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211 points · 5 hours ago · edited 4 hours ago

And he went down in history on Kashyyyk as the Wookiee who was so tough they had to throw a moon at him to kill him. Also by sacrificing his life he evens out his life debt to Han.

As far as character deaths go, that wasn't so bad, IMO.

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Also by sacrificing his life he evens out his life debt to Han

Its been years since I read the NJO books but I seem to recall Attichituk claiming that the life debt was still carried by the family until Han's death, but Leia and Han refused to accept the offers of the rest of Chewie's family to take it up as their own.

Pretty sure he had a nephew Lowbacca that trained as a Jedi with Jaina and Jacen at the Praxeum.

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Well Lowbaca was already training there before Chewie got Salvatorre'd. But I do think he volunteered for the Myrkr mission due to not being able to protect Han himself.

EDF2 also has more classes unlocked from the start and actually has a reload button. It seems they felt that feature wasn't needed in EDF2017.

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My friend and I always assumed it was the trade off our two troopers had taken in exchange for infinite ammo given how often our NPC buddies were complaining about being out of bullets.

I kinda like this for Krenko.

It’s basically a sorcery stapled onto a goblin, which is better for Krenko’s goblin counting abilities.

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Especially since it's far easier to tutor for a goblin in Krenko.

225 points · 4 days ago · edited 4 days ago

I’m convinced that humans do and always will just push random buttons until something happens. Humans in Star Trek are just crazy lucky.

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I think Red Dwarf did a pretty good job of exploring what it would be like.

12 points · 9 days ago

it was made by another company lol

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And they didn't begin development until after Fallout 3 had been released, so it's not like they were working on it any longer than Bethesda could have been working on this.

Also Bethesda has 2 different development teams working on this game, so if anything the fact that Obsidian got their game out faster only speaks to their efficiency.

36 points · 9 days ago

[[Serra Avatar]].

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[[Serra Avatar]]+[[Wall of Reverence]] was in my magical Christmas land for my Mono White EDH decks for years.

62 points · 10 days ago

In all fairness, Kirk cheated. I would say that Nog had beaten the scenario, because he basicly asked the enemy Captain for his price, which was something the computer couldn't handle and the programm crashed, so in my eyes yes, Nog won because the computer was unable with a scenario that defeats Nog.

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Was that in the books? Cause if that's the case more than just Nog did it. Peter Kirk beat it by challenging the Klingons to a one on one fight to the death and ordered his crew to save the Kobayashi Maru and warp away while he was in combat.

Riker tried something similar but it's never revealed if it worked.

And Mac Calhoun "beat it" by reasoning that the Kobayashi Maru was most likely already dead and blew it up, and then argued it was a mercy killing compared to becoming prisoners and being tortured and possibly enslaved.

Are there any cadets in the books that dealt with the test as intended and learned something from it?

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Umm, the rest of them?

Chances are slim to none. Star Fox 2 wasn’t unfinished. It was completely finished with development. I think it might have been almost finished at the time of cancelation and the devs put the finishing touches on it anyway. Nintendo didn’t release it back in the day because the 3D in Star Fox 2 was going to look weak compared to some of the 3D visuals on PS1 and Sega Saturn.

I’m not even sure Earthbound 64 was ever in a playable state. The closest thing I could see Nintendo including on N64 Classic would be Ocarina of Time: Master Quest. Which itself would be a nice treat since it was only ever on GameCube(then 3DS when the remake came around).

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Nintendo didn’t release it back in the day because the 3D in Star Fox 2 was going to look weak compared to some of the 3D visuals on PS1 and Sega Saturn.

Some of the Argonaut team maintain that the reason it was actually put on hold was because Miyamoto was working on Starfox 64 at the same time and was worried that Starfox 2 was going to be superior from a gameplay perspective. They're also convinced Miyamoto stole their Prototype for a 3d platformer and turned it into Mario 64

236 points · 12 days ago

What's he doing now?

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Rocketjump produces a lot of exclusive content. They did that Video Game High School show, they help produce a series of videos where internet celebrities come play Magic the Gathering called Game Knights, and they did a series late last year with ProZD called "Anime Crimes Division". They also occasionally do the odd sketch video, they released one last month.

1 point · 12 days ago · edited 12 days ago

Game Knights is done by Jimmy Wong and a co-host, not Freddie. Game Knights doesn't really bring in internet celebrities, but other established Magic players that are popular online. It is a spin-off series from their pretty successful Magic podcast. For years, Freddie's only connection to the Magic content was his Rocketjump also hosting access to the podcast. Now the Rocketjump has a studio space for the production of Game Knights, but Freddie does not and has not ever really had a hand in the content creation and is never credited in the videos.

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Well, in all fairness I said Rocketjump helped produce it (and I'd say hosting the set and Rocketjump staff being credited in the episodes would qualify). I didn't say Freddie made it.

Edit: rereading the thread I see that the people I was replying to were specifically asking about Freddie, so the clarification was probably warranted. My bad.

128 points · 13 days ago · edited 13 days ago

That's what they canonically do in the Pokemon Universe, confirmed by Generations Origins, and one of the mangas if I'm not mistaken. It'd be really cool if they could add branching paths in game with that in mind.

The only issue I could see is wild Pokemon, but they could always find a way to justify their level curve changing depending on your party. We already know, because of the Pokedex and the anime, that Wild Pokemon are jealous of Trained Pokemon and will attack to prove they are better, so they could just say "Wild Pokemon know when a trained Pokemon is beneath them, and will usually leave a trainer with weaker Pokemon be, unless provoked." So, depending on the highest level of conscious Pokemon in your Party, the wild Pokemon you run into will be in a range around that (and their evolutions may appear at high enough levels.)

The provoked part is just for event based Pokemon, like the Legendary Birds, which you initiate, in case you want to challenge a level 50 legendary with a team of level 5s, for whatever reason.

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They also confirmed it in the games iirc, Black and White 2 has you battling the rival from B&W 1 and he mentions that since you don't have any badges he's going to have to use a different team.

When you follow their source, they're misreporting the purposefully vague story from that comic book site that was reporting on the English translation for East Asia.

Note the trailer they link in that article is from Playstation Asia's facebook.

10 points · 14 days ago

For all we know,the fuckin MAIL MAN, was also a descendant of a vault dweller.

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I think for a lot of people that would depend on what preorder set they got.

127 points · 15 days ago

The loud alt right base that supports him are not the Republican party that voted in Bush, or nominated McCain

Trump enjoys 85%-90% approval from Republicans.

They are deeply pleased with everything they are seeing.

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Also worth noting that in those polls, 25% of those polled identified as Republicans as opposed to 30% back in February. A lot of Republicans clearly don't approve of him, but also clearly don't approve of how their party has rolled over for him and are just leaving altogether.

1 point · 15 days ago


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but the war is never portrayed as something everyone was thinking about while it was occurring.

Considering it happens off screen, that's a big assumption you're making.

We know for a fact that Spock and Sarek both actively thought about the war while it was occurring, their public feud over the war was specifically mentioned as causing a rift between them that they never resolved before.

Janeway mentions her time in the war, granted she doesn't seem as obsessed with it as O'Brien but then she also has higher priorities like getting back to Federation Space, and isn't actively involved in conflicts involving the Cardassians.

And of course Jellico's entire role in the war is why he is brought on board the Enterprise during Chain of Command.

And I'll concede this one is not explicitly stated, I don't feel it's wrong to infer that among the steady stream of officers who defected to join the Macquis, there had to have been veterans of the war. A large number of the ones we see complain that they're angry the Cardassian's are violating the peace treaties established as a direct result of this war.

It isn't given the pride of place Wolf 359 is, but that's a conflict that happens during the run of the series, and directly involves the main character of the series. It's a war against an all consuming opponent that is bent on the assimilation of the entire Federation. It's better television.

The Federation-Cardassian war had long reaching consequences for the mindset and culture of the Federation, and the Cardassian Union. It could be argued lead to the Cardassian's joining the Dominion. But the role of peace talks and concessions in later conflicts doesn't exactly make for great prime time television. It isn't given the center stage Wolf 359 does, but I wouldn't argue that in terms of how it impacted the political landscape and culture of the Federation that it was any less important.

-3 points · 15 days ago


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because that was only ever really featured heavily in the episode where Cardassians first appeared. and it did not portray the war as being comparable to Vietnam in terms of scope.

What about Chain of Command, where the peace that Jellico negotiated the first time is the entire reason he's given command of the mission?

Or Journeys End, where their continuing peace efforts with the Cardassians is the entire reason the colony is being forced to relocate? It might not be the official declared war but it's still related to the fallout from what was clearly a conflict that affected a number of main characters from across multiple series.

And of course said peace negotiations would then result in the formation of the Maquis, which would play a central role in DS9 and the early episodes of Voyager.

Since we don't have census numbers, fleet deployment information, or casualty reports, we can't say whether or not it was comparable to Vietnam in terms of percent of the population effected. What we can say, however, is that the war certainly had a long and lasting effect on the culture and mindset of the Federation, much like the Vietnam War had on America.

Gavrilo Princip was actually looking for that bloke, Archie Duke, who killed his ostrich because he was hungry.

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These days there's a war on, yeah? And ages ago, there wasn't a war on. So my question is, how did we go from one state of affairs to the other state of affairs?

Another Fun Fact: His lean was forward instead of backward and he patented shoes that aided him in performing his illusion.

He's dead so he can't contradict me.

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Third fun fact! The initial lean for Moonwalker actually used traditional harnesses and cranes. The shoe patent was because Michael was determined to replicate it in his live shows.

I just recently hunted those down... bit of a chore to get them surprisingly (only found 'em thanks to the kindness of an anonymous stranger)... and they really are noticeably better. I don't understand the black magic that the dude did and it's not TNG-level work (not that it ever COULD be of course) but it's almost night and day and I do wish Warner would release even THAT type of thing. I'd buy the entire set again in a heartbeat just for that level of rework in an official package, forget a PROPER remastering ala TNG.

My biggest problem is finding a way to watch them on my living room TV. Works fine on my PC, but having trouble getting it on TV. Seems like everything I try doesn't work (FireTV with VLC doesn't seem to play the video, just the audio, and whatever I tried on Xbox One didn't work any better... streaming via Plex DID work, but wow, what a painful experience). I suppose I could just hook my laptop up to the TV, and that might be the way to go later today. Just less convenient than I'd like, but at least I have 'em :)

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Have you tried Emby? It's a client a lot like Kodi or Plex but what I like about it is that you can just point the server side client to scan specific folders and it will just keep them in their specific subfolders and then you can just play the media files in them. So you could set up the Kodi server to run on your desktop, tell it you want it to scan C:\Media\Tv\babylon5 and it would just add babylon 5, or you could tell it to scan C:\Media\TV and it'd upload each subfolder. But then when you open a subfolder, you can just play the files you want without needing to worry about naming conventions (although it helps if the episodes are labelled with the numbers) or metadata or anything.

No, never heard of it, but I'll take a look. Plex basically does what you're describing because I don't use most of the metadata capabilities it has... I just have a Babylon 5 folder and the files are named like S05E22 - Sleeping In Light and so forth. Plex leaves it alone and I just go by the filenames when I want to find something specific. But I'll take a look at Emby since I'm not tied to Plex in any way, if Emby is better I'll switch.

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Last time I tried Plex it tried to combine half of my shows into one mega show, but I tend to keep my folders organized by franchise and then specific series within that franchise, so I'd constantly be dealing with it trying to play the second episode of a different series after the end of the first. (Or in really frustrating moments, the second episode of the same show but a different season.

They might have addressed that but by then I was already soured on the experience.

22 points · 19 days ago

Not at all, certainly not in England, it is well known regional accents and dialects have been homogenising, since the advent of radio.

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Texan here, its a documented phenomenon that the "Texas twang" is disappearing. It's being attributed partially to the exposure to other accents in media, but also a conscious decision on the part of the accent owners to hide it unless they're around friends or family in order to avoid the cultural baggage that comes with it (New York has also been experiencing a down turn in the new yorker accent for similar reasons.). I notice myself and my mother get a more stereotypical Texan accent when we visit my cousins who live in a much more rural part of the state.

You mean Captain America? Or is it Puerto Rico? So confusing.

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Puerto Rico? There's a giant triangle in it and multiple sets of stripes. You want Chile.

It's been a while, but that was a big container filled with bricks, right? I'd put scanning that into the same category as double checking a briefcase full of cash looking for green paper. What I'm talking about is low level counterfeiting. This isn't like Vegas, where you change out cash for chips, and those chips are useful only at the casino, this is a widely used currency. So what's to stop a bored/poor freighter crewman from making his own solid gold fakes and gambling with them at Quarks (or literally anywhere else)? Or even just tipping for a drink? Does the Dabo table, the bar itself and literally every other flat surface have sensors constantly scanning for gold without latinum in it?

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I mean, is there any reason they couldn't be passively scanning like that? They could be built into the Dabo Tables, the register, heck even the bar top. Just set it to alert you if it detects gold without Latinum, then ask the patron to show you their strips. If it's a necklace or something, no big deal. If they're counterfeiting, report them to the commerce authority. I'm sure the 2 slips you saved on tipping the waiter will more than make up for being blacklisted from doing business with the Ferengi.

How about an automated lockdown of the bar/Promenade like in "Civil Defense" (3x07) but with a hologram of The Grand Nagus instead of Dukat.

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Nah, you want it to be the FCA. The Nagus is useful figurehead but you want the real Boogeyman to be the taxman. The Nagus is to be courted, to be wined and dined and respected and feared because of his business acumen and power. But the FCA, they're to be feared and hated. They're who you want to be the face of a system like that.

The Nagus reminds you of how great it must be to be rich and powerful, he acts as an incentive to go out and spend and deal and earn and make the system work. The liquidator on the other hand is there to remind you not to get caught. Not to overstep your boundaries and collapse the system for everyone. You can bribe him, you can try and cheat him, but at the end of the day you know you need him

Source: Son of an IRS Agent.

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3 points · 20 days ago · edited 20 days ago


You're thinking of Laas. Not sure where Lars came from.

An extensive search would require a large amount of dominion resources.

I'm unsure why you think the searching for Odo would take the whole Dominion fleet? Children of Time took place in the Gamma Quadrant--the Dominion's backyard. We know the Dominion had literally thousands of spare ships. A small amount of the fleet that was eventually destroyed by the prophets could have been sent to search for Odo. A small percentage of these ships could've been diverted to search for Odo. They also would have narrowed the search parameters via sensors and establishing upper and lower limits on the search area via modelling. Searching for Odo would not have taken the resources of an entire empire.

The Founders would rather Odo returned unharmed than conquer the Alpha Quadrant. (We know this to be true).

Not really. The Founders were manipulative. They may have said that to Odo, but their actions said otherwise. There were many instances where the Dominion attacked knowing Odo would be killed. If it were their goal to hold off on war until Odo returned to the Link, then that's what would've happened. The fact they didn't demonstrates this scenario isn't plausible.

The Dominion wishes to expand peacefully if possible

Again the Dominion is manipulative. They know the Feds want to be friends with everyone and sing kumbaya. The peace treaty was a ruse to trick the Feds into complacency so they could establish a foothold. The Dominion plays the long con. Had their goal been a peaceful one, they would've scaled back the terms so Sisko and company didn't try to sabotage the process. Given they jumped to war rather than change the terms of the peace treaty, obviously peace was never their goal.

We already know their only goal is complete control of the solids. There are no Dominion allies. Only loyal subjects. Remember how Cardassia regretted their alliance? The Dominion's goal is control and once you join you are subject to their rule. That's what happened to both Cardassia and the Gamma Quadrant members. Remember when the Dominion infected a whole civilization with a virus just because they didn't want to join the Dominion? When an empire takes the time and has the resources to do such a thing, obviously they are not just trying to make new friends and explore the galaxy.

The idea the Dominion wanted a Peace Treaty runs counter to the whole reason it exists. The Founders didn't trust the solids. The Dominion was created to fix that issue via control. The Founders also have an innate need to impose order on what they view as a chaotic, unpredictable galaxy full of untrustworthy solids. The only outcome they'd accept was the Federation's subjugation. They'd prefer that to be given willingly, but had no problem imposing it by force. That was the whole point of the Dominion--what you can control can't harm you. To suggest otherwise contradicts the whole reason the Dominion exists in the first place.

As for the Federation, their goal is to exist peacefully as equals. This is incompatible with the goals of the Dominion. The Federation would never allow the Dominion to control them. Nor would they allow a warmongering empire bent on domination to establish a foothold in the Alpha Quadrant.

The War would have happened eventually

The war was already happening and open warfare was inevitable by the time Children of Time came around. Remember the changelings had infiltrated most of the major powers to weaken them for conquest. They had already executed several plans to cause the major Alpha Quadrant powers to fight with each other. They had also tricked the Romulans and Cardassians into attacking their prior home planet in a bid to weaken their fleets. This also proved to the Founders the Alpha Quadrant were more solids that needed to be controlled. The changelings had then tried to destroy the Bajoran solar system in a bid to wipe out The Klingon, Federation, Cardassian, and Romulan fleets. Then under the guise of humanitarian assistance to rebuild the Cardassian empire, they brought in fleets of warships and built the infrastructure for war. No--none of these acts are the actions of someone who wants to coexist peacefully with the Federation or Alpha Quadrant for that matter. By the time Children of Time Happened, not only was war inevitable, it was already happening.

The Dominion never once wavered from their goal of imposing conquest. Every action was consistent with this goal. They only offered peace treaties to pacify empires so they didn't have to deal with war on multiple fronts. Remember when they offered a treaty when their main ketracel white facility was destroyed? Again this turned out to be a trick to gain a planet crucial to producing it again. The only thing the Dominion ever wanted was to control the solids and the Alpha Quadrant was too chaotic to be ignored. The wormhole put the Alpha Quadrant too close to their empire and they acted to quell the threat.

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While I agree with your points, I did just want to clarify that OP's assertion that the Founders would gladly sacrifice the conquest of the Alpha Quadrant if it meant bringing Odo home is based on dialogue she said to Weyoun, not to Odo.

Neutralize Odo?! Is that why you think I'm here?! Odo is a Changeling – bringing him home, returning him to the Great Link means more to us than the Alpha Quadrant itself. Is that clear?"

While it's possible she was lying to Weyoun there, we have no reason to assume so. Odo could not hear, and she admitted that she trusts Weyoun on her deathbed. So I feel pretty certain she was sincere and not trying to manipulate Odo (she was already doing it by linking with him constantly)

It seems they were big on it being Odo's choice. Otherwise they could have forced him home. They did that once to judge him. The reason I don't agree they wouldn't have moved heaven and earth (or the Celestial Temple and Bajor) is because they could have done that instead of the war. If it was so important to them, then why did they attack locations they knew Odo was present?

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They don't knowingly attack places where Odo is very often, and when they do it's usually just until they surrender. DS9 was assaulted by Dukat and Weyoun before Weyoun learned the priority was Odo (although Weyoun clearly was intent on not destroying the station, who knows what would have happened if Dukat had pushed)

They attack his runabout when he's with Weyoun 6 but that's not the founders, that's Weyoun 7 and Weyoun 6 calls him out on it if I recall. The need to kill Weyoun 6 was causing 7 to act irrationally(although he doesn't destroy them, just puts them in a situation where Weyoun 6 doesn't have a choice)

And the Female changeling orders the attack on Cardassia Prime but again, no one knows Odo snuck out there to help Demar.

I'm willing to bet that I missed a scene where the female changeling ordered them to attack the defiant when Odo was aboard but I couldn't think of one, and I'd be curious to see if she knew he was aboard since he's usually on DS9.

This is probably the most realistic answer. Make him an admiral, offer a consulting gig, but honestly there must be tons of good captains ready to go (nevermind Riker right there) who don't pose a possible threat with a ship like Enterprise in their hands.

Present day, no way would a captain of an aircraft carrier who was captured by an enemy, then tortured, brainwashed, and helped lead an attack against his own forces be allowed to captain ever again.

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The problem is that you have to weigh the risk of the Borg to the risk of the other Aliens that want a piece of Picard. Do you honestly want to have to explain to the Federation president that an entire wing of Starfleet command got kidnapped by Q because someone had to play the merry men? That no work is getting done because you can't risk offending the heir to the holy rings of betazed and starting a diplomatic incident but Mrs. Troi won't stop swinging by for a booty call? Or that Ferengi keep trying to trick their way into the base to show the admiral his long lost son/first command.

and what if he is a sleeper agent? Do you want him on Earth, theoretically closer to where the controls for the orbital defenses are? Closer to the Federation government and Starfleet command and the center of all their infrastructure.

Nah, put him on the Enterprise again, let him go out there and let him deal with Q and memory probes that teach you the flute, and holodeck malfunctions while you deal with the logistics of rebuilding the fleet after Wolf 359.

This is literally out of The Handmaid’s Tale

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Bojack! Great news, that new show starring Elizabeth Mossweiler needs an actor to play a gruff, abusive alchoholic government official and they specifically thought of you.

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