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I don’t think Seed et al stumbled into possession of nuclear weapons. The radio reports clearly explain the scenario, Seed just falls into the right place at the right time. But that said I dislike the ending. I would dislike it even more if it included Seed having possession of nuclear arms.

The premise at the start that a few federal agents are going to walk in and out with this guy, forgets all that has happened in showdowns with the feds over the past years. It don’t work like that no more (if it ever did). Overwhelming force is the way things are done now. If that basic tenant of the story is so badly off, kinda ruins the rest of the game for me as well.

But regardless, I back to your point, either way -Seed in possession or not, the ending sucks. You are right, what was the point of the game? Plus there was no Bigfoot.

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And why does it have to restart the computer to install updates in the middle of the day?

I take it you've never had MacOS just go "Oh, you're locking the computer? I'm just going to do those updates now."

So infuriating when you set up things to get ready after lunch, you go away for lunch, and realise that it's all gone.

Edit: Interestingly I'm getting replies saying they have no idea what I'm talking about. I have had it happen to me before, but I think this is after delaying installing updates for a long time. But I can't find evidence of MacOS doing this, except for security updates.

The more frustrating part of MacOS updates to me, is that it will attempt a restart, have some app stop it from restarting, and then try and restore your session. But it's sort of half-restored... I only really notice if I can't use my Magnet shortcuts, or Alfred isn't running.

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Huh? Without remote management software installed, MacOS won’t install updates unless you explicitly give it approval. Sounds like IT is pushing updates down which certainly is a thing.

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Go get those pulled out. Where else you think they went. They didn't just disappear.

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Well I had a checkup recently and they didn’t pull any out so I’m guessing they fall out as I’m handling them and I just don’t notice.

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Well maybe they weren't looking. I know it's worst case scenario but I'd have em specifically check. I hope I made you feel better, this is wtf so i figured I'd throw you a curveball.

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I don’t know, I gotta figure you would feel something. Not going to worry about it, if next visit they pull out 24, I’ll apply to reddit for the new record.

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I didn't think it would be anything super crazy, but it's actually on the menu (at least, the ones I found online) as a full English breakfast.

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Damn English have taken over the pub! Eh, as long as you can order a Guinness, no worries.

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I'm more of a cocktail guy, so it'll likely be an Old Fashioned.

But, doesn't matter, because I'll be raisin' the glass to a good vacation.

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Got a X in December, prob will keep it until the 2019 models come out. About 20 months or so.

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The plot thickens... was it a fictional country?

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North Korea

Yeah sorry. I'm a little manic right now.

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Embrace the old, run with it!

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Could Alaska be self sustaining in theory? It is far away from US so I am just wondering if there is a realistic chance for them to seek independence from US?

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Sure, 24 hrs later the Rooskies would come knocking “Comrad, we are here for the oil, don’t get up, we help ourselves.” (Joking)

you can use '/s' to signal sarcasm

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Thanks for the tip!

Where would you get ammo for something like this?

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There’s another video linked in the comments which suggests they make it themselves.

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“San Fran”


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Heathens. Probably refer to highways with “the” too. It ain’t “the 101.” It’s just “101”.

How was the FC5 story in general? I'm going to get it at some point but am curious. Story is the most important thing to me in these games...

FC3 is my favorite, so if you compare it to that?

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I liked it. It seems like its just cool to hate on it cause "it's not 3"

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I don’t think that’s an issue at all. After 3 & 4 a certain standard was set. You expect the dev to build on that standard, not go backwards.

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Denied a drivers license because my birth certificate was "invalid" for having a tiny hole in the center. I waited 4 hours.

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Sounds like my story: need to renew my drivers license. Go to DMV in the state I am in. Accidentally write birthdate as day/month/year on form instead of month/day/year. DMV worker takes my form, my soon to be expired license and my fee. Punches hole in license. Starts to enter info into computer. Notices error on birthdate. I indicate correct date is on DL and that I accidentally entered it backwards on form. She says DL is invalid because it has been punched and did I have another form of ID. I don’t. She won’t accept DL. Now I have no valid DL but must leave & return with passport. Thanks DMV worker.

Cunards all have designated smoking areas outside and a cigar/smoking lounge inside.

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Can someone tell me why do Americans charge their underage children to live with them? Do they simply not value family? If they get sick or stay with their children do they also expect to pay a carer's fee?

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Yes, there is a schedule of payments commonly used by parents to try to milk their kids for income and raw physical labor. Starts relatively low while the child is an infant, say $100 a week, and increases yearly until we have ground our kids into dust with our incessant badgering for more profit.

If I remember correctly, what you make below 18 is still your money and not theirs, and them taking it is pretty bad unless they told you that you were going to get it back.

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Apparently, as covered in the Quora replies referenced in this thread, the parents are the beneficiaries of the fruits of his labor. It is different if the money is gifted, but earned income belongs to the parents. (This is in the US.)

3 letter pharmacy

Hmm... Wal, Osc, Rit, Eck. Well, I'm stumped.

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How will you know I’m a big-shot otherwise? I already talk too loud and flail my arms, people still seem to ignore me. Weird. /s

Once Upon a Time in the West

Not easy, I try to call them every other day. Make small talk. I know that just having a conversation, even if it is about the details of everyday life, is a good thing.

Original Poster2 points · 1 month ago

that's good, glad your doing your best, that's more than some people, me and mom text almost every night too and the conversations I have when I go over to her place is what really gives me that sinking "how many more of these will I have" feeling, but I try to shake it off and just enjoy it while it's happening

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Yeah, I hate thinking about that aspect. I feel guilty for living far away. I try to fly out to see them once a year but wish I could do it more often. It’s great that you text. That is such a great and immediate way of communicating.

Thanks for breaking it down. I always just assumed that refs were watching as close a they do in other sports.

Out of curiosity, does soccer have something like American football where calls can have video reviews or challenges?

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Sounds like you are pretty experienced. No tips, just be your own advocate. I’m sure you know that already. You can’t rely on anyone else. Postscript, I try not to sweat the details as long as I am fully aware of what is going on. Ask my my current phosphorus level or whatever, I can’t tell you. I can say they are all in the desired range which is the level of abstraction I am concerned about.

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Well, cars are not completely designed to crumple, only crumple zones are designed to do this, they help absorb/dissipate shock in an accident. Passenger frame is supposed to stay intact. (Comment not an endorsement of staying in your car.)

Free the Brompton and Harefield one!

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Thats a condensation wave. They form when the air is very compressed, reducing solubility of water on air, thus making little clouds like these.

The cameraman wouldnt be holding the camera if that was a sonic boom. He would be screaming in agony on the ground, with at least badly ruptured eardrums.

Edit: not gonna fuck your hearing, just really loud.

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Nah, while you are correct there is no sonic boom in this vid, the boom is not going to destroy your eardrums. Plenty of vids out there show this.

So if you're feeling anxious looking at this gif, ask yourself the following question - what is the scaffold sitting on? It's not held up by those dinky little posts.

It's the ol' clocktower illusion. The camera man is just holding the camera in that direction so it looks like a huge drop. If you pan down, you'll find he's only slightly above the existing floor, which is under construction beneath him.

Is what he's doing unsafe? Yes. But he's not perched above a sheer drop on a rickity set of steel poles.

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Nah mon, the source is in the comments. Ain’t no floor for seven or eight stories.

Finally dinged level 50 after five years of playing Everquest. About 4 years later than all my friends who had long ago left me behind (including at least one whom I introduced to the early beta). I promptly logged out, unplugged my PC and I haven’t been on either since (many years ago). I feel like I kicked a major drug habit. Very proud of that ding.

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