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Ehh, the audience putting up with 25 million dollar rhinos turned into people like me who were die hard fans, not even watching the movies when they’re out on Netflix. The quality degraded, in every aspect. CGI, story, writing, casting. Is basically just a Hollywood Disney circlejerk with some comic book thrown in. Give me green hornet at this point.

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I didnt know rhinos is what prevented people from enjoying a movie

Because unlike those guys, we have the second amendment.. for now.

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But the Pro 2nd admendment peopel are the ones supporting the currrent goverment

Score hidden · 6 hours ago

Yeah, this is like his website being "attacked" but the attackers helpfully leaving the 'Donate' and 'Store' links open.

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Compassinate hackers you dont see that around these days

19 points · 1 day ago

That seller was probably your worst enemy in disguise

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Extra level spite right there lol

With all sincerity, Grant doesn't have the super-hero chin.

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Oh,, thats why the suit looked werid

9 points · 2 days ago

Another one like Kelly Marie, Pete Davidson, and more - hell Grant recently with the body shaming after the suit leak. People online fucking suck, the reaction she got - EVEN IN THE GAY COMMUNITIES I MYSELF FREQUENT AS AN LGBT WOMAN - was over the top with the negativity. A lot of it was focused on her acting (which bruh, it's CW - I never expect Oscar level although there's stand outs performances like Barrowman's or emotional moments on this show) some of it bringing up stuff she's done in her past and seeing her as a bad role model (yes throwing stuff at waiters is fucking awful but these people were going real extra with it and weren't cancelling other celebs), and then the last - which I thought was the most petty - was dragging her looks with all the "Justin Bieber" comments.

Shit the net's so toxic.

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Lol When the did CW suddenly have acting standards?

This is what happens when you treat things more like an advertising product and less like a piece of fictional entertainment

Can't upvote this enough.

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Isn't all TV/Movie entertainment a advertising product?

Can Thanos do a snap and cut all the useless annoying characters from the Arrowverse?

Let’s be real It would be way more than half that universe tho

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Tbh thats like 80% of all arrowverse characters these days

And once again, this sub proves it’s incapable about being happy with literally anything involving Iris. Weren’t all of you just bitching this past season that Iris needed to focus more on journalism and lo and behold, confirmation that they are giving her that arc and an actress giving an idea for a journalism plot line yet because Iris is involved no one wants to see it.

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And ppl try to act like this sub doesnt have a massive anti-iris hate

Then she should have released it already instead of trying to hype up her name so she can trade it in for book sales like a greedy twat.

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Yeah but what the ratings?

10 points · 1 day ago

Don’t know how many times i’ve said:

“This is the last time i’m buying the dip”

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Its been a bottomless dip since jan lol

2 points · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

Earthlock, Romancing Saga 2, Battle Chasers

Also plan to buy Shining Resonance, and Ys VIII after I finish those depending if any go on sale before hand will be the one I get.

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You been playing earthlock?

I have it but im just not into it

3 points · 2 days ago

We have so many “protections” that it actually hurts the worker.

wew lad

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Workers would be better off if we made work 100 hours a week with no breaks.

But the stupid goverment wont let them.

That would be funny if she got dusted at the end of her own movie. Sorry, suckers!

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Omg if marvel did that....

I wouldnt even have words

I wonder if the toxic fanatics of CW shows are the same for Voltron.

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What happened with voltron?

They always abbreviated Pearson Specter litt to just Pearson Specter, but then again that could of been just to piss louis off😂

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Didnt louis go crazy when he called the office and they didnt say litt? Lol

I hear you like manilla folders. Well then it's your lucky day, I've got all the manilla folders in the world, and they're going to be slammed onto your desk.

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Is this a real line? Im like 50-50 sure lol

I'd like to add to that it's just one showtime for all but 4 of the movies

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Which 4 movies didnt make it?

I learned my lesson after Wii Play.

That came with a controller at least.

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How was wii play?

I know it sold well but i never seen anyone who had it or played it

Chrom decides, after much consideration, that the ground is probably the best place for a nap and leaves Robin be.

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Does chromnlive longer now that robin doesnt kill him?

Or does he die sooner since robin isnt helping anymore

This so much,

i hate it when your choke point characters keeps killing everyone, and then they end up because of it

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