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guysudai1 11 points

Took me like 4 seconds to realise what you meant, great joke

duckface27 6 points

“A thinking mans joke” thanks

riotbreak 2 points

Soon to be a non thinking man's repost...

duckface27 1 point

It’s not that good to get reposted hah

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Webo_ 8 points

protip draw the shape on your screen with a sharpie

duckface27 3 points

Don’t listen to this tip!!! Its cheating, we wouldn’t want cheating would we

[deleted] -3 points


duckface27 1 point

Lol thanks..? Eh You don’t have to trace it exactly, I gives you a bit of play

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redsoxgrant 2 points

They make raspberry pi Nintendo emulators with the same controllers as the old consoles they would be playing on. You should just get one of those. It comes pre loaded with games

duckface27 2 points

Do they? I might look into that cheers

tFunk_Dek 4 points

This is a key point: the store is open until January 2019, but you can only add funds until March 2018.

duckface27 3 points

Thanks guys

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duckface27 commented on a post in r/NintendoSwitch
duckface27 0 points

I find it pretty hard. I’m at the desert world and I just can’t beat it. I can’t even beat the 1st challenge level and it says very easy

Edit: getting downvotes because I said the game was hard lol..

DisconnectD 1 point

That means you need to carry on with the main missions and gain coins and orbs to upgrade your skills and weapons.

duckface27 1 point

But I can’t carry on with the game because I can’t get pass the 2nd boss. I need to upgrade my stuff to be able to kill him but can’t upgrade stuff because I can’t get pass the 1st challenge level

Shachar2like 1 point

I don't get it

duckface27 1 point

I said morning, morning sounds like mourning, people go to a graveyard to mourn the dead. He thought I was asking him if he was mourning

DJDramamine 1 point

it took me a second to get this, but I'm ashamed it took me so long

duckface27 1 point

Don’t worry, no one judges you here

duckface27 commented on a post in r/britishproblems
duckface27 7 points

Speaking as a tradesmen, don’t worry if you don’t have biscuits we don’t always expect them they are just a nice little surprise when they are there. You’re not a bad host mate

MrAkaziel 1 point

No details, just the big lines. My mother knows I'm into bdsm, but I don't give her an inventory of every toy I use nor the logs of every kinky stuff I do. It's limited to "I know you're into that sort of things, just be safe and have fun."

duckface27 1 point

How did she find out you’re into bdsm?

Soraka_Is_My_Saviour 1 point

So the biannual family orgies are like fight club in that way?

duckface27 1 point

1st rule of family orgies..

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nicefile 1 point

10 I've fixed that problem by buying XOne next to my PS4

duckface27 1 point

I would love to but I’m broke and They are expensive

YouAreSalty 1 point

I would love to but I’m broke and They are expensive

Good things cost good money! :)

duckface27 1 point

Too true

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duckface27 commented on a post in r/AskReddit
duckface27 1 point

A guy I work for is a multimillionaire and we were talking about buying houses and I mentioned how hard it is to get on the property ladder and get a house, he said to me “well what you want to do is buy 2 or 3 houses at first and rent them out that way the mortgage will pay for itself” ..I can’t even afford one house let alone half a dozen!

Bookboy42 1 point

It kind of is. The scary bit, though, is a lot of those claims are from 30+ years ago. Once a product proves a specific claim like that, it doesn't have to re-prove it. So most of those labels are lies now, simply because of bacterial evolution. If you've ever heard of the 'supergerm' epidemic in hospitals, cleaning supplies that say stuff like that are part of why that's happening.

duckface27 1 point

Yeah I read something like that before, crazy

duckface27 commented on a post in r/WTF
duckface27 2 points

I like how he puts the glove on the hand that isn’t going to touch the molten metal lava shit

rocknrollnsoul 2 points

He used that hand to prop himself up on trough which I'm sure would have melted his hand to it.

duckface27 1 point

I gathered

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