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Yeah they're a lot darker than I wish they were. I brought them to a cobbler to get the insoles repaired and he said he would clean em up for me. I don't know what he used but they darkened up quite a bit.

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I'm digging 'em dark.

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This isn't a photograph is it? It looks stenciled or drawn.

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Yeah, I don't think it is a photo. They looks weird... I think I see Sir Topham Hatt in there.

'Land the delorean on him doc. We'll cripple his car!'

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Marty, he's in a '46 Ford, we're in a DeLorean. He'd rip through us like we were tin foil! Maybe! Now I'm not so sure!

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"Did you just hear what that asshole said BEHIND MY BACK!?"

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wasn't it in front of your back?

Hey there. Guy with kidney disease (stage 1) here (also diabetic) and a keto'er who has dropped from 450lbs to 411lbs in the last two months.

About a year ago I got on a new insurance plan and went to a doctor for the first time in several years. I did the lab tests, they checked my albumin(?) levels and things were not too bad. My doctor stressed to me that I needed to lose weight, first and foremost, to remove the threat of diabetes and kidney disease, so at first I went on calorie restriction (whole grains, veggies, low fat, no sugar/candy) and I lost a few (4) pounds. Went back in for tests and things were getting worse: my blood sugar was up and I wasn't losing weight fast enough. I got depressed and quickly gained back the 4lbs.

Two months ago, I discovered a study online while reading about kidney disease that was about studies done on mice where a ketogenic diet halted and reversed kidney damage. I took it to my doctor and he said this: low-carb is a good way to lose weight, I'm not sure about the high fat, but if you want to try this for a month, go ahead and we'll do more tests in a month. So I had his go-ahead but before I walked out the door he said "one more thing: WATCH YOUR SALT INTAKE." This was particularly good advice. For most keto'ers, salt is not a big deal. For people with kidney disease who have trouble with edema, too much salt can make you immensely uncomfortable and cause permanent tissue damage over extended periods of time.

I went on the diet, started dropping weight like crazy (10lbs my first week!), now I have more energy to play with my son and our new puppy. I went to the doctor for more tests a week ago and he's happy I've lost weight and my blood sugar and kidney level are better. They're not great, kidney disease is a helluva thing, as you know, but I feel like I'm making progress. I had to buy new pants and I'm steadily making my way down to that glorious "399" mark that is my immediate goal. After that, 350, 300, 250 and then... male modeling! haha, j/k.

So that's my story. Talk to your doctor, tell him you're trying it, watch your salt and macros.

I'm searching through this subreddit like crazy trying to find info on kidney disease and keto. May I PM you and ask you a few questions? (I'm a type 1 diabetic, beginnings of CKD)

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I'll offer whatever knowledge I can, but it's pretty limited. Mainly I've been here asking other people questions about kidney disease.

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And now that you're grown you eat FIVE dozen eggs!

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Well, except for that keto keepin' him trim.

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Did the people who believe that in your tribe say anything about you taking a dead person's ligament?

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They were like "haha, sucker."

Let's do the math! Let's take a cream cheese frosted cupcake from "Publix" on MyFitnessPal. Let's say one bite is equal to 1/8 of a cupcake. That's 0.125 cupcakes. MFP says that 0.125 of a cream cheese frosted cupcake comes out to be 42 calories, 6g of carbs, 2g of fat, 0 protein. So even doubling that, you'd be at 12g of carbs.

I'd say take a bite if you cut carbs the rest of the day. That kind of thing tends to not stall me out on my weight loss when I do it (a couple times a month), but your mileage may vary!

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...C25K, lifting, working 8 hrs on my feet and no exercise at all.

At first glance I was thinking "Never skip feet day?" because I interpreted "working 8 hrs on my feet" as part of some crazy routine focusing on feet exercises... I'm not the most experienced guy at the gym.

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Never skip feet day. Chicks dig defined arches.

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Aaah alas another Muslims SG who is following halal-keto diet. What other things do you recommend and what does your daily meal looks like (before and after Ramadhan)?

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Hey! Hala beef bacon exists: It's a little pricey but I've had it a few times and it's not quite but very much like bacon.

From Michael Bayleaf, the Executive Producer of Baconpocalypse and Pearmageddon, comes a blockbuster too delicious to miss...

Cheese II: The Cheesoning

First they came for our cheddar, but this summer they're after the whole damn dairy farm.

Coming to a theater near you.

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Fon-DO IT.

Peasants and farmyard animals are low in carbs and the clothing the villagers wear provides decent fiber. Whole cows, chickens, pigs, and even goats can be crushed in your mighty maw with abandon. You definitely want to stay away from grain silos and wagons full of potatoes and carrots. Beware so-called "all-you-can-eat" salad bars; rarely do they welcome giantfolk and being chased off with pitchforks and torches can be a real self-esteem killer. Keep up your water intake up by draining a lake or river or several. Remember, FEE-FI-FOE-FUM; the blood of an Englishman is chock full of vitamins and minerals!

I found out when I started keto that I'm egg intolerant (got to run to the bathroom within 45 minutes of eating eggs) so I started eating an avocado every morning, sprinkled with a little salt, chili and garlic powder, or with a spoonful of Dean's sriracha sauce. I love avocado and now I eat it all the time. I might get a tattoo of an avocado. I love keto.

I can make a meal out of a few slices of summer sausage and a chunk of sharp Tillamook cheddar.

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Awww hell yes, Tillamook. I remember going on a tour of the factory when I was a little kid and eating cheese curds in the car afterward with my family as we continued our vacation. You have good taste in cheese, buddy.

Peanut bread? Do share the recipe, please.

Started at 454 lbs, now at 409 after a few months. Use to track calories and make sure you aren't going overboard. Watch your salt intake if you have edema (I did and still do because of kidney disease). Just stick to it, don't put yourself in bad situations where you say "fuck it, I'll just have a few cookies" or "Eh, I already ate some ketchup on that burger, might as well have a chocolate shake too...". Take it slow, realize you might mess up every now and then, and adjust your habits to meet your new lifestyle.

Hang tough through the sugar withdrawal and if anyone says "that's bad for you, fat is bad, omg I can't believe you're doing that" say to them "mofo, when did you become a doctor?" and them hit 'em with a few of the educational "Useful Links" over in the /r/keto sidebar.

I've recently discovered a wonderful ketchup alternative at the health food store sweetened with xylitol ( here is the link). I've been avoiding ketchup for a year, and just using hot sauce, but OMG this ketchup is SO GOOD on my scrambled eggs. Definitely good for diabetics too.

I'd also recommend Atkin's bars as a once in a while treat.

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Very cool, thanks for the heads-up. I'll try it.

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Good, means the moderation is at a good level to start. Wait, why am I testing you guys? You should be testing me!

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What's the capital of Portugal?!

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Lisbon, NEXT!

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"Lisbon, NEXT!" is not correct, it's just "Lisbon." Thanks for playing, here are your steak knives.

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that's a terrible GIF, just badly crafted. it's an art form, goddamn it.

I used a payday advance place recently and they offered me, instead of the payday advance, a loan that was something like 138% interest for 18 months. They also told me that my offered rate was "pretty good" and someone had walked out of there before me with a loan for 168% interest. Check N Go, California.

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