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tee_and_ess 2 points

You probably need to be more specific w/ the trouble you are having. Assuming you are using Packet Tracer - Did you get the routers set up? Did you figure out how to turn the virtual router off, drag in the module for serial connections, and power it back up? Did you get the serial link connected? Can you ping across routers? Or... are you looking at a big white nothing in Packet Tracer confused and wondering where to start?*

The labs are more "setup, configure, and show" and less troubleshooting - however - much of your work won't work at first. You end up troubleshooting to figure out why your pings don't connect or your routing table is empty.

I used "101 labs" for my ICND1 and i went thru the ICND1 section twice. Once to just figure out what was going on, and then a second time (closer to the exam, obviously) to make sure it stuck. b/c i was going to go thru the book twice, it wasn't a big deal to "cheat" and look at the solution if i got stuck.

*if you aren't using packet tracer, you probably have different questions....

davidonger 1 point

Great comment, I think you've highlighted my actual weakness which is that I haven't familiarised myself with PT enough yet. Do you know if there any more thorough courses than the basic one on the CISCO site?

ecurrencyhodler 1 point

are you sending it to an M-address for litecoin?

davidonger 1 point

I logged in to mymonero, copied the receiving address and pasted that in the receiving address box on evercoin.

jsphbs 1 point

After entering the receiving addresses for both currencies, you press the "get started" button on evercoin. Copy the address that appears, open your wallet holding Monero, press "Send," paste that address, enter amount, send again

davidonger 1 point

I'm trying to send LTC and receive monero. I'm sending LTC from coinbase but it gets stuck on 'sending'.

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davidonger commented on a post in r/Boxing
Rhymes-like-dimes69 1 point

Well no, sky sports just don't cover fighters who don't box on sky or with Eddie. nothing go do with them being Gypsys. Probably more to do with the many offensive comments from both. Saying this as a massive fury and BJS fan

davidonger 1 point

Sky sports isn't the only place to watch boxing fella

Rhymes-like-dimes69 3 points

Not even close to what I was talking about. Sky sports is the mainstream sports media

davidonger 1 point

It's only part of it. You might need to Google a definition of MSM.

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D2ma5zEEp 3 points

I managed to get through with a couple of rerolls of the circuit, had to do the captcha several times though which was a pain in the ass.

davidonger 1 point

Using the tor browser?

wombat2combat 2 points

I just checked it again with the new signup process and while it changed it still gives you the usual recaptcha. however I had issues getting it to work with Tor even with switching identities [all blocked instead of showing the captcha].

I now re-approved your post and will see if there is some way around it [maybe a message to the admins will help but I doubt it].

davidonger 1 point


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davidonger commented on a post in r/DNMUK
davidonger 2 points

Your HDD is probably knackered. Send it to a data recovery firm they should be able to recover your data if it's mechanical damage.

ryan242905 1 point

It's a ssd as well...

davidonger 2 points

Ah I can't help then. Maybe the connection between ssd and motherboard has come loose, worth checking. Check BIOS if you know how to see if it is detecting the ssd first though.

davidonger commented on a post in r/DNMUK
TheKingOfKingsMill1 2 points

So do I still need to shut up if I'm ok with you not believing me? If you think I wrote this post to try and trick you into thinking NDDUK is selling bunk speed you need to get a fucking good nights sleep pal

davidonger -1 points

Who gives a fuck when you haven't got any evidence??

TheKingOfKingsMill1 2 points

You'll need to get a DNA test to prove I haven't fucked your mum then, son

davidonger 5 points

"No active substance at all" sums you up nicely ☺

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davidonger commented on a post in r/DarkNetMarketsNoobs
whoru8 1 point

yes, this is the exact logic I've been using, but the issue is that there hasn't quite been any dips! it's just steadily been climbing, that's why I asked this to see what you guys think about the price? will it just continue climbing you think or should I keep waiting for a nice dip?

davidonger 2 points

Are you investing or trading? If you don't know what your strategy is a) no one can help you and b) the markets will take your money.

whoru8 1 point

oh no I'm sorry, I'm just looking to get coin to use on the markets... but it's a larger amount of coin and I would hate to lose money if it dips right after I purchase, considering its just been climbing... just assuming its bound to drop soon but idk for sure

davidonger 0 points

If you're scared of losing money do not trade volatile instruments like crypto currencies. Just buy the coins you need for your purchases.

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