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I wouldn't be surprised if the smoke just glitched and didn't render properly to him:D edit: People are really stupid on reddit i see

It seems that your comment contains 1 or more links that are hard to tap for mobile users. I will extend those so they're easier for our sausage fingers to click!

Here is link number 1 - Previous text "Yep"

Please PM /u/eganwall with issues or feedback! | Delete

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If you have reached the point where you cant tap links on your phone you really need to rethink your life choises

Searchbar is broken for me aswell, i can see what i write only if selecting it.

I remember reading this a long time ago

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I read this like 2 days ago

I may have googled for it myself, maybe not. God only knows.

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Who the hell uses GMAIL voluntarily?

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I only use it because my default mail app broke :D

Tfw no hentai captchas

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"Select all males"


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It’s not worth it my man. How old are you? Pretty young right? Be with people that want to be with you. They shouldn’t need convincing

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Be with people that want to be with you.

Well shit

When yo momma sneeze the minimap turns red

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i'm on 10.2.1 ayeeee

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Greetings from 10.3.3

I tried getting my mother into vaping and she wasnt too excited about it. I even bought a cheapish vape for her wich she hasn't used, not once have i seen her touch it. Shes been a chainsmoker for 2 decades now i should problably get myself mentally prepared for the worst.

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I just wish people started to realise the difference between real and drawn things.

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Im just waiting for the day my drawn things become real

"Similar to games you've played: Hand Simulator"


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I think that it allows for/is a part of allowing for dual booting on 64 bit devices

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What are the limits to run another IOS together with the original one (in my case 10.3.3), can i run ios 9? How about 11?

[[WAStatusVolume]] on BigBoss

It is a thing already

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I really miss one of those anime girls with a pee pee in this picture, missed opportunists!

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The creepiest giggle.

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That sounded like a really sleepy giggle, you know, one of those kinds of giggles you let go at 3am

I wish I was able to open my mouth during games with randoms, I can't spell english properly and quite often get laughed at :c

Trust me, when those snipers start shooting, it'll take you a lot less.

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Is this a dejavu im feeling

Would this work; when you have a nade in your hand you could use mouse scroll to change between different ones?

Jesus christ can we have 6 fucking months without someone trying to break it

I wish it was similar to h1z1, where youre shown the general location where you at and then you have to navigate yourself to somewhere

Well.. How H1 WAS then, because the map is much more accurate now.

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I wouldnt know, i havent played it for a year because of PUBG :D

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