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No space marines or navy combat ships are allowed to help. The other races and space marines exist but won't or can't for whatever reason come to the aid of the astra militarium. Who is the weakest single entity that can wipe every astra militarium unit and planet from the galaxy?

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You ragequitting over a lost jug is one less person on the server that wipe, one step closer to being the only group left, one step closer to winning.

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Fair enough. I've been playing since ... I don't know. A14? They'll come around. They stopped doing constant updates due to player requests. Also, remember, this is not a game made by a "big name" or "big backing". It's really just a couple of guys who had an idea and are doing the best they can in their spare time. Go look into it. I think for what it is, they're doing fucking fantastic. ;)

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They use to be they have a fairly large team now, I remember Joel stating it was up to around 30 back during A16 dev diaries. But that's not really the issue, they just have a different view for the game than what I was I hoping for, mainly more pvp focus. In addition there are some members of the team that seem to have poor opinions of the early adopters.

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Understood. I don't know. "The team" is very new to my knowledge. Not pre-A16 as far as I know (I could be wrong, correct me if so). So whatever their ideas are... I have not seen them. But I do concur... it's been forever. I will also say however, having spent about $20 on the game with 1,000 plus hours of play time. I've gotten my monies worth regardless of what happens. And I'm fairly confident most people who buy it can say they've gotten their monies worth too, regardless. ;)

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Oh at 1500 hours I've got more than my worth out of it. But a large portion of why I played it so much was because I had hopes of it being a rust killer, rust with better building and environments basically, it still needs the pvp though. I wouldn't buy it now, and had I know the future of the game back pre-steam launch I wouldn't have kickstarted it.

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See I commented before and still got no badge. I've truly been destroyed.

I mean that or just press the lock button on and off quickly. Personally I don't use lock on at all and have no trouble aiming, It's not a twitch shooter its more about managing positions and stamina while making sure you take fights you know you can win. I.e don't fight as farm build.

It better be like that. Not just 4 guys looking for scraps of paper in an abandoned warehouse.

I want people being seperated. Floors caving in. 2 people finding an exit on top while the bottom has to fend off radroaches.

Ends up being we have to flood the bottom floor so they can swim up. Gotta drain it and now we can explore the sewers.

Can we please keep "questing" dynamic like this?

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Im sorry the game you want sounds awesome but its 10 years off.

Nothing in this sub, or any of the other subs have made say this, but finally here it is... fuck that. And to think I wanted to try cave diving next haha not anymore.


Wouldn't population growth just cause the universe to reach the same level of unsustainability? Why not snap and make infinite resources instead?

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I hope I'm remembered. I prophesied this day would come.

well now i have bad luck, ill either get banned or you will


In conan exiles they have a gamemode where players can kill each other but not damage bases. I don't play it but I imagine itd be a good addition for the more casual types here.


Also all their "PVP" servers have raid times, meaning only during primetime can you damage player structures. You can kill and loot other players 24/7. I had mixed feelings about it.

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The major issue with this is being able to build thru walls and balancing crafting costs of raid mats vs building pieces. Basically online raiding is impossible with even one person on vs 20+ raiders if they have even a few building pieces for every 20 bombs.

Plant X tower spam around the map.


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Original Poster0 points · 13 days ago

Does ark still not have a decay system? I honestly haven't played in over a year. I figured most survivals had it at this point.

ONLY if you also implement a no building while being actively raided. Online raids are impossible if even one dude defends due to building thru walls.


I just want to make waterworld again :(


Ark raiding on rafts was incredibly OP prior to squids and Leeds

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i dont use rafts to raid like others, i just want to make waterworld base lol, like the movie. Like the game RAFT on steam right now, just ya know with more to it in ark lol.

Best thing you can do (i'm unsure if this still works), is to get a few plant x on your raft.

Plant x will slow the leeds to the point where it can't reach you.

Or go to Ragnarok.

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i keep hearing ragnarok doesnt spawn them from like 50% of the responses but the other half say they do. And when i last played, about a year ago, I remember seeing them.

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I don't really. As long as I have food to eat and a warm bed I'm good, I've never really been the greedy type, money is an imaginary concept. It has value only because we agree it does. I've studied economy however and I can guarantee that the economy will collapse without UBI. No workers means no consumers, no consumers and the market collapses. Rioting, wars will ensue.

You can't sell things if no one can buy them. I'm simply hoping for a future without some sort of catastrophic apocalypse.

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The issue, in the hypothetical fully automated labor world(which I do believe is coming sooner than most imagine), isn't no consumers, it's what to do with the former consumers. Do you finally pay up and help your fellow man survive? Or do you watch and let billions die? Fully automated labor means no paid workers from raw material to end product, which means there's no need to sell anything because there's no need to buy anything (after your automated robots and raw material mine). Want that lambo? That rolex? That mcchicken? Just say it aloud and your personal version of alexa takes care of the rest, confirming the request and then sending the robots on their task.

Now as many have said, how do you stop the armed guards from revolting? Well firstly even if they are human still, DARPA was successful in their competition a few years ago for "emergency rescue" robots that were able to discern humans from rubble and surroundings, look at North Korea's army, most are still basically starving and won't revolt because of the power held over them. Now imagine instead of food you just recharges your robots from your free solar energy banks, no reason to pay food (harder to get) for worse guards(aimbots and increased awareness are just the tip of how much better ai soldiers will be).

The only real threat to the automation owners in this hypothetical world are other automation owners. This is where hope either lives or dies for the non automation owners. There's a few outcomes here and none really are without massive bloodshed (unless this is all prevented before automation), either all of humanity is destroyed by itself, or eventually after much bloodshed the non owners and any owners who protected non owners "win" and humanity reaches a new age of prosperity and near post-scarcity. Or some of the more unlikely things happens, like the wealthy are forced(by empathy, logic, or violence) to "give their fair share" before they have the ability to make their own super soldier armies. Or humanity is overthrown by another species, terrestrial, artificial, or otherwise.

Personally, and obviously, I'd like for us all to see reason, and work together to better all our futures "fairly". But that's just about as likely as my other pipedream of all of humanity getting uploaded and living forever as cloud consciousnesses, maybe even less so.


If i earn the arkeology event skins in single player now will i be able to use them in multiplayer at later date? does this go for all skins?


You don't unlock the skins, you craft them. Every time you want another one, or lose one, you have to craft it again. You don't spawn with them. But as long as you have enough bones, all of the skins in the event are available to you to craft in the cooking pot.

I am explaining this because I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say you "earned" the skins.

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Original Poster1 point · 22 days ago

Well there are other skins you earn, like bionic skins for certain achievements. or the preorder skins that i know respawn with me on death.

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Regarding the recently released DLC: We see and take your feedback into consideration, thank you. The team is taking another look at the items and their balancing.

So, I take that as a confirmation that the doors are working as intended, which means you intended to lie to us and say it was cosmetic only when from the very beginning it was never cosmetic only? I was really hoping this was an oversight. It seems you have dumped all the trust you'd built up in one fell swoop.

Please understand that if I am assessing this situation correctly, that lost trust is gone, even if you fix the doors at this point. You should tell players the truth or don't say anything at all, I can't believe I even have to explain that.

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Who hurt you man. The rest of the khitan building pieces are correct, and the khitan gear is far worse than vanilla gear, it is clearly an oversight that the doors are 70k hp when other t3 doors are 50k hp.

Edit: nevermind looking through your history you are either a troll or have stake in misleading others. Good day sir.

Original Poster10 points · 25 days ago

The team is still looking into this issue. Super sorry for the frustration.

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Hey I know there are a lot of issues, and a lot of very upset people. Regardless of what they say they are upset because they really like the game you guys have made here, when everything is working perfectly these people will be putting in hours daily enjoying exiles. So please thank you for and keep up the hard work and don't count exiles out just because of a vocal minority!

Ps. Yes I have had many crashes, bugs, and lag. But I have in most survival games and they do get better overtime. Nothing else really comes as close to conan as my perfect dnd like/fantasy survival game, if sorcery is ever added I think that'll be it :)

Pps. If you guys happen to work on an aquilonian dlc in the future.... <. < >.> please consider adding a placeable, snapable, and moduluar bathhouse piece. Basically take a foundation and make it water with walls around it that expands when next to other bathouse blocks. Or if thats not as feasible a nice, foundation sized, square water well that is white/marble would be great too!


So for those of you that don't know, there's a large spot of the map north of the jungle, east of the volcano, that is currently behind green walls. Devs claim to not have any plans for this area but I think it's just under wraps for the moment. We already know an aquilonian dlc is in the works and could be next. Aquilonia is often displayed by funcom as a greek/roman inspired civilization and landscape. With the leaked dlc seemingly confirming the continuation of that theme I suspect that we will see a Greece inspired biome possibly with boats and an archipelago as a free content update, to go along with the cosmetic dlc. The jungle coast already has a few islands and conan spent sometime on pirate ships so this all fits lorewise. What do you guys think? Obviously this is all speculation so if you don't agree, and still think they will add to the map, what do you think it will be?


Have you ever been to the well of skelos? If yes...have you checked map while there? If no, check it out.

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Original Poster2 points · 26 days ago

Yes, no, will do, and thanks.

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I think you mismatch Aquilonia and Archeronia. For the author of Conan, Aquilona is based on the Gaule tribes (actual France) with a little roman influence and a bit of celtic influence.

Check this:

Regardin a new biome, we don't need another empty biome (like the jungle). I would prefer to have enriched content there (emote, recipes, real Lemurian tribe and camps with thralls, real dungeon like the Dregs or the Black Castle,...etc)

There are so many places that look like there could be a dungeon starting... : Gallaman's Tomb, King's Niche, Executioners Entrance, Xalthar's Refuge, Jhil's Roost, Klael's Stronghold...

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Original Poster2 points · 26 days ago

Oh I'm aware of the author's original intention for aquilonia and his distaste for rome. However funcom, the developers of this game, previously made age of conan an mmo conan game where aquilonia is heavily greek themed. As for more dungeons they are actively working on adding two, likely to be in the jungle as they are suppose to go along with the pets update.

For starters, the first thing i noticed is those unprotected shelves just asking for bombs to be placed on em and blow out your foundations, taking down your walls. Im gonna assume youve t3 foundation spammed the ground to stop trebs?

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Original Poster1 point · 26 days ago

yea its foundation spammed out 150+ foundations away, what shelves?

Lowest points with crenelated walls. Foundation spamming is preventative, but not unstoppable, only take downing a few of em with grease orbs before theres a treb at your door.

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Original Poster1 point · 26 days ago

How would you place the bombs? those foundations are out of orb range, im pretty sure they are out of bomb range. theres probably 1000+ foundations in the foundation spamming, it wont be just one little section.

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Original Poster1 point · 29 days ago


Page that hosts screenshots and video directly from taking them at the console.

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Thanks man! I'm really excited for these to be out in like 3months minimum lol, but atleast we know they are coming next.

Original Poster2 points · 28 days ago

Np. Other than I’m not a man lol.

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haha alrighty then, thanks girl!

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Not all games are just about killing each other and just cause you can does not mean that is why some one else is playing it. If you are playing a game like fallout or gta where there is plenty to do other than killing players and some one makes it a point to let you know they are not interested in a firefight then you are being a jerk. And I would easily call you a griefed for killing them over and over again. As I said, it's not like we are talking about a game like cod where the entire point is killing each other. These are open world sandbox games where different people will play them differently and want different things out of them. Quit being a baby that not everyone wants to play a wide open game in the same way you do. Maybe instead of wasting your time pissing some one off, find some one who is willing to fight back.

You would have a point if people were arguing that just killing some one once should be punished or looked down on. But we're talking killing some one and forcing pvp on them and refusing to go away when they specifically make it boring for you in hopes you to find some one who actually does want to fight with you.

And I brought gta up because you replied to a comment I made that specifically used it as an example.

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Yea but the games we are talking about ARE about killing each other lol.

This is why all online games need servers separated into pvp and pve servers.

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