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yeah that guy has my back... Some of us are too lazy to put our controllers down and reach over to the m/kb :D

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9 points · 1 day ago

And some are playing on a console so they have no choice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

4 points · 1 day ago

Us Mobile players have it even worse! 0:)

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Hey there, have you had a chance to reach out to our Support team? They may be able to help you troubleshoot why Rocket League isn't performing as well.

You can contact them by logging into the support site and then submitting a ticket

Please use the in-game report option and then submit a ticket and use the Report a Player option in order to send this report to our Support team.

Sorry about the encounter!

Hey Enkey, have you tried doing a clean installation of your GPU drivers?

This will make sure that the next installation removes any of the previous drivers in case they were causing errors.

Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

Before I installed the new gpu I removed old AMD drivers using DDU. Then I installed new drivers for Nvidia.

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Ah okay, so that wouldn't be the issue then.

What do the in-game performance graphs look like when the hitches occur? You can enable the graphs by pressing F10

34 points · 8 days ago

At the bottom of our About page, there is an email that anyone can use to submit their music to us :)

Original Poster11 points · 8 days ago

Oh wow, thank you. You probably did that so guys like me didn’t spam it on the subreddit. I apologize. I’ll go the email route, ty.

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No worries!

Hey MakOlhaye, please contact our Support team by logging in and then submitting a ticket at

I also suggest that you contact your platform's Support team as well



can you guys can do something about that NBA folder ?

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Hey charles, we can look into this but we can't guarantee any changes. Sorry!

1 point · 13 days ago · edited 13 days ago

Champions field (day) does it, but only the day version. I'll test the other maps to see real quick.

Edit: Every other map is fine.

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Because this looks like an isolated issue it sounds like there was an issue when installing Rocket League. Have you tried reinstalling, and if so, what other troubleshooting steps have you tried?

I reinstalled and the problem went away. Sorry for not doing that first, I didn't want to have to wait for it to redownload if I didn't have to.

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No worries! I'm glad RL is back in action for you :)

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So, the network performance graphs are showing me that whenever I experience what I believe to be a "server issue", there is a latency spike - the bottom 4 or so graphs just jump straight up to the red and the game sort of "lurches" to the side somewhat, which generally puts me off.

I've noticed that this seems to often happen when there is a collision of either cars, or a car against the ball, and it seems especially likely to happen the more cars are up and challenging for the ball.

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That is when the server has to make sure that your client information is the most accurate, so you are forced to update/resync with server's information.

With high ping or consistent packet loss, you will notice those instances as giving you the most resynchronizations.

I don't have either high ping or packetloss though, as far as I can tell. The graphs seem to support this - typical ping around 40-50 max, no packeftloss indicated even on the performance graph.

It's just latency and the couple of graphs that are below that, that seem to spike when this occurs.

It's still entirely possible that I have an issue local to my network, but at the same time I know I haven't always had problems like this - so I'm really not sure how to go further in trying to debug the issue

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Would you be able to record a video of what you're experiencing, along with having the network graphs enabled?

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Hey Rezoix, have you tried any troubleshooting methods to resolve this issue?

So how do I share logs? I will if I know how

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Logs are found in %userprofile%\Documents\my games\Rocket League\TAGame\Logs\

The name is based on a timestamp of when Rocket League was closed, and if it was your last session it will be called Launch.log

Once you have the log, you can upload it to a site like, Dropbox, or your google drive. Then you can DM me the link to the log.

Can I also do this later? The same bug happens to me.

I have noticed that it happens much more frequently in situations where I stay in a lobby after the game is over.

I.e., playing 6 mans in a private server in a best-of-5 (which really sucks because people tend to take the games more serious) or finishing a game in casual and staying in the same lobby. The next game's kickoff almost always results in invisible cars for the first 10-20 seconds.

Joining a regular comp game this bug happens less frequently in my experience

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10 points · 15 days ago

You can absolutely send me logs whenever you're able to. Thanks!

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Original Poster1 point · 15 days ago

The current one is 189227. I don't even see the old one on the "My activities" section which makes me feel like it never even went through. Makes me feel silly.

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This looks to be the first ticket that we have from this account. While we've already replied to it, we'll make sure that we keep an eye on it as it seems like you've gone through most of the standard and non-standard troubleshooting techniques.

Hey there, would you be able to provide logs from your latest sessions?

Logs are found in %userprofile%\Documents\my games\Rocket League\TAGame\
The name is based on a time stamp of when Rocket League was closed, and if it was your last session it will be called Launch.log

Once you have that, if you're able to, upload the file to a media hosting site like google drive, and then DM me the link to the file.


1 point · 15 days ago · edited 15 days ago

Hey guys, what system(s) are you playing on?
Edit: Also, make sure that you disable all 3rd party programs that interact with Rocket League

48 points · 19 days ago


About 2 years ago I played against you and scored a goal. You said nice shot. I creamed my pants. That's all, thanks.

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Anytime, bud.

Hey guys, you may also try updating to the Steam Beta client by clicking on the Steam drop-down menu > Settings > Account > Change > And Select the Steam Beta Participation

Yup - Me too. Game no longer launching on MacOS since this morning.

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We released a hotfix today that has resolved the launching issue for MacOS. Please let me know if this issue has not been resolved for you.

Just wondering what changes were reverted and why none of these changes were mentioned in the first place?

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We reverted back to the Anniversary Event static data. There are no client-side updates like we have done with Events in the past.

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Awesome work!

Ive never actually seen anyone use doughnut wheels. Lol. Great drawing btw

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Really? I rock them with my Orange Team Twinzer preset.

Hey guys, would you be able to DM me your logs and dmp files (if you have them) from these sessions?

Logs are found in %userprofile%\Documents\my games\Rocket League\TAGame\
The name is based on a timestamp of when Rocket League was closed, and if it was your last session it will be called Launch.log

I have a question regarding this because I'm a total noob to Reddit. Do we just copy and paste the entire log into the DM, or do you want us to e-mail the actual file to an e-mail address?

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You can DM me a link to a pastebin/onedrive/google drive/dropbox/etc where you have stored the log, or whatever works best for you.

Can you elaborate on the implementation of this feature many months ago? I remember awhile back I was randomly seeing an in-game party up system where I wouldn't have to use the annoying steam system to party up with my friends, and then just as randomly as it appeared it was gone and I haven't seen it since.

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We will be using the same system that was tested earlier this year (it's also currently used on Switch), though it will obviously have more features since then. Part of the cross-platform system requires that we create our own party system instead of relying on platform services.

All this cross-platform party talk and all I want is to party with Psyonix.

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We just had a big party on the 19th, so I hope you were able to make it!

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3 points · 25 days ago

Ah I see, I apologies for being to naive. I have no idea who Dirkened is tbh (don't use Reddit that often) but I will send him a DM with my friends URL. Thanks for the info <3

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No worries haha. We will never ask for personal information (account name/password) so there's little to worry about when sharing a Steam account URL. Plus, the Psyonix flair probably doesn't show on mobile or other reddit themes

This happened to one of my friends. He fell for the messages, and signed in with his steam details. They emptied his inventory on RL and also deleted all of his friends on Steam. We managed to get his account back but it was too late by then. They also removed his payment options on steam which was strange.

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Hey Astruix, would you be okay with DMing me your friend's Steam account URL?

We'd like to look into what happened with his account on Rocket League if he's alright with that.


Whenever I boost and circle the ball my game has an obvious stutter but it also happens intermittently whenever i try to interact with other players or the ball . It's frustrating sometimes for it causes any input within that time to be ignored. For example at a face-off sometimes when I go to flip forward the game will not receive the input for flipping forward and just double jumps instead. I see other players do this as well and I can say with absolute certainty it was caused by the last update. Many people seem to think its lag so I fear the issue isn't being conveyed properly to developers. I hope this is fixed relatively soon because the game feels like the fun is sucked of it. I went from diamond 2 to platinum 2 in duels because of it and apparently a lot of others did too for there are an abnormal amount of tier 5 players in platinum 2(maybe these people are just sandbagging in the ranks and victimizing others as a result idk).

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Can you tell me more about the platform you're playing on?

Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

how do you like your eggs?

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Golden, naturally

Not cool. This has been down for 2 days.

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Yeah, we're not too thrilled about it either :(

I am able to play the game, but I can't handle solo queuing. I like the golden eggs btw. Good job!!

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Glad you're enjoying them!

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