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You're right. But systemic destruction of authoritarianism does make a better world.

Sometimes an unethical utilitarianism plan is the right course, when it's the final and only option.

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You’re talking about stabbing someone in the asshole before they’re killed by a mob.

No one's gonna make that mistake again.

And I'm not advocating these means whatsoever. I'm just saying, if you put people in a desperate enough situation they will do what is necessary for peace and justice. Regardless of the horrifying methods.

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Yeah it definitely was not necessary to stab him in his asshole to achieve justice. In fact they denied justice to a lot of Libyans by denying him a trial.

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No let's forget that part and focus on the part that kind of sounds like Trump.

Mainly Giuliani's Orwellian spin over the last few weeks. Something big is going to come from this, mark my words.

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Something big is going to come from this, mark my words.

-Liberals, every day for the past 2 years and next 6 years

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-One of the school-board members “flew into a rage,” as Timmer was later told, stating that the Holocaust was grossly exaggerated and that the students shouldn’t be forced to go to the museum and listen to “a fabrication.”

I still can’t understand how people justify their holocaust denials. It was something that was witnessed by so many people and impacted millions.

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Most holocaust deniers don't deny that the holocaust happened. They deny that it killed as many people as it did. I guess the pictures of train cars full of corpses and piles of ownerless shoes aren't enough for them.

So did they know or not??

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They didn't know.

But they knew.

Original Poster21 points · 10 hours ago

They managed to get that panzer IV/70 flipped back over which is amazing to me because I’ve never been able to flip a tank that’s completely upside down like that

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You can aim where your tow cable goes by aiming at a specific part of the tank before you press 0. That makes it much easier to un-flip tanks.

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Pretty sure they are baked

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Yeah I've never been baked before either.

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Just because we don’t want virtue signaling crammed down our throats all the time doesn’t mean we’re racist. Stop calling everybody a racist anyway, the word has lost its meaning.

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Get yourself some latex gloves and a magnifying glass and start searching for defects. If you find “wheat” pennies (they have stalks of wheat on the reverse, I think the last mint was 19558) you could keep those. Pretty much anything earlier than that would be good to keep too. Other than that you’re looking for errors.

For what it’s worth, most people who coin hunt don’t do it for a profit. Sure some extremely rare coins might be worth something if you could find a buyer, but that’s just it. We don’t want to buy them, we want to find them.

Another option would be to find a local CRH’er and sell them to him. You’d get cash for it at least, if you don’t want to go through all those pennies.

That’s just my 2 cents.

Edit - ‘58 instead of ‘55. Also when I say “sell” them to a CRH’er I don’t mean at a profit. We usually go to banks and exchange cash for coins with no markup.


Just wanted to add though that the last year they minted wheat cents was 1958! (Wheats started being minted in 1909)

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Fixed, thanks,

A lot of Koreans believe if you sleep with a fan on in the room you will die. This is why lots of fans have timers on them, so people in Korea will buy them.

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Holy shit that’s powerful.

Edit: *shit

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Thanks for sharing! I got a laugh out of "the McClosing".

That's what he just said.

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Your face is what he just said.

Watership Down wasn't G rated to begin with but it would make a hell of an R rated movie.

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Not at this point. They are posting all kinds of new restrictions, it's almost not worth it. They might or might not go out of business by the end of this year.

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If only the was a stock market for failing companies. Like somewhere you could bet on which company would fail first or buy the end of the year. Like a dead pool but for businesses.

"I have a terrible owner"

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Reddit is rigged

I don't really give a fuck who you support. You're just another nameless faceless poster here bud.

Now, back to the discussion.

Do you think that a person advocating an ethnostate qualifies as a Nazi?

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I'm gonna go ahead and stop you. Trump is not advocating an "ethnostate".

I didn't specify Trump.

Can you please answer the question.

Is a person who advicages an ethnostate equivalent to a Nazi?

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"Equivalent to a nazi"? No, I wouldn't say they are. The nazis were genocidal fascists. Maybe ISIS comes closest but I wouldn't even say the nazis have an equivalent today.

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It’s been a long time since I worked the flightline, but the two worst planes I ever fueled were the Hansa Jet and the Mu-2. Adding oil a quart at a time to a DC-3 on a hot summer day was a pain but I can’t help but love that plane.

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I'll second the MU-2. Especially as a guy that ended up working the line by myself a lot. HUGE pain to fill that thing's tip tanks up 70lb at a time. Plus they were pressurized which added the slight chance that I'd mess up the procedure and get a tank cap to the face.

“How long will it take to fix all this?”

Two weeks

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"Fix what?"

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The girl just outside the photo selling mouth hugs for $50 a pop, is the highest earner out there.

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It's the best business model. Low barriers to entry and once you sell it you can turn around and sell it again.

I mean the are only two B-52 bases in the nation, they've got to be stored somewhere.

Pretty sure this kind of stuff happens any time suicide is in the national spotlight. I'm on mobile otherwise I'd link to the study, but I remember reading that high-profile suicides are often followed by a surge of suicides in the general population.

Was there something in the water when the camera turned to the right? Could see a fin or something

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Kind of like how UFOs are always aliens, unidentified swimming objects are always sharks.

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