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I'm so peeved at everyone who mentions the inefficacy of birth control. Yes, it does happen, but those should be fringe cases. When used properly, there's a very low rate of error. Also, the implant is 99% effective with little room for user error. There ARE very reliable birth control options. Do not insult pro-lifers by arguing otherwise.

Yes, there will be exceptions. That doesn't detract from the fact that abortions decrease when women have access to low cost birth control. Birth control and accurate sex education take care of the majority of this issue.

For said exceptions, there is (as stated so many places in this thread) a long waitlist of couples hoping to adopt.

And yes, I know that rape, fetal defects, and endangerment to the mother's life exist. Obviously, exceptions should be made in those situations.

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99% is per year when referring to birth control. Most women are potentially fertile and sexually active for about 25 years.

So in each off those years they have a 1% chance of getting pregnant. Lifetime odds of unintended pregnancy about 1 in 4.

99% effective = a very high failure rate when you know how it's calculated.

Time to get my tubes tied!!!!!

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Somewhere between a 1 in 200 and 1 in 400 lifetime risk of failure. Good odds for you but plenty of unintended pregnancies across the whole population.

1 point · 9 days ago · edited 9 days ago

She was of the 1% it mentions that possibility in the pamphlet that comes in the package. It says something along the lines of even with perfect use out of every 100 women 1 can end up pregnant per year. So it’s possible but people don’t really take it as seriously as I do. I’m certainly not ready for a baby and I will do my damn best to prevent it as much as I can.

Edit: added per year.

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PER YEAR. 1 in 100 end up pregnant per year.

It's a pretty high risk of ending up unintentionally pregnant over a lifetime.

Book ticket to The Netherlands (or similar). Free or very inexpensive abortion. Discuss.

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Leaving your baby behind afterwards and an urn of ashes being delivered by fedex two weeks later.

No family and friends nearby.

Having to find someone to take care of your other kids/elderly parents.

Cost of flights.

Administrative burden if you don’t already have a passport or for some reason need a visa to the Netherlands etc.

Not being able to go home to your own bed.

Family/friends/siblings never get to meet the baby.

Appearing normal in public & functioning immediately after you’ve effectively lost your child.

Medical treatment from providers who don’t know you and your history.

Substitute Ireland and the UK and it’s been happening for years.

A fetus is not a baby you right wing nut job.

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An abortion in these circumstances is very different to normal abortions.

Normal abortions happen before 12 weeks (90% + of cases), fetus is unwanted, fetus is basically at lump of cells stage.

Fatal fatal abnormality abortions are usually at 16 weeks or later. Pregnancy is wanted. Movement has been felt. Pregnancy has been announced. Plans have been made. Baby related purchases have been made. W/o man has been visibly pregnant.

Fatal fatal abnormality is a stillbirth vs a miscarriage. Nobody treats a miscarriage like the loss of a baby. They treat it as deeplybupsetting but something you move on from in a few months like say the loss of a beloved cat. People do treat a stillbirth like the loss of a baby.

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I believe he's pointing out that most places require additional testing for immigrants to be legal, and that we should too.

The point he's missing is that most of those countries have smaller populations, haven't had as much history (or success) as the United States at assimilating immigrants, and finally, are just plain generally wrong about the benefits that immigrants will provide.

In a place like the US, with a huge demand for unskilled farm labor, tons of territories that could use additional population, and its history of assimilating immigrants (we had 3x per capita in 1900), it is complete lunacy and hurts us financially to try to kick immigrants out.

We should be accepting a hell of a lot more.

And I am happy to provide sources for these points if anyone has any questions. I've done this several times.

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The US requires additional testing for all categories of legal immigration - background checks etc.

The US has one of the most difficult, to get a visa, complex and expensive legal immigration systems in the world.

Comment deleted12 days ago

None of this is right.

Well, the first line is in that Ireland has a lot going for it right now.

Ireland had net immigration from the late 90s through the 00s. Even with the emigration heavy recession years the population has grown due to the birth rate.

There's a major housing crunch and it's tough and expensive to find a rental. House prices are shooting up. 15k won't buy you a derelict house in the middle of nowhere.

Ireland isn't in Schengen.

We do have fairly open citizenship laws so if you've Irish parents/grandparents you can probably get yourself a passport.

Original Poster3 points · 16 days ago

This seems to be exactly what I'm seeing - the athletic directors and coaches are pushing for this as it would create new fields and whatnot, but those are really the only people that are interested in seeing this happen. The overwhelming majority of people, or so it seems at least, are adamantly against this with fears of what it will do to neighborhoods that are already in dire straits

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Why not have the fields there and leave the schools where they are. Much less bussing and still the space.

Just a reminder to everyone. If you graduated from an NUI university register to vote for the seanad today.

It's worth five minutes of your time to make sure you're in a position to kick him out when the time comes.

Also print the form and hand it to anyone you know us eligible.

I would revisit the Vallentuna. We have it and it's a comfy couch and those who've slept on it tell me it's a comfy bed.

Not just mathematically superior, it has lots of subtle effects in encouraging people to appeal broadly to all voters as even someone who would never pick you as their first choice could help you win if they prefer you to your rival. A lotof political dysfunction is down to the voting systems terrible incentives.

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Means you can vote for who you actually want instead of strategically for the least worst of the two leading candidates.

You end up with lots of parties and coalitions but a much better representation of what the electorate wants.

Irish here, thoroughly recommend.

I would probably shelve 2/3rds of one wall and but two hanging bars on the remaining wall. Baskets on the shelves for foldable/small clothes. Rest of the shelves for books.

Bed on the opposite wall.

Forget about the desk, have some sort of overbed thing like they use in hospitals so that you can work sitting on your bed.

At the foot or head of the bed I'd have a full height shelving unit on castors that can be pulled in and out easily. The top part can be used as a night stand the bottom to store less used stuff.

5 points · 23 days ago

/u/disagreeabledinosaur want to take a pop at it?

Claims/Registration forms must be received at the NUI Office by 26th February in any given year

I'll repost this in Jan 2019 and Jan 2020 in advance of the 2021 election

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You're the organised one with the links and sharing. Best you do it.

3 points · 23 days ago

the problem is there are two many liberal or left candidates standing against him so he gets in anyway. While the conservative vote is targeted and focused, the other side is all over the place.

What we need is to agree on an alternative NUI candidate that everyone will support.

That or else encourage more people to stand from his side.

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Not in this case I think. Take a look at the results:

First off only 33k voted. There are many multiples of that eligible to register and vote.

Mullen only got about 7k first preferences and didn't get elected til count 26 when Begg's redistribute tipped him over the line.

A slightly bigger electorate putting Mullen bottom will comfortably exclude him. There could easily be 100k+ of an electorate, there must be nearly a million eligible to register.

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I wonder what a vote on divorce would be like today? It seems like Ireland is changing very quickly since 1992.

It's still shocking that so many people in 1992 voted not to allow divorce. I cant imagine being married to an a person I didn't want to be with and not have the freedom to leave them.

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We're going to find out. They're planning to have one in the next few years to reduce the wait time.

There are secular schools in Ireland though

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Not really. There are multi denominational schools. Non-denominational isn't allowed.

Charles Dicken's character names in general. I don't like his work much anyway but the character names compound it.

Why don't you like his names much, may I ask?

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He tends to name them by bastardizing the name of their character traits and it's not an approach that appeals to me.

It really annoyed me in Hard Times but he does it in many of his novels.

27 points · 29 days ago

If men were the ones getting pregnant we wouldn't even be talking about abortion.

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An analogous situation is how we handle the rules around organ donation.

Real living, breathing people who will die unless somebody steps up and donates an organ.

We don't even force dead people to donate organs yet women are forced to donate tgeir wombs.

women are forced to donate tgeir wombs

women arent forced to get pregnant unless they are raped

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So let's only force men who have sex to donate their organs.

Equality for all.

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8.9k points · 1 month ago

Queen Elizabeth looks fairly healthy there for being 92. Prince Philip not so much.

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Prince Philip had a hip replacement less then a month ago and he was walking without a cane. At 93. The man is made of iron.

This day bed from Ikea can transform into a double bed and has storage underneath.

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These are great as a single bed, amazing in fact... But as a double bed the mattress is too thin.

If what you need is a single bed with occasional double bed use, then the day bed is a good option, if you need a double bed, keep looking.

2 points · 1 month ago

Why would Pence need to pledge loyalty though? Trump can't fire him.

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To get on the ticket in the first place.

For a VP who rarely talks to the press, this seems like an escalated response from someone who otherwise keeps their mouth shut and stays out of the limelight. Wonder if the probe is finally getting too close to comfort for him? Maybe some of Cohens payments were funneled to Pence?

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Or he wants to be in place by the mid terms

Original Poster99 points · 1 month ago

I will look into it. My only concern is that with work and the prep for the baby I don't know how I will find time to see someone.

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This is prep for the baby.

We went for wall mounted ekby shelves with stainless steel finish and year on it's working great.

I assume there are no studs there so did you just anchor them into the wall? I'm worried about the weight (I wear a US men's size 14 so my shoes are heavy)

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Just to the wall with anchors. The brackets are pretty good at spreading the weight so it's worked for us. Shoes aren't particularly heavy and they're well spread out. You can cut tge shelves to shorter lengths and use mire brackets either. Our feet are smaller though.

One thing is worry about with a billy solution - they're not that deep. Your shoes may not fit well.

what's up with lots and properly? those are everyone's english

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Not sure about lots but the English tend to use proper/properly as a variant of very. That's not something you see in US English.

It was Rudy and Judy?

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People are more likely to marry people with similar sounding names. There have been scientific studies.

Its already been tried and it causes its own issues. I lived in a small town that loosened zoning laws to allow multifamily units in residential areas. Parking becomes an obvious problem, but not to the extent everyone assumes. The bigger issue is children playing on a street where their front yards are the size of postage stamps. The town didn't even bother with sidewalks, so its a constant consistent hazard. A couple children are hit by cars every year, again in a small town of only 10,000 people.

Now it can work, provided that multifamily housing is built only in cul-de-sacs as that would prevent cross-traffic.

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That doesn't really sound like they tried it. They picked one change out of a package and declared the whole package doesn't work.

11 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

What I've seen working looks like this:

Start with a large transport node - train, light rail or a collection of high frequency buses.

Around the transport node you have a main street with your typical daily living stuff- doctors/dentist/pharmacy/cafe/beauty salon/creche/supermarket etc Office space doesn't seem to really work in these areas though maybe a shared services type space could work.

Above the commercial stuff is 6-8 storey apartment blocks. Underground parking is provided but not day parking for the station.

As we move away from the main street it steps down to 4-6 storey apartment blocks, then duplexes and townhouses.5/10/15 minutes from the transport node respectively. This sounds like it's 1/3 of each but there is far more townhouse land then apartment land because circles. It feels suburban.

Small parks throughout, decent sports facilities but in the duplex type zone, probably associated with a school there too. Apartments built around courtyards. Parking provided but at about 1.5 - 2 per dwelling with at least .5 of that as guest parking.

The central strong presence of the transport node supports the commercial with foot traffic. Every household has at least one person using pt to work. The neighbourhood is walkable with lots of kid friendly space without feeling urban.

The population density that can be achieved is surprisingly high.

Like those tapes of him calling the Forbes guy to lie his way onto the list. It’s so immediately obvious that it’s him, he literally didn’t even change his voice. At all. This man’s idiocy is immeasurable. I mean the fact that he truly thinks exercise is bad bc it depletes the body’s finite energy supply tells us everything we need to know.

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It worked in both cases. Don't get me wrong, I'm not in any respect a Trump fan but if it works it's not idiotic.

Has he reported it to the police? Somebody stealing the medical records of the US president is a very very serious crime.

Somebody stealing medical records is a very very serious crime.


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That’s part 1 I totally agree but the records of the US president is several levels above that again because of the potential for blackmail, espionage and treason.

That’s the sort of theft that should have launched radio bulletins and a man hunt to find the perpetrators, instead the doc seems concerned that his feelings have been hurt.

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