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10 points · 1 day ago

If it's an already loud workplace, clicky switches won't change anything.

If it's a quiet office, then MAYBE there may be an issue.

If it's a loud enough workplace to cancel out the sounds of blue switches, either he works in a factory or there are other actual problems with the workplace.

There is no "MAYBE". Even brown switches are incredibly loud in public spaces. There's a reason silent switches and switch dampeners are sold.

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Our cubicle layout is more open than most, with open groups of 4 cubes, and low walls. I brought my board with browns in and immediately felt guilty for the noise, especially since I know how the noise other people make bothers me. Bought o-rings the next day, still kinda feel guilty though

I wonder if EA knew about this. EA just started leasing two floors in an office building 2 buildings down the street from the Capcom office in Burnaby.

That is definitely the face of a murderer, for he has murdered someone.

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Did we lose the whole innocent until proven guilty in a court of law thing?

I'm working with a realtor now in the process of buying a condo, but am not really happy with what he's bringing to the table. Is it frowned upon to switch realtors before a purchase? I've been working with him for about a month.

Essentially he's just the middle man between me and the listing agent. I ask him to get strata docs or put together an offer but that's about where it ends. I'm doing all the legwork searching for units and going through strata docs and deprecation reports. I'll ask him about listings 3 days old and he doesn't even know about them yet. He's never brought a unit to my attention as something I might be interested in. If I ask him for advice on an offer to make I basically get back "well you know it could go either way..." yada yada yada.

Is this common for someone to get less help from a realtor if they have a lower budget and they wont get a big commission off of it?
Should I feel guilty about switching realtors after this long searching? I don't want him to feel like I've wasted his time, but in a way he's kind of wasted mine. I've missed out on a couple good units

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Fun fact: Arizona also has a variant without the price printed so stores can charge what they want

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In Canada they sell plastic bottles that are smaller than the cans for over $2 each at 7-11. We also don't have the big gallon jugs or 12 can boxes here.


Looking to buy an old Sigelei 150W mod. I had one a while back but it fried, gone through a few more mods since but still miss the Sigelei.

Looking for the older style, this model:

Any color, but black or silver preferred if you have it.


Got a black one in Seattle that I’ll let go of for that price. It does have the atty swirl that pretty much all of those mods have after they’re used for a couple days. Otherwise, it’s perfect. Can post pics shortly if you’re interested.

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Original Poster1 point · 4 days ago

Sure, can you send me pics?

Updated verification pic:

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Original Poster1 point · 2 days ago

Looks good man, I'll PM you

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My fault for not taking Gilmore or Willingdon down to Lougheed I guess.

Please don't. Lougheed has closures from Madison to Delta, and various other places (e.g. near Holdom). And there are other lane closures on Willingdon from Brentwood and SOLO construction.

People are trying to bypass it all by going through Still Creek Drive but it's causing Holdom to get backed up almost all the way back to Hastings.

My morning commute has basically doubled, it's a nightmare.

douchecanoo commented on

Bullshit a drink is only 40 cents

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Maybe he ordered a combo, so they split the combo into single items and then discounted the drink

That and Tommy ordered from wiring specialties and it was delayed a shitton, people believe its because of the falling out the two of them had

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How did Earl fuck Tommy over with the S12? I never heard the story only people talking about it

Yes you should replace them. Hard to believe they're only 2 years old with that kind of cracking. Are you sure they're only 2 years old or you've only had them for 2 years? Check the date on them -

892 points · 21 days ago

I was at a Denny’s or similar over 10 years ago and got way too excited about their super salad. – Bring out the super salad! – No, sir. Soup or salad..

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You're not alone friend, I did this at The Old Spaghetti Factory last year. Why don't they just ask "Salad or Soup?"

I thought this was for a magazine? I believe there’s one of ninja too.

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Here's the ninja one

Original Poster-1 points · 23 days ago

The problem is it applies even when you’re parked in front of your own house. Most people don’t have the luxury of a garage, does that mean they deserve tickets for not having a garage?

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If you look at the Forest Grove area, it's all low rise condo buildings (with parking lots and visitor parking) and townhouses (that have garages).

So they're probably parking the cars on the street to avoid strata fines. Surprised it took them this long to get a ticket to be honest.

All cities have bylaws like this, you can't just abandon your car on a public street for a week at a time. Burnaby is a bit short at 24 hours though:


Storage of vehicles on the street for longer than 48 hours in not permitted.

Port Moody:

If a Motor Vehicle or chattel has been left unattended on a Highway for a period of at least seventy-two (72) hours;


Notwithstanding any other provision of this By-law, no person shall park a vehicle on any highway for more than 72 hours continuously.

Her: Heyy

Me: Hey

Her: Hi

Bitch you started the conversation, this ain’t on me.

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She gave you the double Y and you still can't take a hint

Yeah I get that but it’s not about that. It’s about the fact that now the conversation is on me and I have to make the effort to continue it

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"what you up to?"

Is it that hard?

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When people in my department listen to music it is usually to isolate themselves and show to others that they're trying to concentrate and ideally shouldn't be disturbed. I listen to music most of the time even when I'm goofing off rather than working but it's a pair of open-backed headphones with the volume low so I can still hear people talk if needs be.

The thing to remember is that your helpdesk should never be approached in person unless it's an emergency. People should be using your ticketing system to request support or else their requests should be ignored.

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Open back headphones in the office are a curse and a blessing. Great so that I can hear someone behind me if they call out my name for something. Horrible when I'm trying to drown out the sounds of incessant foot tapping and open mouth chewing.

Original Poster1 point · 27 days ago

Dude, no problem - I love guys like you - helping me out with things I've never learned in my past 3-4 years working in this job. I hope I can give something back into the future. I never learned so much, like posting onto reddit and reading a lot of stuff (sometimes its really hard, because english isnt my mothertongue.

wow thats a nice list - stupid question: is there another way to prepare the schema beside unpacking the setup and use setup /preparead? because you said, do this on the fsmo. Honestly, I did this onto my exchange server lol. And another question: Do I need to worry the exchange 2016 preparation (I will first upgrade exchange 2010 and that migrate to exchange 2016 with a co-existence setup).

Thanks in advance!

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No problem man, everyone is here to help and learn from each other. I was never formally trained on managing Exchange, just kind of handed the keys to the castle, so all my knowledge was gained as I went. I'm still far from a master of Exchange.

is there another way to prepare the schema beside unpacking the setup and use setup /preparead? because you said, do this on the fsmo

Not that I'm aware of, but unpacking the installer on a DC shouldn't be a problem. You're not installing anything related to Exchange on the DC, just using the data in the installer to prepare the schema. You can delete it all after you finish the preparation.

You can do it on a different DC if you want, as long as it's in the same site as the schema master.

Do I need to worry the exchange 2016 preparation

Not sure I quite understand this question but I'll take a swing. You're already preparing the schema and updating to 2010 SP3 RU23, so you're meeting the prerequisite for 2016 upgrade which requires at least RU11.

After you upgrade your 2010 servers, you will have to prepare the schema again for Exchange 2016. You can do this before or during installation.

The 2016 schema upgrade won't affect end users, but the Exchange 2016 installation definitely will. We're almost about to deploy our 2016 upgrade and have chosen to create a deployment site to make sure end users aren't affected before we finish our configuration -

Original Poster1 point · 27 days ago · edited 27 days ago

Not that I'm aware of, but unpacking the installer on a DC shouldn't be a problem.

No, definitly not. I thought there could be other ways to to that for activedirectory-admins or something like that.

Not sure I quite understand this question but I'll take a swing.

You definitly understood my problem/question! Thanks - that makes it clear

.. but the Exchange 2016 installation definitely will.

Thats something I am aware of. I watched some videos from Paul Cunningham on Pluralsight (thank god, my boss bought a subscription for me to learn that stuff before doing this project). I hope I can explain this in the right way, but he said the following: 1. Install Exchange 2016 and dont restart 2. Use the Set-ClientAccessService CMDlet to set that AutoDiscoverInternalUri to the same like the others (mail.domain.tld in my setup) and the cas wont hijack the client connections. I hope he is right, I dont want to have that shitty certificate warnings and password-prompts. After that I can restart or recycle the Autodiscover-AppPool.

What I am wondering about is, that if i have fresh-installed exchange 2016 - am I able to use the CMDlets immediatly? I mean that part of my plan sounds really akward. But okay. I think I will watch that part of the migration again after my upgrade to the newest version of 2010.​

EDIT: I am not sure about that cmdlet thing. you're definitly right with your mention for the SCP. But if I change this direct after the installation without restart to the domain I used before, the dns should rsolve the scp to my old environment what should hopefully solve my problems :D

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We didn't even want to take a chance at users getting the certificate issue which is why we're using a deployment site. We had to set up a new DC/GC for it but I'd rather that then have a bunch of users complaining before I can change the URI.

The blog post mentions that changing the AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri won't prevent issues completely either

If your brand new Exchange server resides in the same AD site as the user’s mailbox or the chosen Internet facing site, then your clients have a chance of seeing certificate popups due to your new server’s virtual directories and Outlook Anywhere configuration still having the default FQDN values in place

About using Exchange Management Shell immediately after installing Exchange, I don't know about that, but it's possible. If you can, I'd take a clone of your current environment and go through your deployment in a test environment, or set one up to try it out.

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13 points · 27 days ago

Oh they started with the liqour restrictions changes.

Who buys a theatre with the goal of selling alcohol, and then playing dumb when the liqour law prohibits the thing their entire business model depends on?

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Just replace theatre with bar and you'll get EXP

1 point · 27 days ago · edited 27 days ago

They just deleted a bunch of comments on their Facebook post and disabled further comments. Great work!

Edit: Nevermind, I think they just blocked me from commenting on anything on their page because I pointed out how deleting comment threads is counter productive. Ironic

I really liked the Downlow when I went recently. The chicken at least, sides were meh.

Deacon's Corner is pretty quiet but has really good chicken too.

This is fantastic for someone with basically no experience (like myself). Any chance you can add bye weeks?

Original Poster1 point · 28 days ago

Definitely. I have an expanded version (and more personalized for my own draft) that includes bye weeks. I'll add them later tonight or tomorrow AM. I'll post all my updates on Twitter (@twocenttakes).

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Awesome, thanks for sharing!

3 points · 29 days ago

Same. I've got a box in Point Roberts and I'd say they only ever charged me when my items total was over $250.

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I haven't been charged at all recently, even for expensive stuff. I've been down to Blaine to pick up packages that were over $250, the last one was $500 USD a few weeks ago.

"How long were you gone?"
An hour
"What's the value?"
$500 USD
"See ya later"

Can't imagine how much more I'd pay in shipping/duty/brokerage to get it shipped to my house

Well I guess there are two jobs one is maintaining the data centers and one is maintaining the company deployments on said data centers be it iaas paas or SaaS. Either way they are not your traditional sysadmin jobs and many employers want at least some experience in the technology now since many are moving away from hosting their own.

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So then I'm not sure how your first comment is relevant to anything

You have absolutely no idea about tech if you think the traditional sysadmin role isn't dead as fuck.

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Nowhere did OP say he was only a traditional sysadmin. The title "sysadmin" is such a broad term it encompasses hundreds of different roles

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MG chemicals still makes lead soldier for electronics. I use it and it flows so much better than non lead stuff. Just have a fan blowing over what you're working with and it's all G.

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I was about to say, I can definitely get leaded solder from my local electronics store, they sell MG

4 points · 1 month ago

We barely have any information as it is, besides addresses/phone numbers/names for warranty information and the rewards card.

And what could they spam about your vehicle anyway? "HEY MAN YOU JUST GOT SOME BRAKE PADS DO YOU NEED AN ALTERNATOR TOO ITS ON SALE" /s

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And what could they spam about your vehicle anyway? "HEY MAN YOU JUST GOT SOME BRAKE PADS DO YOU NEED AN ALTERNATOR TOO ITS ON SALE" /s

That's literally what RockAuto does

Gotta love with a third-party comes in without notice and messes up your network. Similar things happened more than once at my last job as a contractor.

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We've had multiple companies come to install stuff (without our knowledge) and then ask us if we can give them a switch port on a subnet. I always have to tell them no because that subnet is already being used by another office in another country. They huff and puff because they already programmed all the units they installed around the building with that subnet, without our knowledge.

Then I have the task of figuring out where they even plugged all their crap into

Every time I tell facilities "hey, give us a call or email before you hire someone to install something" and they call me about half an hour before the company is supposed to arrive

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