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Fact: if you hate Harper, you hate America.

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11 points · 1 day ago

What if I like Harper, but I'm on the fence about America?

Yeah we need to keep him! If we're lucky, he might even be as good as Karlsson one day!

That’s really missing the entire point though.

Miro is cheaper and he’ll be an upgrade to a defense that was already good last year. Our biggest problem at this very moment is depth scoring, Yeah adding Karlsson will be adding another goal scorer but it add the forward depth we so desperately need.

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You're missing my point.

If the front office wants Karlsson, holding Miro is silly. I'm not talking about whether or not going after a forward is the better option.

I want this guy in Houston just so I can buy his jersey.

He absolutely must wear #30 though.

It feels like we always argue that Klingberg is just as good as Karlsson during the season. I get having two amazing swedes would be great, but Heiskanen's potential is too high to give up.

I'm okay with not getting Karlsson, let's hope he's focusing on a high talent wing.

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but Heiskanen's potential is too high to give up

...isn't his potential basically Erik Karlsson?

1 point · 13 days ago

Are you saying his potential is the greatest defenseman since Lidström? Heiskanen seems promising but to assume his potential is top 10 defenseman ever is a bit much. Dahlin could be talked about in that way but not Heiskanen.

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I think he has that potential. Will it pan out that way? Unlikely, because as you say, that's a tall order. But I think it's possible.

However I was replying to "his potential is too high to give up", which is a silly statement when his potential is a guarantee with who you're trading for.

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13 points · 16 days ago

If you're in the Twin Cities, we have an arcade with 12 of these pods.

Fallout Shelter Arcade

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And MechCorps in Houston!

Also, I was just up in the Twin Cities for work last week and would have been playing there every damn night if I'd known about that...

I think we need to do whatever we can to keep him alongside Correa and altuve. he's an excellent defender and can obviously perform well on the other side of the plate.

also alex is a pretty hilarious dude so that helps

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ABC all day, baby.

91 points · 16 days ago

/R/ALL here, what the hell does hardlocking someone's console mean?

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Get back to work. Or go watch the VOD of the SMB3 race, because it's the hottest category.

Sorry to hear that man.

...But did y'all win?

Seagull thinks the community won't call the hero "Wrecking Ball"

I guarantee the community will call him either Hamster or Hammond (or cheeky people will call him Gerbil or something) and only use "Wrecking Ball" in Miley Cyrus memes.

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I'll probably just call him "ball" in game.

"Kill the ball!" "Ball backcap!" "Kick 'em in the ball!"

We get it. The ‘P’ is silent, fucking retard.

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The devil is in the details and if she doesn't have any, her plan will fail, which none of us can afford.

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So because she may not have all the details yet, she shouldn't be given the chance to discuss it?

Her goal is to take said plan to the legislature to discuss funding, and the other people in this thread are sharing with you the numerous ways there are to fairly easily fund a plan like this according to the ideology she tends toward. How is this hard for you to understand, unless you're just asking questions.

It would be a shame if they didnt even win the division now wouldn't it....

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Original Poster22 points · 21 days ago

Yes, yes that would be a shame.

If you got the chance to drill five Arlington players wouldn’t you take it?

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Are we not doing phrasing anymore?

20 points · 22 days ago

As somebody who used to think like this, the atmosphere at the event itself is incredible. There is very little “iron-fist” at the actual event itself. I understand from someone who’s never been that their take on Twitch chat might seem harsh but the event is truly insane and I can’t stress that enough.

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their take on Twitch chat might seem harsh

As someone familiar with twitch chat, harsh is necessary and deserved.

I caught the back half of that run and instantly followed him on twitch. He was super enjoyable and entertaining!

And surprisingly, he was worried about the clip fails being boring to watch, but I ended up on the edge of my seat not wanting to miss it when it finally happened haha.

182 points · 22 days ago

GDQ isn't your soapbox. Don't make it about you.

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My thoughts exactly. I understand that they give people a platform, but the purpose of the platform is to encourage the runners and celebrate the cause. Sheesh.

I actually used to live in ft Lauderdale, lol... actually are they trying to tell me something?

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are they trying to tell me something?

Billboards usually are.

The way the cotton candy is bunched up makes it look so unappetizing. They couldn't have come up with a better idea for the bun?

...One please.

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It looks like uncooked ham.

Ted Cruz does something this sub has been bitching about for days now and you still dont give him credit, absolutely pathetic

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Just about everyone in here is saying they agree with this, they just still don't like him. Gotta pick a fight though, right?

This sub fucking hates Ted Cruz. There's like four of us in here who support him.

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Bloons Tower Defence 6 did it too. I love the shit out of the game, but when I open the game after an update, I don't want to have to wait another 10 mins for the update to actually download while I'm effectively locked out of my phone.

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Thank you for reminding me that game came out.

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