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drippydroppy1 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
xan_ -4 points

It's a meme. And in this case its first mover advantage, low-medium risk = get to dump free coins on the rest of the plebs and still keep your initial investment.

drippydroppy1 6 points

To invest in a GMN (which would have costed up to 50 grand at most before Dec. 10) for a coin that was not as prominent at the time, especially given the case that it is a cryptocurrency, is a pretty high amount of risk in my opinion.

Not to mention that those GMN investors have held through this whole time even unfaltering in the chance to sell at around $250k per GMN.

xan_ -1 points

Except most of the GMN holders bought well before it reached that price point. Many probably got more $ worth from this airdrop than they invested in their GMN lmao.

drippydroppy1 4 points

Not necessarily

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drippydroppy1 commented on a post in r/CryptoCurrency
proud_lion_makh 23 points

Here’s an interesting note: Huodull was heavily invested in (Pre-A round and angel round) by Ameba Capital, an investment fund started by Alibaba executives. I wonder what kind of investor-company relationship these guys have with Huodull and whether they have a say in who gets these deep integration partnerships.


drippydroppy1 -1 points

Is this good for WTC, VEN, or both?

scavicchio 14 points

Yeah a reddit username and some college logos is not enough to convince me to mine to you. Especially considering the pdf which looks pretty unprofessional. It’s like you are trying to convince me to join a league of legends raid.

Not saying it to offend. Just my first impression

drippydroppy1 -10 points

Haha no offense taken man, and I see your point. The logos actually correspond to the four diff. universities that we attend, thought it would bolster some assurance with the audience

scavicchio 2 points

I figured that’s what you’re going for but a better approach might be to put some resumes and bios in the report. Otherwise it can come off as 4 college kids who think they are the shit. (Coming from a fellow college kid who thinks they are the shit)

drippydroppy1 -1 points

Gotcha my man

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drippydroppy1 2 points

Any good youtube channels as well that you guys recommend?

Creamss 4 points

bitsbetrippin, he has a whole discord mining community aswell

if you wanna join

drippydroppy1 3 points



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drippydroppy1 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
vferr 12 points

well all this month, which means within the next week, we have an AMA, mainnet, wallet, mining, and staking all confirmed. but we could have more, including a couple (2), and possibly up to 5 more child chains, masternode rewards, masternode and guardian masternode airdrops, and i cant even remember what else

drippydroppy1 2 points

Any confirmations of when the mainnet is supposed to be released?

spamzooi 26 points

I don't think holding some coins means you're a shareholder who can claim influence this way. It even could be harmful to the project if coinholders claim this right, they need to stay on course as planned and don't get sidetracked by an incident. I think it isn't in the interest of Walton to have these kind of fuck ups, so like every company they will learn and try to do better. Let them focus on their product and don't bother them with these kind of civil protest polls, even if the intention is a good one. Just my two cents.

drippydroppy1 5 points

I completely understand your point, but consider this a proposition for a mere attempt to let the team hear out the community's concerns (I doubt they browse the WTC reddit). Whether they choose to consider them or not is up to them. A petition with a significant amount of signatures would simply convey to them that there are important concerns amongst their customers.

A good leader is one who doesn't necessarily allow others to sway his/her actions based on their opinions yet still gives ear to others concerns and formulates his own actions based on what he thinks is the right move.

Walton has shown great signs of leadership in the past, and definitely has the potential to do it again on it's quest to become a major player in the industry.

drippydroppy1 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
drippydroppy1 6 points

What if we created a petition with a significant amount of signatures (maybe even a gofundme campaign to collect donations) to get/assist Walton in hiring

  1. A better marketing/PR team
  2. A better web design team

As far as tech goes, Walton is a huge player in the industry.. It's NOT a scam, they actually have a product, as proven by boxmining's visit to them a couple of months back and a legitimate team in their tech devision.

What they critically need is a better team for the marketing/PR, one that is more professional, competent, and able to communicate with western investors. If this is achieved, I truly believe that WTC will have a bright future ahead.

What happened yesterday is a harsh lesson and stung a lot to both the team and investors, but may we hope that it served as an important lesson. Sometimes the best way to learn a lesson is through getting burned.

drippydroppy1 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Jimpeem 17 points

WTC has some great partnerships but I really think you’re ignoring VEN which I think is building much more steam right now in a similar space to WTC. I hold both so want both to succeed.

drippydroppy1 12 points

Examples of VEN building more steam? I only hold WTC rn & not really informed the current events in VEN's sphere

drippydroppy1 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
drippydroppy1 2 points

Anyone here have issues with verifying their Binance accounts (2nd tier) ? ?

2buckchuck2 14 points

Most WTC holders won't care about the price in one month, myself included. It could be $20 or $100 and it wouldn't matter because I would still hodl since I believe so much in mass adoption of this project. Not selling shit until we surpass at the very least $50B marketcap.

drippydroppy1 5 points

THIS is what makes the Walton community special, in my opinion

drippydroppy1 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
Crazymothef 2 points

I'm reading more and more messages/fud around the forums that RFID is a technology that most companies don't want to use because they are expensive, imprecise and hard to implement.

I'm more than 40pct into WTC so I was wondering if anyone can give more info on why this would be different for Walton? Has the technology improved a lot recently? I really believe in the solutions they are proposing and never really thought about these disadvantages but I haven't got any experience in working with rfid's in a real life setting.

Would love to learn more about this

drippydroppy1 14 points

WTC has already partnered with some behemoths (China Mobile 101 Bill market cap, Fuyao Glass , the worlds largest glass supplier, the Chinese government via gov. backed projects, and 50+ more additional partnerships).. There is definitely interest, and more mega partnerships to come. If other companies don't choose to adopt RFID, up to them

drippydroppy1 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
cryptostockbroker 31 points

Do people finally see the potential of WaltonChain and realize this already needed to be a multi billion dollar project?

drippydroppy1 10 points

VEN is a top 15 project now, with a 3.5B market cap. How, I don't know...but if VEN can make it, WTC can DEFINITELY reach that level or higher

drippydroppy1 commented on a post in r/waltonchain
RevMalthus 53 points

Nope. Good timing- in fact. So much coming in February: Mainnet, child chains etc. Plus Chief scientist, Suki Kim, predicts they’ll be top 4 mcap eventually. That’s a lot of mooning to Go. Load up m8

drippydroppy1 0 points

Did he provide an estimate of when they expect to be in top four mcap? Just curious

Econ0mist 7 points

it's just to create a system (informal)

Running an unregistered mutual fund opens you up to a ridiculous amount of legal liability. This is not a good idea.

It's somewhat easier to open a hedge fund, but then college students wouldn't be able to invest in it because college students aren't accredited investors.

drippydroppy1 -2 points

I see. In your opinion, do you think it would be feasible to run a hedge fund instead, geared towards a different audience?

drippydroppy1 1 point

I know it sounds crazy, and likely won't happen, but I just want to know the feasibility of it

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romanerobb 3 points

Do you have ANY securities license?

drippydroppy1 1 point

No, but it is not out the door for us to study for the Series exam and attain the license

sylvezine 10 points

Sounds like a good way to go to jail. Be wary starting any type of financial things.

drippydroppy1 2 points

Not necessarily. Through programs like I can legally create and manage the funds. We still have a lot of research to do on all of the legal aspects but we will definitely run this venture in a completely legal manner.

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