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AMerrickanGirl 8 points

I’ve been in your exact situation, and my mistake was to continue to try and have a friendship with her. Don’t do that. Block and delete her everywhere. Go “cold turkey”, because every time you make any kind of contact, even checking her Facebook page, it sets back your recovery and reinforces the obsession. Don’t even check to see if she’s ok ... she’s fine and it’s not your problem anymore.

You will get over it but it takes weeks or months. See your friends, get exercise, sunshine and fresh air, and force yourself to eat at least once a day. If you can’t sleep, go for a walk or read a book.

disturbedgr 1 point

I just don't have the willpower to do anything. I only want to lay down in bed and i can't sleep. I think about it all the time. How to overcome this?? I'm scared

AMerrickanGirl [score hidden]

Take it a day at a time, or an hour at a time, or ten minutes at a time. Trust me, this will pass. You willl feel better. I know how scary it is and at times I seriously considered doing very bad things to myself, but somehow I didn’t and I’m so glad I hung in there.

PM me any time if you need to vent. I check Reddit all day long.

disturbedgr [score hidden]

That's what i'm talking about. I have a lot of bad thoughts about hurting myself which can't seem to go away too.

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