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drewbert87 commented on a post in r/television
mitch-bittens 121 points

Just started watching after I heard the news of his passing. I had never really watched or read anything by him so I decided to start watching Parts Unknown recently. Holy shit, to my surprise it isn’t just about eating food. It’s actually a fucking powerful ass show about culture around the world. Much respect for the guy and may he rest in peace

drewbert87 8 points

I've barely cooked a thing in my life and I remember I could not put kitchen confidential down when I read it years ago.

drewbert87 commented on a post in r/ccnp
packetx 5 points

Congratulations !

For Route, have you considered using Anki Flash cards ?

I Would also advise you to lab as you go through the OCG and other sources

drewbert87 3 points

This is the way to go! Anki rocks. Check out on he science behind spaced repitition as well to understand how to craft good cards.

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sj0352 25 points

Bit OT but I once supported a large messaging system for a UK ISP (few hundred thousand users). I get a call one day -- system down! Weird. Can't ping, ssh etc. Nothing. Surely all the servers can't have died. Send the remote hands guys to the colo in east London. "Err, the cages are empty". What?! Call the customer back and alert them they might have been robbed at the colo. Sheepish response: " we found the problem. We sent our team over to empty a cage of some old servers. They emptied the wrong one."

drewbert87 2 points

What a nightmare!

drewbert87 commented on a post in r/networking
squidkai1 8 points

There was a Netflix leak yesterday that caused routes to fail to AWS services. They somehow left an aggregate router plugged in and bgp propagated out.

drewbert87 6 points

Is there a website or mailing list I can get on to get info about this kind of thing?

drewbert87 commented on a post in r/networking
mrtoastbrot 7 points

Yes. Don't forget to generate new ssh keys

drewbert87 1 point

Can you explain a bit about why this is needed?

mrtoastbrot 3 points

All configuration is stored in show run except the ssh keys, these are stored in a separate place

drewbert87 1 point

Makes sense, thanks!

drewbert87 commented on a post in r/networking
mikelieman 7 points

There's a low-barrier of entry for a lot of trades. The Electricians and Plumbers have union apprentice and journeyman programs to ensure expected knowledge.

drewbert87 8 points

It would be so cool if we had this in networking.

drewbert87 commented on a post in r/ccie
drewbert87 1 point

I'm not qualified to comment from the CCIE perspective, but from a pure ROI standpoint I'm sure adding a third CCxE isn't going to raise your financial prospects a whole lot.

I think common sense says if the money isn't the driving factor then follow what excites you the most.

drewbert87 commented on a post in r/ccnp
drewbert87 5 points

I believe it’s recommended to go that route because there are some routing concepts covered in SWITCH in regards to layer 3 switching.

Also, I think ROUTE is a bit longer and covers a broader range of topics. Add in the fact that many people work more with switching day to day and SWITCH is seen as a little “easier”, and people want to get the tougher test done first.

zanfar 2 points

Yes, DPs are always forwarding. This is required because all other bridge ports on the segment are blocking. If the DP did not forward frames, no data would ever get sent to that segment.

I don't understand why you believe a single forwarding port with all others blocking would incur broadcast loops. The other blocking ports are specifically to prevent this.

If they "both went blocking" no data would be seen on the segment, which kind of defeats the purpose of a network.

drewbert87 2 points

What I was blanking on for some reason is that blocking ports block receiving of data as well. All makes sense now, thanks.

drewbert87 commented on a post in r/networking
drewbert87 1 point

I’d i disable legacy data rates below 12mbps on a WLC and it reduces my cell size per AP, will they adjust their power up to compensate if they are in automatic RF mode?

packet_whisperer 1 point

That depends on the hardware, configuration, and AP layout. Typically RMM will use a higher DB than you get with lower data rates to calculate the individual cell size. If the network is designed properly then there shouldn't be any areas that don't have a minimum of ~-65 dB from at least 2 APs anyway.

drewbert87 1 point

That, my friend, is a big if :D Thanks!

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