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buzzbookstore 4 points

This was essentially the gist of Philip K Dick's short story "The Preserving Machine" from 1953.

Doctor Labyrinth is worried that human civilization will collapse, “going the way of Rome” (149). This leads him to imagine a machine that will preserve music in the genetic material of animals. He calls this possible device “The Preserving Machine.”

drewiepoodle 2 points

I guess science fiction just became science fact. We officially live in the future.

SplinterClaw 2 points

I have some issues where people say that cis people should not be playing trans roles.

If your argument is that cis people do not have the experience and cannot understand what it's like to be trans; My response is that actors (good ones at least) spend time and get training / education to understand their roles. Viggo Mortensen is not Dunedain and before LoTR had never wielded a sword. Yet his portrayal of Aragorn is stellar. Training and education is what makes understanding a role. Life experience helps but is not essential.

You could very easily reverse this argument to say that Gay people should not be playing Hetero roles due to the aforementioned lack of understanding. This would mean we would hot have had Neil Patrick Harris in his role of notorious womanizer Barney Stinson.

Should more trans people be offered acting roles? Absolutely!

Should we start segregating roles based on gender expression and / or sexuality? Certainly not.

drewiepoodle 2 points

The problem is that there ARENT any avenues of opportunity currently available to trans actors.

ruiner8850 16 points

These "catch and kill" deals are a huge problem for multiple reasons. First they are campaign donations and should be treated as such. The other much more troubling thing is that you then have corporations who now have blackmail on politicians that they can use for favors.

I don't have a problem with people getting paid to tell their story, but if the company doesn't run the story then it should revert back to the person telling it and they can try to sell it again. They shouldn't be able to be silenced by companies who never intended to run the story.

drewiepoodle 6 points

AMI dropped the lawsuit against the Playboy Playmate because Cohen was involved with the case. If AMI was part of that fraud, things could have gone south quickly. It appears it didn’t want to find out and settled. Not only did they settle, they settled for terms that were extremely favorable to her.

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FillsYourNiche 3 points

I didn't know you frequented this sub! Hell yeah, these ants are awesome!

drewiepoodle 2 points

I'm a science geek, just like you, so I KNOW nature is fucking lit.

poetker 4 points

The area I'm originally from is worse.

I graduate in 2 weeks and will be trying to move elsewhere.

Edit: OFFICIALLY GOT A JOB OFFER FOR ELSEWHERE! My states capital, very progressive area!

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