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totallynotimpressive 92 points

I just realised, I have never posted to shower thoughts. Welp guess I can't qualify to be a moderator.

drumcowski 42 points

It really doesn't matter much if at all.

About7fish 493 points

Put me in, coach. I have zero qualifications and am permabanned from only two subreddits.

drumcowski 274 points

You're hired.

ExpFim 2 points

GJ, with what kind of recipes did you started Keto? Breakfast/Lunch/Meal ?

drumcowski 2 points

When I started I was really strict, but I haven't been as strict on myself in a long while so it's a little tough to remember all the things i used to eat. I would eat things like bacon/eggs/cheese for breakfast, mozzarella with sun dried tomatoes (just a few) and kalamata olives for lunch, and dinner could be steak or lettuce tacos or sausage or breadcrumb-free eggplant parm (basically just grilled eggplant with browned cheese on top). Any combo of those foods in various proportions. Snacks were cheese, nuts, olives. I'm a picky eater so I ate a lot of the same things throughout the week.

tennisstar04 3 points

Wow. Just incredible! No excess skin or anything?

drumcowski 4 points

A little bit on my chest and gut, mostly noticeable when I lean forward without a shirt on but it's not a big deal. I kind of always have this slight muffin top thing where my pants begin but that's also not a super big deal.

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Iittleshit 332 points

Never been gone. Just no one bought the license in between.

drumcowski 180 points

Just no one bought the license in between.

That is very untrue.

SaucyLettuce 1 point

Check all your temps, you may be overheating. Also check with various softwares and check if the board is got to the touch.

drumcowski 1 point

Board is not hot to the touch, and these are my temperature readings:

Nothing seems to be running hot, though I'm not the most well versed in what parts should be running at what temperatures.

SaucyLettuce 1 point

Your temps look fine, and the high temp on the board is mostly likely a false reading (although that's not 100%). Try to see if your board has a little switch (usually red) labeled "slow mode", some boards have that. Other than that I don't know what's up except maybe a component is dying. Get CrystalDiscInfo and see the health of your drive.

drumcowski 1 point

This is my CrystalDiskInfo reading, which seems fine?

I think we may have landed on the issue however, since you mentioned the "slow mode" switch. Apparently there are a number of people with my MSI Z170A Gaming M5 Motherboard that have had my exact issue with this slow mode throttling their CPU to 800 MHz, and reopening CPUID HWMonitor shows that all of my processor clocks are sitting at that 800 mark. You can see a video of someone talking about it here:

I booted down my machine, flipped the switch from the left over to the right, rebooted, and much to my disappointment - my computer is still slow, and my processor is still being capped at 800 MHz. I'm not sure how to fix this, but at least it seems like this is the cause of my slowdown.

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ItsDominare 30 points

Even if it is an april fool, this would make a quality submission to /r/passiveaggressive

drumcowski 18 points

I almost posted a version with about 90% less passive aggressiveness, but then I thought "where's the fun in that?".

what_smyusername 5 points

Yeah I don't know if is part of the joke or that's legit.

drumcowski 17 points

All quotes in this post are actual comments from our original rule change threads.

drumcowski commented on a post in r/rage
drumcowski [M] 3 points

I've removed the link on account of the graphic nature of the content, considering the age of the victim. A news article without the images would be sufficiently rageworthy enough, so feel free to submit this story using a less graphic news source.

[deleted] 5 points

So, what's the point of adding more mods, if the sub doesn't have any real rules, won't ban the shitposts about Trump, and the sub doesn't seem to need any more moderating.

drumcowski 3 points

Posts about politics are fine, trolling shitposts can go. There's a difference... I think. This sub isn't meant to really be moderated, it's just a place to dump your predictions so you can point back to it and be like "SEE I CALLED THAT SH*T!!!" to your friends who don't even care. Mods can just help make sure spam gets marked as such and trolls taking the piss get removed. Pretty simple.

[deleted] 3 points

There's like 5 post a day 4/5 are about politics. I'm getting sick of seeing literally only Trump posts on this subreddit. There should be a way to control the politics posts. Like the other guy suggest, we could have a day where politics are allowed but any other day they aren't allowed.

drumcowski 1 point

A politics megathread is a totally reasonable idea, and something we'll probably do. Thanks for the reminder!

drumcowski commented on a post in r/Smite
drumcowski 3 points


JasonMan34 2 points

Paid for winrar guy plays Smite? :o

drumcowski 3 points

Smite is pretty much all paidforwinrar guy has played for the last 2 1/2 years. Also usually if anyone recognizes my username it's for showerthoughts or the cringe subs, but I love when it's for paidforwinrar lol

drumcowski commented on a post in r/undelete
WakkkaFlakaFlame 26 points

/u/drumcowski what's the point of removing a post when it's at 7300 points and the number two post on all of reddit?

I mean it obviously is popular enough to top every other post on reddit, enough people haven't seen it

drumcowski 2 points
WakkkaFlakaFlame 2 points

It was the second highest post on all of reddit

Posts don't get that high without people enjoying them

idk just a hunch

drumcowski 1 point

From the sidebar

All content must be original. Unoriginal or reposted content will be removed

I know not everyone agrees with removing reposts, and we aren't even the best at policing it, but when posts like this one are reposted almost word for word it's a pretty simple decision.

[deleted] 1 point


drumcowski 2 points

Of course!

georgezaidan 1 point

One of the most beautiful things about shower thoughts is that they are unbidden and unmoderated.

drumcowski 1 point

This has never been true. We have always removed low quality submissions, if there was ever a time that we didn't it was simply because we didn't have the time to - which is why we're looking for more moderators.

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