Amazon Inc. Paid Zero in Federal Taxes in 2017, Gets $789 Million Windfall from New Tax Law by WaPo_F5_oclock in politics

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Why wouldnt they? It would bring up the average and make the median raise look better

*Teleports behind you* "Heh nothing personal kid" by LE_TROLLFACEXD in gaming

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Its some people people dont realize that reposted content could be the first time someone has seen it

Fire emblem villains starterpack. by bunker_man in fireemblem

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90% he did, im gonna go check.

Just did, his first lines of dialogue is when he recruited Fernand over their mutual discontent with the peasant class.

Saddest Moment In The Series? by GregorScrungus in RedvsBlue

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Church was being a extra level dick that episode

Sheer cliff face and a motorcycle by Garfield-Arbuckle in SweatyPalms

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Who or what made this cliff and where are they going?

And also my palms are very sweaty

Just got a Switch! What are some must avoid games! by TomBrody in NintendoSwitch

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I played the demo and died like 20 times in the first 30 minutes. I have no idea what that game is supposed to be about