If Microsoft had just set it such that if you didn't have an existing setup, it's enabled, and if you do then it's disabled, and you could enable it later that would have been better. Other virtualization solutions let you choose, which I think is a fair approach.

danskeman 1 point

I have tried this but I cannot get it to work. I can see the internal switch in network connections, and I have given it a static IP address.

The moment I bridge the wifi connection with this internal switch I see a new item "Network Bridge" but the wifi connection loses its internet setting. I remove the wifi from the bridge and it works.

I am sure I am doing something silly - any ideas.

Edit:Got it working but still no difference.

danskeman 1 point

Thanks - it is easy enough to do this. I was just unsure if it had to be done in Hyper-V in some way or on Host.

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Nicholas-Steel 1 point

If you're still running a Windows Insider build you're still providing feedback to the Windows Insider Team. Stopping future enrollment doesn't mean you've stopped being involved with Windows Insider.

Leaving enrollment in the program just means you stop getting interim beta builds between major releases.

Either you downgrade to the Content Creator Update or you simply wait to download the Spring 2018 update once it is finalized and you'll no longer be involved with Windows Insider.

danskeman 1 point

You miss the point. With 17133 you could actually leave the Insider Programme completely (as it was intended to be official release). On older builds, you could only request to leave at next official release.
Then you do not get any updates as that build is not an official release build.

danskeman commented on a post in r/Windows10
brainfrizz 1 point

I'm actually getting a new MOBO/CPU/RAM as well, so I take it from your answer that won't actually work then?

danskeman 1 point

Then install Windows 10 and use 7 key to activate.

Re. size - I would say 100+ GB minimum. Leave Program files on C drive. It creates complications moving them to another drive when you get build upgrades.

It is easy to move data though from storage settings.

danskeman commented on a post in r/Windows10
etherwar 2 points

Absolutely. I apologize if your summary is what you got from my post, I could have been more clear.

I have scanned the disk and run from safe mode and the problem persisted.

Im actually the director of IT dept. for an SMB and this is not the first computer this has occurred on. Thankfully, I had it happen to my machine first so I could halt the update in WSUS before it got pushed to the non Dev group.

Massive refers to the severity of the problem, not the scale of the problem. I would think that's fair considering it's the system process that's issuing the writes and they're coming from Windows' built in threat protection.

We have honestly never seen an issue this big from a targeted Windows update push.

I have seen many people claim that SSD hd performance is negatively affected by the 2018-03 update. I've just been researching this all day and have yet to find a thread that possibly connects all the symptoms.

Also, if you think that a Windows update causing machines to need to be wiped and reloaded is not a massive issue (it would certainly be massive for us and we only have just over 100 machines) I'm not sure we're on the same wavelength.

danskeman 1 point

Most of the repair techniques do not involve a full wipe and reinstall. You had an issue with your pc and maybe another and are assuming it will affect them all.

You have no way of proving that without updating them all.

If the issue was that common an issue, we would see loads of complaints here and on feedback hub.

You put a very strong "What to Do" message out as if all users should do that immediately. That is really the main issue.

It is fair enough to say what worked for you, but telling others to do it as if it is not optional is really overstating your case.

etherwar 1 point

I actually get it now. I think you were referring to the TLDR. Fair point. I have edited it to reflect that you should only do what's in the TLDR if you are experiencing the same symptoms that I'm seeing. Silly me thought that would be obvious.

danskeman 1 point


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danskeman commented on a post in r/Windows10
Froggypwns 3 points

Regular monthly cumulative updates should be pretty quick, like less than 15 minutes to install. Feature updates install a new major version of Windows and can take a few hours, so I'd let it cook a bit more before panicking.

Microsoft has been making changes to the OS to speed up the update installation, it will be a lot faster once you get the new spring/April update soon.

danskeman 3 points

Actually, the overall time is not that much different.

What is significantly different is most of the upgrade is done in the online phase so you can keep using the computer and the final offline phase is much faster (e.g. typically 10-15 mins on an ssd). This gives the illusion of a much faster installation.

danskeman commented on a post in r/Windows10
danskeman 1 point
Mariano_boluffo 1 point

Thanks. That'll do.

Btw, that option is really hidden for the average user, eh?

danskeman 1 point

It is harder to find than the legendary hidden "Turf Tavern" pub in Oxford.

danskeman commented on a post in r/Windows10
danskeman 2 points

The only minor downside is a little more storage is used but tiny really compared with two users using same account.

The benefits of privacy, individual desktops etc far outweigh the minor storage difference.

BtW - it is not great practice to have two user accounts, both being admin in terms of managing a pc but that is not directly relevant to your question.

mahantesh_ng 1 point

Do you mind if I ask why? About two user accounts being administrator at once.

danskeman 2 points

Have you ever had a dual bank account with a partner? One has no control over what other does. It relies purely on trust to work.

If both are admin, one can undo things other has done and vice versa.

I would never let my partner have control of my pc any more than she lets me have control of "her" kitchen (even though technically it is mine).

danskeman commented on a post in r/Windows10
WiseKhan13 1 point

Nooo, please don't do this! Last time you've said that, MS delayed the upgrade :D But if they find a serious bug every time… OK, please post it more. (sorry, brainless exhausted)

danskeman 3 points
danskeman 6 points

Best guess is tomorrow 10am PST in US, 6 pm UK, 7 PM CET, but nobody knows for sure.

danskeman commented on a post in r/Windows10
danskeman 3 points

In all honesty, you might as well wait until the April update is released (probably tomorrow), download the iso and manually upgrade by mounting iso as a drive and running setup.exe.

Then updates should work fine.

ZealousidealCount 2 points

yeah i thought same 2mins before but will i lose my files when i update with bootable pendrive ?

danskeman 2 points

You do not boot from the installation drive. Just insert usb whilst running windows and run setup.exe from root. This keeps everything by default.

However, as with any upgrade, crap can happen so always a good plan to backup valuable data first.

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