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Luigi’s Mansion Eternal but this time Luigi is a ghost

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I miss a time before data mining when a screenshot of Luigis silhouette hanging from a noose in the rafters was an Easter egg and not confirmed to be a glitch of the lighting engine....

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Explain? I’m a 3D Artist and the only way I can imagine a lighting engine ‘glitching’ that specifically would be if Luigi hanging from a noose’s shadow was baked into the environment and the actual model later removed, which would very much be intentional.

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Sorry, should have said Shadow, not silhouette.

From what I can understand, it's something to do with the camera angles and dynamic shadows.

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Sad but true.

Everything after Mesopotamia has to be taken with a huge grain of salt because of winners-bias in written records.

Society we live in could have been a whole lot different and it's not because good or bad, but because there have been a ton of times only the victor's records survived through time.

Written history helps put the puzzle that is history together, but it's seldomly objective.

"This is the way it should be." - Yeah, but that's just because those guys won and the others didn't. That doesn't make the victor the good guy, but that's just how it works.

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Everything after Mesopotamia has to be taken with a huge grain of salt because of winners-bias in written records

Mesopotamia isn't immune, they don't call it the Epic of Enkidu after all...

if they just made a 3310 burner phone i swear that thing would sell like hotcakes in india and asia.

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Looks like they already had that idea.

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But he did mention it. He mentioned it as a possible future rule. That implies pretty strongly that it's not a current rule.

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Are we talking about when he's asking Rasmussen for help? He doesn't refer to it as a future rule, what he does is explain the Prime Directive and then asks Rasmussen if he's upholding a "temporal equivalent of that directive". In the context of the scene, he is discussing a cultural more of the 24th century Starfleet with a "26th" century historian who isn't a member of Starfleet. He can't assume Rasmussen would necessarily know the Prime Directive or the Temporal Prime Directive, so he explains the context of his Prime Directive to learn if Rasmussen has a similar rule forbidding him from interfering (while also making the case as to why Picard feels he should break said rule).

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Right. He calls it "some temporal equivalent," which is a perfectly reasonable thing to say if he doesn't already have a temporal equivalent. If he already knew about the Temporal Prime Directive, he wouldn't take the winding path of analogy to describe his idea of a temporal version of the Prime Directive; he would just describe the rule that already exists.

There's no reason to describe a rowboat and then ask if somebody owns "some motorized equivalent" of that rowboat if you already understand motorboats. You would just say "Do you own a motorboat?" That he has to theorize that some version of the Prime Directive could be applied to time travel is a pretty strong indication that he doesn't already have some version of the Prime Directive as applied to time travel.

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If this were a normal discussion with Riker or Data over this week's issue, I'd agree with you but there are 2 main differences with Rasmussen

  1. He's from 2 centuries in the "future" and isn't part of Starfleet.

So it absolutely makes sense to define the prime directive and a "temporal equivalent" because while it's extremely likely Rasmussen is aware of the idea, due to not being from the same time or culture, you can't assume he'd immediately grasp it from the title, which is vague at best. To borrow the motorboat example, we might very well need to break it down to base concepts if we were to describe it to someone separated by 200 years. At that point in time in the past, the common point of reference might be a "steam engine" or some such thing. The first documented case of "motor" being used to describe a motor as we understand it didn't occur until 1856 (according to my admittedly brief research into the etymology of the word, I'm absolutely willing to admit I might be wrong on the particulars because I think the broader point still stands). We have to remember Picard is not only an amateur historian himself who would understand how language evolves over time, but he's also trained in first contact. We see him employ similar rhetoric with alien civilizations that should ostensibly be covered by the universal translator because it can only do so much to convey meaning. Rasmussen has already shown a suspicious lack of knowledge about a lot of things, Picard would be absolutely justified in defining terms at a basic level. I'd also argue that by spelling out the concept like that, he's also essentially framing it like the opening of an academic paper, making no assumptions about the reader and defining everything up front, much like Rasmussen might be used to as a "Professor".

  1. He's trying to convince Rasmussen to violate said rules. This is really the kicker because it's what fundamentally separates this exchange from our normal "Duty and nature of mankind" speech Picard usually gives. By first defining the Prime Directive, he gets a chance to casually throw in a reference to how, in his eyes and the eyes of his superiors, the law does not come before the lives of Innocents. It basically tells Rasmussen that Picard isn't doing this lightly but he isn't putting Rasmussen in a position that he himself hasn't already been in before. So he's not only establishing common ground, but also planting the seed in Rasmussen's mind that it might be okay to bend the rules just this once.

But more importantly, by not acknowledging the Temporal Prime Directive directly, Picard doesn't undermine his own actions and his argument. If he came out and said "The Prime Directive works both ways and I'm absolutely violating it right now", then Rasmussen has every justification to walk away knowing that he's obeying the law in both the 26th century and 24th. We know that even if Picard doesn't have a Temporal Prime Directive that he knows better than to ask in the first place. We know they take temporal mechanics at the academy, he knows precisely that he shouldn't be trying this stunt but he decides to go for it anyways because of the lives at stake. So he frames his argument in such a way that he never out and out admits that the Temporal Prime Directive exists and at the same time explains his motivations for even daring to ask to essentially know his own future.

There are a few possibilities I can think of:

- Mogh killed him before dying himself;

- The Romulans betrayed him (for whatever reason);

- His death was an accident caused by the intervention of the Enterprise-C.

In consideration that Mogh took his wife and eldest son with him when he followed Ja'rod to Khitomer, but left his younger son behind, it is likely that he did not think of him as an immediate threat. I think this makes it somewhat unlikely, but still not impossible, that he fought and killed him in the ensuing chaos after the Romulan attack began. He could have killed him in the moment of betrayal though. But it is equally likely that he was in shock and subsequently killed via an orbital bombardement before being able to act on Ja'rod.

The Romulans might have thought that after Mogh followed Ja'rod to Khitomer, if they even realized it, that he was uncovered as their collaborateur and thus killed him to preserve the image of the House of Duras only to be able to further work with them in secrecy.

For all we know Ja'rod could even have escaped from the planet in a small ship and then have been shot down by a rouge torpedo or disruptor blast in the fight between the Romulans and the Enterprise-C, afterwards crashing back onto the surface. Maybe the Romulans then rearranged the scene in favor of Ja'rod, again to protect their secret alliance with his house.

This is all purely speculative though.

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The Romulans might have thought that after Mogh followed Ja'rod to Khitomer, if they even realized it, that he was uncovered as their collaborateur and thus killed him to preserve the image of the House of Duras only to be able to further work with them in secrecy.

I could honestly see the Romulans doing it on purpose. They had to be fully aware of Klingon law and tradition. They allow Ja'rod to live, they have an ally but one who is ultimately out to serve his own agenda, one who might decide he no longer needs them the second his ambitions are met.

They KILL Ja'rod, and suddenly they have a new ally, a young heir to a powerful house, one they can mold and manipulate to suit their needs. Make him reliant on your support for everything in life so that he never even thinks of betraying you. If he does, then you have the proof that it was Ja'Rod who betrayed the Klingons, and Duras would go down for his fathers crimes. He can't have a contingency plan in place, he's an infant when the attack happens.

In fact, the Duras family being entirely dependant on the Romulans is pretty evident from what we see. Duras can't even get his own Klingon bomb to plant on the Enterprise, he has to use one that uses compounds exclusively used by the Romulans. Lursa and B'etor were still heads of the most powerful house, and were allies of some of the most powerful houses in the Empire, but still couldn't hold their own against Gowron's forces despite them having spent the rest of the civil war on the backfoot losing ships and men.

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It’s not a common word, other than on forums like this. I doubt the average person knows the two versions of the synonymhomonym are spelled differently.

Edit: yikes

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I'd also guess a lot of redditors these days are using it on mobile, so it could be an auto-correct issue.

So that explains why I bought into it. I was thinking “yeah this is the type of hyper-nationalist bullshit some Texas state congressman would write after a long night of hookers, blow, and high school football...”

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The pledge itself was written in the 30's, but the requirement that we say it in schools was one of those feel good laws they passed in the aftermath of 9/11. Something nice and simple that a state senator from San Antonio passed into law in 2003.

We added the "Under God" part in 2007, don't know who passed that law.

Really? I never noticed the different. Although, I was only 5 when I started school and 7 when “under god” was added. I never knew it didn’t contain that line at some point

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See, I graduated around then and went to work at a school after college and immediately became convinced the entire campus was saying it wrong every morning until I looked it up.

They also made it a rule that you had to ahve your hand on your heart for it, which I didn't remember doing. You put your hand on your heart for the USA pledge, and then everyones arms dropped to the side for the texas one and we all kind of half mumbled along in half hearted protest that they had added so much to our morning routines between the pledges and moments of silence.

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Sorry to say, but it closed down. Now there is only one left (in Minnesota i believe). Still not sure what happened to Russell Crowe's stuff though (heard a few different things)

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My heart broke when I learned the loneblockbuster twitter account wasn't really run by a real blockbuster location.

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And enters the cycle again in Westworld... over and over again.

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I mean he escapes...kind of. In an Obi Wan Kenobi "certain kind of view" way.

Well, he probably knows Bajoran as he was "raised" by one. And he probably knows Cardassian after working for them on Terok Nor.

One solution (that seems to be the most common whenever this question pops up) is that he keeps the comm badge that's part of his Bajoran uniform inside his person and just carries it with him as he shape-shifts. It doesn't even have to be the full comm badge, just whatever little part of it constitutes the universal translator.

Another possibility is that Changelings are just naturally good with languages, like Arturis in VOY: "Hope and Fear." I.e. they only have to hear a few words to figure out the basic syntax of a language. They can easily assume other shapes, and we know that they're skilled geneticists, so it isn't a stretch that "gifted with languages" is one of their natural attributes.

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I could see this being a skill the Link has (although admittedly Odo may not have it to the same degree, just like with faces). We can't just assume a Changeling infiltrator would have access to a translator at all times (especially with the various ways people have tried to detect them over the years, having a Universal translator in your belly might be a bit of a giveaway if it showed up on a scan). They presumably have centuries of experience forming their vocal cords into any species imaginable, communicating with everything from the Proto-Vorta (assuming the story isn't just another level of control programmed into them) to the Volg (the herd animals that Laas spent two years with). They probably have great experience at noticing and utilizing non verbal cues, and knowing which sounds would be easiest for a given species to utilize. It could also explain why the female changeling spends so much of her time encouraging Odo to "become a thing, and thus know a thing". While I'm sure she certainly pitched it to him as "the happiness of existing as a rock or statue" like he says, the ability to understand how a species might communicate is likely part of their physical empathy they claim to have.

It was my assumption that the last Smash really did a number on him in particular (something about messing up his wrists? I could be remembering that wrong...), but the quick development of this new one indicates to me that it's mostly an upgrade of the previous one, and not exactly a "next gen Smash".
I'm assuming/hoping it's smooth sailing for Sakurai from now on.

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4 was when the tendonitis manifested but the one that probably hurt the most was Melee, he worked 13 months without a day off,slept in the office and only slept for 4 hours each day. He was only forced to take time off when he collapsed and was taken to the hospital.

With the one major exception, British shows actually end. The American network T.V. system of "22+ episodes, airing weekly every year September to May until the viewership dries up" is the reason why almost no American show dies gracefully. Hopefully Black Mirror doesn't jump any sharks, but it's a Netflix show now so who knows.

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I'm curious what your one exception is because I can think of at least 3 that overstayed their welcome.

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Ok, but actually we have pieces of manuscripts of every canon gospel present in letters and writings of the earliest in the church, whereas the earliest evidence we have of Thomas is several centuries after the events it portrays would have taken place. It is highly unlikely to have been a legitimate account. Furthermore it was never “removed” from the Bible. The New Testament changed and adapted until being solidified at an ecumenical council. The Gospel of Thomas was only ever present in Gnostic (heretical) versions of the New Testament.

Source: I have a BA in Religion/Philosophy

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Need to send your reply a little higher man, this guy wasn't the one claiming it was removed from Canon, he just hit up Google.

To play devil's advocate. When I was a kid and we were moving out of state, on moving day our cat ran away. We spent hours looking for him and he was nowhere to be found. We had to leave without him. Luckily my dad had to stay behind for a few weeks and the cat eventually came home and he rode up with him but he was missing for days and if circumstances were different we might not have been there to get him to our new home.

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I really wish this wasn't buried under a bunch of comments calling the owners pieces of crap. This cat is well groomed, well fed, and doesn't look like he was living in any state of neglect. Cats are creatures that like their territory and when a change happens to said territory (like say, all the furniture being moved), their first instinct is to either hide, or flee (and then hide). Moving house requires the doors to be held open for long periods of time, and if the neighbors weren't prepared for it, there's a very real chance this guy either hid so well they couldn't find him, or he booked it and wandered back home later to find the house empty. If they had rented a truck, or were moving on a time table (new job start date for example), they may not have had the time to look for this cat and might be missing it terribly.

Source: Family of cat lovers that lost a cat during a move across town, and never stopped looking or communicating with the new owners to try and find said cat to no avail.

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He did, and that's still technically incorrect. ZSS, Samus, Palutena, even the Twilight Princess-styled Zelda and Sheik pass as barely less-out-of-place than Snake.

And they STYLED Snake for the franchise! I haven't seen Snake look like this much of a cartoon since Twin Snakes on the Gamecube...oh W A I T.

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The GameCube one was The Twin Snakes. Only Nintendo port of Snake Eater was the 3DS version.

Comment deleted17 days ago

In all fairness they had a lot of good early Republicans, they were just the antagonists. Joseph Bruno was the chairman of the committee that chooses to end a hearing early to save Leo. Glen Walken is shown to be a man of principle and has that great line about "the things that unite us are far greater than the things that divide us".

The only problem is they all get overshadowed by Jeff Haffley...

I mean, they could just print more product...

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But then they'd have what happened with C13 and have a bunch of leftover stock after the reprints failed to sell as well. So there'd be solid precons that could be had for 30 dollars again, that would allow a casual player to pick up and get started in the format without needing to drop a fortune and can you imagine a world where people could just go into the store and buy decent product that allowed them to have fun?

Comment deleted22 days ago

I think it's worth noting that in that post, every comment is suggesting alternative reasons, including the writers strike and a cobbled together final season. Looks like the only person who thinks syndication hurt scrubs is the creator of that post.

Now, I discovered Scrubs due to syndication, and the only issue I ever had was trying to figure out where in the timeline the episode I was watching went. There were three stations playing it a day, all different seasons :P

Original Poster17 points · 22 days ago

Gul Dukat had a big personality though. Hard to miss if you've spent any amount of time with him.

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Yeah but would Kai Winn have spent any time with him? By the time she was on the rise, Dukat was on his way out of favor. When they negotiated peace with Cardassia, she dealt with legate Turrel. The negotiations for Bajors non aggression pact with the Dominion were handled by the government under Shakar, not under Winn. She was approached with it by Weyoun, but sent it to the ministers for consideration. From what we see during the Dominion occupation of DS9, the Bajorans were pretty much only willing to deal with the Dominion whenever they needed to negotiate and didn't really allow cardassians to visit Bajor in any diplomatic capacity so Winn might not have had much cause to speak to Dukat when he was operating in his capacity as head of the Cardassian govenment since they probably dealt with the ministers, not the vedek assembly.

-4 points · 23 days ago

Your opponent keeps wasting removal, and all you need is a land to get it back.

75% of what? And again, creatures can do more than have haste and be relevant. It’s also easy to make him large. And even if it starts small, it can com back larger later.

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75% is a deck building philosophy, the name comes from the theory that your deck should be able to win 75% of the time, assuming you play it correctly.

That's an oversimplification though, the idea is one of scalability. You want to build a deck that will stand up and hold it's own against a powerful tuned deck, but won't completely stomp a beginner deck.

TOS had several security chiefs, it's just that their rank was defined in the script, not in dialogue

How many of them died?

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From what I can tell? None of them.

Interesting. I know the red shirt body count is exaggerated, but I'd expect some of the security officers to die to be the chief. Is it like S1 of TNG's Chief Engineer--a position with high turnover for casting reasons?

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No, I think it's more that the ones who were referred to in the credits and scripts as Security Chiefs were always episodes that focused more on the ship side so they were usually involved in less lethal pursuits.

So for example Security Chief Freeman arrests Gary Seven in Operation: Earth, but Gary Seven isn't exactly murdering security staff.

Or Chief Dickerson, who provided the honor guard when Abraham Lincoln showed up, again, not exactly a high risk scenario.

The one who was in the most danger was probably Giotto, as he was involved with the Horta incident but only one security officer died and it wasn't him.

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35 points · 24 days ago

Card seems solid, but I REALLY love the flavor text. Going back to the old stories, it's hard to remember why we thought Urza was a good guy.

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It's really not hard to sell yourself as the good guy when the bad guy refers to himself as a lord of the wastes and is leading an army of multidimensional cultists who talk about wanting to make perfect beings.

Picard was cautious and measured in his approach, but calling him a pacifist is a little too far, no offence to pacifists.

Yeah Picard was a Captain for a long time before TNG, but probably on one of the oldest ships in the fleet, especially as it looks like a refit model from the TOS era. Picard proved himself but I don't think he would have had too many opportunities as Captain of The Stargazer to really go above and beyond, at the time he would have been just another Captain, like the crazy captain in Night Terrors or something.

Then Picard was in a Court martial, I think that's going to put a red mark on your record no matter the outcome, though I wonder if ironically it was Picard's handling of himself whilst on trial that gave the admiralty the idea to put him in charge of the flagship. If Measure of A Man is anything to go by he handles himself well in court, so whichever Admiral was present at the court martial (Satie maybe? She seems like a charming person) might have been impressed and decided to offer him a prestige command. Picard then met Kirk in the Nexus and was told never to leave the Captains chair, unless it's to chase Antonio.

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Then Picard was in a Court martial, I think that's going to put a red mark on your record no matter the outcome

I dont think the court martial on its own would, according to Measure of a Man, the court martial is standard procedure when a starship is lost.

PHILLIPA: When I prosecuted you in the Stargazer court martial, I was doing my job. PICARD: Oh, you did more than your job. You enjoyed it. PHILLIPA: Not true! A court martial is standard procedure when a ship is lost. I was doing my duty as an officer of the Judge Advocate General. PICARD: You always enjoyed the adversarial process more than arriving at the truth. Well, I hope you've learned a little wisdom along the way.

Now, it could be that Captain Louvois' overzealous prosecution of his court martial might have damaged his reputation depending on how she spun his actions as captain.

We've seen in "The Drumhead" that an overzealous prosecutor can pretty easily twist events with hindsight to make Picard look incompetent. I could easily see losing a ship during a botched first contact attempt being the sort of thing that Starfleet would go over with a fine toothed comb to see if Picard could be trusted to continue diplomatic missions, see if their training needed to be revised to prevent the incident from occuring, updating procedures where necessary. We know Picard nearly lost the Stargazer to the Cardassians when he lowered his shields as a sign of goodwill, I can't imagine that wasn't brought up.

She doesn't do enough to to make him lose his rank or take him out of the running for the flagship, but perhaps enough to make him second choice for the next admiral position that opened up. It clearly can't have damaged his qualifications given that he was offered promotion later in the first season, maybe it was just a case of no longer being the most preferred candidate.

When did Dick Grayson die?

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Dick Grayson prime hasn't to my knowledge (although it's comics so I'm willing to be proved wrong)

Earth 2 Dick did in Crisis on Infinite Earths

And of course Dick Grayson died in the Injustice timeline.

My issue with the switch and pretty much every console is exclusives, PlayStation continue to impress with multiple amazing exclusive games where as on the switch, Breath of the wild and Mario odyssey seem to be the only great selling points everything else seems like a port from the Wii u.

The Xbox has cuphead and halo... that’s all I can really come up with for them in terms of exclusives.

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In all fairness to the switch, it's already outpaced the lifetime sales of the Wii U. Porting over it's best games makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider the PS4 is nearing the end of it's lifespan and the switch just entered it's second year. First year of PS4s lifecycle was a whole bunch of remasters of last gen games and a few exclusive launch titles, and the exclusives they had then weren't nearly on the level of Mario.

But still, I wouldn't necessarily trade my PS4 for one :P

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