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I envy anyone that took that long to be called annoying.

Original Poster11 points · 1 month ago

Frankly, if someone is factually wrong (unlike a mere difference in opinion) about something, I owe nothing to the post writer to let him know what’s right. Such person owe himself a responsibility to fact check. Here, downvoting serves an important function to move false info away from the vast public.

This said, most of the times someone with the relevant expertise would have replied with an correction, and I would upvote that. If someone hasn’t, I would reply if I DO have the expertise and have the time.

I think “wrong” is too strong a language used. It is truly narcissistic to think a person who disseminate false info is entitled to stranger’s help of pointing out why he is wrong. Public interest is well-served by the downvote button. The post-writer himself? If people do educate him with the correct facts, it is out of kindness, not that he is entitled to such ;)

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Do you never make mistakes when deciding what's a fact and what isn't?

Do you?

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Make mistakes? Yes.

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I hate to have to point this out to you, but you just linked a spreadsheet where the only number Brady beats Rodgers in is adjusted net yards per attempt, and even then ONLY BARELY.

If you add in his rushing yards, consider his higher TD % (it's a lot higher, BTW), etc., Rodgers has the better numbers.

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you just linked a spreadsheet where the only number Brady beats Rodgers in is adjusted net yards per attempt

  • This is not true; look at it again more slowly

  • Even if it were, ANY/A is the best overall aggregate stat

  • Even if it weren't, you said Rodgers is statistically "far, far" better over the span of his career, not "marginally better"

  • Even if he were, Madden ratings aren't typically based on what happened 3+ years ago

ANY/A is the best overall aggregate stat because it's the one that works for my argument - you, probably lmao

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And when they entered JJD’s house finally, they found a towel draped over his computer monitor

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Where did you learn this?

91 points · 1 month ago

Or you know..corrupt oligarchies, rampant nepotism, poor educational standards, and a disdain for transparency.

China’s been a communist country for decades and they are arguably now the leading super power.

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They are arguably going to be. They definitely arent now.

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I don't see anything about that in OP?

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Edit: Oh, he's reddit-stalking me because last night someone banned him from one of the subs I mod

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To be fair, who is prepared for ANYTHING they have never done before.

I would also postulate the following - That parenting (in and of itself) is not so much the hard part these days. What is difficult is parenting despite all the challenges life places in front of you, especially in the U.S. where the ridiculous work-martyr mentality has you spinning around so fast you barely get to spend time with your kids. Where even dual-income dual-parent house holds barely allow for parental presence, and even when you are in front of them, you are expected to be so connected to your device, that even when you are in the same room, you really are not there.

But you are right, lack of empathy is the prevailing issue here. Not just between parents and kids, but between all of us.

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We do need more empathy elsewhere as well, but empathy for the child is the primary source of all other empathy.

In point differential... we also lead in wins, but not twice as many as second place (which I believe is pitt, GB, or den)

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"Goodness" isn't something that can be quantified like that so OP's title is kinda silly but it is pretty incredible that our point differential is twice as far from even as any other team's (except maybe Cleveland, can't tell 😂).

Moderator of r/Patriots, speaking officially22 points · 1 month ago

Not sure if I want to ban OP or mod him

People from New York go to Los Angeles to build a fake version of New York and pretend like they're there.

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Hollywood actually has a full scale model of downtown Toronto where all the movies that take place in New York are filmed.

Parent education classes can help give society better parents. Subsidized child care can help parents be better parents. Infrastructure, even something like free or reduced cost WIFI can make a community more constructive, and free at point of service healthcare makes people more productive.

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Do you come from poverty?

That not, your not going to be smart enough to do a line of socratic questioning like that. If you have a point make it, but you've already pissed me off by trying to say this has to be personal when it's a societal, civic and cultural issue. If you're wondering if I have experience working to help people in poverty why yes, yes I do. Both in the Medical and Educational industries. Medical in direct care for Rehab and assisted living for people below the poverty line in house and facility, as well as in a specialist office. I've also worked in schools as a teacher with upwards of 50% poverty rates.

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...I was trying to establish a reference point to something concrete.

I'd be curious how the people in these communities respond to, say, parenting classes. And what they teach?

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41 points · 1 month ago

Thornton and Kovalchuk on the same line, too bad it's not 2007 anymore

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This made me sad / gave me all kinds of existential angst.

Planting one or two for future lols is fine though, right?

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Parents think it's harmless and funny or cute. I guess it is kind of funny but it can be damaging to a child. They have no filter so anything you tell them goes in and is processed as truth. When they learn later that their parents (basically the people who they rely on for everything) are lying to them it can really mess with their sense of security and worldview.

I also see this with parents telling their baby they're so fat/chubby or ugly (like in a cute weird looking baby kind of way...not being malicious). Like do you really want your kids to grow up with that self perception?

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We don't see children as people and I think that's central to so much that's wrong with the world.

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Boundaries! We need to set all the boundaries! There must be clear consequences for not listening to you. Just like raising a child.

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Although we should actually be re-examining how we raise children.

Great episode. I wish it was longer.

I think you should have u/Redditlover1981 as a guest next episode.

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Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

Great episode. I wish it was longer.

Thanks! That's about the best compliment possible!

Would you guys consider asking some of these pod guests to do an AMA here?

As an alternative, you could make a post a few days in advance of recording and have people submit questions there.

Youre getting good guests on this pod thanks in part to the notoriety of the sub, but the sub really has really no involvement whatsoever with the current iteration of this pod.

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Are there any specific past guests that you'd especially like an AMA from? A lot of them prefer the podcast because it's more convenient and familiar, but I can ask some of them. Chris Price and Mark Daniels would probably be willing to do one, for instance. Also Jerry Thornton.

We used to have mailbags on here for every interview but we stopped, maybe I should start doing it again... I am definitely planning to have one for our likely next guest.

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TL;DR... Well it's super long anyway.

Some Redditor posted on /r/patriots that Edelman is being suspended for PEDs (1 day before any news outlet posted the story). He was called a troll/liar. Ended up being 100% correct (by luck, more on that shortly).

Tons of media sources cited him once the story broke for real, and it seemed as though this guy had a connection inside the Pats.

This Redditor now had "serious credibility", and was happy and bragging about his prediction/warning for Edelman. He then claimed to have another Pats development set to happen on 6/8, which he stated was about a multi year player, and it was supposedly bad news. He said he would release the news at 5pm on 6/8. Many legit sports outlets started anticipating his news to be released, and it spawned all sorts of baseless claims made by different companies and writers.


Turned out to be the ultimate troll job, as this guy had no connections and literally got lucky guessing the Edelman thing. According to him, the entire ordeal was all a ruse to show how shitty sports "journalism" has become.

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Turned out to be the ultimate troll job, as this guy had no connections and literally got lucky guessing the Edelman thing. According to him, the entire ordeal was all a ruse to show how shitty sports "journalism" has become.


Jerry Thornton is like a mascot of the Barstool Troll. He's funny sometimes because he's a mega-homer. I'm not sure how you could think he's different than Portnoy.

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Original Poster7 points · 1 month ago

Jerry wrote a book about the Patriots and goes to run of the mill press conferences and stuff. The focus of his work is much more on the team and he is much more invested in his credibility with Pats fans.

Portnoy is just an entertainer that happens to like the Pats (not that there's anything wrong with that either).

That said... What did Jerry actually confirm? Talking about it != confirming anything.

Original Poster3 points · 1 month ago
76 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

People are capable of suffering just about anything. They suffer being rich or being poor, married or single. They suffer being overweight or skinny or even fit, employed-unemployed-self employed, hated or loved, with children or without, popular or unknown, being attractive or unattractive. They can be depressed in loneliness, with no support or they can be surrounded by friends and loved ones. Doesn't matter what kind of life it is, there's somebody out there suffering it. Thats why it's almost impossible to tell what someone is going through by looking at their external circumstances. Depression goes much deeper than superficial appearances.

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I think it can usually be linked back to childhood trauma. People don't want to confront the original source of their feelings so they think that if they fix certain things in their current envrionment, everything will be okay, but that isn't enough.

In general +/- isn't a great stat

+/- is a pretty great stat if you're talking about line combinations.

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It's better but it still doesn't address special teams, zone starts, match ups, the defensive pairing that's on for the other team, the inherent randomness of shooting and save percentage...

Original Poster8 points · 1 month ago

I haven't seen any evidence in this thread that there is "genetic evidence" of women not being "suited" for tech -- this reminds me of the "black people are genetically less intelligent" argument that racists have used for 50+ years.

Regardless of all of that, women in tech (like the author of this article) should feel comfortable regardless of being a minority. Feeling excited for your undergrad to just be over is a very sad state of affairs.

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I haven't seen any evidence in this thread that there is "genetic evidence" of women not being "suited" for tech

What? I didn't say they are. And neither did the person I'm replying to.

Regardless of all of that, women in tech (like the author of this article) should feel comfortable regardless of being a minority. Feeling excited for your undergrad to just be over is a very sad state of affairs.

I agree with this.

Did you even read what I wrote? Either you didn't or you clearly replied to the wrong person.

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I did. I wasnt trying to challenge it

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35 points · 1 month ago

If we don't praise tying your shoes, then it will eventually stop being a societal norm.

If we don't praise chewing with your mouth closed, then it will eventually stop being a societal norm.

At some point certain things should become an expectation. We have to set standards if we want something to rise above. If we set our standards that low, we can expect to see people doing only the bare minimum.

Actually - that's not strictly true. The bare minimum isn't determined by the standard set by society... it's set by the requirement to survive. The developed world is a fucking Disneyland.

You jump in your big car, you drive around perfectly kept grass plots, between evenly space trees. You pull into your huge parking spaces and you walk to a giant warehouse that holds tens of thousands of objects. You choose the object you want, you take it to the counter, you pay with the paper you made handing crushed, flavored ice to people for 8 hours and you walk out. You jump in your car, you drive home.

This lifestyle has set the requirements for survival so fucking low - no wonder the absolute mouth breathing knuckle dragging bufoons you encounter on a day to day basis.

I can only imagine that as time goes on and as things get easier, the requirements for survival will consist of possessing a functional medulla. Your bed will roll you out and you will be whisked away to your VR slot in the wall where you will enjoy endless games while your excess brain power is used to power death robots hunting down third world rebels.

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We do praise people for your examples. Just when they're children. Then eventually we stop having to.

This is a message I think we need to do a better job getting across. Most victims of violent crime are men.

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Starting in childhood

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