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__celli 1 point

He’s Greek.... talking about Greeks... you can’t be racist against your own race. Racism requires a belief of superiority over another race. You can’t believe that your own race is superior to your own race. It doesn’t work that way. You can have a racial inferiority complex, but if there isn’t a superiority complex, it’s not racism.

Words have definitions. Just because the whole world wants to call every Tiny Little transgression racism in 2018, it doesn’t make it so.

dericandajax 1 point
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Omega-3-6-9 -10 points

Because you simply do not understand it & most likely never will.

dericandajax 1 point

If you let go of your high horse, you will fall directly into its shit.

dericandajax 3 points

Belly bump!! Wait...MOM!!!

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dericandajax 447 points

Anyone else bothered by the slight asymmetry to them raising?

Blackfire_Zealot 12 points

Good call, but it has to because one side (right) has a small bar that rests over the left slats.

dericandajax 1 point

Didn't even make it to the end to see this. I backed out about 2.5 planks in.

Akhevan 1 point

This is my first character (warlock) and so I clearly have plenty to learn but are there other factors?

Low level damage output is dependent on:

  • 60% or so class design: if you get your key abilities at level 70, 85, or 110, obviously the husk of your class that you have without them will not be competitive.
  • 40% gear: if you don't have it, you won't be dealing damage.
    ~0% skill: it really does not take much of it to navigate the 2 and a half spells you have at level 15.

What spec are you playing? Affliction is not competitive at low levels because everything dies too fast. Demo is not competitive at low levels because it's about 30-40% complete without your artifact, which you essentially get at 110.

On top of that, balance is an absolute mess at low levels. For instance, before level 90 or so rain of fire is ridiculously overtuned for destro compared to your other spells. At level 110 it's very low impact and only used on large numbers of targets that will be up for a long time. Tanks used to deal 2-3 times as much damage as most DPS specs at low levels, they probably still do. Nobody really cares about it either way.

dericandajax 1 point

I was playing demo and switched to dest which has been going a LOT smoother. Been leading dps most dungeons now and I think I'm getting the hang of the rotation. Level 30 so clearly don't have all spells but I have a pretty good grasp on the ones I do have. Thanks for the advice!

andrzejellis 4 points

Your best bet would be to stay on the realm you're on. You won't be able to trade gold with each other. But you can still join parties together, trade loot drops you were both present for, queue together for everything except for the newest Mythic Raids and rated PVP, and basically play as if you were on the same server.

If you ever hit a point where the rated PVP or the mythic raiding matters to you guys, a server transfer fee will probably be the least of your worries (and it'll probably be him coming to Tichondrius).

If you do decide to transfer servers, and need to launder a bunch of gold, a safe bet is Battle Pets. Buy up a bunch of expensive/rare battle pets, and then resell them on your target server. With a bit of research, you might even make a profit.

dericandajax 1 point

Thanks a lot man! Definitely going this route.

darcstar62 3 points

4) The last MMO I fell in love with was GW1. I almost exclusively played a monk because I enjoyed healing in GvG and PvE. It also gave me the ability to smite solo content. Which class is most similar? I'm currently running a paly.

Loved GW1 as well and i always play healers in MMOs. Pally will be fine - it never clicked for me, however. I played priest in the past but cant recommend it for soloing anymore (its slow). I'm now playing a monk and loving the healing style of mistweaver but it's also fun to solo quest as a windwalker. As always, YMMV.

dericandajax 1 point

I'll give it a go! I have a boost so gonna do that lvl 100 test on priest shaman and monk.

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Sheepbjumpin 77 points

For context, this person was a complete rando whom I never even spoke to before.

Only thing I did that might have made me stand out was that I ended up directing the LFR group on how to beat KJ and shared feasts to help keep their moral high, seeing as most were new and wiped a few times due to uncertainty.

I'd like to say this was a one time thing but it's not and this just one of the more tame messages I get from guys who think that every potential woman they meet in game will most definitely want their oh so special penises...

dericandajax 35 points


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Jebusura -8 points

Dafuq dude?

dericandajax 8 points

Pirates of the Caribbean is a movie starring Johnny Depp. Check it out.

Stormfly 1 point

It's not even a Pirates of the Carribean thing, it's just an old thing some people used to think.

dericandajax 2 points

Valid but I think he was quoting the movie.

Jagnnohoz 2 points

First things first, the full gamut will cost you around 70 bucks (20 for the battle chest, which contains all expansions up to Legion and 50 for the BfA/Legion bundle). Second, we're moving into a brand new expansion! Everyone will be leveling from 110 to 120, and with Allied Races, there will be people doing all the old world content. I started back after Mists of Pandaria dropped, and enjoyed every minute of the process. AND I got to enjoy a bunch of the end-game content. It seems daunting at first, but once you dip your toe in and try it out more, you may find it's really fun!

dericandajax 1 point

Thanks! I'm currently downloading the game and will hold off on the newest expansions as I'm sure I'll have plenty to do. Are there any good noob resources? Any advice or mistakes you made that I could avoid? What should I do first? What's the best way to level? So many questions!!!

Jagnnohoz 3 points

Well, let's take it one step at a time.

  1. Every Monday, this very subreddit has Murloc Monday, where you can ask practically any question you want (I generally lurk there, answering what I can). There's also r/wownoobs, for the same thing. For more class specific questions, every class has a community Discord you can join.

  2. A little research on Wowhead/Icy Veins will save you a ton of pain when gearing or generally questing. I remember rolling need on an Int Staff as a BM monk when I started, thinking I'd need it (spoilers: I didn't. Needed Agi). Another big thing is do NOT worry about secondary stats until you get to max level.

  3. First thing period is level. How you do it is entirely up to you, and the last major update made it so you can quest almost anywhere. I leveled my Void Elf starting in the eastern Kingdoms, travelled to Kaimdor, and quested down the eastern side of the continent. The world is your oyster, as they say. Intersperse dungeons through your leveling, as the group play can be quite rewarding (as well as supplementing your questing XP).

HUGE EDIT: Final tip, and hugest tip (not that you need it, since you already are), is to ask questions. Asking the right question or asking for help from someone can make all the difference. I occasionally dabble in Mythic raiding (1/11, so not much progress), and I STILL ask questions. The only stupid question is the one not asked.

dericandajax 1 point

Super helpful! Thanks!

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dericandajax 3 points

Original Guild Wars is on sale on Steam!

Sarblade 2 points

I support this. No recent games managed to get such a good class system.

dericandajax 1 point

The sheer volume of viable skills and builds combined with the primary/secondary masteries made customization so unique. I also have a spot in my heart for running ranger spike in HoH. If only...

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Vanleon1s 2 points

For Spamadan, this is definitely true, possibly for all other PvE content too.

If you wanna play HA however (e.g. on a double fame weekend), all the activity is on the international district.

dericandajax 1 point

Is HA still active?! If so I'm starting again immediately.

elrond9999 2 points

You only get real games in halls. Sometimes. It is filled with bots so you literally farm them until halls where, if you are lucky, can fight real people.

dericandajax 1 point

Gone are the days of finding a team to do ranger spike? Sigh...

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