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Not a direct solution but try this:-

Open an admin powershell session and type "cmd" to see if it opens that way.

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Nothinh at all happend :(

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Then you probably need to do a repair.

I'm not a lawyer, But as I understand it (in America at least) You have the right to "format shift" (I.E. rip your CDs to MP3s) and "time shift" (record a show off the TV to watch/rewatch later) copyrighted media.

So, you can record yourself playing games if you want. Broadcasting/distributing that footage (assuming it contains copyrighted material) to other people without permission would be illegal.

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OP asked this yestrday and got same effect. The answer will not change no matter how many times it is asked!

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Not even security updates? I still get an error, so something is going wrong.

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Insider versions rarely get updates even Security.

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I got those all the time until now.

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There was a small upgrade from .1000 to .1002 but afaik, none since.

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The rep is giving you baloney but it is temperamental. Some claim it will not work between different form types eg laptop and desktop. Others claim it does - I have certainly done it.

It is possible they are tightening up on what qualifies I guess. Hard to say.

Is MS apps running?

Are you logged in with MS account?

Run a checkdisk on one of them; I've noticed some of my external drives go read only when they get a dirty bit and a check disk is needed to clear it.

I've found that leaving the drives disconnected whenever the computer is restarted is a good way to prevent them being labeled "dirty."

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For flash drives?

Hmm - all of them is weird. If it was one, it would be a drive failure almost certainly.

Have you tested usb drives/cards on another pc/device to eliminate (improbable simultaneous) hardware failure.

This is not 100%. I just upgraded mobo/cpu about a month ago and running that wizard resulted in an error. I was told by MS support via phone that I needed to buy a new key.

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MS Support always say that as they are too lazy to actually sort it. However, I agree it is not as robust as it should be. Obviously worth trying first.

I mean, if you have an OEM key, which is what a lot of people have because they're cheaper - it's tied to the hardware. So they aren't wrong. It's not really about them being lazy and fixing it, it's about getting the right support tech who'll ignore it and let you re-activate. Luckily I had access to an MSDN account so I didn't have to repay.

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True enough - the MS Support quality is very variable. However, the activation troubleshooter can be less robust than it should be.

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Ah yes, the security and hardware threats. MS is getting desparate becuase Windows 7 users won't "upgrade" to the clusterF that is Windows 10.

Expect MS to ramp up the mafia-like threats of security as we approach Windows 7's end of security support in 2020.

Don't fall for the bullshit threats. Windows 7 has a larger user base than Windows 10 and MS must provide security support to at least 2020.

Sometime between now and 2020 I would transition to Windows 8.1. It is a far newer OS and thus, has longer support.

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You are being typically sevenist disengenous mentioning the large W7 userbase.

Most of that is the commercial Enterprise / LTSB market which has different support rules.

Consumer support finishes at the BEGINNING of 2020 - you subtly imply an extra 12 months which is not true. The is now only c. 18 months.

For domestic consumers, it is clear that use of W10 has overtaken W7, and this trend will inexorably continue as people buy new pcs plus many will finally upgrade nearer the end of CONSUMER support.

Despite the anti-10 brigade harping on - move to 8.1 etc, they conveniently neglect to tell you that you need a new licence to move to 8.1 from 7 BUT you can still upgrade from 7 (or 8) to 10 for free.

Truth is truth.

Boot from installation drive, select custom install and delete all partitions EXCEPT those you want to keep, and install to largest unallocated space

Bear in mind crap can happen, so please backup your truly valuable data at least.

My guess is at some point you will pop up reminders asking you to register/purchase.

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Original Poster-4 points · 21 hours ago

That means the watermark will be gone eventually?

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Only if you pay.

Actually,it is remarkably nag free.

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In-place OS upgrades are never ideal.

I defer updates, and then backup my data and install Windows 10 clean when I’m ready to move to the next version.

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That is so last decade.

Windows 10 upgrades generally work very smoothly.

Upgrades from 7/10 were a bit temperamental, but 8/10 was fine in most cases.

We’ll hang around the subreddit when the next feature update drops and read all about the smooth experiences people are having.

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Yeah from the small vocal minority who generally have done all sorts of butchering of OS and wonder why they get issues.

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Rant first - ask questions later, why don't you!

You could just go to privacy, microphone and turn on switch "allow apps to access your microphone"!

Original Poster1 point · 9 hours ago

I feel like I'm gonna have to be left with no choice. It still says 0% and I'm gonna have to shut it down to take it to the technician in the morning regardless.

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Yeah I really knew that but I wanted you to make your own conclusion so you do not shoot the messenger if it craps out.

See what happens - it may still be possible to recover.

Original Poster1 point · 9 hours ago

It was mainly just a tiny push to actually do it that I needed. At this point I've been at my PC for over half the day trying to sort out this issue only to end up at where I started. It wasn't having someone tell me what to do, it was just the small bit of assurance to back me up to do it. I needed to do it anyway. I did it and boot up normally. I'm pretty sure it's more of a Windows problem than hardware.


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Glad it worked out ok.

It is well worth learning how to make image backups using tool like Macrium Reflect Free- you can usually recover from any disaster scenario in an hour or less.

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You are unable to delete partitions because they are basic partitions on a dynamic disk. That's so strange. To fix this, you indeed need to use the pro version, because free edition doesn't support dynamic disk. Just use the Pro version to convert dynamic disk to basic disk, and then you can delete all unnecessary partitions. Of course, you can also transfer all files out from the disk, and then run diskpart clean to clear this disk.

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Converting disk to basic will lose all files. You can only convert without loss on paid versions of just about any partition tool.

As I said earlier, backup data and wipe drive completely is way to go if OP want to do it free.

Got downvoted lol by some dick who obviously does not understand basic/dynamic drives :-).

Original Poster2 points · 13 hours ago

I just turned it off and on again and it worked.

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If all else fails, try a reboot!

That is one of the oldest Golden Rules of computing (Rule 3).

If you install 10 and choose to skip entering a key during installation, it will start up in unactivated mode. If you go into settings and enter a key for 7 or 8 there, those keys will be accepted for activation.

Keys for Vista won't work, unfortunately. I also don't know if there's an in-place upgrade path from Vista to 10, but doing a clean installation should always be possible.

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You can only upgrade Vista to 7 then on to 10. A double upgrade is likely to be a very poor experience. Clean installation is the way to go if PC is adequate.

Original Poster1 point · 15 hours ago

Thank you!! I will try it and get back to you.

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Not true - you cannot upgrade from Vista.

More importantly what spec is PC?

Core OS is Home for normal AMD/Intel devices.

10S no longer exists since 1803 - You can now run Home/Pro in S mode or non S mode

10 Arm is as you say normal(ish) windows that runs on Arm but has some limitations.

Polaris/Andromeda are just stage names for future concept developments of Windows but do not exist yet (outside of MS).

8 points · 18 hours ago · edited 17 hours ago

He was talking about Windows Core OS which is the next version of the Windows operating system family.

It's been in development for a year or two and releasing sometime in the next 5 - 10 years.

Windows Core OS falls onto the following categories:

  • Windows Polaris (PC)

  • Windows Andromeda (Mobile)

  • Windows Aruba (Surface Hub)

  • Windows Oasis (Mixed Reality)

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Ah ok - good to know.

What the fuck? You forgot the /s or something?

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No just stating facts.

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Assuming your key is for pro. There's no way to do an in-place downgrade from pro to home, so if your key is for home you'll have to reinstall the OS.

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It will just activate and files etc will not be affected.

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Yes. With Windows 10 and Windows 8 you can download the media creation tool from Microsoft website. With Windows 7 you need to insert the key first to download the file.

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I am sure OP is talking about have full windows on a usb drive (Windows To Go in effect), like a live linux drive - not just a windows installer.

You can install full windows free of charge on a usb drive like a live linux drive using wintousb (

However, that does not mean it will activate free of charge as that depends on whether you have a retail licence, existing digital licence on mobo in use etc.)

Try this - on another pc (or once you have booted in), install Macrium Reflect Free and create a usb rescue flash drive.

Boot from it and select "fix windows boot problems".

It should show Windows 10 - if so click next, finish, and PC with luck will now boot ok.

Firstly updates are not weekly, nearer fortnightly/three weekly.

Secondly they normally only take about 30 minutes on a typical pc

So consider the possibility that PEBCAK is the real issue.

I am reminded of an old expression "a bad workman blames his tools!"

the only thing I have seen "weekly" is defender updates, no reboot for those. The monthly update rollups take 10 minutes on a bad day, usually around 5.

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Man! Another I lost several hours of work and it is fault of Windows!

Sure, it may have caused the issue but then so could a power cut, a system crash, a cat walking on keyboard etc.

The REAL reason for data loss is failure to observe the two golden rules of computing.

Quote "I went out and lost few hours of research"

Rule 1) Backup/save data frequently.

Rule 2) If any doubt, refer back to Rule 1.

At most a person should only ever lose 1 hour MAXIMUM of data! In your case - nothing.

Problem with putting fixes in to stop automatic updates is they are solving the SYMPTOMS not the ROOT cause (bad user practice)

The only time a user can validly claim updates are the ROOT cause is if running a long simulation or similar activity that takes many hours to complete.

-1 points · 19 hours ago


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Oh diddums, you have to resort to obscene insults because somebody told you the truth.

5 points · 19 hours ago · edited 19 hours ago

It is a bit tricky but you should be able to make an image backup of the XP installation using Macrium Reflect Free and restore image to a virtual machine.

You would need to buy an XP licence to activate the vm but these are only a few pounds on ebay.

But ultimately, you need a more powerful pc anyway. It is highly debatable as others say if the old hardware could run a VM.

Windows 10 - game bar recording. Previous versions OBS.

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