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ibumetiins 11 points

Haha, and I thought I was small when parked next to a truck, although I could have taken a better angle.

donkey_hat 2 points
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TheMahxMan 18 points

The 1995 Ford Mustang GT had a 5.0L V8 that made 215hp 0-60 in 6.7 sec(thats like commuter sedan territory now).

the 2018 Ford Mustang GT makes 460hp and 0-60 in 4.5 seconds with all the newfangled doodads and added safety weight.

People have some heavy nostalgia goggles when they think about the cars they grew up around.

donkey_hat 1 point

Mustang is an intentionally bad example

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npaladin2000 65 points

The problem is the Taconic and verios other parkways, where a lot of the on ramps actually end with a stop sign, so rather than merging they stop and wait for a gap. The problem with the parkways is that they effectively have little to no merge lane.

There's this one horrible cloverleaf at the intersection of Rt 9 and 44/55 where people pretty much always stop before merging onto Rt 9 South, because of the short merge that's combined with an off ramp to get onto the Mid Hudson Bridge. Because of the short sightlines there it's pretty much impossible to merge smoothly and you end up either having to stop, or going across the toll bridge. The latter may be the whole point.

donkey_hat 1 point
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donkey_hat 2 points

I would go to the hardware store and see if they have the key blank (somewhere probably does, my local one has them for prettymuch every brand until they started getting electronic) then call a locksmith to see if they can cut the key

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13Thefreerunner 35 points

I don't think they'd be able to handle Macdonalds without enforcing diets onto the customers

donkey_hat 3 points

He became Charlene from the McDonald's on Dorsett

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orangebikini 5 points

This seems like a reasonable explanation. You're basically saying, that big engines and too rich of a mix creates the smell? I used to own a 1976 Datsun 120A F-II Coupé, carbureted of course. Even if I left the choke on I never smelt anything out of the ordinary. This is because obviously the amount of unburnt petrol is less in a 1.2 litre engine compared to American 4 or 5 litre engines, right?

donkey_hat 1 point

Are you the Finnish main character from My Summer Car?

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paueu 3 points

White is the most popular overall. But it varies based on segment. link

donkey_hat 1 point

If you count silver and grey as the same then it is the most popular for everything but trucks and sports cars

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TaskForceCausality 35 points

Unfortunately ,if it’s a cop blocking the fast lane we’re still boned.

donkey_hat 12 points

I was on Lake Shore Drive one time, for those who don't know its a 4 lane in each direction expressway down the shoreline of Chicago with a posted speed limit of 40 but a free flowing traffic speed of 65~ like on a weekend in the day or evening before 10pm (after which its 60 MINIMUM), and there was a cop sitting at 40 halfway between the 2 leftmost lanes that everybody refused to pass. I had worked my way up there because when I was younger I did that dumb shit a little more, he was pacing all of traffic for about 4 exits and between Irving and Belmont (1 mile) he took off to about 70 before pulling off and all the lanes just about kept pace with him until his exit.

seeasea 0 points

Lsd is 3 lanes each direction until and 4 lanes south of Monroe.

donkey_hat 3 points

LSD is 4 lanes in each direction Hollywood to Monroe, 5 lanes Monroe to Balbo (sometimes turning into a turn lane), 4 in each direction Balbo to roughly McFetridge, where it's 5 until the Stevenson, back to 4 until 31st where it goes back and forth between 4 and 3, then 3 south of 53rd.

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MalteseMartens 1 point

If you read what I said and pulled out I concluded ATs are just better... I don’t know.

My point is that MTs don’t magically improve driving experience like OP and the MT circlejerk like to pretend.

I knew all you “Save the MT” circlejerkers would descend on this like a trash can full of angry bats but I guess that’s part of why I did it too.

donkey_hat 1 point

See for someone who truly prefers the control and engagement it actually does magically make any car better. Especially crappy cars, which are the ones most people have access to. A Hyundai Elantra with a manual is a car I wouldn't hate driving around, unlike the few auto ones I've had to rent that feel completely disconnected from everything.

I feel like once you get better and can let go of the anxiety (seriously, if you money shift you'll know in .2 seconds and instinctively clutch in which should be your automatic reflex for anything "oh shit") and learn to appreciate improving your own technique and the sense of direct involvement. Give it another few months, ask for help if you still suck at it, and if you still don't like it that's fine too.

donkey_hat commented on a post in r/cars
achenx75 2 points

Well screw you pal, I think my 4th gen TL looks pretty dope!

But yeah, the 3rd gens were something magical...especially the Type-S.

donkey_hat 10 points

Interesting neither picture shows the front

achenx75 4 points

Because the rear looks better lol. I wrapped part of my grill so it looks different. (did it myself for a first time, definitely could have done it better)

donkey_hat 1 point

Gotta say that is a huge improvement

donkey_hat commented on a post in r/cars
martykiasales 1 point

Look at his first image. Since the wheels don't use a symmetric design, you get a design issue when you flip them around. Basically, the swooshes will point forward on one side of the car and backwards on the other side. Unless you also produce a mirror-image wheel design.

donkey_hat 2 points

But there's a set of each rotational direction in that picture, the problem would be if all 4 were identical which these are not.

martykiasales 19 points

That's a $150,000 car, and they couldn't even be bothered to design the infotainment? No, just slap a tablet on top as an afterthought. How hard is it to just fit that screen with a bezel into the dash to make it look like anyone tried?

Here's a view of the same car as if you were in the driver's seat. Using a tablet-style infotainment screen allows you to raise the screen higher than the dashboard which means the driver's eyes don't need to move as far off the road to see it. If you were to embed the screen into the dash without moving the dash, you'd have to move it 4-6" lower.

donkey_hat 1 point

That view looks about 2 feet lower than my view out of any car

donkey_hat commented on a post in r/cars
OccasionalHAM 1 point

It depends on how nice you want to be to whoever ends up buying it.

Really nice: Find the issue (could maybe be the radiator/reservoir cap is not holding pressure, allowing it to evaporate, or its leaking onto the headers or something and burning off so you can't see it), fix it. Less hassle for next owner and you can sell it for more money than the next option

Neutral: Do nothing, just get rid of it soon, sell it for a little less due to issue

Asshole option: Do nothing until you are actually about to sell it, then pour in a good amount of stop leak, sell it like there's no issue, cut all contact with buyer.

If your oil is clean and there's no puddles than I can't really think of much else to be losing so much coolant. You could get your radiator/reservoir cap pressure tested and see if it's just evaporating out but I don't think it would lose at that rate simply due to a bad cap. Or look around under the hood while the car is running to see if it's dripping on something hot and burning off leaving no other trace like I mentioned earlier.

donkey_hat 1 point

It could be the head gasket if its leaking directly into the cylinder, but it would probably be overheating if it did that

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