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davidonger commented on a post in r/MDMA
iLL_Behaviour 27 points

Lol. For fucks sake, I thought you were like thirty and had just been in a permanent comedown ever since.

davidonger 7 points

Fucking hilarious 😂😂😂little whipper snapper hasn't even got started

davidonger -2 points

Your abuse of weed was chronic, not the MDMA. You're blaming the wrong drug.

davidonger commented on a post in r/Grimdawn
ethereal_g 19 points

I spent several hundred hours and had a couple characters at max level before switching to an external stash management tool, GD Item Assistant.

I haven't looked back, it's made leveling other classes all the more fun since I can more easily access the lower level items in my stash.

davidonger 11 points

I also recommend this program.

davidonger commented on a post in r/DrugStashes
davidonger 1 point

Bottom middle and the caps look like meth. Most of the mdma I was sold back in the day was meth. First time I did it was a 2 inch line up my nose that catapulted me in to the stratosphere. I had to stick my head out of the bedroom window to keep a group on reality!Still fun to sniff and eat.

Nwambe 2 points

How is George liking the wand? :)

davidonger 2 points

He went in to a strange trance like state so I think it got the seal of approval

tunersharkbitten 1 point

hopefully it doesnt scare/ traumatize them...

davidonger 2 points

They'll let you know if they don't like it :)

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wordserious 2 points

If you sent me a list of all steps you're doing to bring it out of cold and dark and up to the point when you're ready to start programming the MFC, I can try to reproduce the problem on my own Challenger and see if I can catch something wrong.

davidonger 3 points

Hi I really appreciate the gesture, but it sorted itself out after I restarted X plane. Thank you though.

davidonger 1 point

It just says "Key not active"

Earshot5098 2 points

Have you tried hitting the brakes? I don't have any carenado products but this sort of thing has happened to me on other aircraft. I think it occurs when I have the brakes engaged and focus out of the x plane window. Whenever I return to x plane I'm able to 'resync' howuch brake is applied by tappi g them again.

davidonger 1 point

I was tabbing out to look at the checklist but I also tried tapping the brakes. I'll try starting up without tabbing out and see what happens, thanks.

chrstphd 1 point

You're quite high, so I guess it's the (way too black) contrails...

davidonger 1 point

It was doing it on the ground too! I'll run another flight tomorrow and see what it's like

chrstphd 3 points

Did you pressed the X key? (smoke)

davidonger 3 points

I did press the x key! 🙈 thank you

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rjwalter 2 points

Well I fly the default B58 but I presume they are similar...reduce throttle and maintain altitude and until you are at the desired speed. If you are already on approach and descending reduce throttle and when below 150kts you drop the gear which will add extra drag.

davidonger 1 point

Thank you! What landing speed do you aim for?

Reggaesmurf 1 point

There should be an option to bind a key or axis to throttle #1 and throttle #2, if you want to use only 1 key/axis you should bind it to "throttle". Same goes for prop or mixture.

As for the mouse, there are some planes that have a sweetspot between the 2 levers, click and drag that and you should be moving both levers. I'm just not sure if it's in the default planes or in some payware planes

davidonger 1 point

I can't find the sweet spot! I've seen videos on YouTube where people are moving both controls at once with the mouse, the cursor changes to a cross then they can move both. There must be a modifier button butI can't find it and it's killing me 😣😂

tratex891 1 point

Set a command for ”throttle up” then it should move all throttle levers up.

davidonger 1 point

Any idea how to make both prop controls move at the same time with the mouse please?

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davidonger commented on a post in r/buildapc
davidonger 3 points

What's a good cost effective upgrade for my I5 4670k?

Cyrekt_Stattrak 5 points

Currently, nothing is a cost effective upgrade. In gaming, a R5 1600 would give very similiar performance. An 8600k would not be cost effective for the upgrade. (I have a 4670k) Wait for the ryzen refresh/next gen intel

davidonger 2 points

That confirms what I was thinking, just wanted to check I hadn't missed anything. Thanks for your input.

davidonger commented on a post in r/btc
KoKansei 20 points

Serious question: shouldn't it be possible to prevent this with proper opsec? Who the hell holds 100,000 bitcoins without having the private keys behind at least a few layers of encryption / obfuscation?

davidonger 1 point

Just because they've seized them it doesn't mean they can access them.

davidonger commented on a post in r/Greyhounds
davidonger 3 points

Cool off your relationship. When you come home don't greet her until she is calm. Don't do ANYTHING that rewards anxiety. Start getting ready to go out by grabbing your keys, putting your coat on but then don't go out. Take your coat off and sit back down. When you do leave, do not say goodbye or acknowledge her in any way. Practice leaving her alone for 5 minutes, 10 minutes etc at a time. Record her on your phone while you're gone to check if she's making progress. Give her a treat that she only gets when you leave, liked a frozen Kong stiffed with PB. Its going to be hard work but she will learn.

[deleted] 6 points

I see he's discovered where his couch is. Where are you guys planning on sitting?

davidonger 4 points

Ha ha! It took him two tries, he kind of did a parkour double front paw spring off the couch... then two hours later just walked on to it and went to sleep! He's happy on his blanket in front of the radiator too thankfully 😍

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