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draco123465 commented on a post in r/interestingasfuck
H41KU 879 points

Are retainers a permanent thing? I have a friend who used to wear them, and hasn't in a while? I might be blind or something and not seeing it, but I'm fairly certain he's stopped wearing them.

draco123465 1 point

Some people get a bar on the back side of a row of teeth in addition to retainers.

Thatmyopinion989 2 points

yes blame the 17 different protectors, suit yourself. It's obviously their fault and not yours. All those manufacturers don't know how to make a case and you're right.

Why don't you make the back of the phone towards your front pocket instead of the screen ? Too obvious?

draco123465 0 points

Yeah, I am blaming the screen protectors. I never said any of the manufacturers are stupid. And I do try to point the screen towards my leg but that doesn't protect from my own accidental clumsiness, but the screen protector should (for the most part). Nobody is perfect. I have my opinion, you have yours.

Thatmyopinion989 3 points

That's more than an opinion , you just said 17 different screen protectors are useless.

draco123465 1 point

Yeah. What are you trying to prove?

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draco123465 commented on a post in r/pics
Sumit316 4,271 points

The official Instagram account of the airport K-9 posted this -

"Friends, . It is with the ultimate sadness I must report the passing of my best friend and love of my life. . Piper passed away tonight peacefully in my arms after fighting a year-long battle with prostate cancer. He fought valiantly, and we did everything we could, but sometimes life just has to take its course. . Today, Piper enjoyed a pain-free day, filled with love from family and friends, mostly his fellow airport employees. He played soccer, got some much deserved butt scratches and yes, he chased away one last snowy owl as he sailed into the night. . As I hope was plainly evident, we are grateful. Grateful to have done what we loved for three years and had a whole hell of a lot of fun doing it.

Mostly though, we're grateful for all of your support. It's what's really helped us through the dark days. . As we leave you tonight, know that Piper is in a better place. I only ask for your patience as I take time to tend to my shattered heart. . Lastly, as a final act of true class, the flag you see here flew today at @uscg Air Station Traverse City and was taken down, folded and presented to us and a token of their love. Please join me in thanking the men and women, past and present, of Air Station Traverse City for their awesomeness.

Piper and I are forever in your debt. . With love, . Brian & Piper"

Here is a gif of Piper in full glory -

draco123465 1 point

I didn't sign up for this feels trip 😢

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