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People take it upon themselves to hate me. Some of the messages and comments I receive are too funny not to share, though, so I created my very own Wall of Mad. As new hate comes in, I’ll add it to the Wall. I hope you enjoy these as I have!

Disclaimer: I copy and paste messages and comments exactly as I receive them (despite what people may say otherwise). I neither include personal information nor encourage anyone to harass or attack anyone else. This Wall is purely an amusing collection of random strangers' misplaced anger. For your enjoyment only.

user reports:

6: This is spam

1: Bruh do you know how sad it is that you get in internet fights?

1: This reveals private information about someone

1: Breaking Reddit

1: don't reproduce

1: <no reason>

1: God you're a fucking loser holy shit

1: fuck you

1: It's rude, vulgar or offensive at someone else

1: Lol you're such a pathetic waste of human resource, Christ this is hilariously sad

1: Personal information

1: Don't Spam

1: Breaking sitewide rules

1: put me on your wall you karma suckling faggot

1: i hope you die soon

1:how about nobody checks out your stupid sub. how about you stop redditing altogether? fuck you.

1: This is involuntary pornography

1: Well, you are a karma whore. Cant get mad that people are calling you what you are

The Wall of Mad

u/I_Repost_Gallowboob: Reply so I can block. Your posts are annoying.

u/VanCityCanucks7: Nice repost fag 🖕🏼

u/coolkid1717: You really are a dick.

u/notabotAMA: You don't shut up, i will f*king downvote all your posts.

u/liamggbb: If you don’t shut the fuck up i’m going to downvote all your posts

u/PillwaukeeMethLover: Commit sui all you do is post low effort shit in a saturated enviroment. You are filth. Every effort you make deepens your faggotry.

u/PillwaukeeMethLover: 1 karma = 1 faggot. Way to be a fuckin loser

u/tatsuyashiba12312312: wow good job posting stuff for fake internet points

u/Trainsarefascinating: You are just parasite trying to traffic in karma. This entire post should be deleted and you should be banned from Reddit.

u/Unclegrabcock: dick from reposting hell

u/raanegaw: Your are a dipshit. Stop putting cum in your hair. Hanging would be great

u/SkullFiddle: You think you can prove anything with your dumb wall of mad, you stupid piece of shit? Whiny little bitches like you are what ruined this site. I’ve reported every post and comment you’ve ever made, we’ll see how that precious carma of yours is doing after the admins are through with you.

u/Aski09: Imagine if someone in real life knew how much karma you had. RIP social life.

u/Lastboss42: What the fuck did you just fucking say about Reddit, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in Reddit's Justice for Firstposts™ course, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on GallowBoob, and I have over 300,000 confirmed karma points removed. I am trained in cyber warfare and I’m the top hacker in the entire Reddit JfF™ task force. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe your karma the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this site, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with making a "Wall of Mad"? Think again, fucker.

u/slendermanof212: Go and kys and rot in hell. Give me ur gold and karma. You dont deserve it. Karmawhore 🖕

u/Squidsword_: Hear me out, uh, faggot. The Wall of Mad’s increasing market cap comes from hate. Thats where the economy comes from. Now most of reddit is just a bunch of sad motherfuckers who are too lazy to PM people, kinda like your family. But they have enough mental energy to comment on a post. Now if you unlock the comments like I unlock my fist on the, uh, fagface you are, you can add hate messages from the comments to the WoM. I’m not expecting your dumbass 60 IQ brain to understand, but hopefully your Richie Rich parents can hire a maid to help you read the first few sentences.

u/Karkattt: Think you're so fucking funny punk? Think you're so good with that karma eating shit faced grin huh? Im gonna say it. Im gonna say it. I dont care that you gained karma. Oomph. Beat that. U lil shit.

u/BerzerkLlama: Hate u/dickfromaccounting. He just reposts in numerous subs for free karma.

u/unleashtheclowns: He's not even a manfly. He a dodo dood

u/OrionJuztin24: If reddit was a religon, u/dickfromaccounting would probably be the antichrist

u/Gollowbood: Thank god for the reply. Now I can block you.

u/yankeesfan024: Stop reposting karma whore

u/kurtvictor1: Well OP is definitely not the picture OP because u/dickfromaccounting is known for stealing other people's hard work, and seems to switch genders constantly in posts and saying "I"

u/nickoasdf1: Yeah, this content was stolen like literally anything else u/dickfromaccounting posts. Hes a notorious karmawhore

u/FNCxPro: Fuxk u UE gay!!!!?!1!1!1!!1

u/ozhav: I've got them tagged as (cunt) not only because they repost but also because they take an extremely childish response to criticism and being called out. Oh, lemme just spend my life scouring Reddit and finding cool, attention worthy posts with limited recognition so that I can gain their karma. Oh, this is a cool screenshot of a game I found in a smaller sub. Oh, lemme just repost it for that nice karma without crediting the OP and using language that implies it was my OC. Oh, people found out? You're all haters, I'm puting you on my hater list/wall of mad. Lalalalala! u/dickfromaccounting

u/Marswhalbaconattor: It's u/dickfromaccounting, he'd suck a dick full of herpes to get karma...

u/weedsweed: Motherfucker, all of these "here's the source" comment don't somehow magically excuse all of your constant, rampant karmawhoring

u/Dove_Bird: u suk and u only repost for carma hehexd

u/natemilonakis: Why do you do doo-doo repost!

u/thestankyboot: This fucking account. Definition of a Karma Whore. Literally just browses to copy/repost into different subs.

u/thestankyboot: I’m not scared of your bitch ass wall, you punk faking, lying ass motherfucker.

u/satirical-intent: Sorry this sub is ruined if /u/DickFromAccounting is posting here. I hate that asshole so much. I’m out. Thanks DFA!


u/Fliktorbean: So you know what you're doing is fucked up and now you're what, gloating? Don't act stupid you know the shady shit you're doing and it's pretty scummy. Love how you sit there on your fat, fat ass and say "I have no clue why people are mad" when even your little pudgy squirrel brain can realize you're being a cum bucket. You're reposting old stuff claiming it's yours and now you're a nod deleting other people's posts telling them it's not allowed cuz it's a repost, but you know all about that now don't you. Surprised you're sausage fingers can type with all the grease and sweat it takes copying other people's work and get upvotes, if only those got you somewhere in life you wouldn't have to sit on Reddit all day, you might find a purpose for you're lard ass one day, but for now, stay scummy.

u/Terri23: You're the Queen of the repost DFA, second only to Gallowboob. Keep on keeping Reddit boring!

u/etkneaf: Put me on that wall of mad you reposting karma whore, your like a demon from ghostbusters, hate makes you stronger

u/reincarnatedninjia: nice repost you son of a cocksucking donkey

u/squanchobiohnski: Also go ahead and report me. I’ll just doxx you back to the Stone Age with alt accounts you pit cuck faggot

u/Bren12310: Omfg, please get some OC for once and stop reposting.

u/armenianpizza: Go away reposter. Take your downvote and be gone.

u/RooseBoltonGanjaMan: Hey, dickfromaccounting, enough with the fucking reposts you karma-farming bot

u/GenericScrub24: Hippity hoppity make some oc you lazy asshat. You heard me.

u/GenericScrub24: Hippity hoppity im not mad tho

u/nickoasfd1: Another little bitch is u/dickfromaccounting.

u/discordaddict: This is old as shit. KYS OP, you reposting faggot

u/genericscrub24: Sorry this is off topic but he won’t respond he’ll just add you to his wall of mad because he can’t learn to deal with his problems without being a pussy.

u/LikeUmTryAgainSweety: People don’t like you because you post inaccurate trash. Pussy ass cancer white boy. Never even talked to an atm without creaming your jeans corny ass wonder bread hoe. Won’t put this on your wall unoriginal thief.

u/XepherX: reddit Is Dying And People Like You Are The Reason Why


apologizing for a video in the video title seems counterintuitive. maybe I should try it

you can tell by the way the kitty's head sinks down ever so slightly at the beginning that he's ready for a good pounce


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