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Italics means there are no wireless clients actively connected to that specific interface.

No typically unless it's been abused (over clocked).

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really... you're going to spam a site/operator that has already been banned from plex. Nice one.

This is called a whisper.

Since we’re talking DSL, how far away are you from the node/CO?

I’d say Extreme for Switches, wireless, and unified management. Fortinet for UTM and a 1u server with OpenSense/Pfsense for routing, a win VM for a local DC, file storage (drivers, patches, and 3rd party updates), and print server.

36 and 20k in the bank and 50k in investments.

Should write a short book how you pulled that off. Pass it on to those you feel need it.

How are you trying to get rid of it?

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By telling people here :P

Haven’t really listed it. Keep on hoping to do something with it, but it’s been a year and I have no joy with it.

Ahhh. Good 'nuff. I've got a few of them and are actively working on getting more; they make great headless automation servers, and I have LOTS of hobbies.

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Well let me know if you want another one and a Rasberry Pi2.

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1 sas port carries 4 connections, so for 6Gbps, you have a theoretical max of 24MGbps for the one cable.

But the MD1000 is older, so it's 3Gbps, so 4x of those is 12MGbps.

Edit: mixed up my Mbs with my Gbs

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12Gbps, but yea. Roughly 1GB per second possible, but will probably top off at half that.

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I didn't mean changing the port or any other obscurity as the only means of the security, but just one of many standard practices that add up.

With what you mentioned, you still need to open the port and all of that could be considered "security through obscurity" as well.

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Opening a port is considered an acceptable security risk as long as it’s documented and monitored.

Example: you wouldn’t just turn on a vpn server give out users, and never check to see if they login. The user / pass could get leaked and then you could have the same user logged in from multiple places even though that’s not likely.

Everything is a consideration. Think about how teamviewer was hacked a while back and scared the pants off of A LOT of their community. No ports open, yet still a network AND systems security risk. Yet, it’s integrated into NinjaRMM and other platforms.

I agree, but you called the practice “Security by obscurity is...”

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No. I was saying by changing ports that falls under obscurity.

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report that fucker to his manager.

Projects that are out of scope are billable via your T&M standards. This scenario especially needs to be billable.

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so you get what free means? if it costs you 5$ it's not free.

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The library is called free to use. As in royalty free.

royalty free and "free to use" are totaly different things, if i understang human language correctly

also the website is called "" not 5$royaltyfreesounds.rave

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Actually, there are the same thing in this use case. Go to audio jungle and most of those libraries/clips say free to use how you wish after you pay them.

Can’t believe people are moaning about $5 for 130GB of sounds. Seriously you have no idea how long it takes to just COLLECT and name these, let alone record and edit them.

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meh, monthly fees without a freemium option. Looks interesting, but there's a 1000 other apps, what makes this different?

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I love the self reflective question; "How much do I actually know?". In my opinion that alone will be enough for any junior position and would qualify for a "high potential" employee.

I've seen too many resumes with "advanced script knowledge", and when you interview them, they are true beginners. To get some insight, I created a scale to determine someone's PowerShell skill level:

  1. able to use cmdlets
  2. able to modify scripts from the internet
  3. able to build a documented script from the ground up.
  4. able to make well structured, resilient code with good performance that is secure.
  5. supports publicly available code with a large install base, successfully

I think you can use this scale to compare your skills and represent it on a resume.

*Edit: I'm not content with my description of level 5. I added "large install base" to better describe the consequences for code of multiple large use cases.

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Yea. I’m level 2 almost 3. Woot.

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If your boss quit, it’s not a good sign.

If you’re expected to hand over passwords etc, I’d ask why because only those that need access should have access. If execs and HR still back PR guy, then it’s a battle probably not worth fighting and then you bail.

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If this is for the same company, how dare a fellow co-worker treat you this way. Fellow coworkers should treat you as if you’re right in front of them/peer. I don’t get this treat IT like shit mentality because it’s a separate department. No other department puts up with it. Not HR, sales, customer support...

Take it to your boss. If your boss doesn’t address it and resolve it, start looking for something else and bail.

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I was talking about your network connection lol.

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That’s just a seedbox instance for that price.

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So are you using desktop Linux VMs?

If just server, just use ssh.

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Yes. Very good choice.


Original Poster1 point · 1 day ago

Not yet but I keep reading good things. We only just moved everyone from Solarwinds MSP Mail to Mail Assure so will give it a few months and then make a decision.

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Lol don’t think those that have lost $250k will be thankful for those few months.

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Should we have one? What format should they be?

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Always have one. However it needs to be customized per application/job/company

I personally think there useless when I see them. But I guess there's not a lot of downside in it.

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Depends... it gives an applicant to expand on WHY they think their experience and skills are relevant at the job at hand as well as their written communication skills. I submit cover letters upon request UNLESS theirs a specific position I'm targeting that I really want.

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Don’t use the interface as a default gateway. Use an IP.

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Dude is hard up for cash. I guarantee it. He doesn't want the rock in it because he'll be taking home a big chunk of the budget, leaving less for the rest of the cast.

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He is not hard up for cash.

What you say is heresay.

While rock takes a big chunk, they’ve been feuding since before Paul died. Rock is great for big action but his comedy falls flat compared to the others in the crew.

These won't be switches sold to the public. It will just be the same as Google's Jupiter / espresso switches or whatever the fuck Facebook's open compute project is doing

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Not true. They’re be competing with Cisco/EXTREME/Juniper in the data center market. I’d expect TOR and a few full 10Gbit/25GBit switches to start off with.

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