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mlk960 143 points

A bitcoin enthusiast tried to tell me a couple days ago that PoW mining is good because it is increasing demand for renewables in some areas and helping create energy demand in places where there is little (undeveloped areas). It was amazing the mental gymnastics they tried to do to justify the energy consumption BTC alone creates. No one can provide a real solution to this problem and it's only going to get worse.

doug3465 12 points

No one can provide a real solution to this problem


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ChooseanUniqueName 12 points

This Red Sox booth is silent for long periods of time, which you would think is a good thing. And yet, they always begin speaking again.

So instead of being a soothing rest from their moronic tyranny, it is actually the calm before the storm. Their silent times are a false promise of freedom from mediocrity, which punctuates their ineptitude. It is a taunt that tears into ones soul.

doug3465 1 point

Best comment of the spring.

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doug3465 6 points

Predict the usd price of eth (gdax) for tonight at midnight EST (when this comment is 4 hours and 20 minutes old). Closest price wins and gets 3 months of reddit gold. Have at it.

doug3465 9 points

Never complaining about vitalik again

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