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i use a 8320 (same os as the 8400) and i am not a fan. the os reminds me of the wifi controller os not anywhere near the same as the procurve os.

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I personally prefer the Arubaos from the WLC Controllers, but that's where I spend most of my time anyway.

Besides the OS, does it "do it's job"? These still seem fairly new, so i'm concerned about how stable they are. My huge question is if you can use third party optics (like the ones FS sells, where they are coded)

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I tried this morning on my way past the coms room and it didnt like the one hp branded optic i had J4859C flashed. Due note those are 1gb sfp not 10gb but it shouldve autoed to 1gb.

i havent tried the optics from fs in it.

the wlc controllers i only use the gui. not a fan of the command line in them.

i dont find the os buggy but lacking some features that id expect. like if i want to go a range command on a set of interfaces some times i have to go to each interface and do the command.

management is very nxos like where you dont just ssh into it you specify vrf.

i use termius myself ... dont like that they ended support for the chromeos app

what kind of switching are you using?

I had to get this setup on aruba/procurve for about 900 cameras and it had a few hiccups that I had to work on.

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Cisco Catalyst 3850 with layer 3 features

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i had a similar issue with hyperv and it boiled down to the network card being emulated no a direct connect.

in my case i just passed physical card to that vm

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Mmmmm real data...

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i use aruba chassis almost always over stacks. the cost is very close once you start counting in dual power supplies/stacking mods w/cables for every switch in the stack. also the ones you mentioned are comware and i havent seen any future path from hp on comware but aruba line just started launching new switches so that line has more development.

first make a operator password so they get greeted by a login instead of any information.

then setup a management vlan and you can restrict access to that management vlan.

or you can just turn off web management.

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hey thanks for your response. I do see a MGMT Vlan on the Web Gui however there is no one on it and I manage the Aruba from VLAN 12. Are you saying that I am suppose to restrict access to VLAN 12 only?

if so, how do I go about doing that?

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tbh i only ever use the web access as a last resort.

I don't do on-call.

God there are so many 24/7s in this thread it's depressing. Working in Europe there are different laws about work time and especially compensation. The company doesn't get to just say "you're salaried, so we own you 24/7". You are limited in the number of hours you're allowed to work BY LAW. If you take a call at 3am and work until 4am, you are not allowed to travel to the office for 11 hours after you finish work.

Managers are also not allowed to ping you after your working hours to pester you about stuff. You're supposed to disconnect and rest. Also, by law, 21 days paid vacation minimum. (I'm at 27 at my current place) Additionally, no such thing as limited sick days. When you're sick you're sick, stay home. After 3 days, you need to go to a doctor and get a sick note, but that's super easy.

So what happens if there's an issue outside my working hours? The engineers living in the US have to pick it up and respond because they're 24/7 with no additional compensation...

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whats a vacation?

Hospitals are the hell people go to as a network engineer. I don't understand how you do it.

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lots of caffeine and good remote access setups.

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ive used the edgeswitch version of this often in smb.

I would stick to layer 2 only on them. They also dont play well with storage networks, they just dont have the buffer to handle it.

I wish they would make a dual power supply version of their switches.

They just released dual power.

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about time ... now for sfp+ on 24 port w/poe. also need the ablity to get longer hardware support/paid support.

console cable into the switch.

or direct connect to the switch and set your ip address not add an ip address. make your gateway the ip address of the switch not the router.

id get a unifi usg to match your switch.

Original Poster1 point · 17 days ago

Seems like they are in the middle of upgrading their hardware - I might just muddle through until the new ones are all out next year.

The new Edgerouter-4 seems to be the way they are going, so once they do the ER-PRO and other ones with new processors, I'll consider it.

I had an ER_POE that had the flash failure that was endemic to those models. And I found it ridiculous they wouldn't just send me another flash card since it was their product that was defective, so I am a bit negative on Ubiquiti rigbht now.

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if your not uplinking at spf+ you could always widen your search to routers that only have copper ports.

now if your switch is full and you have to use a sfp for a uplink you can get sfp to copper 1gb really cheap (like 15 usd) and use that.

it will really widen you options to like ebayed firewalls or other brands.

have your neighbors upgraded their router lately? if so that can cause some air space/channel issues. i always just get a modem from the isp and route on my own stuff.

what firewall do you have at each site ... if they are both the same you can call support (depending on the brand of firewall, opensource ymmv) and they can help you set one up.

if you are just using what the isp gave you chances are youll need something more or some sort of software solution. if you are looking for a small business firewall some of the better brands are palo alto, fortinet, barracuda and sophos. all of those can do a site to site vpn.

What do the characters mean??

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Original Poster1 point · 17 days ago

tbh i dont know, i do like the design

airwave is nice ... also look at aruba central.

check her system for proxy settings .. malware sometimes changes that.

Original Poster1 point · 20 days ago

I apologize for the late reply. I took the long weekend and decided to have a mini vacation, so I was away from the interwebs for a while. @asdlkf, yes I have added the Voice directive to that vlan. @ZPrimed, the phones in question are Mitel 5320's and 5330's.

I have included a config I have stripped down below.

; JL073A Configuration Editor; Created on release #KB.16.06.0006 ; Ver

hostname "Simms-Metro-1" module 1 type jl073x flexible-module A type JL083A timesync sntp no sntp ntp server X.X.X.X no telnet-server time daylight-time-rule continental-us-and-canada ip route X.X.X.X ip routing interface 24 name "AT&T_SWITCHED_ETHERNET" speed-duplex 100-full exit snmp-server community "Water#sws200" operator oobm ip address dhcp-bootp exit vlan 1 name "DEFAULT_VLAN" no untagged 22-23 untagged 1-21,A4 tagged 24,A1-A3 ip address X.X.X.X ip address X.X.X.X ip address X.X.X.X exit vlan 15 name "VLAN15" untagged 22-23 tagged 1-21,24,A1-A3 ip address X.X.X.X exit vlan 339 name "VLAN339" tagged 24 ip address X.X.X.X exit no tftp server no autorun no dhcp config-file-update no dhcp image-file-update password manager password operator

It is important to note that there is a Mitel controller onsite that is supposed to be handing out IP addresses for the local subnet. It works fine and hands out IP addresses while on the layer3 cisco switch, but when i switched over to the HP, it was not handing out IP addresses for phones coming off of the 3810 only phones coming off of the down stream 2530's. The Mitel Controller has an IP in the local vlan 15 subnet, and it is plugged into port 23 that is untagged for vlan 15. I have not tried tagging port 23 with vlan 15 yet because on the cisco switch, it is set up as an access port.

thank you guys for the help.

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it looks like you need ip helper addresses on the vlan to pass out dhcp ip addresses.

post your config my i have a similar setup and on my voip vlna all i had to do was give it the voice tag no other lldp config or qos. you may need a helper address if you are routing on the 3810 to get dhcp to work but if its layer two only you should be fine.

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Playstations have really bad WiFi, especially the original PS4. It doesn't matter how good your router or AP is, WiFi is going to suck on them. You need to wire them. Local game streaming is going to be even worse over WiFi.

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yep they do ... I normally put them on a wifi bridge because its that bad.

I know that you’re asking about Adtran but have you looked at HP/Aruba? They have pretty good record hardware longevity-wise (at least from what I was told) and they have good warranty.

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I do like the Aruba line up of switches, deployed thousands of them with low failure rate, and if it does it comes with a just about instant replacement.

I also have been very interested in Adtran. I may have to pick up one to play with.

Original Poster1 point · 20 days ago

Thanks so much for your help. Do the Ubiquiti AP's support DHCP snooping?

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the switching has dhcp guarding

looks fine to me for a site that small ... the only thing i would add would be an outdoor mesh ap to cover the outdoor area.

also you may need some sort of content filtering if you plan on using guest wifi.

last hotel i did wifi for we deployed an ap per room. just about each decent wifi brand out there makes a hospitality ap just for that reason.

and even on the lower end ap world has started to make them

Perhaps overkill, but I went with Ruckus AP's and Controller for my own house. The family stopped bitching about Wifi coverage.

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i used a few aruba iaps myself but i have used unifi with good results in the past

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