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dragonballaf commented on a post in r/waltonchain
waltonizer 2 points

TLM, Dragon, Splooge, dlow, tricky oh yeh and ninja??

dragonballaf 3 points

Let me chime in ;)

Yes, it's true that we are an ethereum fork. However, since each child chain can decide on its own consensus mechanism, TPS would vary.

For e.g. We know Freyr is using DPoS as a consensus mechanism while Waltonchain would be a combination of PoW and PoS(T?)

Here is a URL to the answer for a similar question - what would happen to TPS when/if Ethereum adopts PoS?

(Hint: PoS is much quicker than PoW. Also Ethereum is considering Sharding for scalability).

mr_li_jr -5 points

China loves the concept of Blockchain, but they want systems that are overseen by companies who they can lean on and influence, rather than a nebulous network of miners across the world.

dragonballaf 15 points

And lose out on decentralisation...?

dragonballaf commented on a post in r/waltonchain
resistingdopamine 5 points

but what about all the hardware and products walton will be selling outside of the chain?

dragonballaf 9 points

well it won't be. that's the point. it is starting to close the hardware and make it part of the walton eco-system. hardware and walton blockchain would be tightly coupled moving forward.

dragonballaf commented on a post in r/waltonchain
WhaleNotJustYet 2 points

Thanks. So that is the case for WTC. Any ideas about other projects? Surely not everyone wins government funding?

dragonballaf 5 points

Well, generally...the dev team holds a certain portion of the coins. These coins can be slowly released for funds. Walton does that too. 100 million coins exist for Walton, but only 31-32 million are circulating. Also, don't forget the money raised during ICO.

thelatemercutio 3 points

Really, only 26 million are circulating. CMC fucked up and included the angel investors' 5 million coins, which aren't released for several months still.

dragonballaf 0 points

They have been released. Check ether scan.

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dragonballaf commented on a post in r/Iota
stomperud_ 19 points

Wtc is built on good old blockchain tech, that can’t scale. Iota is built on DLT, and does scale.

dragonballaf 0 points

I am a big fan of IOTA and Walton. But what you have said is simply not true. We are not talking about Bitcoin or first gen blockchains here. Newer blockchains have side chains - where they are able to scale quite well without interfering with the parent chain. Please see my response below separately for a more thorough analysis.

stomperud_ 1 point

Your comments sugest that you are only a fan of waltonchain;-)

dragonballaf 1 point

Wow! So is that how we judge nowadays. Did you even read what I wrote as a response to this post?

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dragonballaf commented on a post in r/waltonchain
thelatemercutio 15 points

I haven't been very active on reddit or even slack lately, but I have been active in the background. I have something for you guys soon.

dragonballaf 8 points

i think i know what it is...and i am very excited! :D

thelatemercutio 9 points

You should be excited AS FUCK.

dragonballaf 3 points


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dragonballaf commented on a post in r/waltonchain
thelatemercutio 5 points

IOTA also can't do smart contracts. Yet, anyway. Won't be for a long time. That's an enormous difference for now.

dragonballaf 1 point

yup. exactly. no smart contracts and no privacy.

dragonballaf 16 points

Iota - Android of the distributed ledger world. Anyone can build hardware on top of this protocol.

Walton - iOS of the distributed ledger world I.e. closed eco-system (for now anyway) - blockchain and hardware work synergistically with each other.


Designed for m2m and p2p currency transfer.

Super Fast transactions (in theory) - this is partly achieved by 'snapshots' i.e. trimming of databases.

Scalabilty inherent to design and adoption

Feeless since it's DAG technology (micro Proof of Work performed by every entity on the IOTA network)

No smart contracts.

No privacy.


Great for supply chain management, since no trimming occurs and full database/transaction history is maintained (inherent blockchain property).

Scalable by side chains. Side chains can use any consensus mechanism and can be either public or private. For e.g. freyr uses dpos.

Patented Integrated Circuits technology including RFIDs. This should NOT be underplayed.


Both have super smart people working for them.

Both are trying to capture a significant market share across different parts of the world (East vs West)

Both have STRONG partnerships - Bosch and Fujitsu (potentially Microsoft too?) vs Central chinese govt., Russia, Brazil, Thailand. Oh, and then there is One Belt One Road, and BRICS.

Although, they may both be competing in the IoT space, there is more than enough for both of these players to chew on.

Going forward, interoperability will play a huge role. For e.g. Both Bosch (through Apollo?) and Walton (through Alibaba) are laying out their foundations in Xiong'an city. I have a feeling both IOTA and Walton may operate simultaneously over there.

Q. Why would someone use Walton RFID tech when he/she can use a generic RFID for tracking on IOTA network?

A. As a business, to sustain, it needs to make profit. As such, if the transaction fees are free (in case of IOTA), it will make up for the cost, by charging elsewhere. For e.g. A basic/dumb RFID chip on IOTA network may cost around 15c, whereas, walton designed smart nano RFID chips would only cost 5c. However, the RFID chip on Walton eco system would need to spend walton coins to publish on the blockchain.

dragonballaf commented on a post in r/waltonchain
dragonballaf 2 points

From page 35 of the Fanstime whitepaper (linked in the tweet):

Yinxin Finance

A frontier investor in blockchain technology co-founded by the core team of Waltonchain and business circles and pevcnews, committed to offering support to teams with industrial expertise and connections as well as understandings and visions on blockchain

HotKarl_Marx -2 points

After that contest scam, WTC deserves no further review.

dragonballaf 3 points

Yet you are here...reviewing it!

Deportivo76ers 2 points

wtf thai royal family got to do with supply chain

dragonballaf 6 points

Ask them ;)

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JeanBaguettos 3 points

Huh, we shouldn't spam cc with that speculative shit. It's a neat find but we need more info before going with it.

It'll end up hurting us like the shoe stuff otherwise.

dragonballaf 6 points

What exactly is speculative? Please explain. :)

JeanBaguettos 8 points

Stating that there are ties yet alone deep-ties. You're jumping the gun. And if it turns out to be a big deal, you make it harder for Waltonchain to (attempt to) communicate it properly.

dragonballaf 1 point

Fair enough. I see your viewpoint. I will be more careful in future.

Just as a sidenote, only follows Waltonchain and Bithumb (as far as I can tell) from the crypto world.

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dragonballaf commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
Stockton_Slap209 1 point
dragonballaf 2 points
shushingturns 15 points
dragonballaf 10 points

Looks like Liam/Laowai got burnt!

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dragonballaf commented on a post in r/waltonchain
andyman268 -1 points

...hmmm, no that doesn’t sound like a thing. The world doesn’t need blockchain to store foot temperature records. Come on now.

Sounds like they are trying to do everything at once. What happened to IOT, supplychain and blockchain?

It’s just bizarre that they would go into the shoe business.

dragonballaf 3 points

As a producer of these insoles - I would love to know how long the soles last, what setting is most commonly used by consumers, and potentially what other smartwear is used in conjunction with these insoles. It's about getting 'reliable/tamper-proof' insights. Blockchain at the end of the day is effectively a public, immutable database.

Tigletx -3 points

Damn nice. Seems they talk to Jordan and some others. u/crypto_buddha better be ready to delete a walton thread on r/cc frontpage.

dragonballaf 12 points

Sorry sir, I don't agree with your approach. You may not see eye to eye with u/crypto_buddha but let's not go name bashing unnecessarily. He did work with us to get our second post on CC. Let's play fair!

level1rogue -1 points

I remember when Bitconnect had fancy conferences like this, and a CEO raking in money... It's legit when there are cameras and lights.

dragonballaf 3 points

By that logic Apple Microsoft Amazon and any other legit tech company is also a scam yeh? LOL

parkufarku -37 points

We have a random video of a speaker, can we actually confirm that's WTC's officer, and they are delivering a presentation to these big companies?

Can we also get an idea of how many presentations were invited to speak?

dragonballaf 19 points

Question. Can we also get an idea of how many presentations were invited to speak?


  1. Did you read my comment underneath?!

  2. Did you click on the link - Link to the event schedule -

Question. We have a random video of a speaker, can we actually confirm that's WTC's officer, and they are delivering a presentation to these big companies?


  1. Did you read my comment underneath?!

  2. Did you click on the link - Link to the event schedule -

  3. Did you try match Wei Songjie's face with the team page on Walton's website?!

  4. Did you see the Walton logo in the middle of the screen while Wei was presenting?!

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