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Coming soon's lazy to take a game mode another game made popular and improve upon It? Isn't that, like, umm, how CoD was built? And other FPS? Off the backs of other games? How quickly people forget the recent past...

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Wait, who said lazy? I said sleazy. It's funny how people in capitalist's societies protect and defend one set of private property rights but then completely glare over others. I am not a staunch or absolute defender of private property rights of individuals but I just think the contradictions are odd and ironic to hear.

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Wait...what? You good? Who is "glaring over" and "defending" theft of IP? All I said is every game ever, every piece of literature, every piece of art in general is in someway, somehow, built upon those who have come before. Somehow you turned this into some weird beef with capitalism while calling muses and inspiration "sleazy". Odd.

It’s not realistic to not be able to see someone that close while the fucking Sun’s out lol.

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You do know shadows are a product of objects blocking the sun reaching the ground? So the sun being out isn't quite relevant in this situation?

I agree man. CoD has always had such solid sound too. Not sure what went wrong.

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Nobody does that tho... lol seriously probly 1/10 people actually camp in a BR

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Nobody does that! Also, 10% of people do that!

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thanks for the narration I guess?

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Thanks for saying no one camps, 1/10 camp, and 10/88 camp within 10 minutes. Sound like a politician the way you waffle.

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Until they fix it, aim for the head and make your encounters a 2 part battle. Shred armor, heal up, kill.

I know the likelihood of this is slim but everyone upvote to get it more traction anyway!!


Is anyone else having trouble pinpointing where footsteps are coming from? I feel the distance, different materials, and Z-axis are a bit wonky. Compared to older COD, R6 or even PUBG it just seems lackluster. Other than that, really fun game!!

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Yes, my income dictates what my employer buys for us to use lul.

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I mean, yeah, it kinda does. You make the company no money? You get paid shit and have bad equipment. You make a ton of money for the company or add major value, you get the best equipment money can buy. LUL.

Love how you make the assumption that it's shitty equipment. Keep trying kiddo

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You seem like a really cool guy. Keep living the dream, chief.

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As you went prone I thought you were gonna get sniped. So...did you?

Is that blue dot on the side Earth? Pretty awesome.

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Because its a concept, it probably would be earth, but in reality earth would be very difficult to see from saturn. It would probably be a nearby blue star if it were reality though.

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But we're able to see Saturn pretty clearly at certain points of the year. Granted we're smaller but we can see Mercury as well. And just like Mars is red, us being blue would probably help to spot us.

Now I know where you live. What are we having for dinner?



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I can hear the awful noise from the fork

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It's a rubber mat not sure there's much noise coming from it.

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Yeah save you're fancy "proper grammar" for a different site. We no need use words good hear!

Don't accept q after 130 and don't accept after a dodge. Problem solved.

I think "Tron dude" would have been more appropriate.

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They are in 90% of my games, noob, no skill and braindead champs. But this is the meta, you get rewarded for playing less complex champs with loads of CC and this is why people play them, they want that easy mode.

If they think that is fun then they need to seek help. Complex champs that requires actualy mechanics and makes you think is way more fun and satisfying when you kill someone.

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TL;DR: I'm an elitist and don't bother having an opinion. Mine is right.

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You ok?

You should get Irelia.

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Any reasons? Pros and cons? Atleast give an explanation

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She's one of the most fun champs to me. Her making is her weakest part of her game but if you can master her it becomes a moot point. The outplay potential is up there with River, Yas, Akali, etc. but I think has a higher upside. Her stun, mobility, 50% damage redcution, slow from ult, disarming of people and shield shredding is just so many options. Plus her passive is a built in Nashors Tooth.

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