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stograncazzo 1 point

Long story short im on a really low budget and i eat exclusively from my univercity's restaurant

Is this cheaper than buying you own food? I'm just asking.

disturbedgr 1 point

I eat there for free. So yes.

disturbedgr 1 point

Thanks for the replies guys. Too much info to digest. I will do my best. Love you /r/fitness. Portion control seems the best choice. And for some of you asking yes the food is free. Thats why i go there in the first place.

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disturbedgr 7 points

We men think that pooping is a holy place. We know none is going to bother us and its always some alone time that we need. We dont take shit for like 40 minutes. We find peace and think about stuff and also scroll through our phone. Anyone that says he is shitting for 40 minutes straight is a terrible terrible lier.

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disturbedgr 3 points

My father died from cancer 2 years ago. That was a wake up call. Not like "life is good" more like "i dont apreciate life and those around me that i love". Please guys. Dont. Hold. Grudges. You never know if this is the last time you see them. Whether that is your mother, father,SO literally anyone.

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