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This is one of my greater concerns about the whole Brexit thing. There's a reason we don't already have a trade deal like this with the US and it's because the artificial growth hormones and preservatives widely used in US food are banned in the EU.

I also read about the Australian red meat industry lobbying its government to secure a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK, which is bad for the same reason.

They say a lowering of food standards isn't going to happen, but it seems to me like it absolutely is. I'm concerned that quality food will become more pricey. Non-US and non-Australian options will of course be available, or at least I hope, but I'm really worried about consuming foodstuffs contaminated with banned chemicals. I'll be the first to admit, I could do with knowing more about the reasons the chemicals were banned and the science behind their use, which I will have to look into, but for now I can assume they were banned for a reason and it makes me uneasy.

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I feel exactly the same. If you have to wash your chicken in chlorinated water there must be a reason why.

If you have to wash your hands after handling raw chicken, there must be a reason why. I wonder whether they're the same reason.

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Score hidden · 1 hour ago

I usually just wipe my hands all over my face.

Israel massacred 700 unarmed protesters two momnths ago. If those bastards think they can use the protective cloak of antisemitism to get away with it they have another thing coming.

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That's just not true.


I am a retoucher with over a decade of experience, working for one of the most well established ad agencies in the world. If there's anything you'd like to know that you think I can help with, ask away.


Hi Thanks for the posting.

What techniques do you mostly follow for model retouching? I know it's a comprehensive process but Frequency Separation is one of the

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Original Poster2 points · 29 days ago

IMO split frequency retouching is hack. It's destructive and can't be used in CMYK successfully. Learn how to retouch properly using cloning, healing, dodge and burn. A little interest in painting doesn't go amiss if you use a Wacom as it helps to understand how to recreate areas of skin and hair details.

It's great to know how to use frequency separation, but it's not the best technique and it doesn't work for everything.

Spending a little more on a model with good skin saves time and therefore money on retouching.

Speaking as a retoucher who has spent the past few years training other high-end retouchers and creative agencies on proper usage, you're wildly wrong about frequency seps. Once you start using the right technique and tools, FS will change your life. You're also incorrect about it not working on everything... it does. Not only that, but in the right hands, FS can do a much better job than any other tools in a fraction of the time normally needed for a majority of tasks.

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Original Poster1 point · 27 days ago

Show me how it works in CMYK then.

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I’d recommend checking out his NPR Tiny Desk. He plays Them Changes and his pedals are visible on the desk

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This is the definitive version of this tune. Sick af.

All kinds of drinking yougurts and kefir. Think of something similar to "activia" or "yakult", but sold in 1-1.5l bottles/packs as opposed to 100ml bottles at insane premium.

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Recently discovered kefir. Can recommend. Is delicious.

Because IDF are saints, right?

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I doubt anybody has ever said that, not least u/alyahudi. But it's important to realise the harm caused by both sides here, not just (as usual) Israel.

Many of the leaders of these supposed Jewish community groups have gone on record praising Donald Trump. The President of the Board of Deputies, for instance.

This is Donald Trump, who has abused races and nationalities, repeatedly dog-whistles, for instance by insulting the people of Puerto Rico just after they were hit by a hurricane, has called for a Muslim ban, makes false accusations against the Chinese, has pledged to build a wall on the border and coerce Mexico into paying for it ...

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What point are you trying to make?

I made a really nice tea last night. Boiled spuds, sausages, beetroot and I tried making mizeria (which is some sort of Polish cucumber salad). Made double of everything as usual, so there was enough for lunch.

Usually if I do the cooking the Mrs tidies the kitchen, puts stuff away, etc. For whatever reason she didn't do that yesterday, so the lunches were left out on the side all night. Now, I don't mind that she didn't put the lunch away, I could've just as easily done it, but the mizeria has sour cream in it and you know how warm it's been lately. So when I woke up I thought 'shit, we left the lunch out on the side but ah well, never mind about the sausages, I can just get some lunch at work.'

Went downstairs and it turns out that the cunt of a cat had eaten most of the sausages anyway and flipped the rest all over the fucking kitchen.

I'd prefer them to just rot in gitmo, honestly.

The things they do to them there will be on the same level as the things they did to their hostages in ISIS held territory; waterboarding, beatings, cuts to the genitals, humiliation etc...

It's barbarism, but it seems like the only language they understand, and I can't imagine a more deserving pair of cunts. It would be better if this kind of work fell to independent groups rather than governments though. They ought to at least keep their hands personally clean.

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Doesn't that make you just as bad as them, though?

It does really.

Sadly these people aren't going anywhere, and we want to limit their access to the UK so they don't wind up contributing to further radicalisation.

Therefore while it's not the morally ideal solution, it is definitely the most expedient way to deal with them.

Also, cruel though their treatment may be, it is it's own form of justice for their victims. There was a time when criminals of this kind would be hanged for the sorts of things they've done to POWs. They literally crucified someone.

EDIT: It's also worth noting that we really were on the same level as these people from the outset. The things we've done to get our way over the years are absolutely horrifying.

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I'm not sure if it really is the most expedient way. Surely that would be what they're proposing; send them to be killed in the US.

I'm just being pedantic. I agree with you really.

It's a lot easier for me, I just take out my phone, unlock with finger print scanner (usually I do this in one motion), and then tap on the card reader, and then put the phone back in the pocket and lock it in the same motion.

This is in contrast to taking the wallet out, taking the card out, tapping it, putting the card back in, and then putting the wallet back in the pocket.

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Wow, that's some serious time saved.

This is my six year old one. Everyday use.


The new metal releases playlist is always a good way to discover new stuff.

The new Alice in Chains song is great.

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Yes, it is.

I think so too. Young people who didn't bother to vote, young people who turned 18 since the vote, and even some of the quiet Leavers who realise they've been taken for fools by liars. This should be enough to swing a second vote, and I think the swing would be fairly drastic. Especially now those lies by Project Leave have been revealed for all to see:

No £320 million a week for the NHS.

No 'the world will be beating down our door for trade deals'.

No 'the EU will end up giving us all the benefits of membership anyway, because we're British'.

The realities of the economic cost of leaving can't be waved away and dismissed as 'experts' talking or as 'project fear' any more.

The Irish border question is finally being acknowledged as the incredibly serious and unresolvable issue that it is.

The illegal actions by the Leave Campaign, and their increasingly evident links to foreign interests are becoming ever more clear.

Not even the Mail, Sun and Express on full xenophobic ranting mode will be able to stoke the same fervour for 'sovereignty' and thumbing our noses at foreigners, a second time around.

I doubt even Farage would fight that hard, having discovered just how pointless he is without his one issue to whine about.

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That second vote is not going to happen.

6 points · 2 months ago

Exactly! Every house has at least a bit of "damp" and those probe things they use are borderline scams.

She already had the boiler service history sent through 3 weeks ago. I think she is getting confused with Landlord's Gas Safety Certificates (which are a legal requirement) as she's coming from rented accommodation, but her solicitor should have known better.

I suspect that this is the first time she's bought a house (at least on her own) and so she is ultra paranoid and doesn't realise what's normal.

Apparently she needed to make the decision to hand in her notice on her rented accommodation on Saturday, so it'll be 'interesting' to see what happens next...

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Very much this.

My house is 120 years old. When it was built there would have been air circulating throughout the entire building. Since then, over the years the doors and windows have been replaced with sealed double glazing and air-tight UPVC. The cellar has been insulated from below and most of the wooden floors carpeted.

I think that a lot of damp in old houses is caused by this lack of ventilation.

That being said, my house has stood for 120 years and it will probably still be there in another 120 years (hopefully). A bit of damp isn't going to bring the house down.

Too many drivers in this country think it's okay to enter a pedestrian crossing even though they can't clear it. Then when the lights change, they're stuck there blocking the way.

On my way to the park I have to use two split-crossings. That's two zebras and two light-controlled in each direction. Only the light-controlled crossing coming off the roundabout was completely clear this morning, and that's only because the road wasn't chocka. The rest had drivers doing stuff like this.

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Also the box blockers. Don't block the box. The empty box isn't for you to try and filter into.

I'm 50. And I never set foot in a Lidl until 7 or 8 years ago.

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Mate, when did I say anything about Lidl?

You didn't. So, let me rephrase, I've never been into an Aldi until a couple of years ago. And I can confirm that Lidl do not have any signs up to tell you how the packing system works. I was in there earlier & checked.

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Well done.

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Paid off my student loan, I'm 35, did I do well?

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Well done.

How can you be in trouble if you are selling booze? Especially bargain booze?

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When someone at a 4 way stop waves me to go even though they were there first. Fricken A quit trying to be nice & just follow the rules.

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I'll share with you the best driving advice I've ever heard (from Reddit a long time ago):

Whilst driving; be predictable, not polite.

Job interview today, then out for a friend's birthday. Got nothing planned for tomorrow but playing D&D all evening Sunday

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Best of luck lad.

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