Clapper: Ryan and McConnell didn't care about election interference as long as Trump won by iZeitgeist in politics

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The peoplle with loads of money buy stocks when the economy is low.

They made out big from 2008

UMMM... where is the Episode Discussion? by vader344 in supergirlTV

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Kids are of soft these days, they need to get chocked out

You wont have to worry about deelings when your fighting for air


Yote by Snack10Attack in danganronpa

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No they hate themselves more

[S04E23] “We Are The Flash” Pre-Episode Discussion by yomandenver in FlashTV

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Anyone kinda surpirsed they havn't addressed the speedforce?

I mean it still thinks barry is trapped in there?

[S4 SPOILERS] Flash Finale Bingo - UPDATED by MrRiptide in FlashTV

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This is too easy

I predict 20/25 of these

[Discussion/spoiler] Aren't Agent Watson and the FBI extremely petty? by 66stef99 in arrow

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should have had a scene where that addressed that

cuz it all does is make her look worse

This Fall, the Arrowverse hits 20 Seasons! by PeterQueen in FlashTV

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Seriously thankyou about the legends talk

I don't know how you can say S3 ended better than S2.

Also nice list

The Next Best Game Rewards Program With GCU Discontinued by queuebitt in NintendoSwitch

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Nope that gone now (except for a few certain times)

It's preorder only now

Bernie Sanders announces he will seek re-election by craig1818 in politics

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Yeah but if you don't think about it, it sounds like he's re-running for president :c

[spoiler] New Infinity War toy idea by MyEyesAreLies in marvelstudios

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But that was with the infinity stones.

They would be fighting thanos powered down

[Spoilers] Why the hell do people still live in gotham? by darealystninja in Gotham

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That last setence is what i'm talking about, the state govenor called it a no go zone, so I'm wondering how the economics of living there would work.

Personally, I prefer how Black Panther was portrayed in Civil War more than in BP and IW. Anybody else? by BredToUpset in marvelstudios

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Thats becaude theres a difference between spending 15 minutes of a character vs. 2 hours.

They have to go through devolpment, so in the cw and iw they dont get as much time to deal with their flaws

/R Arrow needs to be educated by Jclau77 in FlashTV

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Felicity is way worse, this sub is jumping the shark :[

Iris treated Wells horribly last episode by Nonokraan in FlashTV

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Yeah, Iris clearly hated the idea of working with maralize

[Iris]I definitely saw it coming by Mydadisgone in FlashTV

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This ^ Seriously

Low effort hot takes just seems to be more popular here

[Misc] Are memes okay here? by TN05 in boxoffice

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Justice league had to fall on antman 2 as a standard?