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Not sure of the general consensus on here but the eBags Professional Slim is pretty solid. Probably meets all your criteria. I have the junior one which is great but doesn’t hold much. The larger would probably fit your needs. It stands upright and has great organization, 2 handles, luggage pass through, and an awesome logo to show everyone where you got it (/s). If you get black the logo isn’t noticeable. Can always order from Amazon to check it out and return. I did that.

But really, it’s pretty solid - especially at the price point of like $70 (don’t buy for much more - wait till its around that price. They change prices like daily lol).

Edit: buy it from Amazon if you want to test it out first and return. Then actually buy it from because the Amazon price doesn’t change. Just wanted to clarify.

The waist straps look to be in the right spot to me?

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Depends on how big your torso is. I just got mine and they sit a little high. I’m 5’ 10” though. But I’d only use if I had a lot of weight which probably isn’t super often. I ordered the duffel bag strap too and that’s awesome. Definitely a dope bag.

Gotta save a couple upgrades for Travel Pack 3!

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A true Apple mindset lol

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I watched Chase’s reviews. I ended up not liking any of them because of his unwillingness to make any real conclusion for any bag. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to be doing reviews you’re going to have to be critical at some point.

His reviews feel like he wants to make sure he doesn’t piss off the manufacturers.

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Haha I always get the same feeling. It’s more of a hands on video of the bags rather than a true pros and cons.

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Is there any specific reason you're using VBA instead of a formula for this?

I obsess over perfection to the point where it inhibits my ability to make a decision. Always nice to read a friendly reminder like this.

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Wouldn't work because it heats up from bottom to top

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d b

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Get it embroidered with National Champions.

Yeah this is basically the best you'll see besides the 20% ones.

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Gotcha - thanks. So if it's a TV or something it doesn't matter as much since with 15% anything over $666 will be the max discount.

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Awesome! I check every day for a review lol.

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Don't forget to select pick up in store to save an additional $1.

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Is this a code?

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Can anyone attest to running in these? The ST is more geared for running I believe. I just got some Energy Boost for running at the outlet. Unfortunately they didn’t have any ST.

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I have both the UB and the UB ST. Admittedly not an avid runner but still do a bit of treadmill running in them IDK why reddit thinks UB aren't proper running shoes. You can find plenty of reviews online from real deal sites. Consensus is that they're okay but can certainly do better if you're looking for a technical runner at that price. I like having a pair of runners that actually look decent in a summer fit unlike most running shoes

Edit: Almost forgot to answer the question. The ST model has a slightly wider outsole w/ extra boost stacked on the medial side to replicate stability runners. I think the regular UB look more sleek but ST model is more wide/flat foot friendly imo

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Yeah I have regular UB but I was thinking an actual tongue would be better for running. Haven’t had a chance to try the Energy Boost yet though. They got decent reviews though. The PureBOOST DPR weren’t as soft of a sole so I went with the others. $65 + tax so I figured might as well give it a shot.


First production run has dropped and available for purchase $179. Looks sick and am probably going to purchase this later today. They added an optional duffel strap ($15) which makes this probably the most versatile travel pack I've seen as it can be carried as backpack, briefcase, luggage pass through, and cross body duffel now.

Self serving bit: they have a referral program for $20 off to you and a friend if anyone want's to do it with me which brings it to $159. Just PM me. I'll just do it with the first person. Just the r/frugalmalefashion in me.

Edit: If /u/fred_tortuga sees this post....the only other feature I was really hoping to find in a bag that this didn't have was pocket(s) on the back of the bag. I have a backpack similar to this ( and LOVE the pull out sleeve (where I store my passport - mine pulls vertically though) and the zippered one that I put money in. Incorporate that somehow and this is 20/10.

Edit2: Just ordered. Stoked.


That's 25% of a 7kg carry-on limit. Tough one...

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For comparison though, the Aer Travel Pack weighs 3.9 lbs. I just mention that one because it seems the most comparable.

The main thing that stands out to me is the humongous waist strap attached to such a small backpack.

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Yeah but it is removable too. So you can only use it for heavy loads where I’d probably be more inclined to forego form over function.

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There's a referral program for $20 to both parties if anyone wants to do it with me. Just PM me.

Yeah it helps find coupons you might not have known about and it's nice that it can automatically try all of them and pick the best one.

Just be aware that if you use that feature or the "Activate Rewards" it will override any cashback site you went through since they offer the same thing. So if you want to use Ebates or TopCashBack use Honey for the coupon portion and then open another browser or something to complete the purchase.

One of the Adidas deals that I used for ultra boosts.

New Balance Fresh Foam Cruz is pretty solid. About $40-50 from Joes New Balance Outlet. But it might be too “sneaker-y” for you. Not sure what you’re looking for but can definitely fit in the lifestyle category for looks too.


Trying to get back into it after a few years of absence. Got ESO+ but have no idea what I'm doing so a helpful community (mostly a good communication channel outside of in-game) and some crafting help (my gear sucks) would be amazing. That's pretty much why I stopped playing before.

Original Poster1 point · 18 days ago

You’ll get an invite shortly! And we can totally help with that stuff! 😊

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Sweet - thanks. Whats the link for the Band group?

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Not sure why these are downvoted. They, along with Rhone, make excellent quality workout gear which will last far longer than most Adidas or Nike stuff. Plus it's not hard to find them on sale where you are paying the same price as inferior quality goods.

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Because Lululemon wouldn't fit in the "reasonably" priced category. With anything on this sub, that's relative - but generally I'd say $50+ for a gym shirt isn't that reasonable. Comfort and quality? Sure. They have a great product. I just bought some leggings as a gift....but at a cost of $135 lol.

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Ah balls...$8 shipping under $150. Not as great of a deal then.

Edit: Free shipping with Nike+ account...which is also free.


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Edited original comment.

People complaining about the Honey extension in here, but it's worth noting that Honey is great for tracking prices on Amazon and some other retail sites.

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Personally I like the CamelCamelCamel browser extension better for price tracking on Amazon.

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I think the general consensus here is that if it's truly private information, then any Excel based protection isn't going to be suitable for this because there are ways around all the protections (Sheet, Workbook...etc).

If it's just a simple form with non-PID, then you can have them enter the responses on one page but would need VBA or PowerQuery process to move to another area.

Have you looked at using a survey online for this? Google Forms might be good. That would create a Google Sheets (I believe) document where the responses would be recorded.

Original Poster1 point · 28 days ago

I think the general consensus here is that if it's truly private information, then any Excel based protection isn't going to be suitable for this because there are ways around all the protections

For this particular directive we would need to keep it in excel. The information is not so sensitive that it needs to be protected from other users, more so just a matter of keeping it a tidy and simple means of submission. I've seen a similar system used for a basic "Enter questions responses in this box and they are stored in an answers sheet" that multiple users can access. I was mainly curious to see if doing it in such a way would be a reasonable amount of effort (for an intermediate) or a rather large one.

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Nah it should be pretty simple. You would just need to use VBA to copy the cells and paste to last row of the storage sheet. Shouldn’t be too complicated in the simplest form. Google how to copy and paste as well as dynamic last row for VBA. That should be enough to get you started.


Just now realizing the the PQ Remove Duplicates feature is not functioning correctly.

It appears that the Remove Duplicates uses the original table structure when removing the duplicates and that gives you incorrect remaining values if you are sorting (by date for example) because it's not using the sorted rows as the basis for removing dups (which keeps the first row).

Can anyone detail the specifics of this and the best way to handle it?

From Googling around a bit I found a solution that seems to work but it's certainly a pain and not even a native feature of the GUI. It involves using Table.Buffer to seemingly refresh the cached (I assume) table so Table.Distinct will keep the first row after your sorting.


Add an index column to the field after sorting, then remove duplicates, then remove the index column.

Don't ask me why this works but it's a trick for getting PQ to pass back a table in the sort order PQ made.

Works for this too.

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Original Poster2 points · 29 days ago

Solution Verified!

Original Poster2 points · 29 days ago

Yeah I saw that as a solution too. I just went with Table.Buffer so it was only 1 step. Although, the Index is accessible through the GUI so it could be quicker. Do you have any idea if one performs better?

What a stupid way to have Table.Distinct function. Especially with no apparent notice that it functions that way. I've had no idea until now when I just noticed something was off in the data output.

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