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dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Zizos 15 points

Clearly it's going to be locks of /u/dirkened 's hair

dirkened 28 points

What a trip it would be to see a gif of my hair flip after every game haha

boyfoster 4 points

add a small chance of that happening.


or add your hair as a topper

dirkened 16 points
dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Sparkalade 2 points

Can we just have the features already implemented polished up? It's not like they nailed everything first time yet everything that gets added is then forgotten about.

  • The news section was only updated after reddit pointed out how out of date the "news" was.

  • Tournaments are still buggy and basic, will remain so for a while it seems.

  • Rumble has had spikes nerfed and a few arenas that already existed added to it but nothing else, not even new mutators.

  • Lab's had its best arena removed and a reskinned old arena added, no reason or explanation given (they didn't even announce it in the update). Still haven't made walls transparent. Players with high MMR cannot get in.

  • The report system and garage have been spruced up a bit but are still lacking.

  • Hoops and Dropshot are still exactly the same since they were released. (edit: Snow Day too!)

  • 3'000+ ingame hours and still it tells me which button to press to flip my car.

  • Servers.....!

dirkened 7 points

I'll touch on a couple of your points:

  1. News section was my fault. It should have been updated earlier but I was pulled away because of a family emergency while Devin was away. Regardless, it should have been updated earlier.
  2. The report system introduced the AFK/Item Farming report reason, but there was extra work behind the scenes to allow more functionality to it. In general, this is an area where research is done behind the scenes so it won't be talked about unless a feature is introduced (ie Language Ban System, successful report feedback notifications). I'm not saying that you should expect feature updates, but keep in mind that improvements are being made.
  3. We currently do not have plans to add Transparent Goalposts to the Labs maps.
  4. Servers are much like point number 2. We are meeting up and working on the servers on a daily level. Thanks to metrics tracking, a lot of issues can be resolved much more quickly and reliably.

Important takeaways from the other points: We need to see more support before focusing resources on aspects of the game, especially features/content that take a lot of time. This doesn't just mean outreach from the vocal communities, but in-game behavior to back it up as well. Regardless, we do take community comments/sentiment seriously.

dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
Helene-M-H 2 points

Eu ...

dirkened 1 point

Do you recall the servers that you ran into that were giving you issues?

Helene-M-H 1 point

No, I don’t ... because after the last update it has some times been unnoticeable which servers I’m entering

dirkened 2 points

Would you be able to tell me which ISP you are with?

We're noticing certain patterns with players who have Orange as their ISP, but it could be branching out to other players as well.

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dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
dirkened 2 points

Would you be able to tell us more about your internet connection?

I'm seeing a high amount of average packet loss that doesn't vary between the servers that you have played on in the past couple of days. I'd just like to know some more information before I dive a bit deeper, thanks :)

moongaming 1 point

Hi, I have the same problem and I am from Marseille, south of France. I have a 2 ms, 50 down, 30 up connection and no jitter detected in online tests.

I've been playing the game since the release in 2015 but only experienced those "packet loss" since a month or so

dirkened 2 points

We're currently investigating this issue, though it appears that this may be an issue with a router that is handling packets before they reach the game server. Because of this, it is technically out of our hands, but we will still be contacting the owner of the hop to see if we can get this resolved.

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dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
IAmHuman01101 2 points

I switch my name to I Got It! [Chat Off] when I play ranked doubles because it's an actual problem if we both go in that playlist. If I'm just playing 3's though I prefer to have a regular name and even if we both go a kickoff goal is extremely rare. Usually after the first kickoff or 2 my teammates realize that I will go and adapt.

Last night in 2's I did encounter someone who still went for kickoffs despite my name, first time I've experienced that. Our loss could be blamed on us both going a few times, I figured they'd realize I always go and stop but nope. I felt kind-of bad but if they aren't connecting those dots or noticing my name after more than half a game I'm not going to feel too guilty.

I've said a bunch of times that it'd be great if psyonix implemented a kickoff only chat setting but it's not happened yet. I'd appreciate that more than just about anything else they could do, and I'm sure a lot of other people who keep chat off cause they don't care to deal with all the toxicity would too.

/u/dirkened Seriously man, I, and many others would appreciate it immensely if this were implemented.

dirkened 7 points

It's definitely an idea worth discussing, so we're more than happy to bring this to our designers. There may be hesitation because a player would essentially be branding themselves given that is the whole idea in the first place, but there could be adverse reactions to it as well. The point is that we don't want to give toxicity more ammo.

dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
gamingneeds 1 point

/u/dirkened -or- /u/psyonix_corey -or- /u/psyonix_devin - can you confirm this made it to the bug list and if so, will it be fixed in the May 29th update?


Trying to watch replays, but they always get stuck in "dribble cam" instead of "ball cam".



dirkened 1 point

This is a known issue, but I don't believe that it is fixed in the updated, sorry!

dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
N8-97 -1 points

Any update on changing the season rewards?

dirkened 3 points

No, but you can read some of our thoughts in Devin's comment here

TrippleACEez 0 points

Stoked for all these things but not gonna lie I was REALLY hoping you guys would put in a volleyball game mode. JonSandman makes it look so dang fun! (Xbox play salty we can't mod )

dirkened 4 points

JonSandman definitely has fun, that's something he's pretty good at, but through our testing, we realised that a Volleyball mode wouldn't be suitable or fun for all skill levels. Instead, we took the inspiration from Volleyball and turned it into Dropshot.

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dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
GetSchwiftyClub 2 points

u/Psyonix_Dirkened u/Psyonix_Devin Maybe you guys would want to see this or pass it along to the appropriate co-worker?

dirkened 2 points

Thanks for the mention :)

Our team is aware of this issue and we are working towards a fix.

Sorry for the issues!

GetSchwiftyClub 1 point

Awesome! You and the team are great. Have a good day ;)

dirkened 2 points

Likewise <3

Das_TAKu 1 point

Are crates disappearing with Rocket Pass?

dirkened 1 point

Crates are still planned to run concurrently with Rocket Pass.

PsychoKaan 1 point

I assume the cross platform will be amongst all platforms, excluding between PS4 and XBOX?

dirkened 2 points

The cross-platform parties will be based on which platforms allow partying with which platforms. These details have not been finished, so, unfortunately, we can't give a final answer on the list yet.

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dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
SeeSea123 954 points

They'll probably reskin the bus like Fortnite did to PUBG because lets not forget that Rocket League is copying Fortnite's battle pass which copied DOTA

Lets also not forget that Fortnite copied PUBG which copied H1Z1 which copied PlayerUnknown's mod on ARMA which copied Minecraft, so Rocket League is essentially a blatant copy of Minecraft, I'm just gonna go back to playing Minecraft

dirkened 18 points

Finally, someone who understands Minecraft's true greatness. Not too many people understand the full picture.

dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
acidqueef 1 point

Sure, I just went in and recorded one for you. As you can see I have about 20 ping, and the ball is kind of going crazy at the beginning after kickoff, picking up boost is delayed etc. and gradually gets better until it plays normally after around a minute. If you have any idea how to fix it I'd really appreciate it

dirkened 1 point

Thank you!

We're still investigating this issue, we are still uncertain about solid workarounds and/or fixes.

dirkened 1 point

Hey there,

We're sorry to hear about these issues :(

Do you have a recording of a game where you experience lag at the beginning of a match?

dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
HelvetiaGaming 15 points there you go. the mechanic was discovered by /u/Cyanide814 a few weeks ago and sadly did not got much attention

dirkened 18 points

Ooo, finally a tutorial! Another skill to learn that I will absolutely mess up in competitive matches 😅

dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
dirkened 40 points

Hey snosil, we're really sorry to hear about these encounters :(

Our Language Ban system is reliant upon player reports, which means that we are putting the power in the players' hands. If no reports are made, the Language Ban system will not be working efficiently. With that said, please continue to report players with abusive behavior so we can continue to improve the state of the Rocket League community.

dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
[deleted] 3 points

I'm literally right next to my router though, and how come it doesnt happen to any other games?

And why did it start happening on April 30th? The game was fine before then.

dirkened 2 points

Out of curiosity, if you're right next to it, why not use an ethernet cable?

Otherwise, I could dig for more information, but I think it would best to continue with contacting our Support team

[deleted] 1 point

Sent in a ticket. Just wanted to keep you posted.

dirkened 1 point

Feel free to DM me the ticket number so I can track it

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dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
LumpyNuggets 1 point

Is there anything we can do to assist in troubleshooting on the xbox side? This is about all I have to share -->

Easily 1/3 of the ranked games I play end up crashing the game. The screen is locked, not all textures are loaded, but I can still hear the crowd audio.

I have left the match 1 minute into it starting as well as stayed in the frozen screen for the duration of a match. At no point does it boot me from the screen. Restarting the game does not offer the option to rejoin the match. A ban is enforced.

dirkened 1 point

If you can share with me your car loadout, when the issue occurred, what was happening before the crash, and your Gamertag, then we will be able to figure out more of the finer details that may lead to the crashes.

Nothing_Lost 1 point

I have a 10 minute machmaking ban currently because Rocket League has force closed twice during a match in a 24 hour span. When this occurs, no matter how quickly I restart the game, I am not given the opportunity to rejoin (presumably because everyone else in the game also disconnected). This is unacceptable and could lead to serious penalties for players who find themselves unlucky enough to have it happen more frequently.

Edit: This is on Xbox - not sure how to get logs here.

dirkened 1 point

Was Rocket Leauge force closed or was it hanging at the start of a match? We have been seeing and investigating reports of players hanging at the start of a match, but I'm not familiar with crashes to the dashboard.

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dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
dirkened 28 points

Hey all, there was a packet loss issue reported by the Google Cloud Platform which was causing problems with Matchmaking and connection errors to our non-game servers. These issues are recovering now, but you may still experience a few hiccups before it's fully resolved.

Thank you for your patience!

dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
c_j_1 1 point

Thanks for the reply! Is there anything more we can do? Save replay files etc?

dirkened 1 point

No need for replay files. If these players are particularly bad, you may DM me with their Steam profile URL or their platform name

dirkened 3 points

Hey all, this is an issue that we are actively investigating and working towards identifying more quickly. Please continue to report these accounts as this helps us identify and take action on said accounts.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

dirkened commented on a post in r/RocketLeague
TJRL1188 1 point

Hey there, I saw the recent update about the severs today which is all good news, it reminded me to check up with ya, did my videos provide any help toward the issue? Unfortunately I won't be able to test it out till this weekend but was hoping you could update me. Either way, thanks again.

dirkened 1 point

Yes, they are definitely helpful! We're still uncertain of the origin of the issue, but please update us when you're able to.

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