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menomaminx -3 points

Actually, thanks to Google, I have several:-)

Mr Wizards World was a kid's show on Nickelodeon that taught science in simple accessible experiments to children. Almost all of the videos are on YouTube of the individual experiments.

There are several with a substance demonstrates the property of water being dry, but I believe they all used lycopodium powder(it's yellow and one that discusses water tension causing water to be wet specifically will have a hand coated with it dipped into a fish tank)

Any one of his videos with this particular substance should help explain it simply.

dnew -1 points

OK. I think you have it backwards. If you don't break the surface tension, you don't get wet. The surface tension isn't wet, which is why the stuff will float on it. If you put lycopodium on it, you keep that layer of air around your hand that keeps the water from touching your hand, so your hand doesn't get wet. The soap slips between the molecules at the surface and keeps those molecules from sticking to each other harder than they stick to whatever else is touching the water.

Wolv3_ 0 points

Buy do you get wet when you get into the water, or when you get out?

dnew 1 point

When you get in. That's why your fingers get wrinkly when you scuba dive.

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Xxecros 2 points

you know, i can't help but wonder, if you put up a cinder block wall, filled with cement, if it would in some way divert or even prevent the flow of lava onto your property. Build it 8 feet high, 3 feet thick....

dnew 1 point

It's a steam roller built out of rock. It's as heavy as your wall is, remember.

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skankenstein 52 points

They use suet in The Great British Baking Show and I had to google it. It must be a British thing because I always thought it was bird seed. I was so confused.

dnew 44 points

Suet in the USA is mixed with bird seed to hold the seed together so you can hang it in a tree. Suet and lard are different kinds of fat from different animals, but they're pretty indistinguishable to humans if you don't have them side by side in their raw form.

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TheBob427 1 point

What are they at now? The ones I see are usually about $1100 CAD, or $860 USD. The NVIDIA website lists them as $700 USD.

dnew 1 point

If you can find a founder's edition, you might get it close to MSRP. It looks like the prices went back up some as the new stock got bought out.

But the prices are starting to edge back towards reasonable, as opposed to the $1200 they were some weeks ago.

TheBob427 0 points


dnew 0 points


I'm just saying, keep your eyes out, as the prices seem to be breaking. The $860 USD cards you're seeing were $800 new, because they had extra fans and LEDs and stuff on them.

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dnew commented on a post in r/technology
dnew 2 points

While everything in the article is true, I'd like to point out there are a lot of highly paid people who can't afford to live close enough to work to avoid hours of commute. People making a quarter million dollars a year or more are living an hour away from their jobs. The wealth gradient is incredible.

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mike_b_nimble 2 points

Here is a picture of a 250mb drive from 1979. And here is a fun page about the evolution of hard drives.

dnew 1 point

Actually, that first one looks like a RAD, a Rapid Access Disk like big mainframes used for swap space and directories and such. The one on the mainframe I used had three heads per track. It was pretty insane for the time. Took about 10 minutes to spin up to speed and about 20 minutes to spin down, with tens of thousands of RPM.

That second video is crazy. "Miles of wiring inside." Makes me wonder what the total end-to-end length of all the traces in a modern CPU is.

dnew 1 point

And today, I have trouble buying media in sized less than 1000x that big. And it comfortably fits up my nose.

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fishmoth 0 points

Not according to the agreement you signed.

dnew 1 point

"Some of our Services allow you to upload, submit, store, send or receive content. You retain ownership of any intellectual property rights that you hold in that content. In short, what belongs to you stays yours."

So, no, you're objectively incorrect.

fishmoth 1 point

Is this also true of Facebook and other companies?

dnew 1 point

Usually the big ones, yes. You know how you can find out?

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dnew 1 point

I've seen videos of similar set-ups for recovering from blow-outs, where the passenger had a button that would instantly release all the air from one of the tires and the student had to recover. Then it somehow reinflated, which was kind of cool.

dnew commented on a post in r/pics
tonboguri 2 points

Well they had their share of "gentlemen" generals but there were brave officers who did take risks. The troops who held the Douamont, or the guys who flew non-stop trying to slow the German advance. The damn shame of it was that no one could stop it. Old animosities and crumbling empires just provided kindling for the flames. Such an ugly tragedy.

dnew -2 points

Well they had their share of "gentlemen" generals

Even the generals risked getting suckered into it, and worked their way up the ranks at least some extent. I think we should pass a constitutional amendment that any politician who votes in favor of going to war gets his own family drafted first. :-)

HohlraumHe3 2 points

I think we should pass a constitutional amendment that any politician who votes in favor of going to war gets his own family drafted first. :-)

That's utterly retarded, a violation of the rights of the family, and meaningless in an increasingly asymmetrical battlefield. You've reached peak idiot and your emotions got you there.

dnew 1 point

violation of the rights of the family

Well, unless you think drafting anyone is a violation of rights, I'd dispute you there. I'm not sure what right you have to get drafted in any particular order.

You've reached peak idiot

I'm guessing you weren't around when that was a serious proposal being kicked around to avoid additional Viet Nam sorts of shit.

I find it interesting that anti-war sentiment is seen as retarded and wrong-headed now. I guess we haven't had a good messy war recently enough. Now it's all just blasting people on B&W IR screens and not really caring they're actual people being killed.

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freaksonwheels 3 points

What other kind of useless insurance can I get, you seem to be in the know. Landslide insurance? Tornado? Come on I need ideas! We only have mild earthquakes occasionally (max 5.0). Is there an insurance you can get in case an airplane crashes into your house? I want that one.

dnew 2 points

in case an airplane crashes into your house

That would be Umbrella Insurance.

dnew commented on a post in r/technology
iggyfenton -3 points

My point it because there is no engine noise the wind noise sounds louder. The question would be if the decibel level in the Model 3 is higher than a comparable vehicle at the same speed.

Try watching TV with kids in the room vs when they are sleep. Because there is less ambient noise a lower volume level can seem louder.

dnew 4 points

I understood your question, and I believe I gave you my answer: the wind is louder, but not as much louder as the motor is quieter. (Also, my Tesla tires can be loud as fuck, depending on temperature and humidity.) The wind noise doesn't get louder as speed increases as much in the Tesla as it does in the Camry. Anything below about 50MPH and unless your windows are open the Tesla is pretty much silent.

I don't believe the Teslas have as much sound-proofing as ICE cars tend to have. I also have an S, not a 3, so that may also be different.

Of course, it's a subjective measurement as I'm just using my ears, but that's what we're really interested in, isn't it?

iggyfenton -3 points

The only way to test that is decibel levels. So it’s measurable.

Subjective measurements are wrong.

dnew 2 points

Certainly it's measurable. But I would argue the passengers care less about what the machine says than how loud the car actually sounds while riding in it. Subjective measurements aren't wrong; they're just subjective. :-)

I've driven both cars tens of thousands of miles. I've paid enough attention to notice that (for example) closing the roof while the windows are closed leaves it noisier than closing the roof while the windows are open, probably because it doesn't settle quite as flush because of the air pressure in the passenger cabin.

You, however, should feel free to bring whatever sound measuring devices you wish with you on your next test drive.

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MooseRattler 52 points

Thanks, I really appreciate the feedback!

dnew 15 points

Funny enough I'll be telling all my nerd coworkers this one tomorrow. :-)

BadComplex 80 points

We call ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) Lou Gehrig disease. It’s one of many motor neuron diseases (subacute combined degeneration, poliomyelitis, Werdnig-Hoffman...).

I think it’s more widely referred to here as ALS now because of the ice bucket challenge.

dnew 1 point
dnew commented on a post in r/printSF
dnew 1 point

There's "Master of the Five Magics" which is a fantasy book involving the science of magic in that world. So if you like SF, you might like that more than other fantasy.

There's "Only Forward," one of my favorite novels, SF-feeling but really hilarious, philosophical, and touching.

There's the Terry Pratchett series, which is definitely fantasy, and 40+ novels in length. Start with one that starts a series, like Nightwatch or Reaper Man. (These are books that I've read on airplane flights and had people coming from all over the plane asking me what I'm reading that's so funny I have to put it down because I'm laughing too hard to see.)

Autonomous by Annalee Newitz is excellent. Not really cheerful as such, but fairly light reading. Weird. Maybe not this one. Her other stuff is good too.

Claire North does great stuff also. Touch and Harry August were both excellent.

Almost everything Spider Robinson does that doesn't sound depressing is fun and slightly sci-fi-ish. The Free Lunch was a lot of fun and stand-alone novel length. The Callihan stories are short stories. Avoid the "very bad deaths" stuff - I found it so well written yet full of awful people it turned me off his writing. :-)

dnew commented on a post in r/technology
grumbel 1 point

Which alternative allows international censorship-free quick and low cost transactions between regular people?

dnew 1 point

Well, describe what you mean by censorship-free. And in what sense is $70/transaction "low cost"?

grumbel 1 point

Well, describe what you mean by censorship-free.

Not having policies such as this or this or that or this.

And in what sense is $70/transaction "low cost"?

Bitcoin transaction cost is back down at $1.50. Most newer crypto doesn't have the scalability problems of Bitcoin to begin with.

dnew 1 point

Not having policies such as this or this or that or this.

Fair enough. Note that all the people you're citing there, however, are actually lending money to the person selling the thing they don't want to lend money for. So none of that is problematic with bitcoin because bitcoin (and afaik most other cryptocurrencies) can't do it either.

Bitcoin transaction cost is back down at $1.50.

That's good to hear. I wonder what it would stabilize at if there wasn't a specific block reward and it only had transaction fees.

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