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lohkeytx 2 points

from an actual MMR standpoint. I believe you get more points from wins solo q'ing. I dont ever check but i remember this from quite some time ago.

digrigs 1 point

This is true and I believe you get more when your team is random and the other team is partied up

T3nt4c135 3 points

I recently started my climb to champ 2 when I got comfortable going back and forth between ball cam(If servers worked).

digrigs 2 points

(if servers worked) lmao

SrryImLagging 5 points

I just recently started doing this, it works so well!

digrigs 5 points

it makes doubles a lot easier for sure especially tight angles

digrigs commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Inher1tor 1 point

700 hours? Jesus

digrigs 1 point

Yes I had about 300 on xbox and I have 450 on pc I don't know why I got so many downvotes. I could post proof. I didn't mean to take away from your achievement.

Inher1tor 1 point

My achievement hasn’t lasted very long... lol. I’ve lost my champ two and got it back about 10 times now. But i lost it again. Solo q sucks sometimes

digrigs 1 point

Its tough to stay in when you're tetering I am low C2 so i know how you feel. I play for a team so we usually have a good squad and im c2 in 3s and c1 in 2s

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