Is it 2018 or 2008? by relevanthought in nba

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Kevin Durant has signed a contract with war.

4th line fuels streaking Sharks in 6-2 win over Devils by ChrisNomad in SanJoseSharks

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We're not only 8-2 since the trade deadline, but all but one of those wins was by multiple goals.

Why do we want 1st so bad? by infamousgenitals in SanJoseSharks

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Why do you think Anaheim is better? I know the standings aren't everything but LA also has more wins, more non-SO wins, and a better goal differential.

Celebrating last night's win with a cup of Joe this morning by D3ath5cyth3 in SanJoseSharks

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CUP OF JOES can be the headline when Pavelski hands Stanley to Thornton in June.

Popularity of child circumcision continues to decline in Canada by HoodDoctor in canada

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And anti-FGM activism is "insecure women thinking about other chicks' pussies."

Somehow I'm OK with other guys thinking about my dick if the thought is "I don't think people should be allowed to chop part of it off."

Popularity of child circumcision continues to decline in Canada by HoodDoctor in canada

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When will someone stop OP from spreading his evil anti-genital mutilation agenda?

Along came Hitler by cartoonboi in menkampf

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The stupidest thing about this is that they're implying that by being born at that time she was somehow responsible for the ensuing social change, not the people actually creating it.

"In 1961, segregation was widespread in the American south and blacks lacked the same civil rights as whites. And then along came Dennis Rodman."

Along came Hitler by cartoonboi in menkampf

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Yeah, as if there were no women's rights movements before Hillary Clinton, and she is somehow responsible for the social change that happened in the 60s and 70s because she entered politics 30+ years later.

Also, do they seriously have Jackie Robinson there as an example of someone privileged and not being held back? Holy shit.

What is the biggest upset that ALMOST happened? by Guac_Bowl_Cuck in nfl

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Yeah they "straight up handed" us two touchdowns, an onside kick, and a missed field goal on your part in like two minutes.

Couldn’t find a better angle but had two feet down and full control when he fell to the ground, but of course it was incomplete and there was “nothing to challenge” :) by momorenos in Madden

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I don't think you can say for sure. The angle that shows exactly when he got control doesn't show whether he was in-bounds at that point, and vice-versa.

That said, I agree that they were wrong to overturn it. You're supposed to go with the call on the field unless it's 100% unambiguous, and it was far from that.

With the first week of free agency in the books, what position do you guys think we take first in the draft? by douglasmacarthur in Patriots

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I think we keep the 31st (if not trade up a few spots if necessary) and draft a left tackle, then draft an OLB with the 43rd or whatever our next pick is.

We have always had a lot of stability at LT and I think we will get as close to a blue chip player there as we can, and Bill will trust his own ability to make some combination of what we have work at LB if necessary, especially given we have already added two pieces to the front seven in FA.

I'm the Boston Globe's NFL writer. AMA about free agency, the Patriots, and more. by bostonglobe in nfl

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That's why Jim Kelly and Dan Marino are two of the worst QBs in history, right?

I'm sorry about the brain damage lol

I'm the Boston Globe's NFL writer. AMA about free agency, the Patriots, and more. by bostonglobe in nfl

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Why do you think making the Super Bowl is a bad thing? Did you drink paint thinner as a child?

Official 2018 Free Agency Megathread, Volume II: The Twinning Edge by douglasmacarthur in Patriots

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You'd think our new free agents would be picked up and not need to rent a car themselves.

Ranking the Stanley Cup LOSERS [past 15 years] by Rangersdude812 in hockey

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How insane is it that you guys have made the Conference Finals more times post-lockout than the Capitals?

Brady vs Rodgers. Finally, someone said it. by BALDACH in Patriots

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The problem is that you're arguing that Rodgers is a really good QB, but there are a lot of people who argue he's better than Brady and Peyton, and that the only reason Brady is held in higher regard is that he's "carried" by Belichick to team success. The reason we criticize him so much is that we are challening those people, not that we think he isn't great.

He also isn't "the most physically talented" QB in the NFL right now let alone in history, and his statistical efficiency is inflated by a) not coming off the bench until his fourth year as a pro, after rule changes that Brady and Peyton had to play before, and b) the fact his weaknesses (e.g. taking so many sacks by holding on to the ball so long) aren't addressed by the box score stats people look at.

I agree he's extremely talented and the third best QB in the league but there is definitely a contingent of people that overrate him because they dislike Brady or go by nothing but career passer rating and highlights.