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I once spent many hours refurbing a T34B. The pilots, both Marine F18 pilots were talking about pilots being distracted and not being ahead of the plane. They lowered the flaps, but never lowered the gear. It wasn't the only time I saw it happen.

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8 points · 1 day ago

They probably got hungry during the flight and ate the landing checklist.

Couldn’t they take a lie detector test?

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28 points · 1 day ago

No such thing. You're thinking of a polygraph test, which is NOT a lie detector test, although people commonly call it that.

Original Poster92 points · 2 days ago

two seems like a really small amount if you ask me.

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The title of that second link made me wonder if there was such thing as a prolapsed urethra. I instantly regretted wondering about that.

5 points · 2 days ago

I'm sorry man I dont know, that was a while ago and I didn't learn it firsthand

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You may be misremembering the Eskimo Stick Pull.

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Fun random fact: the 7 year period is from old testament biblical law.

7 appears a lot in the bible.

Here's some references

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Even more fun fact: They got it from the Sumerians. (not to be confused with Samaritans)

Original Poster14 points · 2 days ago

Trumps military parade is gonna be sweet!!😂😎🤘

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We're gonna have a parade, and we'll make the military pay for it!

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People always talk about how large Texas is, but Alaska is significantly larger

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Alaska is 1/5th the land mass of the US.

How is that unsettling

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If you've never heard of potato before, it would probably be a little unsettling.

I worked at a Carvel as a teenager. Lowest guy on the totem pole had to do dishes/mop the floor/take out the trash during the first hour of their shift. It wasn’t fun work and you worked up a sweat doing it.

While they were in the back doing that, the higher up’s would pour pure citric acid (which we used when making sherbet) into their cup of soda. They would eventually come out front, super thirsty, grab their drink and chug it...and then proceed to spit it right out while everyone laughed.

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Lowest guy on the totem pole

On an actual Native American totem pole, the most important person is on the bottom.

Oh god... What would it taste like?

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11 points · 8 days ago

My guess is sadness and regret.

God, they are awful. I paid to see all three in the theaters because I am a huge Tolkien fan so I was going to see them on general principle. I have no regrets about paying to see the first one cause I didn't know any better. But to this day I feel dirty for paying to see the last two.

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I am a huge Tolkien fan so I was going to see them on general principle.

That's the exact reason I didn't go see them.

I saw on Etsy or something, someone will send you a bag of compost stuff with the spores in there. Then you open it up to the air and mushrooms will grow. I've been thinking about it cuz it seems like an inexpensive source of food. Plus, it looks like you can get odd varieties that I don't see in the Asian market.

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Look at Fungi Perfecti. They have kits and spores for indoor hobby cultivation as well as outdoor commercial cultivation.

still haven't figured out The three sea shells?

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They're not shells, it's actually 3 whole clams. If you ever watch a clam using it's tongue, you'll understand how they are supposed to be used.

If it's the reserve, it could have been used on a successful jump without being opened.

When I was young, my family and I were playing in the river, I had to wear a life jacket but all was well, I was trying to grab pebbles underwater when this dog sprang outta nowhere and grabbed me by my t-shirt sleeves and dragged me to the coast. He wasn't my dog, he wasn't anyone's dog, and from the way my mom tells it the hero just ran off into the trees immediately. I don't remember my thought process then, but I'm glad I can assume his now.

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157 points · 10 days ago

This still boggles my mind that enough time has passed that there are now young adults who don't remember 9/11.

Your whole life--this has been normal. The partisan rage, the xenophobia and fear, the preoccupation with searching everything and everywhere for evildoers--the constant narrative that we're always on the brink of disaster.

The knee-jerk reaction to a tragedy poisoned our national identity in a way I don't believe we'll ever recover from. The temporary measures taken post 9/11 are buried under more temporary measures and forgotten.

There was a time where there was no boogeyman. The soviets were beaten. China was happy making our junk for cheap, radical Islam was stewing in the middle east, North Korea didn't have a single missile.

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Genuine question, doesn't everyone think SJWs are terrible?

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The people who build strawman SJWs think they are terrible.

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