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In the US Army, it's a position. CO Commander, BN Commander, etc. The officer in charge of a particular unit.

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Thank- you

Yea, sorry, I wasn't understanding what you wanted. It was a pretty good size unit, and my second Command (I was a senior Captain at that time).

This poor kid had LOM (lack of motivation) coupled with a misunderstanding of what the Platoon Leader job really was on a day to day basis.

He needed to be mechanically minded to fix vehicles, and take notes from his Sergeants on getting that stuff done (learning his job).

He needed to be medically minded to get the unit ready to be supported by his individual section, and he wasn't understanding that either.

He needed to be statistically minded, in tracking every medical status across the entire unit... and coordinating care and fixing issues, which he was not doing.

Basically, he could do PT and look good in his uniform... but the learning his job part... he wasn't getting that and the unit was suffering.

/we needed much more than that.

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Interesting to hear. On Reddit one tends to hear a lot from the lower levels of the chain of command but not so much from the upper levels.

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Apologies for increasing your worries, but you should take her for a routine Dr checkup also and tell your Pediatrician about the hearing issues. Hearing loss can be linked to a few other medical issues and it is always good to make sure it is not a symptom of some other condition. They tend to be rare so it is unlikely. Also I am not a doctor.

Good book touches on a similar theme: “The Brief History of the Dead” by Keven Brockmeier. Good one.

Really you just need to declare hunting mosasaurs illegal except for science and Japan will take care of it in a day.

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Mosasaurayaki for the kids.

Wow I did not expect to watch the entire video but I couldn't stop

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No kidding. I feel like grabbing some sort of crunchy green wood product for dinner.

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I would be seriously surprised that I was not retired and splitting time between US/Europe. Things obviously went south somewhere along the line.

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Do you think teen-you would be able to figure out "Oh, this is still technically my own body and my own life, just further down the line" instead of thinking "Whose body am I in?"

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Honestly, my face looks similar but I don’t know that 17 yr-old self would instantly recognize me. Even from my perspective, I see a lot of changes. Enough to make me not so recognizable probably. At 52, you have to come to grips that you’ve gotten older, no question. Not sure that I had that kind of acute aging recognition at 17 that I have now. Probably not even close.

Anyone know what sort of kidney surgery this would be practicing for? Perhaps not kidney surgery at all but an assumption based upon the shape?

The problem with my minidisc player was Sony's stupid software / digital rights management. Instead of being able to just drag and drop MP3s from a folder to the player, you had to convert it to Atarac (?) format which took a long time on the 1999 Pentium computers.

Didn't matter though because solid state mp3 players with no moving parts came out shortly afterwards, and minidisc couldn't compete even if they had opened up the software.

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Yeap. Plus they only had like a 10 second memory buffer, joggle it enough for 11 secs and your music was interrupted. Funny how short that ends up being with some activities. Fortunately for me someone broke in and stole mine - but left the charger and the minidiscs that we’re right there next to it. Switched to an iPod when it came out - either buffer was longer or it wasn’t as susceptible to joggling read errors.

Would it be sensible for OP submit a list of questions and have the responses in writing?

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A reminder that the more services requested on the project - for example external project manager, periodic reports, etc, the higher the fees you are going to see. No one works for free and in my experience for HOA projects, the more ‘formalized’ you demand they be, the more expensive they become. The alternate is to have a board member or other volunteer act as a PM, but you are then relying on the good will of a volunteer.

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You can see this supported in early accounts of Inuit and similar cultures not that long ago.

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Plus I'm pretty sure something fruity owns a trademark and several copyrights on IOS. which probably has its own ISO standard.

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I’m guessing Cisco trademarked IOS before Apple. Not sure what the status is now though. Cisco also had iPhone before Apple.

Find out about “in the ear” and “completely in the ear” models. They are impossible to see. I have the former and most people don’t know I have hearing aids.

Two tier system with 3 hot phones. Tier one group rotates one phone for 7x12 front line support of a multi-Datacenter environment. Second group does the same thing in a night shift. 3rd group acts as secondary for escalated issues from both groups. Networking and security guys act as tier two also but separately from sysadmins. All tiers get comp day off week following their on-call assignment. First tiers have one on-call week every 5 weeks. Second tier more like one every four.

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So you buy the newest iPhone and newest MacBook and can't connect them to each other without an additional dongle. It's not an acknowledgement, but stupidity.

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Most folks never connect their phones to their computers now. There is no need to do so.

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No, you never did. The first phone my family had was called a 'party line'. That means there were 2 people who had the same number. When the phone rang you had to ask them who they were calling. If it was you it was fine, if it was the other party you said 'hang up and call again'. When it rang you didn't answer it and let the other party answer. The phone numbers were like 'Northfield 8 55 22' so you dialed 'NO8 55 22'

This was in the early 60s.

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Lasted into the late ‘80s in a few places. To get a phone booth in Amboy, CA in ‘87 you still dialed the operator and asked for Amboy 9.

Massdrop? They have this for about $5K right now.

Original Poster7 points · 14 days ago

I got in on Rakuten when they did it for 4999. Never thought I would get a 77” that cheap this soon.

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Prices have dropped really quickly this year, yeah.

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Ex as in former. As in, the "former young lady" is the current "old lady" aka wife.

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I think you have to be at least x years old...

If it’s paid for, why not go to Uni. Get a degree. Work hard and do well. Think about a job after you graduate.

May I ask what car that is?

I'm okay with passive things, but I'd like to have some settings for when I'm an expert user and don't want to be prompted. I'd probably then reenable the warnings if I'm letting a friend drive it.

Basically, I don't want my car to be tailored for end users... If I buy anything that costs 10s of thousands of dollars, I'm going to read the actual manual and spend a long time becoming an expert on it's use... especially when I utilize beta software on it. I don't want a nanny, I'm a responsible adult and I don't wish my car to annoy me because of the actions of other, irresponsible adults.

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Tesla 3 series

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It really is. But you said a no no word.

Down votes for you!


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“They were crabs. Now they’re cats”. Great line.

First month with the catheter is when you are still learning about it. After that you get pretty comfortable with it. After six months it won’t bother you in the least. My wife fashioned some stretchy cloth belts with Velcro ends for me to wear to keep the catheter from being yanked. Other than than additional bit of clothing, life (including intimacy) seems normal. (Reminder to follow all sanitary protocols when doing PD strictly. Infection is easy to avoid if you do, no fun if you don’t. But these protocols don’t affect the rest of your life, only when you are doing exchanges.

Original Poster1 point · 26 days ago

I already have it for like a year now, sorry if that wasnt clear. Mostly its completly fine bisides pain when its draining, but i have a pretty high pain tolerance so I'm fine. And yeah i have some sort of fishnety thing to put around my stomach to hold the cable there, i have no idea how else to describe it. Yeah i do follow the procedures, my dad helps me setting up the dialysis itself but otherwise i do most things alone.

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With respect to your other question re being a politician, I see no reason to hold back. Administration type jobs seem ideally suited to folks on PD. Don’t put preconceived limits on yourself - find the job, get the job and work you PD schedule into it. If you are confident employers will adjust to your schedule.

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I've got stage 4 cancer and am currently doing chemo. It's scary to think ahead to a time when all the drugs stop working and I'll have to make decisions like whether to stay home or go to a hospice. Hopefully the chemo will work and stave off that decision for a little longer.

However people feel about his politics, cancer is really shitty. I'm glad that he was able to have his family with him at the end.

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Dude, good luck with your fight. Sending positive vibes your way.

Alaska and Hawaii obvs.

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LOL, haven't you seen War Games? Anchorage is one of the first to go. (In the simulation.)

I'm the mod of r/mrrogersneighborhood and r/steveirwin. If I can just get in with the bob ross crowd, I could be start one, lol

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