PLEASE HELP: Is this cheating? by [deleted] in fpldraft

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Yeah because your the one accusing cheating you cuckold

When you home alone beating your meat and you hear a door open downstairs. by draymorgan in dankmemes

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Well good news for you because I made one with the caption in the picture, just go on my post history

Nørmîę by draymorgan in dankmemes

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Didn't We meet at a furry party?

When she's cute, but not THICC by Elothel in dankmemes

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Damn I was gonna post the exact same thing gg

Student creates antibiotics from blackberries by draymorgan in Futurology

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It wasn't to do with he organicness it was to do with his bioengineering of the extracts, I don't want to go too much into it as I'm not knowledgeable enough but I can say that I spoke to the guy and learnt from him first hand.

Student creates antibiotics from blackberries by draymorgan in Futurology

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I was a competitor in this competition and in the fine print there is a clause you have to agree to which makes any form of previous patents void.

Student creates antibiotics from blackberries by draymorgan in Futurology

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Actually the antibiotic is more resistant to mutations in the thing it is trying to cure

What family secret has been kept away from only you and how did you find out about it? by pokegomsia in AskReddit

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Found out when I was ten I had a bro who died at 9 months old and it messed with my mums head for years, the anniversary of his birthday is Saturday

What did you change your mind about in 2017 ? by el___diablo in AskReddit

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I realised I'd rather have a job I enjoy than that earns a lot of money.

[homemade] ninja-bread cookies by G_W_Hayduke in food

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At first look, I thought they were doing gangnam style

Women of Reddit: What is the porn video you always come back to? by FinestShang in AskWomen

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Someone else finally knows of the holy website yespornplease

I dropped some skittles.... by ace_roth in Wellthatsucks

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Why would they employ a guy to do this job if everything he touches turns to skittles