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downs_eyes commented on a post in r/unitedkingdom
Don_Quixote81 80 points

I think so too. Young people who didn't bother to vote, young people who turned 18 since the vote, and even some of the quiet Leavers who realise they've been taken for fools by liars. This should be enough to swing a second vote, and I think the swing would be fairly drastic. Especially now those lies by Project Leave have been revealed for all to see:

No £320 million a week for the NHS.

No 'the world will be beating down our door for trade deals'.

No 'the EU will end up giving us all the benefits of membership anyway, because we're British'.

The realities of the economic cost of leaving can't be waved away and dismissed as 'experts' talking or as 'project fear' any more.

The Irish border question is finally being acknowledged as the incredibly serious and unresolvable issue that it is.

The illegal actions by the Leave Campaign, and their increasingly evident links to foreign interests are becoming ever more clear.

Not even the Mail, Sun and Express on full xenophobic ranting mode will be able to stoke the same fervour for 'sovereignty' and thumbing our noses at foreigners, a second time around.

I doubt even Farage would fight that hard, having discovered just how pointless he is without his one issue to whine about.

downs_eyes 0 points

That second vote is not going to happen.

downs_eyes commented on a post in r/unitedkingdom
fsv 6 points

Exactly! Every house has at least a bit of "damp" and those probe things they use are borderline scams.

She already had the boiler service history sent through 3 weeks ago. I think she is getting confused with Landlord's Gas Safety Certificates (which are a legal requirement) as she's coming from rented accommodation, but her solicitor should have known better.

I suspect that this is the first time she's bought a house (at least on her own) and so she is ultra paranoid and doesn't realise what's normal.

Apparently she needed to make the decision to hand in her notice on her rented accommodation on Saturday, so it'll be 'interesting' to see what happens next...

downs_eyes 3 points

Very much this.

My house is 120 years old. When it was built there would have been air circulating throughout the entire building. Since then, over the years the doors and windows have been replaced with sealed double glazing and air-tight UPVC. The cellar has been insulated from below and most of the wooden floors carpeted.

I think that a lot of damp in old houses is caused by this lack of ventilation.

That being said, my house has stood for 120 years and it will probably still be there in another 120 years (hopefully). A bit of damp isn't going to bring the house down.

downs_eyes commented on a post in r/unitedkingdom
AnselaJonla 28 points

Too many drivers in this country think it's okay to enter a pedestrian crossing even though they can't clear it. Then when the lights change, they're stuck there blocking the way.

On my way to the park I have to use two split-crossings. That's two zebras and two light-controlled in each direction. Only the light-controlled crossing coming off the roundabout was completely clear this morning, and that's only because the road wasn't chocka. The rest had drivers doing stuff like this.

downs_eyes 5 points

Also the box blockers. Don't block the box. The empty box isn't for you to try and filter into.

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flamboyantsensitive 0 points

I'm 50. And I never set foot in a Lidl until 7 or 8 years ago.

downs_eyes 2 points

Mate, when did I say anything about Lidl?

flamboyantsensitive 1 point

You didn't. So, let me rephrase, I've never been into an Aldi until a couple of years ago. And I can confirm that Lidl do not have any signs up to tell you how the packing system works. I was in there earlier & checked.

downs_eyes 1 point

Well done.

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downs_eyes commented on a post in r/worldnews
Kolewan 32 points

Reminds me of high times top strains of 1977

downs_eyes 2 points

Can't wait to get high on some pubes that I pulled out of the plughole.

downs_eyes commented on a post in r/unitedkingdom
karljt 1 point

Sony. Bought a £1400 Bravia TV from them in 2009. Was one of the ugliest pieces of shit I've ever seen. The icing on the cake was when I noticed that they hadn't even stuck the brand name on the TV straight. It was stuck on at a a slight angle.

downs_eyes 5 points

>UK brand



downs_eyes commented on a post in r/unitedkingdom
brass_hand 17 points

How can you be in trouble if you are selling booze? Especially bargain booze?

downs_eyes 16 points


downs_eyes commented on a post in r/AskReddit
do_theTruffleShuffle 62 points

When someone at a 4 way stop waves me to go even though they were there first. Fricken A quit trying to be nice & just follow the rules.

downs_eyes 1 point

I'll share with you the best driving advice I've ever heard (from Reddit a long time ago):

Whilst driving; be predictable, not polite.

downs_eyes commented on a post in r/unitedkingdom
AoyagiAichou -5 points

I'll take that as a "yes, and not only!"

downs_eyes 5 points

You simply must try harder lad.

AoyagiAichou 1 point

I'm reasonably sure I don't have to, actually. Not only are lesser minds who think responding solely with "Get a grip dickhead" not exactly worth much effort, but you've proven you're even more deluded than I thought you were. Now feel free to come up with another supposedly outrageous empty phrase, I'm sure they feel soooo good to the likes of you.

downs_eyes 1 point

Oh, you really must. Is this all you have?

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downs_eyes commented on a post in r/videos
mister_peem 10 points

Taking a 5 second clip out of an hour long lecture by Jordan Peterson and spinning it to be some nazi normalization scheme is just absolutely garbage. If he bothered to watch the full lecture he would know that Jordan Peterson identifies WHY the Nazis did what they did so it could be prevented and identified in the future, but why bother with that when you can just fool your dumbass viewers with a clip.

downs_eyes -4 points

Did you even try to watch this video?

mister_peem 4 points

I watched the full length.

downs_eyes -2 points

Oh right, I was just wondering because it seems like you were sucking off Jordan Peterson the entire time.

abedfilms 1 point

Oh totally, it's just that when i boil eggs it takes like 8min for whites to be solid?

downs_eyes 1 point

Do you keep your eggs in the fridge?

abedfilms 1 point

No, but do you mean they weren't fully solid, but will solidify in the fridge?

downs_eyes 1 point

They won't solidify in the fridge. Egg is protein and needs heat to denature. You need to cook an egg to solidify it.

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