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I want this game sooo bad, please be in a sale soon haha

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Definitely worth the price. There's a lot of game modes and content to keep you engaged!

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I know I know it’s just hard gaming on a budget especially for a remaster

Thanks for censoring the word fk, you ct

You seem genuinely passionate and excited about this game, glad you’re enjoying it buddy :)

Frubes then frubes now


I can have the most amazing day and one little bad thing will happen and I’ll be reliving this in my head for days or weeks after, is this normal? How do you not think about stuff?


Intrusive thoughts can be a symptom of anxiety disorders like OCD, so you should probably check to see if you have other issues that point in that direction just on the safe side.

Otherwise, you can probably teach yourself some of the techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy to interrupt and dismiss the thoughts. This article describes one way of doing it with the guidance of a therapist. There are also books that can work you through CBT techniques, and your library should have at least one or two.

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I do have OCD it’s not too bad but definitely to a point where it gets in the way. I will check out the article thanks a lot

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Esport is also a solution I guess. Call some friend and let them know you are feeling bad! I mean friend are also suppose to support you

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Is it wrong to be kinda embarrassed about this? I don’t really want a friend knowing I’m feeling like this I’m even not telling my partner I don’t know why

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This game is so beautiful, I love alternative box art. Wish it didn’t take me a lifetime to save up to buy it though haha

You can skip a challenge on fortnight and change it for a different one each day

Don’t get it

equality (=) is better/greater than (>) division

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Are staff picks REALLY staff picks? Like really do you discuss what to put there etc or is it just some random thing?

The video will just be some vague mysterious short film of Alex walking around untill he meets the other band memebers at the end, occasionally he will look into the camera. Have you not seen an AM video from 2010 onwards?

That’s where you’re wrong

I’d literally eat human shit for any kind of a skateboard game

I brought it on PS4 & pc, I wish that when you buy it once you get it on all, I’d love to play it on the go

Ew why can I taste sick in my mouth

It grows any crop in any season at any time of the year.

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Oh sweet! Even pumpkins?

Anything that grows on a field grows in the green house:)

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That’s really handy! Even melons?

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My partner is dead certain he says “slippery blighter” as I am sure he says “slippery bastad” we watched the clip and he says “bugger” isthe a deleted clip or a different version where he says either of these? Thanks!!


It was fucking awful that’s why, controls were a mess while the camera didn’t do what you wanted. Repetitive missions and a short campaign

Anyone else getting the Atari VCS?

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Atari: vice city stories?

I never laugh out loud but god I did when I heard that thud

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