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Was this exam more fun than ROUTE/SWITCH/TSHOOT?

Original Poster5 points · 27 days ago

Thanks! That appears to have been the issue.

I had to set the MS225 to '1Gig(auto)' and the MS220 to 'Auto negotiate' for traffic to send/receive on both ends.

Any other variation failed miserably for me.

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Original Poster1 point · 21 days ago

Now this isn't working through the fiber patch panels :).
Same gear as above but have swapped out the OM1 to OM3 as the fiber between the two panels are connected by OM3.

I connected the 220 switch in 3rd Floor to the fiber panel, and in the fourth floor i connected the 225 to the fiber pane.
Cable is showing red light passing through, but no comms again when plugged into the switch, Tried resetting the link negotiation and trying different variations again, but no joy this time!
Am i missing something obvious here?

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shrug - Sorry, I'm not as versed in fiber run issues as I am in Meraki problems!

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I've done it when I had a large number of vlans to reduce load on the core switch. There wasn't a large number of hosts but due to segmentation there was a large number of networks.

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This is the use case I understood it to solve, tons of vlans with only a couple of spanning tree topologies needed. Makes for easier management for the admin and the switch

125 points · 2 months ago

Just started watching after I heard the news of his passing. I had never really watched or read anything by him so I decided to start watching Parts Unknown recently. Holy shit, to my surprise it isn’t just about eating food. It’s actually a fucking powerful ass show about culture around the world. Much respect for the guy and may he rest in peace

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I've barely cooked a thing in my life and I remember I could not put kitchen confidential down when I read it years ago.


Quick question I couldn't find any resources on online. If an OSPF neighborship is established between two routers on one subnet, and again on another subnet, is there any problem with that? Or is it just added redundancy if one link fails?

Comment deleted2 months ago

Username checks out :D

Meraki AP & switch is the nicest I've had.

Here, have some monthly recurring costs for free!

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They come with a 3 year license

Congratulations !

For Route, have you considered using Anki Flash cards ?

I Would also advise you to lab as you go through the OCG and other sources

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This is the way to go! Anki rocks. Check out on he science behind spaced repitition as well to understand how to craft good cards.

25 points · 3 months ago

Bit OT but I once supported a large messaging system for a UK ISP (few hundred thousand users). I get a call one day -- system down! Weird. Can't ping, ssh etc. Nothing. Surely all the servers can't have died. Send the remote hands guys to the colo in east London. "Err, the cages are empty". What?! Call the customer back and alert them they might have been robbed at the colo. Sheepish response: " we found the problem. We sent our team over to empty a cage of some old servers. They emptied the wrong one."

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What a nightmare!

There was a Netflix leak yesterday that caused routes to fail to AWS services. They somehow left an aggregate router plugged in and bgp propagated out.

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Is there a website or mailing list I can get on to get info about this kind of thing?

I can’t upvote this hard enough

I’d be interested in the accountability as I’m also using the pomodoro system, though I am studying for switch now.

What is the cleanest way to diagram a large data center network? I’m planning on doing a physical diagram and a logical diagram that are separate. I’d like to avoid a huge spiderweb, especially on the physical.

W. Bush had a resting heart rate of like 42, I believe.

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Wouldn’t 43 have been more appropriate?

The ability to delay notifications by a couple of minutes. They have this for some, but not others. Most notably the site-to-site VPN status notificaitons.

14 hours!

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That’s a pretty good turn around

Yes. Don't forget to generate new ssh keys

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Can you explain a bit about why this is needed?

All configuration is stored in show run except the ssh keys, these are stored in a separate place

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Makes sense, thanks!

There's a low-barrier of entry for a lot of trades. The Electricians and Plumbers have union apprentice and journeyman programs to ensure expected knowledge.

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It would be so cool if we had this in networking.

Where is today's George Carlin and today's political punk rock.

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John Oliver is the closest we have right now.

How is no one else mad about how he switches sides on the cake. He should have been on the left side in the first frame.

I'm not qualified to comment from the CCIE perspective, but from a pure ROI standpoint I'm sure adding a third CCxE isn't going to raise your financial prospects a whole lot.

I think common sense says if the money isn't the driving factor then follow what excites you the most.

Did a fish fall out of that vehicle just now?

I believe it’s recommended to go that route because there are some routing concepts covered in SWITCH in regards to layer 3 switching.

Also, I think ROUTE is a bit longer and covers a broader range of topics. Add in the fact that many people work more with switching day to day and SWITCH is seen as a little “easier”, and people want to get the tougher test done first.

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