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dustofoblivion123 7 points

The semi-final product... I had no idea where I was going with this, aside from the fact that it was supposed to be church-like. Guess it turned out semi-okay...

mehdeliciouswaffles 6 points

Your start looked pretty good, but the rest seems a little underdeveloped, particularly with regards to the enclosing walls. I think you could do a bit more with the color-matching (white-ish) Catarina Catacombs pillars as walls, maybe throwing in some of the arched variants in there. If you want color, you could also use Tora's Overgrown Arches.

The wall closest to the camera also looks a little too slanted in. It could go out a bit more as to not cover the camera perspective as much. You could also use a smaller doorway than the Sarn Doorway but give it more detail, which would also cut down on the perspective blocking.

Also, a bit nit-picky, but I think you could center the Blessing Font and move it out from the Haku Lighthouse pillar a bit. I know you were trying to avoid symmetry, but there's definitely something pleasing about well-done symmetry, especially in church-like settings. If you want to go for asymmetry, I'd suggest going with a different theme or using a more striking palette/set of structures.

dustofoblivion123 4 points

Attempt number #2. Also used some Overgrown Pillars like you suggested... kinda like how it turned out.

dustofoblivion123 4 points

Serious attempt at making it look decent #1. I followed pretty much all of your advice, I think. Changed the walls to Catarina's Pillars, made the walls less flat (added a pattern), changed the angle of the closer-to-the-screen wall so it covers up less of the indoor space, and also changed the entrance so it covers up less of the space as well.

edit: also tried to improve the overall symmetry.

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Approval_Duck 39 points

I feel bad for the people who have to trade with you.

dustofoblivion123 1 point

You mean the people with a potato PC?

AutoClicker_RS 36 points

Still sane, exile?

dustofoblivion123 22 points

No. Building in Cat's ho was a mistake. Too much space for a crazy ho builder like me. I like to put stuff everywhere.

DarthMewtwo 2 points

Whoa, blast from the past. Good to see you!

dustofoblivion123 2 points

Hey there. Well I still lurk around sometimes!

godbotktt 2 points

Guess you’re truly the dust of oblivion

dustofoblivion123 3 points

Uh... I guess.

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logarithmmm 1 point

maybe try putting convocation in the poet's pen to help improve minion combat positioning. i find that to be the number one weakness in summoner build clearspeeds

dustofoblivion123 1 point

Great idea. Trying it now. Thanks!

dustofoblivion123 1 point

As the title states, this is very much WIP. This started as a Baron build with Dead Reckoning Summon Skeleton and Iron Will, and turned into a mish mash of different new 3.1 items that's hard to describe.

The idea is to constantly summon minions as Soul's Wick spectres, but to more often than not summon bone archers with Unearth linked to Spell Totem - Spell Echo - GMP. For the Raise Spectre setup, I use Minion Damage - Added Lightning Damage - Increase Critical Strike Chance - Iron Grip - GMP.

I also added two The Poet's Pen that I proc with Kinetic Blast linked to GMP - CoH - Proj. Weakness. The Poet's Pens have Summon Skeletons - GMP - Iron Will and Animate Weapon - Melee splash - Bone Offering.

Let me know what you all think!

ThorAKG 1 point

Oh shit, Femur doesn't lag the instance HARD with vaal skeletons anymore?! o.o

dustofoblivion123 2 points

Yeah, apparently not. I noticed too. Was pleasantly surprised. It still seems to lag other people, but at least it doesn't do anything bad to me.

danjojo 1 point

femur might be better for bosses when using vaal skellies but for general map clearing its better if your skellies 2-3 shot mobs with their projectiles

dustofoblivion123 2 points

Good point. I will replace one defensive abyss jewel with an offensive flat minion damage / % minion damage abyss jewel, replace Soul Weaver with Spirit Eater and see how it goes. My spectres are just supports in this build so it makes sense to take out Soul Weaver I think. Will also try the Doon setup you talked about.

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