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I just passed my ccnp a month ago. I’m going to go for the CCDA/CCDP. I think it will give a little exposure to some of the other cert lines. Two of the three CCDA. I already have associate level certs of wireless and voice/colab though

If that doesn’t interest you, definitely go for the collaboration or voice track in my opinion.

I just passed my ccnp a month ago. I’m going to go for the CCDA/CCDP. I think it will give a little exposure to some of the other cert lines. Two of the three CCDA. I already have associate level certs of wireless and voice/colab though

If that doesn’t interest you, definitely go for the collaboration or voice track in my opinion.

First guess is the wireless driver. Second guess is to look at the settings of the driver to see if you can manipulate any settings regarding its power settings or allowed data rates

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Until you see major manufactures deploying it I don't think it is anything to think/worry about. I don't see it taking over WiFi anytime soon.

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From what you described it sounds like the wireless opportunity would provide the most exposure. I would take that for 1 - 3 years then evaluate where you are professionally and see if other opportunities. The wireless position is also going to work with you for further certifications which only benefits you.

From my personal experience small MSP companies don't fully utilize the CCNA knowledge you would bring to the table either.

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all of our fiber is like this, it drives me crazy. It shouldn't be like that, but it will work forever... don't touch it!

A few things come to mind. Check for layer 1 errors along the path. Its possible a line is taking errors but no ports are disabling themselves.

If that all looks good I would start eliminating devices in the network and test. I would start by plugging directly into the carriers device with nothing else attached. If you can't reproduce the issue then add the next device in line and test and so on. You could have a firewall or a switch on the way out the door.

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I'll second 3cx in either setup. Even as a one man shop after being with a larger MSP for years I'm still selling 3cx. Just slap it on a mini PC, get a Patton gateway and you're done. I've always done Yealink phones and been extremely happy with the cost to performance and reliability. Have used some Snom products with great success as well. The entire thing is just so simple to set up and customize along with being rock solid I haven't even looked at another solution in a long time.

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Xchardrickx would you be open to a pm regarding how you price out 3cx installs and ongoing support ? I’m debating about selling, installing and supporting on prem pbx’s.


For the people who implement voip/pbx systems...

How do you typically price out the cost of an on prem install? For simplicity assume the infrastructure is in place. Simply need to drop a pbx on site for X number of users and move their lines to a SIP provider.

What do you normally charge to “full” support contract

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We host ours on Digital Ocean. Zero issues. Only 12 desk phones, 10 in main office using SBC, 2 others just remote extensions with STUN.

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What SBC do you use if the 3cx server is in Digital Ocean? The SBC just allows for multiple phones to register at once right? Or does it do more than that? Curious as I’m a little foggy on some of the tech.


My first attempt I scored a 834, falling 12 points short of a passing score. The next five days were mentally tough just waiting for another crack at the test.

During those five days I used the test experience to research as many things I could remember that I didn’t feel confident in my answers that I provided. I also reflected on some answers to realize I played into a couple of deceiving tricks.

I used the Cisco digital learning site and Boson in that order. If I didn’t experience Boson to get a feel for how the simulations were, this exam would have taken me 3 attempts. Boson prep was great, can’t speak highly enough about that program for the material related to this test.

For others looking to take this test, my biggest suggestion is to stay calm and if you find yourself thinking sporadically, mentally hit the “reset” button and work from the inside of the topology outwards or vica versa.

I found it to be a challenging and extremely fair exam.

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Congrats man, failed by 12 my first time, retake is Monday!

How’s it feel!?

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Thanks, yeah I don't feel like Neo or anything, but hopefully I get a raise.

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Neo didn’t think he was either, see what he turned out to be!?

Good luck on the raise, congrats again


I have been through the Cisco Digital Learning Course and Boson. Starting to fill left over gaps with the OCG.

Thoughts of the materials combined and how prepared a candidate would be using these resources?

Gotta say I’m feeling confident, scary because I have never felt too confident going into a Cisco exam.


TSHOOT was my favorite practice exam to create. Hope you enjoyed it!

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I have to say the practice exams have been awesome. The explanations not only of the correct answer but also justifying why some answers are incorrect is what I am looking for for study prep.

I’m not deep into CCNP level work at my job, you definitely have given me some great reps at some problems I would have otherwise not seen.

Amazing product!

Be sure to familiarize yourself with the topology they use on the TSHOOT exam. Cisco provides this on their website and it’s the same exact one they use on the real exam!

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I have tried like hell to find this on the Cisco site and just can’t locate it. I read something off the Pearson Vue website that for the 300-135 exam it is not published.

Do you have a Cisco link for it by any chance?

Was looking to go for CCDA and CCDP. Would you say the material was helpful to learn areas that you may not be exposed to in your day to day work?

Edit: congrats!

For the wire, on the guest VLANs you can checkout the “switchport protected” command. If you do this on every port in the guest vlan then no hosts can communicate with others hosts on that subnet other than the gateway. Then on the SVI you can do an extended ACL.

As far as the wireless, I assume you have a guest SSID with its own vlan. You can disable peer-to-peer in the advanced tab. This prevents clients on that SSID from communicating with one another. Again, use an ACL on the controller to restrict access to other networks.

Thoughts or comments?

Congrats. I’ll be sitting in a couple of weeks and hope to have your experience!

Don’t have an answer, maybe just perspective on the price.

Hypothetically if your vendor was charging 250 an hour (that’s pretty high to me). They have accounted for 100 hours. There is no way that doesn’t get done in a night, you need more quotes!

I did voice years ago and I don’t recall it being that difficult of an upgrade process.

Boson is great. Items on the Cisco digital library are awesome. Chris Bryant on udemy is solid as well.

Congrats! Definitely a tough one. I liked the labs though in it, bit challenging.

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Is this IPv5?

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I was hoping to be the first for that line!

I’m a Cisco guy but when it comes to firewalls, PAN all day long

Without direct connect you can only call your ISP and see if they can push the request to their upstream provider as well.

What exactly is stopping you from using a SIP trunk? You can build a SIP trunk with a test number and once you get it functioning can port over the numbers to it. As far as capacity, SIP scales a lot easier/quicker than FXO/FXS lines do.

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Bhaikalis has a point. It would just be a matter of timing when the customer could port numbers.

If they do not have an existing pbx or voip system I would definitely go voip and introduce them to easier functionality and better features. Same applies if they are dissatisfied with whatever solution is in place

If they already have a pbx that they are happy with it the. stick with what they have until an upgrade is required. Plant the seed of a voip system for the future.

Monitor sessions typically are restricted to 1 destination interface (physical or logical).

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