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djgizmo commented on a post in r/PleX
ryaniskira 1 point

Well, if he purchases all of the media (Blu-Rays) and rips them to offer on the Plex Server, one could argue that it's no different than lending out discs to guests. It would be a huge legal grey area though. I don't know of any cases where this has been tried before so no case law on the matter.

djgizmo 2 points

Is risking a profitable hotel business worth showing off tech skills? because that’s all this is.

There’s no way to prevent more than one person watching the same ripped ‘disc’ at a time with plex.

ryaniskira 1 point

There's no real way to do that with a disc either. You can have multiple people around the TV that is playing the disc, or you could even have an HDMI splitter outputting the Blu-Ray player to multiple TVs. Both of those things are perfectly legal.

djgizmo 3 points

Yea, sure, go ahead and try to split hdmi and send it multiple rooms over a 100 feet. You’ll quickly see how that will fail.

Multiple people around a single tv isn’t the issue. It’s ‘multiple copies’ playing at different time stamps at different rooms. That’s how multiple discs would be legally better. However it’s just not worth the risk unless they are in a country with laws that don’t respect IP.

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djgizmo commented on a post in r/ITCareerQuestions
skilliard7 4 points

True, but Google is misleading people. When they say "Average starting salary is $52,000" people probably hear "If I get this certificate I can start making $52,000".

Pretty much no one is going to get the certificate and get placed into tier 2 or 3 unless they already had IT experience, a degree, or know someone.

djgizmo 3 points

Depends on the level. Average starting salary for a sys admin is 50k and the cert is great for those going from help desk to sys admin.

skilliard7 2 points

its not marketed at those looking to advance an IT career, it's marketed for people to start an IT support career. Isn't the coursework more suited towards help desk than sysadmin work?

djgizmo 2 points

Listen, if you’re looking for false marketing, you’re going to find false marketing.

Same goes with those that go for the CCNA, MSCA, CEH, or REHL.

It’s not the grade you get from a course, it’s what you’ve learned from taking and running with it.

djgizmo commented on a post in r/HomeNetworking
Yarga 1 point

Allow me to clarify....While I am receiving 400 Mbps download speed wired, my wireless AP's (OpenMesh A60s) only give ~200 max....iphone x's go down to ~70-80.....I am never more than 15 or 20 feet from any AP (in fact these speeds are usually within a few feet of the AP)....

djgizmo 1 point

200mb is pretty decent. Most client devices only support dual chain, not triple chain.

80mhz AC will theoretically CONNECT at 1+Gbit, but you’ll never see that throughput on a single mobile device.

djgizmo commented on a post in r/ios
Mic-Mak -6 points

Is it really? Are you sure? Why would it be alright for me to block YouTube ads on my desktop browser by using an ad blocker extension, and not ok to do it on mobile?

It's my understanding that even on Android you can block YouTube ads if you root it, and I have Android user friends who have done so, because they also hate ads.

Furthermore, if you're a long time iOS user, you'll remember that for years there was no YouTube app on iOS made by Google. It was an Apple made app that was by default on all iOS devices. So it's possible right?

Also, aren't you sick of YouTube ads on iOS?

djgizmo 1 point

Pay for yt red and be done.

Mic-Mak 0 points

I appreciate that but I'm not interested in YouTube Red, and I believe it will soon be discontinued since Google Announced YouTube Premium.

I'm not interested in YouTube Red, or YouTube Premium, I don't care for the premium content they have to offer. And paying $10/month to block ads in not worth it.

I get the impression that all the people responding so far are Android users. Any iOS users?

djgizmo 1 point

Worth it for families. $15 per month for up to 5 people.

Anyways, YouTube has to pay for the platform somehow otherwise it goes away for everyone. They first decided ads were the way the to go.

It’s not up to you to decide to take / stream content without paying something for it, let it be your Ad time or otherwise.

djgizmo commented on a post in r/HomeNetworking
getfuture 2 points

Both things can be true, i.e. there can be routers optimized for low latency applications like gaming AND it can be just marketing.

Gaming traffic has quite a particular profile, e.g. very small packets that are highly timeliness sensitive. Many routers have poor latency, poor jitter - both particularly under load and/or with smaller packet sizes - poor traffic prioritization options, even poorer traffic limiting and shaping options. Some devices do not respond well to multiple such traffic streams. Some devices have poor stability in general or at the worst times, e.g. a badly managed DHCP update can disrupt a low latency connection (Netgear). Some devices have poor stability under low latency conditions (ever heard of the Intel Puma modem chipset debacle?).

There is not even any basic guarantees that enterprise gear works well under such conditions or any better than consumer gear, at least in the case of wireless (Mikrotik).

Ubiquiti is, happily, an exception. They are becoming well known for low latency wireless even at high throughput and relatively high client loads - compared to consumer routers - since they price for the SOHO market.

djgizmo 4 points

Gaming applications cannot instantly be given better latency. No matter of any QOS can make that true. Sure, if you’re using Consumer routers, and you’re maxing out your pipe occasionally, then yes with QOS can help specific applications have ‘lower’ latency than other packets, but on a day to day, a gaming router is usually just marketing bs.

djgizmo commented on a post in r/Marvel
GerardWayNoWay 9 points

Lady sif, Gideon Malik, nick fury, Maria hill and a few more I'm sure I'm missing. They are in the same universe, there's no denying that

djgizmo 0 points

Never seen nick fury on dare devil, or any of the Netflix based shows.

GerardWayNoWay 2 points

I assumed youwant television based shows, as he was on AOS

djgizmo -1 points

The thread started based on Daredevil. Just because someone says it’s apart of the same universe doesn’t mean it is.

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djgizmo commented on a post in r/HomeNetworking
KooshOveride 1 point

Many people use actiontec routers are moca adapters.

Many people do all kinds of things, doesn't mean that makes it the norm. The MoCA adapters were specifically designed to do EXACTLY what OP is trying to do. Why is everyone trying to re-invent the wheel? How about we ask OP what THEY think?

djgizmo 2 points

OP already knows it.

It’s not re-inventing the wheel if it’s free/cheap and works fine.

Why spend $100-$200 on a new moca kit when you can do the same thing for under $40 if you already have a fios moca router. Homenetworking is not about absolute best practices, it’s about helping those with what they have unless they use power line, then they can jump in a river.

KooshOveride 1 point

Yea, I'm done with this thread. Here is my last words on the matter. Bye.

djgizmo 1 point

Wah wah waaaa.

If you think that’s skating uphill, then you must have a hard time with /r/homenetworking

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djgizmo commented on a post in r/DataHoarder
syshum 7 points

Dont trust any drives, live 3-2-1 backup plan, and used drives are a good way to achieve that if you have a limited budget

I would Trust 3 used drives over 1 New Drive every time.

But only buy a Used Drive it is at least 50% off of what a New Drive costs, I have seen some Uses / Referb Drives that are like $10-15 off price of a New Drive, skip those.

djgizmo 3 points

The problem with that is right now when 8TB goes on sale for $150 plus shucking, price per TB doesn’t get lower buying used on eBay.

The best deal I’ve seen on eBay is refurbed 3TB enterprise drives for $59.

djgizmo commented on a post in r/mildlyinfuriating
cosmicnate 3,180 points

No, just an apology saying he was on his way. 8:50 and nothing to show. Unfortunately I need this job too badly to leave. Otherwise I would let him know that it's quite disrespectful to a potential employee to settle on a time, only to fall through. Rescheduling should have taken place at least.

djgizmo 1 point

Yea. You don’t want that job.

djgizmo commented on a post in r/VOIP
jk5531 1 point

I assume the same way I do any NAT.

I don't have Port 80 or 443 open on my router and yet I can accept incoming web traffic so I assumed the 303 is solely connecting to the freepbx server and that's who it relays its traffic thru.

I thought the traffic went

Internet > FreePBX > Phone < FreePBX < Internet

and that the PBX was acting as an eXchange, not as something which sets up a connection between two endpoints and then gets out is the way.

So if FreePBX sets up a connection and then gets out of the way, why is it setting up a connection to these unknown endpoints?

djgizmo 2 points

It’s possible if you don’t have the pbx proxy the RTP / audio.

I’m not a fan of that due to the unpredictable nature of NAT connections.

jk5531 1 point

Awesome. I did not know that. I'm just screwing around with the freepbx right now. Still learning it. But couldn't figure out how these mystery connections were being established. I certainly can't rule out the home router. Will play with that next.

djgizmo 2 points

They are called related connections.

Basically they’re hand offs.

However, hopefully you have fail2ban setup on the freepbx server to prevent abuse.

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