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Andy Heaton, so Scouse that I wouldn't be surprised if it transpires he was actually a missing Gallagher brother.


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The most informative and useful post in the entire thread and no upvotes. Here, have mine good sir.

People with stupid remarks on the computer's ability to run this or that, shame on you.

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Exactly what I was thinking. It happens a lot that there's a tangent of 50/100 posts of random song lyrics or movie/TV quotes that you have to scroll past just to find the information you actually want.

You probably were better off as long as you didn’t over do the ecstasy... but you were raving in the 90s, so you probably over did the ecstasy.

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At the time, they were the rules we adhered to.

Imagine trying to clean the drain with hair that long stuck in it...

That's a true horror movie in the making.

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As a man who lives with four long haired ginger females I can confirm that our bathroom drain regularly grows it's own wig.

On the subject of plastic bags.

I was listening to the infinite monkey cage (a BBC science show/podcast) and an expert in plastics said that you have to use a 'bag for life' 147 times before it negates the traditional plastic bag.

So basically one bag for life = 147 plastic bags.

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Bound to be loads of imperfections in there. Can’t decide if that would enhance the look or bother the shit out of me.

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It bothered the shit out of me that when he lifted off he left a corner rather than a curve and that's what I'd see all the time if I done it.

A padded bra doth not a sister make.

Until you admit defeat when she tries to shove her hand up your arse. You win Stephanie.

I can't remember seeing Chamberlain smile when he was at arsenal, every time I've seen him since he came to us he's been as happy as a shit pig.

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There's a bit of recency bias there, he always smiled at Arsenal, even though they were shite.

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I'm not sure about recency bias, it's probably more that I've just never followed arsenal or their players that much.

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I haven't listened but....

If you download podcast addict from the app store you can search 'empaths', there are a few results.

I want Madrid, in the final where double justice will be served not long after we have a corner and Lovren leaps like a trout trying to traverse a waterfall and bangs in the winning goal and on his way back down to earth his perfectly normal downward travelling elbow smashes ramos' fucking nose into a thousand irreparable fucking pieces.

Yup, mine dropped also. Has their been some sort of shut down?

Yeah it is you fucking weirdo lmao do you know anything about drugs or the human brain

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Well, aren't you a fucking delight?

One thing I can definitely be confident about when talking about drugs and their effect on the brain is they're not being overly kind to yours. The shit your ramming down there seems to be filling you with over confidence and false sense of self righteousness.

Not to worry though, I'm sure that'll fade over time and in turn your post history won't come across so angry and riddled with spite.

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Sunderland is a fucking nightmare:

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Athletico mince really doesn't come out enough, they could do it daily, several times for me and it still wouldn't be enough.

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