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No, you just need her continued consent. If it feels like she stiffens up when you put your arm around her instead of snuggling into you, you apologize and pull it away. If you’re not sure ask. Is this okay? Girls like that. Use your words, ask if she’s okay if it doesn’t feel like she’s into it. She says stop then you stop. She pushes you away then you stop.

If she pouts because she thinks men are supposed to be aggressive, take her home and find an adult to date.

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But that's not how it seems to work anymore. Just accidental touches are being called out.

Original PosterScore hidden · 23 minutes ago · edited 8 minutes ago

Really? Let’s hear from some men whose lives were upended for an “accidental touch”? Did you lose your job? Family? Go to prison? What’s your #accidentaltouch story?

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I have to pee and your weird social preference to stand alone is not as important as my determination to pee

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By the time I'm in the restroom my bladder is going into release mode. I don't have time to really think about anything else.

A letter that hasn’t been sealed properly

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Or the ones with the plastic windows.

Well, they probably read these studies

46 points · 2 hours ago

TL;DR - Optimal income for North Americans (really probably referring to US) is now $105,000 though it is said $65-95,000 is acceptable for "emotional well-being." Anecdotally, I agree. $65,000 is what I'd consider a lower limit for individual income where you can really start to think mostly about things other than money. These threads always end up with someone coming in talking about how they live in the middle of nowhere on $40K and live like a king. That isn't normal. I'd say these numbers are for the majority of people (which, by the way, live in or nearby major metro areas).

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On the other side I got into one of these discussions with a guy that said he was lower middle class because they only brought in $400k.

Alcatel dumb phone that I got for under a £10.

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I have an Alcatel smart phone that I got for $70. I needed GPS because of job searches.

How has it treated you? Mine hasn't put a foot wrong but that to be expected with dumb phone really. I thankfully have a laptop that I can do job searches etc from.

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For me it is great. I get notices daily that it doesn't have enough memory to update apps, but that is the only annoying thing. I sit at a computer all day every day so I never really use it other than a phone and GPS. The pictures are crappy but I only use that to document something.

I've said this elsewhere in a similar thread, but once as a TA I had a girl offer her sister to perform oral sex on me for a B in the class. I told her that the only way she could get a B in the class was to make a resounding A on the final which, "unfortunately" I had no control over, but to this day I wonder why she offered her sister's services over her own.

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That is odd. Was her sister present when the offer was made? Did she show you a picture of her sister?

Day planner

Original Poster4 points · 4 hours ago

I am solidly in that camp with you! I will not budge on that one. Sometimes at the doctor I will put my next appointment in my phone calendar but I immediately transfer it when I get home to my old timey planner😁

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It's funny. I work with venture capitalist. Not the super rich but they make around $1m per year. They have multiple phones and computers and access to all the latest tech. Everyone of them also carries a Franklin Day Planner.

5 points · 20 hours ago

I wish I could understand Eraserhead (guess that's what you wanted to write)...

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Or maybe I understood Eraserhead on a level that was beyond you?

5 points · 18 hours ago

I don't know what you mean by that

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It is a psychological horror movie. If I was truly terrified by it, then I understood it.

When "This is Spinal Tap" came out I saw so many people walk out of the theater. They didn't get it.

The person that is affected by the movie in the way it was intended, actually understand the move.

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What are you talking about, I've watched toads shit before... Never watched a beaver shit though.

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A sad comment on my life is I now look forward to that video.

I only thought about toad shit upon seeing the post title and imagined toads taking these tiny, wet shits, like a pigeon. Boy, was I wrong.

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That's exactly what I imagined too! We learned that all that shit we've seen is actually toads!

Did you ever consider that the original test profoundly affected your self image? Your subsequent results could stem from a constructed self image imposed on you by a flawed test.

To me, this prospect is the real problem with the poor retest validity. The potential for typecasting yourself as something your are not, just because some dumb test told you that you are introvert.

This may not be your case, but just think of the amount of lost potential, when thousands and thousands of young impressionable minds are shown a narrow box they can climb into rather than exploring who they could become.

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but just think of the amount of lost potential, when thousands and thousands of young impressionable minds are shown a narrow box they can climb into rather than exploring who they could become.

That is what is really scaring me about this thread. I had no idea that people took it so seriously.

The only validity/consistency I can see in these tests is that every goddamn INTJ is very proud of their distinction and likes to tell people about it.

I've taken this thing many times and I have no fucking idea what I got

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There are a lot of comments like this and I'm surprised. I probably wouldn't remember if HR didn't make me take the fucking test and keep getting the same results. After 5 or more times, it just sticks in your brain.

And I had no idea people thought about. Fucking Menza shit there.

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What the hell?!?

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That's what I thought! And since I was drunk I had fallen down. Some guy ran up and asked if I was ok. Drunken me responded, "You aren't going to hit too are you?"

I only know that last part because my friend told me.

Guy asked if I wanted to buy some pot. I said, "No thanks; I'm good." He punched me in the face.

172 points · 22 hours ago

On his way to frick your bitch

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It's the can type fuck

25 points · 21 hours ago

Not in my Christian reddit thread!

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Fair enough. Sometimes we forget what sub we are in.

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My cat has the same M on her head

Original Poster2 points · 22 hours ago

Aww, Mackerel tabby twins! = ^ . ^ =

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Do you know what breed? We just found her on our doorstep when she was about 5 weeks old.

60 points · 23 hours ago

That is true. I graduated in 1975. Backpacks were for Scouting or war.

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Graduated HS in 85. Pretty much no one carried backpacks at school. College was a different story.

But it balances itself!

Isn’t technology amazing

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Balances itself to what?

You obviously don't understand what balancing an account is. I dispute charges on my credit cards and bank several times a year. Sure, it may only be $5-$20 per transaction, but that's my fucking money.

People like you are why cyber crime thrives.

4 points · 1 day ago

Shit, what if I don't have a chequebook?

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Do you have a debit card? That is your checkbook.

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It's the opening lyrics of the song "One" by Metallica, which is about a soldier suffering Locked-In Syndrome from stepping on a landmine.

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Thank you for the information.

I can't remember anything

Can't tell if this is true or dream

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September was always my favorite month because the crowds were gone and the Gulf was still an awesome temp.

What roads are you on? If you are doing Broadway, that won't change because that is just people coming to work from off island,.

1.8k points · 1 day ago

That's a nice thing to tell yourself, but it hasn't been my experience working in the IT field

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I had it on my cubicle for a bit. The boss didn't approve.

13 points · 23 hours ago · edited 23 hours ago

I'm gonna put this on my Skype and see if anyone says anything.

edit: this is going to be awkward if someone else at work Reddits.

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I also worked for a micromanager and put this on my cubicle which was also not approved.

The materiality principle. The materiality principle states that an accounting standard can be ignored if the net impact of doing so has such a small impact on the financial statements that a reader of the financial statements would not be misled.

1 point · 1 day ago · edited 1 day ago

Yes, because the economy is still strong and takes precedent over social issues. Like the old saying, "It's the economy, stupid". When unemployment is down, wages keeping going up, inflation stays in check, stock market at all-time highs, people tend to stick with the status quo. I'm not a fan of Trump's stance on immigration, race, or LGBT rhetoric, but as long as I have a job and my stock portfolio is making money, I'm totally fine with him.

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As long as the economy stays good and he doesn't die of a heartattack, he will absolutely be re-elected.

Cash out, because that doesn't sound particularly sustainable.

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Very good point. I was going to say start going to crappy subs, but I think you are right.

Did that and a couple years later we got married.

Use with caution.

Oh, I also did that on my 40th birthday and dated a 20 year old.

Use with caution.

30 points · 1 day ago

Often myself to be completely honest

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I come to these threads to make sure I'm not listed.

The beer aisle, where I buy beer.

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I'll meet you there. I'll probably go to the cheese aisle first though.

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