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Why do you need direct pass through of the whole card? Can't you just assign the NIC ports to a virtual switch and assign them to your VM virtual NICs?

I mean, what does this achieve that a white cap doesn't?

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Protects your neck, and hats don't really breathe

9 points · 5 days ago

Could have been, but wasn’t:

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Typical Tesla panel fitment at 2:40, oh again at 3:23

holy shit is that normal for Teslas?

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Not that bad, but they have a bad reputation for panel gaps and shoddy build quality

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They still have them at the BBY location.

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Yeah but that one they won't let you in with out a Costco card. The dt location is seperate from the mall.

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I snuck in through the exit, they didn't seem to care

I just went to the Burnaby Costco on Still Creek, you have to ask them for the plastic cups of onions and peppers. They used to have them out by the condiments but not for the past couple years

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How exactly does one get pussy while living at the white house as a teenage boy? The secret service always cock blocking you. when you're trying to run game on some foreign prime ministers daughter the news media catches you smiling at her and immediately blows shit out if proportion speculating that you are somehow breaking international law with your awkward teenage flirting, so you have to testify before congress that you didn't give away any top secret documents to her and are made to admit live on C-SPAN that you've never even kissed a girl . Then you get blue balls from some hot conservative girl winking at you and flashing her panties under her skirt and making sexy faces and blow job motions to you while you were going through some airport or public event, and when you passed by and shook her hand she leans in whispering she is going to diddle her clit thinking about you tonight and how much she wants to suck your dick off, just to fuck with you. Then you try to look up some porn when you get home just to relieve the tension but you just know the CIA is monitoring and 3 other govornment agencies are watching you beat off. Then you finally break down and Jack off in the shower which sets off some fucking biohazard drain alarm and the entire place is on lock down until they can find the source of the specimen and you end up getting debriefed by the joint chiefs of staff about your masturbatory habits and how you almost created a national security issue with your dick. Then wikileaks leaks your search history showing you looked up penis enlargement techniques when it was actually just some click bait you'd accidentally clicked and TYT spends all next week talking about your supposed micro penis. So you end up squirming a little since you are so wound up and being judged constantly and now people are saying you look like a fucking mental patient and you start to think you'll never get any pussy.

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Is this a new copypasta, I like it

Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

Her sister is some cosplayer, did you know her too?

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Her sister was a couple grades above me so I didn't really know her, but we're friends on FB

Original Poster1 point · 6 days ago

how do you think Lauren Southern ended up the way she is today?

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No idea, something probably happened to her in college

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2 years of school and we were constantly using serial connections in our labs. In my head I was like "this can't really be what they use today" and lo and behold, it's absolutely not.

Would have been a lot more beneficial to learn more about fiber, school had no budget to upgrade lab gear though.

The point is more about learning about a non-ethernet interface type. All the complexity of fiber is all in the layer 1 stuff so it isn't really all that worth it from a lab point of view.

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But non-ethernet interfaces aren't really used today, at least not inside an enterprise, maybe at an ISP level (no experience there).

In the course (granted, a while back) their use case for serial links was dedicated lines between branch sites. If they wanted to bring that into the modern day, they should focus more on IPsec, but I suppose that's more of a security topic to them

Or scrap serial and introduce VXLAN

Please tell. As far as I know they were black and white historically. They went to normal red and white until a year or two ago.

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No, in a few different ways.

First, a switch only needs/gets an IP for management, unless it is a multilayer switch. My experience is that you can only give it a single IP, so you wouldn't be able to have it be on several subnets. A switch doesn't need an IP on the same subnet as the PCs connected to it, unless you are planning to manage it from the PCs without the traffic first being routed by the router. The PCs will be able to communicate with eachother as long as they are on the same subnet, and the same vlan on the switch.

Second, a subnet mask of /32 ( would be a network with a single IP. Theres not enough room for 2 devices on this subnet, not even a broadcast address. Did you mean a /30?

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Original Poster1 point · 10 days ago

I’m sorry I meant /30

So if the router is /30 Switch for Mgmt /30 What would the PCs be?

Or can the switch be something off the wall like

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Assume the following:

VLAN 20 - Management
VLAN 30 - PC Data

Router <-- 802.1q trunk --> Switch <--> PC

Determine your subnets, this part is up to you since you didn't give us much criteria.

On the switch, you create an SVI for VLAN 20 and give it whatever management IP address you want.
On the router, you create two subinterfaces, one for VLAN 20 and one for VLAN 30 (router-on-a-stick). Each subinterface needs an IP address in a different non-overlapping subnet.

To reach the management IP of the switch from a PC, it will go through the router. You DO NOT need another IP address on the switch in the same subnet as the PC's. That's what the router is for.

My experience is that you can only give it a single IP, so you wouldn't be able to have it be on several subnets

You can create a different SVI for each VLAN and assign them different IPs. This is assuming the management and PC data are separated by different VLANs

I think the better question is to ask OP what he's trying to do. His questions don't make much sense.

Anything on amazon prime will not work with Chromecast. You'd have to get the Amazon Firestick or use an amazon app built into your smart TV or hook a computer up to your TV via HDMI.

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You can watch it in Chrome on a computer and cast the whole tab to a Chromecast

Just in case you aren't aware of how evil MS got on this, here is a quick summary of many of the stunts MS pulled in trying to get OOXML certified as an ECMA standard using a "fast-track" process.

Details on this debacle are incredibly hard to collect, considering it happened so recently - almost as if MS is trying to erase it from human memory.

A few of my favorite details:

For some implementation details hidden away in their massive "open standard", the official guidance is "works just like in Office 95" ...i.e., hidden away in MS proprietary code.

Also -in order to get the fast-track approval, MS succeeded in packing certain relevant committees with several of its major customers. There were rumors that this was accomplished by a form of vote-buying - MS salespeople providing incentives. Once the relevant vote was conducted, the customers no longer any interest in attending committee meetings - so these standards bodies had an artificially-inflated member count, which meant that the quorum requirements for meetings were higher, but since the new MS-customer members never attended, the committees could not achieve quorum or conduct any business. So MS went nuclear on an international standards body - getting its proprietary "standard" approved, and shutting down the standards body as a side effect.

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While looking into this a bit more I found there's a ton of information about this topic on Groklaw -

The weirdest part is how you don't already have a file extension association for mp3 files

55 points · 12 days ago

Your username screams networking.

Your troubleshooting is very networking-ish.

Yet this is /r/sysadmin.

What exactly are you troubleshooting? Bitflipping?

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The network admin subreddits suck so we come here, sorry :/

Crossing the intersection threshold on a red is considered running the light, which is exactly what the pickup truck driver did. Also, many places have restrictions on how much light is allowed to be projected from a vehicle on public roadways, I'm sure the driver also is owed a citation for that by running his light bar.

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I think it was just the reflection of the sun overloading the camera sensor, there's parts of the video at the beginning where you can see it's not on

Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

Yea that is my problem. it was a stationary accident where someone who stopped at a stop sign then ran in front of on comming traffic, bounced off car and hit mine. 0% at fault for me.

I SERIOUSLY doubt structural damage as the driver side door still opens/closes, turn signal bulbs still intact, motor not leaking fluids, etc.

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Have you talked to the adjuster assigned to your claim about it? Ask them the reasons why the estimator thinks it should be a dismantle only title

Typically the crash bar is attached directly to the frame. So even if your door/lights whatever work fine, it could be very possible you have hidden frame damage that would cause it to be deemed not repairable

If your adjuster isn't helpful, ask if it can be reviewed by a material damage supervisor or estimating services manager, or talk to the adjuster's manager

Original Poster2 points · 13 days ago

By the sound of it he didn't look at it on lift and just deemed it parts as he couldn't tell me explicitly what was wrong. I'll definitely bring up 'Material Damage supervisor'/'Estimating service manager' next call. Thanks for the tip. Is there one of these I should ask about before the other?

I got another tip from an autobody shop, to check the title. It stated the vehicle status was 'normal' and not a previous 'rebuilt'

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No idea, just found those titles under "Not satisfied with your settlement?" here -

But sounds like the people you need to talk to

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Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

Would the red dip be translucent? I've seen the VHT Night shade that's red, thats what I was going to try. But wrap would be removable which is a good point.

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I wouldn't recommend plastidip on tails, Honda guys around here do that and it looks like garbage.

A local guy used the red VHT nite-shades and it looked amazing on his BK1 tails, but it wasn't as simple as just spraying it on. He took his time wet sanding and polishing after he applied it for it to turn out smooth and glossy

2 points · 14 days ago

Then I'll be the "logical" person who actually uses Intel gear. At least at work. For all things rack mounted we tend to go for Intel barebones.

Easy access to firmware updates, special Intel raid controllers which use a proprietary port on the mainboard and don't take up PCIe slots, a simple IPMI interface and they aren't picky about the drives you put in.

Overall those are pretty great servers. They don't have any too fancy features like e.g. Intelligent Provisioning on HPE servers but they get their Job done.

Only downside is, that I wouldn't call them homelab-friendly. At least the S2600-based ones for Xeon E5-2600 v1/v2 CPUs. Those tend to be really loud. Newer models are better but still louder than HPE or Dell equivalents. The Xeon E3 models, based on the S1200 mainboards are really quiet though but are even rarer to find than the S2600 ones.

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Original Poster1 point · 13 days ago

Granted I'm not pushing it right now, but it seems really quiet. Quieter than the r740xd's at work, and even quieter than my 2009 era gaming tower that this is replacing. Haven't measured power consumption but 1100w Platinum should be pretty efficient.

What's the front panel look like? I don't think I've ever seen an Intel server.

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Original Poster2 points · 14 days ago

This is their "storage model" so there's not much to see, but here you go

The front control panel was damaged during shipping so I 3d printed a replacement, haven't installed it yet though

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2 points · 15 days ago

I'm not talking about a company

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Well I doubt a single person has 12 specc'd out R710's at their house so

3 points · 15 days ago

Him ewasting them for a company would make a lot more sense, but the wording was ambiguous, note all the responses asking for them, he can't do that if its company property.

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People are asking but I don't see him replying, I'm pretty confident he's just talking about work gear

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I recently ordered a server off ebay and the guy shipped it in a hand made wooden crate which was impressive, until I found out he used cheap ass packing peanuts and used garden foam as the packing material.

The peanuts just shifted around and the edges of the server were bouncing against the wooden sides and ended up bending some parts

They're getting rid of it in 2020 though. This year we're paying 50% of what we did, and as of Jan 2020, we don't have to pay MSP anymore. Finally!!

I think we're the only province who currently has to pay MSP premiums, so it only makes sense to put us in line with the rest of the country.

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Lots of employers here subsidize MSP anyway

It’s not that you can’t receive videos it’s just that they won’t show up in your sub box so you have to visit the youtubers page directly unless they check off a setting before uploading is what I’m getting from this post.

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That's not true though? I never receive notifications for any of my subscriptions and always use the sub feed to watch new videos from channels I subscribe to.

These notifications are separate from the sub feed. However a lot of their subscribers could rely on the notifications to see that there's a new video, and never check their sub feed.

I havent noticed it recently, but i turned notifications on. For a while, however, they were not listing videos in my sub box for hours to a day later. Then even the notifications were coming out late. Also if you don't watch a lot of a persons videos they reduce their visibility and don't send out live notifications.

The bell is one of the worst changes that they have done in a while. Now with this. Why they would put sending out notifications as not the default option and put it in advanced settings?

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It is the default option, that's been mentioned in here before

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I mean it's literally copying Totally 4 Teens:

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The same guy created both, as said in the OP article

Picked my 05 up with 94k for $6000. I actually really like mine. 340 horsepower and RWD? I don't really have much to hate. It's pretty fast, heated seats, decent sound system, decent interior. It's an overall decent car. My only real issue is that it's an automatic.

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People dislike them because the owners are so prevalent and obnoxious and think their domestic beaters are luxury cars. I've seen too many of them with swapped fake Bentley emblems.

Umm, toys r us has servers? Where??

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Yeah I'm wondering why so many of their stores seem to have their own server deployment instead of tunneling the branches into HQ or something. Maybe part of their downfall

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