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AMC's problem with Darabont was that he was actually interested in being paid for his services. They were interested in paying him with 10% off coupons for fast food places.

The Day The Walking Dead Died by Avizanski in videos

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Days of our Lives: Zombie Edition.

That nails what the show is, and pretty much has been since at least the last few eps of season one. I tried to watch it, but obvious things people would be discussing all the time are never mentioned. The world is effected by a Zombie Apocalypse, and nobody ever really discusses it.

Yes, they talk about Zombies and avoiding them and people being idiots and stuff, but nobody ever asked why the world came to an end. This was touched on a bit in season one, but then was dropped in an explosion that never explained anything. And even then, it was just something that happened to about 10 people who were there. Nobody else knows about, and half of them are dead now.

So yes, it's just a Soap Opera with zombies in it now. I gave up on the show about 4-5 eps of season three. People kept telling me how great it was, so I kept giving it more chances...... but i gave up early in season three cause I had better things to do.

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I think there is a difference between charging somebody a tourist meal price because they are playing so they don't have to go someplace else. The problem is in the lying about what the rate for the exchange is. Tell somebody a meal is $20 before they buy it, they have choose to not buy it. Tell somebody it's $3 and then try and charge them $20 for it after the fact, and you're going to get in trouble with the police near immediately.

This scam seems predicated the difference between commission and an exchange rate. In the context of the transaction, they seem like they would be the same thing at first glance. Which is why people are calling it a scam.

Biggest scam in Prague by RSKhaiku in videos

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When it's a once -- or even five times -- a day thing they do for people who are normally regular customers (or friends or family to such), then it's something they can easily afford to do as a free service to encourage other business. But if /when it became something your bank was doing hundreds of times per day, some sort of charge system would be implemented.

One of Mr. Roger's subtle, yet most powerful statements ever, took place in 1974. He asks 'Officer' Clemons to join him to soak their feet in some pool water on a hot day and then helped him dry his feet. Years earlier many pools were off limits to black Americans. by majorchamp in videos

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Thing is, I don't think it's a message limited by religion. And Fred Rogers seemed to know that. I think he could have done the show had he been Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist, etc. Fred Rogers didn't let religion interfere with the message..... that being basically a simply "try and be a good person".

One of Mr. Roger's subtle, yet most powerful statements ever, took place in 1974. He asks 'Officer' Clemons to join him to soak their feet in some pool water on a hot day and then helped him dry his feet. Years earlier many pools were off limits to black Americans. by majorchamp in videos

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Why true, Mr. Rogers never seemed to have any issues with non-Christians or non-Believers. He was about being a good person, and to him that involved Christianity, but I'm sure he knew that was his own personal path and not something he wanted to force on others.

I am sure Mr. Rogers would not have had any problems with good people who weren't Christians. The goal was in being good. The labels that others use outside of that.... he seemed to not care about those games.

I'm an atheist, but I always liked Mr. Rogers. He was cool. He was a good guy and didn't need to put others down to make himself feel or look good.

I'm spinning my wheels here a bit, trying to find the right words. But I think i found them and because they seem simple I am still searching for something seemingly more profound...... the answer really is that he simply was a good person. He simplified the message beyond religion.

After watching The Darkest Hour, it seems like Dunkirk is the perfect companion film since they cover the same moments in WWII history from different points of view by nanotech23 in movies

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I really disliked Darkest Hour. I will even say that Gary Oldman had no business winning any awards for acting in that movie. He was a joke in that movie. He's normally a great actor, but Darkest Hour was literally his darkest two hours as an actor.

When it comes to Churchill movies, people should see The Gathering Storm and Into the Storm. The first has Albert Finney in the lead role, and the second has Brendan Gleeson as the great Prime Minster. Both are excellent.

Then again, I really liked The King's Speech but hated the Churchill appearance in the movie. Churchill thought Edward should (1) not have abdicated, and (2) the role they put him in was actually filled by Lord Halifax. Halifax was the person who was the second choice to become Prime Minster in 1940.... and Darkest Hour turns that how decision into same Game of Thrones style bullshit that was just stupid and based on nothing more than the fantasies the bullshit screenwriter of that stupid movie.

I'm sorry, but Historical movies should at least try and be correct. It's one thing to consolidate characters and simplify the story a bit (or even a lot), but to make up conspiracies that we know didn't happen, or to put historical opponents into roles that they never actually played..... it's just stupid.

I'm sorry, but I really dislike Darkest Hour. I wouldn't be against tracking down every copy of that in existence and burning every copy. And then shooting the remaining ashes into the Sun..... it would the only way to be sure it was never reconstructed by some enterprising forensics sleuth.

Breathe in. Breathe out. I think I'm done with my rant.

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Except of course that this is just straight up wrong. The Chinese started importing African slaves during the Tang dynasty (roughly 600-900 AD).

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Local Hero. It's a great movie and Peter Capaldi is so young in the movie that I had watched a full year of him as Doctor Who before I figured out he was in Local Hero as a the weird nerd into rabbits. And then there is Burt Lancaster as the weird rich guy who owns the company. It's just a great movie that is worth rewatching every few years.

Being There. I think it was Peter Sellers last movie. Really funny an really good. The scene where he leaves the House for the first time is classic.

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Come on, man. Back in the 1970s there really were seven different men who used to read Playboy just for the articles. Sure, they were each blind men who liked the braille edition but I have now proven that that market, however small.... did actually exist at one time.

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Maybe these just are something every one else likes that you don't like. We all have them in life. I really dislike the Harry Potter movies. That said, society told me I was wrong and I just don't watch them. It's not required that I watch them. But I don't tell people who love Harry Potter that they're idiots all the time. either. They have a right to like Harry Potter. I've been outvoted and I need to accept it and move along.

Now I watch Star Wars and Marvel movies. Heck, I'm waiting for a Star Wars/Avengers/Xmen/DC/LOTR/James Bond/Simpsons/South Park/Julia Child cross over movie. Where Julia invites them all to dinner and poisons them all at Thanksgiving.

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What does North Korea have to support the Russian economy as a whole? Russia has stuff to support North Korea because NK is small, and has an even smaller economy. Russia though is large. Very large.

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i don't think it's that he doesn't care. it's that he's trapped by something else.... probably some form of depression. He cares, but at the same time..... he probably thinks the problem is him. When you get depressed and suicidal, you often start to think "everyone around me.... their lives would be better if I was dead". And you think you're doing them a favor.

At least that's one version of it. Please don't assume they don't care. I think they care, they are just often lost to even themselves.

Artie Lange: Heroin Is Like Running by Woop_dee_do in videos

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From reading his Wikipage, it appears some of his friends (such as Colin Quinn) have tried doing just that several times. Apparently Quinn and a small group took Lange pretty much by force to a rehab facility at least once. Previous too that, Lange attempted suicide once where he survived only because his family (and again, Colin Quinn) showed up right after his attempt when they had planned an invention. Of course, instead they had to take him to the hospital.

The sad part is, it's very hard to help somebody before they are willing to let you help them. Sure, you can bully them into a car and take them to a rehab hospital.... but a lot of the time they decide to clean up only for a short period of time so they can get out of the forced rehab.

Basically, it's a long sad version of "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink".

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Harry Truman didn't become President until April, 1945. Before that he was very briefly Vice President for three months, and before that a Senator nobody outside of Missouri had heard of. At the time Truman wasn't thought of highly by even any of the big wigs in his party. When Truman was VP, Roosevelt only had lunch with him once a week and actively avoided talking policies with him. He was only told about the Manhattan Project 12 days after he'd become President.

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He did mention that he writes the six pages a day though. Which i think answered the question. Or more so, i think R.R. Martin understood what he meant.

In his autobiography, Frederik Pohl said he would force himself to always write four pages a day. And that on good days, it was a process that took him a few hours..... and then on bad days he sat in front of his typewriter for 12+ hours. Then that after a while he got used to writing the four pages a day and that the process got down to four hours each day.

Basically, he mentally changed the writing process from him trying to be artistically perfect to a job where you are producing good writing that you can edit later.

My guess is that King at some point adopted a similar method to Pohl and that while Martin knows about it, he generally writes with another method where he writes once but writes it perfectly the first time. And that is just going to take longer.

Tim Berners-Lee: we must regulate tech firms to prevent 'weaponised' web -- The inventor of the world wide web warns over concentration of power among a few companies ‘controlling which ideas are shared’ by davidreiss666 in technology

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Except that Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf have said Al Gore deserves some of the credit for the invention of the internet. But who are Bob Kahn and Vinton Cerf? They are the guys who first developed TCP/IP...... the Internet protocols.

Basically, they said that Gore deserves credit as the one politician who actively helped support the work that did invent the Internet.

Creator of the Internet Describes a Need for a More Decentralized Web. A Problem TRON Can Fix! by DocsDelorean in Tronix

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TCP/IP originally was the work of American scientists Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn. Both were then employed by DARPA though they had originally met at UCLA.

The World Wide Web (WWW) was what Tim Berners-Lee developed at CERN. Web protocol then makes used of TCP/iP.

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Actually, most start ups (in any line of business) get the initial seed money from either their own savings, very close friends or relatives. Often a combination thereof.

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I would assert that a lot of people know that advertising effects them, but they just don't care all that much about it. In general they think it's often benign and not a major problem. Think of the Coca-Cola ads from the 1970s:

Or the old Taste Great - Less Filling ads for Miller bear. Example here.

Or a lot of McDonald's commercials as well.

These are the kinds of ads that people fondly remember. People seek them out on Youtube.

Some advertising people don't like, but a lot of it.... they don't mind and will seek it out if they find it entertaining. The commercials is one of the reasons people like to watch the Superbowl.

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When they Beatles broke apart, basically everyone not in the Beatles blamed Yoko, but the fact is the group split itself apart. She just happened to be there.

The fact of the matter if what the Beatles themselves just grew apart. When the band formed they were all about 20. Ten years later they were each around 30 years old and they weren't really the same people anymore. Nobody is the same person at 30 they were at 20.

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Seek out the poem "Hometown" by SF writer Joe Haldeman. I can't find a link to it online. It really captures the sense of what space exploration is supposed to be about.