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drippydroppy1 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
drippydroppy1 -1 points

Can we please stop with these shitposts? No intrinsic value in them

deineemudda 2 points

can we please stop with this shitpost answers as well, no intrinsic value in them;)

drippydroppy1 1 point

can we please stop with these shitpost answers to shitpost answers as well, no intrinsic value in them;)

cryptoskillz -1 points

Isnt this the same thing WTC just presented? More or less?

drippydroppy1 4 points

Yes, but from the article, it seems as if Alibaba is going to make it's own RFID / tech for implementation into the Fashion industry..

  1. Does this dispel any rumors of a WTC partnership with Ali?
  2. Does this set precedent for other big companies to just develop and implement their own tech into this application?

Not trying to spread fud or rain on the parade, just think that it's important to consider this

everest123z 3 points

that or WTC has a piece in this but it isnt revealed yet. No mentions of blockchain here. Alibaba does not have its own blockchain nor can they produce the extremely cheap and effective chips that Walton has patented.

For Alibaba to create its own public blockchain they would need to create their own crypto and there has been no mention of that ever.

drippydroppy1 2 points

Good point. If WTC somehow has a piece in this, wow, that'll be huge

Belleinoc 2 points

You have really good bones and things to work with!

Look up the Andaz Hotel in Maui or Casa Cook Rhodes for furniture inspiration.

Im an interior designer from LA (@prairie_home_styling) and this is what I would do:

Paint walls white. (my go to white is Dunn Edwards "White" Velvet sheen Keep ceilings wood. Take down all light fixtures and replace with black matte mobile style or woven pendants. Bring in lots of real trees- fiddle leaf, ficus triangularis.

Sand and finish wood floors with matte clear or oil finish. Get all new furniture- more curated, eclectic, natural looking pieces are light and modern.

Good luck!!!!

drippydroppy1 1 point

Wow great ideas, thank you!

Do you recommend that I remove the railings?

Also was thinking of adding a large centerpiece in place of the dining table, perhaps a large stone statue or a waterfall? What is your opinion on this?

Zindel1 3 points

If you go contemporary I would suggest painting the ceiling. I'm sure i'll be hung for that comment tho.

My biggest thing is to just buy furniture that all matches the same style.

drippydroppy1 1 point

I'd like to mix and match both contemporary and old world wooden/bali style... any thoughts on this mashup?

but yes, painting the ceiling is a bold move ;) perhaps I could instead paint the walls a different shade (a shade of white) instead of painting the ceiling?

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[deleted] 28 points


drippydroppy1 4 points

How tf is this a shit post

[deleted] -12 points


drippydroppy1 6 points

I don't see how this doesn't contribute to the community as it simply is a reminder to members (perhaps newer ones like yourself) to focus on the long term project / tech behind it and not be affected by the current fiasco that's going on with price action.

I've been a member of this community since September 2017 and know what FUD can do to morale and general sentiment.

So to be quite frank, go fuck yourself and take your negativity elsewhere

drippydroppy1 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
drippydroppy1 4 points

What are all these tether jokes? I don't get it... People who converted BTC to tether in order to avoid what they thought was a bull trap?

ripple_guy 10 points

They are more about people who are still waiting for BTC to go to 6k. Smart Tetherbois already bought BTC

drippydroppy1 1 point

Ahh gotcha

drippydroppy1 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
xan_ -4 points

It's a meme. And in this case its first mover advantage, low-medium risk = get to dump free coins on the rest of the plebs and still keep your initial investment.

drippydroppy1 6 points

To invest in a GMN (which would have costed up to 50 grand at most before Dec. 10) for a coin that was not as prominent at the time, especially given the case that it is a cryptocurrency, is a pretty high amount of risk in my opinion.

Not to mention that those GMN investors have held through this whole time even unfaltering in the chance to sell at around $250k per GMN.

xan_ -1 points

Except most of the GMN holders bought well before it reached that price point. Many probably got more $ worth from this airdrop than they invested in their GMN lmao.

drippydroppy1 4 points

Not necessarily

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drippydroppy1 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
proud_lion_makh 21 points

Here’s an interesting note: Huodull was heavily invested in (Pre-A round and angel round) by Ameba Capital, an investment fund started by Alibaba executives. I wonder what kind of investor-company relationship these guys have with Huodull and whether they have a say in who gets these deep integration partnerships.


drippydroppy1 -1 points

Is this good for WTC, VEN, or both?

scavicchio 14 points

Yeah a reddit username and some college logos is not enough to convince me to mine to you. Especially considering the pdf which looks pretty unprofessional. It’s like you are trying to convince me to join a league of legends raid.

Not saying it to offend. Just my first impression

drippydroppy1 -9 points

Haha no offense taken man, and I see your point. The logos actually correspond to the four diff. universities that we attend, thought it would bolster some assurance with the audience

scavicchio 2 points

I figured that’s what you’re going for but a better approach might be to put some resumes and bios in the report. Otherwise it can come off as 4 college kids who think they are the shit. (Coming from a fellow college kid who thinks they are the shit)

drippydroppy1 -1 points

Gotcha my man

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drippydroppy1 2 points

Any good youtube channels as well that you guys recommend?

Creamss 3 points

bitsbetrippin, he has a whole discord mining community aswell

if you wanna join

drippydroppy1 3 points



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drippydroppy1 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
[deleted] 12 points

well all this month, which means within the next week, we have an AMA, mainnet, wallet, mining, and staking all confirmed. but we could have more, including a couple (2), and possibly up to 5 more child chains, masternode rewards, masternode and guardian masternode airdrops, and i cant even remember what else

drippydroppy1 2 points

Any confirmations of when the mainnet is supposed to be released?

spamzooi 26 points

I don't think holding some coins means you're a shareholder who can claim influence this way. It even could be harmful to the project if coinholders claim this right, they need to stay on course as planned and don't get sidetracked by an incident. I think it isn't in the interest of Walton to have these kind of fuck ups, so like every company they will learn and try to do better. Let them focus on their product and don't bother them with these kind of civil protest polls, even if the intention is a good one. Just my two cents.

drippydroppy1 4 points

I completely understand your point, but consider this a proposition for a mere attempt to let the team hear out the community's concerns (I doubt they browse the WTC reddit). Whether they choose to consider them or not is up to them. A petition with a significant amount of signatures would simply convey to them that there are important concerns amongst their customers.

A good leader is one who doesn't necessarily allow others to sway his/her actions based on their opinions yet still gives ear to others concerns and formulates his own actions based on what he thinks is the right move.

Walton has shown great signs of leadership in the past, and definitely has the potential to do it again on it's quest to become a major player in the industry.

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